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I spent most of this morning in a super bad funkiness (and not in a fierce way) ’till I heard this Mary J. Blige song, Just Fine. The lyrics brought me so much happiness; it reminded me how powerful words can be when your spirit needs cheerleading.

Feels so good, when you’re doing all the things that you want to do
Get the best out of life, treat yourself to something new
Keep your head up high
In yourself, believe in you, believe in me
Having a really good time, I’m not complaining
And I’m a still wear a smile if it raining


This is my fight song for today. 🙂

Anyway, on rainy, gloomy days like this one I like to think about all of the warm places I want to visit some day, so I’ve been looking at pictures of tropical surf spots all morning. Just for fun I planned a surf trip hitting up Costa Rica, South Africa, Indonesia and Australia. A tropical trip needs some tropical makeup (of course!) so I wouldn’t leave home without some lipgloss, like Prescriptives Lip Strips lipgloss ($29.50 each) from their spring Technotropics collection. Each compact has five complimentary sheer glosses in cream, shimmer and sparkle finishes, which you can wear alone or blend together to create different looks. There are two shades, Tropical Warm (on the left) and Techo Cool (right).


The lipglosses are sheer and subtle, perfect for a tropical beach vacation. Calgon, take me AWAY!

Prescriptives Techno Cool Lip Strip Swatches

Prescriptives Tropical Warm Lip Strip Swatches

No tropical surf fantasy is complete without a few hot nights on the town, and because a girl cannot live on lipgloss alone (sorry, Lil’ Mama) I’d bring a few of my new favorite Shu Uemura shadows ($20). Finely milled with lots of color punch, these cute lil’ pans are an eyeshadow junkie’s dream come true. If you’re clumsy like me, be careful when you’re opening them up, otherwise you just might end up taking out a big chunk with your thumbnail like I did when I opened up the yellow shadow. 🙁


From left to right: Matte (M) Beige 800, Metallic (ME) Yellow 300, Metallic (ME) Blue 640

I never, ever thought I’d be able to rock the yellow shadow, but Yellow 300 is very wearable, not scary, and totally boss. I’ve been wearing Beige 800 on my browbone, Yellow 300 on my lid, and Blue 640 from the top lash barely into the crease. It’s colorful yet not over the top!

Are you feeling good today? I hope you are. If you need a lil’ lift gimme a shout; maybe we can help each other get through the funk with some Mary J. Blige and some girl talk!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Sarah says:

    Jane came out with ribbon lipgloss compacts like a year ago.

  2. Breezy says:

    Damn Mary J. has got her some moves! Makes me wanna go out and dance ;P Maybe you need to get your dance on Karen, it’ll warm you up and cheer you up!

  3. LaurieT says:

    Very pretty pictures, girl! That lipgloss is gorgeous. Do you have much trouble keeping the colors apart? It looks like they might blend together.

    I still can’t believe Shu Uemura is gone…

  4. Melissa says:

    Hi Karen!

    I just want to commiserate because I have a REALLY hard time on gloomy days. It’s tough to keep your spirits up when it dark all day. A girl needs a little sunshine….that why we live in cali right?

    I’m lovin’ that yellow shadow, even with the piece missing;)I can’t wait to see a pic of you wearing it! I looked for shu at sephora but they only carry the eyelash curler and mascara here.

    Keep those spirits up. I usually hunker down with a juicy book on those days.

  5. Mariah says:

    Lemmie just say, YOU ARE FANTASTIC! What a great song!! Listening to that totally made my day brighter!! I am so going to the gym now! w00t!

    Also, those glosses and shadows? FAB! I love them! (I especially love swatches) I don’t think the glosses are colorful enough for me, but omg, that eyeshadow combo you described! You just have to post pictures of that! I want to see how it looks.

    Yellow is always the only color I avoid (and I mean the ONLY one!), so if you say it’s wearable, well, I just might have to try it!

  6. Rowena says:

    Oh man – I know what it feels like to loose a chunk of a new shadow! I sympathise. I normally press it back 🙂 make me feel better.

