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Stila Indian Summer 2009 all

On Sunday mornings I love watching Indian music videos on Namaste America. I have absolutely *no idea* what the performers are saying, but I love the costumes, choreography and Bollywood style.


Indian-themed makeup has been all the rage lately (Givenchy Sari collection, anyone?), and now it’s Stila’s turn.

With shades of gold, bronze, pink, plum and teal, Stila’s Summer 2009 collection goes on sale this May.

My girl Saniya at I Heart Makeup has more of the deets on the launch. From the few items I’ve seen so far, Summer 2009 is rockin’ my boat.

The Charmed Eyeshadow Quad and the 24 KT Smudge Pot in Golden Noir are my favorites, but I also like the 24 KT Glosses, Mango Crush Lip and Cheek Stain and Marigold Duo.

Charmed Eyeshadow Palette, $28

Stila Indian Summer 2009 Charmed Eyeshadow Palette Closed

Isn’t Charmed Eyeshadow Palette’s packaging cute? How about the bindi appliques and matte gold compact?

Stila Indian Summer 2009 Charmed Eyeshadow Palette Open

The four shades of deeply pigmented and shimmery bronze, dusty rose, eggplant and teal look just as elegant on the inside as the packaging looks on the outside, and I think Stila thought ahead because the colors go well with the Smudge Pot in Golden Noir.

Yesterday I layered Golden Noir beneath the bronze and eggplant shades and got a surprise compliment from a makeup artist at the Nordie’s MAC counter. 🙂

Stila Indian Summer 2009 Charmed Eyeshadow Palette swatches

Be prepared to handle the quad with kid gloves, though, as the bindi decorations fall off easily with just normal handling. It’s just as delicate as it looks.

24 KT Smudge Pot in Golden Noir, $20

Stila Indian Summer 2009 Golden Noir 24 kt Smudge Pot

Golden Noir applies as a deep, true black infused with golden glitter — sooo pretty!

As I sit here thinking, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything like it before. I wouldn’t be surprised if it sold out early.

The Stila Smudge Pots are creamy gel liners that double as eyeshadows. I can easily see myself wearing Golden Noir daily in the summer.

Stila Indian Summer 2009 Golden Noir 24 kt Smudge Pot swatch

Convertible Color Duo in Marigold, $25

Stila Indian Summer 2009 Marigold Convertible Color Duo

Like the eyeshadow quad and Golden Noir, the creamy bronzer/highligher duo is packed with rich color. The bronzer end is a warm, matte orangey brown that totally reminds me of a cream version of MAC Saddle eyeshadow. The highlighter is a shimmery coral gold.

I layered the bronzer beneath Mango Crush Lip and Cheek Stain on my cheeks yesterday. It was a bit streaky, but the highlighter was a little smoother when I used it on my upper cheek bones.

I like the duo, but I think I’ll need a lot of practice with it.

Stila Indian Summer 2009 Marigold Convertible Color Duo open

Mango Crush Lip and Cheek Stain, $24

Stila Indian Summer 2009 Mango Crush

Mango Crush surprised me. I’ve tried both of Stila’s other Lip and Cheek Stains, Cherry and Pomegranate, and neither one has shimmer, so I expected a simple orange stain from Mango Crush. Instead, it’s a shimmery, peachy coral.

I wore it on my cheeks and lips yesterday and HOLY WOW — a little goes a long way. It looks *very*pigmented on my brown skin.

Like the Marigold Convertible Color, though, I can tell it’s going to take me some practice to use it well. Maybe I’ll fall more in love with it after trying a few more application techniques.

24 Kt Lipgloss, $22

Stila Indian Summer 2009 24 kt Lipgloss

I really wanted to like the new 24 KT Lipglosses because of the cute caps, but again the decorations break off easily. Some of the little beads fell off in my hand as I held onto the tube.

The glosses come with a brush applicator. When you turn the cap, gloss moistens the brush at the tip.

I tried Merlot first (a shimmery wine), and the twisty tube worked well, loading the brush with gloss, but when I tried another shade, Brilliant Pink (a shimmery hot pink), nothing happened. I turned that sucker all ways ’till Sunday, but it was clogged or broken or something. I don’t know if it’s poorly constructed or if I just got a rare bad one.

As for the gloss itself, Merlot reminds me of Stila’s Lip Glazes. It feels non-sticky on my lips, has medium-to-light pigmentation and smells faintly of vanilla.

I like it, but I’m concerned about my tube of Brilliant Pink. I hope the jamming isn’t something that’s going to happen often with these.

Stila Indian Summer 2009 Mango Crush and 24 kt lipgloss swatch
Swatches of Merlot Lipgloss and Mango Crush


Stila Indian Summer 2009 swatches all
All of the swatches

Yesterday’s look with all of the products

LOL! I don’t know what was going on here!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Amanda says:

    love this in the pics/descriptions. I just got the pom. cheek/lip stain on Friday and I totally LUV it. I have and love cherry too, so I know I’m gonna need to get my mitts on mango. As for the gloss applicator-is it the same style as the lip glazes and stains? Those twist pens are such a PITA-they drive me so crazy it almost deters me from buying the products. With my brand new pome stain I had to twist and twist and twist…thought the gel was never going to come out, but if finally did. So I guess I would just say twist again? It took me a really, really long time to get the flow going.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Amanda,

      It’s similar. It doesn’t have the clicky thing on the bottom, but it works the same way.

      Oh, I think the endless twisting in the beginning is normal. It took me forever and a day to get the Mango going.

      Did that Sephora open up in your town yet?

  2. Kim says:

    OMG! New items from Stila :D. I’m in ‘must buy’ mode lol. The eyeshadows look great and on olive skin tones they’ll probably make any eye pop!

