Tom Ford’s $49 Rouge Fatal Lip Color Is So Flawless That It’s Almost Criminal

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Tom Ford Rouge Fatal

Wearing Tom Ford’s Rouge Fatal Lipstick on my lips

There’s something very villainess about Tom Ford’s $49 Rouge Fatal Lip Color…

It’s almost criminally hot in a naughty, awesome way — like something you’d see on a bad-@ss Bond girl wearing a floor-length sequined cocktail dress in an exclusive underground casino as she blows a slo-mo kiss across a crowded room to her handsome nemesis shortly before she hands a beat-down to some numb-nuts who tries to prevent her from entering a secure area.


BOOM! And then you see that flash of red again right as she smiles before delivering the fatal blow — a kick from her three-inch spiked heels directly in the poor guy’s groin.


Not gonna lie, I totally want to be that chick. 🙂 Mostly because the bad gals get to have more fun with their makeup. They get to go bold, just like this lipstick.

Tom Ford Rouge Fatal

Creamy crimson Rouge Fatal hails from Tom Ford’s new four-piece Jasmin Rouge 2013 color collection of powerful red lips and nails, and wearing it makes me feel like a decadently daring (crazy cat lady) glamorous gangster.

While the $49 price Tom asks for his lipsticks makes me go, “blergh!” I have to say that despite this not being the most unique red in the criminal universe, it does make red lips really, really easy.

I was so excited to try it on that I skipped the usual prep work I do before putting on a powerful red lip like this (exfoliating with an olive oil and sugar scrub, moisturizing with a rich lip balm and lining with a coordinating lip liner). I just threw it on, and hello! — it looked really, really good. 🙂

Tom Ford Rouge Fatal swatch

Swatch o’ Rouge Fatal

Rouge Fatal has that fabulous felonious ability to make lips look flawless even when they aren’t. Not an easy feat for such a bright, intense red, but it gets it done. Wearing it, even flaky lips look incredibly smooth.

Blast you, Tom Ford! Blast you for making Rouge Fatal’s creamy formula hug my lips without settling into my fine lip lines and flaky areas.

Tom Ford Rouge Fatal

Additional makeup worn in this look: MAC Bamboo Eye Shadow (lids), NARS Tartar Eye Paint (upper lash line), MAC Powersurge Eye Kohl (lower lash and water lines), Clarins Be Long Mascara (lashes) and MAC Blushbaby Blush (cheeks)

As for the price, at least it’s almost like you’re getting two lip products for the (very high) price of one, because as the lipstick wears down, it slowly fades into a lovely dark stain…

This lethal red lippie will illuminate your look the moment you slip it on. Pair it with a black cat liner and go do some damage!


PRICE: $49 (OMG!)
AVAILABILITY: Available now at Neiman Marcus stores and
MAKEUP AND BEAUTY BLOG RATING: A- (I only wish the color seemed more unusual and it costed half as much)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. I am beat, babe… I hope you had a good day. I’m tired from trying to film and edit that short video earlier this afternoon.

There are just so many things I don’t know how to do when it comes to video. Over the years, I’ve mostly done written posts with regular photography because I love those things, but I’ve wanted to do more videos. It’s just that they’re a completely different beast.

Lots to learn, but it’s also a rush! 🙂 I hope you don’t mind if I keep trying some videos. I feel like mixing things up a little with something new.


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  1. Dovey says:

    Hi Karen,

    Tom Ford Rouge Fatale looks like a gorgeous basic red! Call me tempted 🙂

  2. Thu says:

    Ordered this lipstick online a couple days ago and it should be coming in soon! Your post makes me even more excited to get it!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Thu,

      I hope you love it. It’s such a striking red…it will make you feel powerful.

      Did ya pick up anything else besides Rouge Fatal?

      • Thu says:

        Hi Karen,

        I hope I can rock it as well as you do! This was the only thing I picked up from Mr. TF, but I also splurged on the Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Compact. My wallet is crying as a result, sigh.

        • Karen says:

          Oh, that compact is GORGEOUS. Ya did good, my friend.

          I did a little bit of hauling myself earlier this week. Picked up some products from MAC, woohoo!

  3. buckycatt says:

    Why the sky-high pricetag do you think? Just because his name’s in it? That’s 3 MAC lipsticks. Poo

    • Karen says:

      Hey Buckycatt,

      TF tends to be priced waaaaay high in general. It’s the name and the packaging, sure, but I have to say — while there are things in the line that I feel are overpriced (hello mascara!), there are moments when the pigments, formula and performance straight-up take my breath away.