    Excellent choices of shadow! That yellow blends well with everything! Its practically gold! So nice with a bit of brown! 😀

  7. Karen says:

    Thanks for the info, Sarah! I think Jane’s got some good products so I’ll check those out next time I hit Rite Aid. Take care!

  8. Karen says:

    Hi Breezy,

    Ain’t that the truth – Mary J. can *work it*. I can’t believe she’s been doing this for a long time and she still can make a song that moves me.

    And you’re right – I need to get my booty a shaking! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a good one.

  9. Karen says:

    Hi Laurie!,

    Nah, they actually are pretty easy to get to separately if you use a lip brush. 🙂

  10. Karen says:

    Hi Mariah,

    Yay! I’m glad that song made you a lil’ happier today. 🙂

    And yes, the yellow is totally wearable, even for the color shy (it looks really bright here because I packed it on for the sake of the swatch – you can totes take it down a notch for a light wash.) I’ll put a face of the day for this when my cold is gone. Right now I’m sick so I’ve got some killer dark circles and it ain’t cute in real person, much less the internets.

    Oh, and those compacts from Prescriptives are glosses. They are quite sheer, but they’re just enough for a weekend or a vacation look.

  11. Glosslizard says:

    This weather kinda intensifies all things gloomy! I like a bit of rain now and then, but I’m ready for some sunshine!

    I can see a duo-tone eye in the yellow and blue, a very sheer fuschia lip gloss and a sweep of bronzer on the cheeks. Add a hibiscus flower in the hair and a colorful sarong and you’re a tropical vacation waiting to happen! 🙂

    Keep up the spirits, girl! And remember, if the tropics aren’t happening, there’s always hot cocoa with marshmallows! 😉

  12. Karen says:

    Hi Melissa,

    I think the Shu color line is available at Neimans and at their freestanding stores. Do ya have any of those nearby?

    Ahhhh, I wish I could just curl up with a book and some tea today. Gotta bust the skills that pay the bills though (sigh!). 🙂

    I will fo’ sho put up a pic with the yellow Shu shadow when I’m feeling better. Hope you are having a groovin’ day, girl!

  13. Karen says:

    OHHHH Rowena I hadn’t thought to try the yellow with brown. That’s my next experiment!

  14. Karen says:

    Thanks Glosslizard! Ohh, great idea, lady. I love the lip and cheek color idea with the Shu yellow/blue eye. Now I gotta go digging in my stash to find a fuschia gloss…

  15. Lea says:

    Awesome pick, I luv postitive energy/girl power songs! I’m feeling inspired, thanks Karen!

    Oooo, def looking fwd to some FOTD with the yellow shade. Blend it with pink or blue pleash!

  16. Karen says:

    That’s great, Lea! I’m glad you got a lil pick me up, too. Music brings people together, yay!

    OHHHH yeah, blue fo’ sho. I’ll try it with pink (light pink?) when I’m feeling experimental. 🙂

  17. Sandy says:

    I love Mary J Blige. I met a lady that is the editor & also owner of a Music magazine from Australia. She met Mary J Blige a lot. She said before her performances, she gets so anxious that her peers needs to support her. I guess each and everyone of us, no matter who we are, need each other for support 🙂

  18. Mrs. Lynne says:

    Karen, you know I love swatches. Swatches put me at peace, hah. The Shu Uemura shadows look decadent. Love to see you rocking the yellow!

    And it’s coincidence that you mention the “funkiness”. I’ve kinda been feeling like that this whole week. So I turned to music too. I’ve been listening to Alicia Keys non-stop and the words kinda keep my thread in tact 🙂

    I’m right there with you sister. Hope your funkiness turns into funki-fresh!

  19. Karen says:

    Wow, Sandy, that’s an interesting insight into MJB. Her persona and her songs are so strong so I kinda forget that she’s human, and like the rest of us, she needs her support network too.

    I hope you are feeling better. 🙂

  20. Karen says:

    Thanks Mrs. Lynne. I’ve been wanting the new Alicia Keys for some time now! I wish I lived down the street from you in Hawaii so I could burn your CD and bring you some lumpia and malasadas, LOL. 🙂

  21. Mrs. Lynne says:

    Her album is REALLY GOOD!! It’s been on repeat since the week started and when I hear “Superwoman” I get all jazzed, hah.

    Girl, if you lived right down the street from me, we’d outgrow our clothes and have to sell our houses! With lumpia, cookies, malasadas, and shave ice on the list, your and my closets gonna be empty because nothing fits anymore. And we might as well do a deal with our real estate agent because MAC trips together is definitely going to put our houses on the market, lol.

    Can you imagine our little cyber cafe thing we’ll have going on though if you lived here? You on your laptop, me on mine… blogging away, laughing between posts, and having coffee? (Kids running around in the background – sorry, can’t get rid of them, lol). Oh, I can already imagine the good times.

  22. Karen says:

    The babes running are totes cool – I can be Auntie Karen, awww!

    We’d have to work all that food out, girl! I’d make you go running with me (running in Hawaii – heaven) and we could talk shop. Or at very least we’d be mall walkers. I’d send you a text: “Girl, meet me a Pearl Ridge, ASAP. Bring your tennis shoes.” LOLOL

  23. Julie says:

    Those compacts look really cool. Does it come with a brush? I hate using my fingers but I also hate carrying around a lip brush. Ahh.

    You should definitely come down to Australia 😛 I don’t know how to surf though, haha. But there’s a MAC Pro store across/near Bondi 😀

    That yellow is very vibrant! And that blue … I have a soft spot for blue eye shadows, LOL.

  24. Wow! I’m so happy you wrote that review. I’m so going to buy her album.

    Also for the colours…Karen…you rock and bringing those really cool colour trends to us.


  25. Karen says:

    Hi Julie,

    Nope, the Prescriptives compacts don’t come with a brush. I usually don’t like carrying a lip brush either (don’t like the short handles) but I like do like the one MAC has.

    And LOL a visit to the MAC store after a surfing session would be so boss.

    My blue shadow fascination just recently started. What are your faves?

  26. Karen says:

    You’re welcome Miss Gisele. Have a good Friday!

  27. angela says:

    hey there 😉 i’ve been regularly reading your blog, it’s just i never leave any comment before, but today you mentioned Indonesia. i’m from indonesia.. so yeah.. hello ;D heehee i’m a loyal reader, keep blogging, love it so much

  28. Karen says:

    Hi Angela,

    That’s awesome. Indo is supposed to have some of the best waves on the planet! I’d love to go some day. (Plus your food is good – yummy!).

    I always like to meet readers so thanks for popping by to say hello. BTW, what’s your favorite makeup line? 🙂

  29. Mrs. Lynne says:

    Lol. You crack me up!

    And I keep forgetting to ask you since the airing of the I Love NY2 Reunion. What are your thoughts on Tailor Made? Part of me can’t believe he made it because he’s such a backstabbing wienie, but another part of me thinks that he’s pretty darn strong for putting up with that sh*t to even make it that far. I know I’d be sleeping with one eye open, lol.

  30. Anne says:

    been a daily reader… just havent left a comment though! thanks for all the fun and informative posts!

    wow… i think the blue 640 actually looks nicer than the hyped-up Parrot e/s.

    anyways… hope you’ll check out my site too!

  31. Connie says:

    that mary j. blige song is awesome! i just love her.

    i just discovered this blog sometime this week and its making me want to try out make up again. right now all i wear is mascara and on occasion eye liner.

  32. Stephanie says:

    Sometimes you don’t even need a gloomy day to ruin your mood. Sometimes the things people says to you just makes you wonder if you are the only one who feels this way and why do they gotta knock you down when they see you high, not to mention they are your so called “friends”? Is it wrong to want more from life and strived to be a go-getter? Well, you know what, if you ain’t got hater, you ain’t doin’ it right. Keep hating B*tches, cuz I won’t stop rising.

    On a lighter note, I’m gonna go get my MAC MSF in Light Flushed to cheer myself up. Ain’t nobody can take my glow away from me!

    Any reviews on N collection yet Missy?