  4. hanna says:

    Its so pretty, but so expensive.
    hanna recently posted … Crown Brush HD Set with Mirror and Tweezers

  5. Gowthami says:

    Beautiful shade!!
    Gowthami recently posted … Avon Winter Makeup Tips by Neha Khanna

  6. Amy says:

    You rock that lipstick. It’s perfect on you. But $49 for a lipstick is just wrong!

  7. Judith says:

    That’s gorgeous, but the price is incredibly high!

  8. Eesha says:

    this is such a beautiful shade. I can’t stop looking (read staring) at your pictures! 😀
    Eesha recently posted … Video: Vampy Holiday Siren

  9. Sunny says:

    Ahh Tom Ford makes the best reds! Diabolique from last year’s holiday collection is still my favorite “power red,” and now I am thinking I might need this! It looks SO DANG GOOD on you!
    Sunny recently posted … The Limited Edition Caudalie Hand Cream Trio Is So Yum!

  10. Agata says:

    This lipstick looks flawless on you, simply beautiful! And you’re doing a fantastic job on your videos so I hope you make it into a regular thing!

  11. Natalie says:

    Umm, this lipstick is awesome, I’m terribly afraid I might need it. And I think you’d be a great Bond girl Karen! I have always wanted to be one too, and the story you made for it is just perfect.

    I like your videos! I hope you keep making them 🙂
    Natalie recently posted … NARS Voyeur Mini Larger Than Life Eyeliner Set

  12. marisa says:

    Wow I really love that logo on the lipstick. It’s almost to pretty to use!
    marisa recently posted … Emerging Fashion Trends 2013: The Fusion Of Fashion And Technology

  13. Evelyn says:

    Oh hell, I thought this wouldn’t catch my eye, but it did and it’s beautiful and I want it. lol That’s what happens when a good red lipstick is waved in front of my face!

  14. Danielle says:

    Stunning! And I love the sweater you are wearing here!
    Danielle recently posted … LUSH Santa’s Lip Scrub

  15. Annie says:

    Hi Karen,
    TF lipsticks really dry out my lips and make them peel, but even knowing that, I’m tempted by this color. Did you feel any dryness with this particular shade?

  16. Alice Ann says:

    That looks great on you! I love TF lipsticks, sadly this shade didn’t work for me.

  17. Lisa S. says:

    You’re doing great on the videos! They will get easier and easier and I promise you will feel more comfortable as you figure things out.
    The lippie is gorge! But red is tough for me to pull off. So darn it, I’ll just have to find something else to spend 49 smackers on!

  18. What a gorgeous classic red lip, Karen!
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … SOS party make-up, I need your help!

  19. Valerie says:

    This is SUCH a beautiful color! The formula looks amazing too, but do you have any color matches from another line? Or at least something similar?

  20. Azreen says:

    It devastates me that none of these products are available in Canada – and no one will ship to us!!

  21. gio says:

    What a gorgeous and striking red! Too bad it’s so expensive.
    gio recently posted … QOTW: What Beauty Products Are You Willing To Splurge On?

  22. It’s pretty but $50 though? TF kiss my bum! Lol. As I am staring hard at it and looking in my lippie stash *digs* could Rimmel Kate Moss 09 be a dupe for this? Maybe it’s a tad darker. Just a scooch.
    LipstickHoarder recently posted … Product Review: Cassandra’s Hair Potion

  23. Brittnee says:

    OK that lip color looks AMAZING on you! But I have to share the red lip I found yesterday and blogged today because I think you would LOVE it. Nicest creamiest lip cream EVER and red is flawless. Plus it’s only $22 ha ha. It’s from Beauty for Real and the link is posted with my comment if you want to check it out! I am seriously IN LOVE.

  24. Chelsea says:

    This is really a perfect red lipstick. I don’t wear red enough to justify this, but that’s not to say it’s not tempting!

  25. Petra says:

    I love your sweater! Where is it from!

  26. Deanna says:

    That lipstick looks gorgeous on you! I’ve always wanted to try wearing red lipstick, but I’m afraid that it’ll look terrible paired with my fair skin.

    I love your sweater, by the way! Where did you find it?

  27. Kiara says:

    So expensive! I don’t think I can splurge so much on a lipstick! It has to be something really special if I am spending 49$ on a lipstick!
    Kiara recently posted … MAC Lady Danger Lipstick | Review and Lip Swatch

  28. cecile a. says:

    Any dupes?

    What foundation are you wearing?! You looked luminous here 🙂

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