  33. Bgirldskco says:

    that is the COOOOOOLEST trip ever! I’ve wanted to visit all those countries, haha. that’s awesome you surf. i love the makeup colors, too. love your blog and definetly post when you come back from your trippppp

  34. Amanda says:

    I love SHU eyeshadows-they apply so wonderfully, and feel like silk. And I also have the crazy yellow! I picked up last spring….when I’m feeling bold I layer/pack it on the lid and top with a thin line of black gel eyeliner and tons of mascara. I actually have two new shu shadows (ME purple 700, grape, and ME blue 650, navy blue) on my wishlist/soon to purchase list. 🙂

    On another note I was so sad to hear that Mr. Uemura passed on, and I hope the line stays great.

  35. Karen says:

    Hi Mrs. Lynne,

    Unfortunately, do to the track record of most VH1 reality tv dating shows, I think Tailor Made and NY aren’t going to be 2gether 4ever (can you believe there’s going to be a Flavor of Love 3?!?!).

    I really wanted Punk to win, despite his tragic hair.

  36. Karen says:

    Hi Anne,

    It’s a bit less green than Parrot and it has a more pigmented color payoff. It’s not an exact dupe, but it’s a nice alternative.

    Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be sure to stop by your site soon.

    Take care!

  37. Karen says:

    Hi Connie!

    Nice to meet you! 🙂 Truthfully, I go through phases, too, where all I want to wear is mascara and eyeliner too. Do you have any faves? Right now I’m really loving tarte mascara and MAC tecknakohls!

  38. Karen says:

    Hi Stephanie!

    How is that MSF? Are you loving on it?

    I’ll hopefully be able to do swatches and reviews next week. 🙂 It seems like a nice, basic collection so I’m looking forward to it.

  39. Karen says:

    Hi Bgirldskco,

    I *wish* I was going on that trip! I get a kick out of planning trips (especially warm weather ones when it’s raining in the Bay) so I did that just for fun. Surfing is pretty fun, though. You should try it sometime.

    BTW, I looked at your myspace profile – are you a breakdancer? That’s so awesome. I’ve tried it a few times and a b-girl I am not (I think I’m too old and just too inflexible LOLOL). I can do a see see (sp?) and that’s about it.

  40. Karen says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Isn’t that yellow the best? What else do you pair it with.

    I’ll def have to look into the purple and the navy blue (sounds very pretty).

    I’ve got a few Shu lipglosses, which I am swatching at this moment!

  41. Mrs. Lynne says:

    Me too! I really liked Punk. I thought it was so funny how him and Buddah were buds and tag-teaming each other on the reunion when they sat up on the walkway.

    And it doesn’t surprise me that there’s a FOL3. When the preview aired, Hubbo was like, “don’t they get it that it DOESN’T WORK!”. LOL.

    Are you looking forward to any upcoming shows this year? I have my heart set for Heroes (OMG!!), Lost (gotta support our island), and Prison Break (hello, Wentworth Miller ;)).

  42. Karen says:

    I used to really love Heroes but this last season was a HOT MESS. They really needed to tighten the story lines earlier in the story and stop introducing so many characters.

    Strangely, I’m looking forward to the Sarah Conner Chronicles (the Terminator spin off). Yes, I have not-so-secret sci-fi tendencies.

    And I hate to admit that I am probably going into Rock of Love 2.

    Did you know that Wentworth Miller is in one of Mariah Carey’s videos, “We Belong Together?”

  43. Lea says:

    I’m a HEROES fan! Can’t wait for new episodes. Must admit Karen is right about having new characters, but that seems to be the trend with most of these shows. I think as long as they come up with new and fantastic superpower then I’ll keep watching. stopped following Lost coz I got, well…LOST, following the new and old people with their never ending saga.

    Did anyone see Cashmere Mafia?! The title is a tad uninteresting but I thought the show was brilliant! I really miss SATC and still watch reruns. For now CM might be a good enough substitute for my chick-flick cravings!

  44. Karen says:

    I miss SATC too. I’ve been trying to stay away from the movie spoilers but I can’t help myself 🙁

  45. Mrs. Lynne says:

    Yah, I didn’t really like it when they had to bring on new characters and they just kind of showed up. Almost like a rude introduction. But I just like the thriller of it all. I want Peter’s powers.. and he’s so hot with short hair – ooohh la la!

    But as for Lost, I still have a few more episodes to catch up from the last season. I used to NEED to watch it as it came out, but it’s on the back burner along with Prison Break. Those, if I have a free night I’ll catch up on it. But not a ‘can’t function without it’ feeling, hah.

    I DID NOT KNOW he is in her video! Must youtube that right now!

  46. Mrs. Lynne says:

    I just watched it.. how cute in his chucks! He has that seductive eye – ahh!! And he smiled! That’s a first since he’s always in the hot seat in PB. Thanks for pointing this out. I now have a the dreamy smirk, lol. Happy Aloha Friday!

  47. TUPRNUT says:

    Hey Girly! Hope the “funk” is wearing off and that you’re feeling better today! I’ve had a few of those kinda days this week so I decided to treat myself with a little MAC action today to cheer me up. I’m not sure it’s the healthiest/most economical way to make myself feel better – but it works, so I stick with it.

    I went to check out the N Collection and I was… really disappointed! So sad since I’m a neutral girl and this looked like a great fit for me. I felt most of the collection was, well, BLAH. I picked up Neutral Pink since I don’t have anything else like it. I also picked up a MSF from an old line, Sandy B l/s, Mulch e/s and Viva Glam VI l/g. Oh my gosh, where has Mulch been all my life… this is to die for.

    Well, take care of yourself and I hope you’re feeling a bit more perky today!!

  48. Julie says:

    Hey Karen!
    Wow! Those Shu Uemera shadows give out a vibrant color. By the way, do you surf?

  49. Karen says:

    Hi Mrs. Lynne,

    Don’t start thinking I’m a Wentworth Miller stalker, but he’s also in an episode of Buffy the Vampire slayer. For the record, I have no idea why I know these things about him (I’m still bitter that he beat out C. Bale in that Entertainment Weekly hottest guy contest).

  50. Karen says:

    Hi Tuprnut,

    Mulch = Love. I was all about the Mulch before I found Woodwinked. I don’t remember if I asked you this already, but do you have Sable?

  51. Karen says:

    Hi Julie,

    Aren’t those shadows sssssuhhhweet? I love em.

    I surf, but not hardly enough. I live in Northern California and the few times I’ve surfed up here were so not cracking because I can’t handle the cold water. Plus I hate the process of putting on and taking off a wetsuit. I always feel like I’m a sausage in its casing when I’m wearing that thing. I do love surfing in Hawaii and in So Cal (San Diego) because the water is warmer, but unfortch I only get to do that a few times a year. I would surf every day, all day, if I could!

    Do you surf, too?

  52. TUPRNUT says:

    No, I don’t have Sable… yet… girl, you’re always bringing me into temptation! I’ll have to check that out next time I’m visiting my friends at MAC.

  53. Karen says:

    LOL, my bad! I think you’ll like it. It’s a very pretty plummy gold/brown with bronze flecks – very pretty with Shroom and Saddle. 🙂

  54. Mrs. Lynne says:

    Missed that month’s – gosh, where am I? And I think my mother-in-law subscribes to that so I’m surprised I didn’t read it. But C. Bale is hot stuff! Rawr..

  55. Karen says:

    RIGHT! I don’t mind him in his Batman suit, LOL!

  56. Julie says:

    Yess! I’ve found someone that shares my passions: make-up and surfing! I grew up in Florida so I pretty much surfed everyday even though the waves were wee high. However, when hurricane season rolled around, it was on! I’m in Sac now and the closest I get to surfing is the web. : (

  57. Karen says:

    Oh, to be landlocked in Sac, Julie … I feel that pain! I went to UC Davis for undergrad and it was hard for me to be away from the ocean.

    I’m going to Florida for my best friend’s wedding in November 2008 so it’s gonna be ON!

    BTW, how do you feel about cold water? You could always drive south and surf OB, or futher south to Linda Mar, or even further south to Santa Cruz!

  58. Apple Diva says:

    Thanks for the swatches!!

  59. Roxy says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your site and fab post with the swatches — many thanks!

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