  3. mishel says:

    aw! ur pics are so cute.

    i love those indian inspired colours and products. gets me kinda excited since i have brown skin, and golds/jewel tones look best on ppl of my skin colour. thanks for showing it to us!

  4. Jenna says:

    The smudge pot actually reminds me a lot of Clinique’s summer limited edition cream eyeliner Egyptian, which I looooooooove by the way.

  5. Shiny says:

    I’m so buying the eyeshadow quad and probably the smudge pot too. I’m a sucker for the cute packaging but I do think the colours will look good on my skin tone. If the embellishments fall off I can always go through my stash of bindis and stick new ones on 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hi Shiny,

      Good idea! I used to have a pretty decent bindi stash during my club days… I should see if I can find them so I can stick ’em on this compact.

      And girrrrl, if you get the quad then the Smudge Pot is a must! They work so well together. 🙂

  6. Elle says:

    LOL, Karen! I totally watch those videos on Sunday morning too! I also am obsessed with a lot of Bollywood movies. I hadn’t seen any in a while, but then caught “Saawariya” a few months back and got back on my kick.

    I love the pics of you, too! I’ve never used their smudge pots, so now I’m a little curious.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Elle,

      YES! I bet we would have so much fun watching it together! You’d be dancing around whether you liked it or not. 😉

      The Stila Smudge Pots are pretty great. They’re like the Benefit Creaseless Creme shadows.

  7. Elle says:

    (PS–this is my favorite song from that movie. I covet this actress’s eye makeup and sari. And abs of steel. Ha!)

  8. Jeanne says:

    Oooh, pretty! I love the eyeshadow quad, and I’m definitely interested in the Mango Crush! (I already have Cherry, but I’m always up for new cheek/lipstains, especially coral-y ones!) What a fun collection!

    Jeanne´s last blog post..Science Fair for March 16th – 22nd

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jeanne,

      Yah, the quad is way cute. I can’t wait to do some layering with Mango Crush and some Stila Lip Glazes.

      Hope you’re Sunday is going well. 🙂

  9. jess says:

    Karen, your hair has gotten so long! I think you’ve just inspired me to wear mine in wavy pigtails like that. ^.^

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jess,

      It’s a fun style! 🙂 I put it in a French braid the night before and in the morning it had all those nice waves. Just put ’em in two low ponytails and you are good to go!

      How long is your hair?

  10. jane says:

    that smudge pot looks very pretty!
    i wasn’t going to comment but you just look too cute in the pictures 🙂 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jane!

      Aww… thanks! It was raining yesterday so I had to get the hair under control before it went full on poooofy.

      Hope you’re having a great Sunday!

  11. Shivotra says:

    Smudge pot – I have a feeling its exactly like MAC’s fluidline in blitz and glitz – which also has gold flecks infused with black liner. Yes, Clinique’s egyptian was also similar – it has silver flecks though. I am obsessed with gel liners 😛

    I am definitely getting the Marigold all over color and the Mango lip and cheek crush.

    Hey Karen, Guerlin is also getting on the Indian bandwagon – they have a new Indian collection – I especially love the kajal eyeliner 🙂

  12. Kristen says:

    i want the smudgepot sooo badly!

  13. victoria says:

    if i see another photo of stila’s new collection, i just can’t take it. i’m seriously thinking of getting the e/s and smudgepot. i’m a total sucker for gold shimmer.

  14. Mansie says:

    Do you think you could give us a rundown of everything you have on in that picture? It looks so pretty and natural, especially the eyeliner!

    Mansie´s last blog post..Dior Cheek Brush

  15. Marisol says:

    That palette looks divine. Awesome colors for summer!

    Marisol´s last blog post..Sisterly Love

  16. Shefali says:

    Hey Karen! Thanks for the review on everything. I’m going to be ALL OVER this collection when it comes out. Being Indian, I know all of this stuff is going to go great with my skin tone. Plus I’m glad that most of the products are not PINK – everything lately seems to be about pink!

    That’s so cool that you watch Namaste America, LOL!! What annoys me about that show is that they cut off the song clips like halfway through the songs, so you never actually hear the whole thing! My parents have satellite and get the 50 bazillion Indian channels so I end up getting to see them. But you know, you can buy DVD’s with song clips from the movies. Just an idea, if you really like watching the videos. I like watching them to replicate the makeup 🙂

  17. Sylvie says:

    Hi Karen! I don’t know what you used for your undereye concealer in this picture but girl, keep using it! I’ve read your blog for years and I’ve never seen your undereye area look so bright!

  18. Bj says:

    Love these products on you, im gonna have to get the 24kt smudge pot that will probably end up being my summer staple and the cheek color looks so pretty, ill have to try before i buy though. Love your look karen, mwuah

  19. A.C. says:

    Favorite eyeshadow: Amber Lights over Soft Brown in the crease, really makes Blue eyes pop!
    Favorite lipgloss: MAC Prrr…
    Favorite hair product: Joico Smoothing Balm (it’s heat activated, great when you flat iron)
    How’d ya sleep last night? Great!
    Breakfast: Coffee so far,,
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: How to pack..
    Outfit: Jeans, t-shirt..very casual today
    Song stuck in my head: Duffy Stepping Stone..I must of heard it on the T.V.!
    Weekly goals: Unpack, become employed…

    How’d ya sleep last night?
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months:
    Song stuck in my head:
    Weekly goals:

  20. Arielle says:

    You look hellaaaaaaa young & natural in these pictures!! + I’m lovin’ all these colors. I NEED that smudge pot…

  21. Jamila says:


    I think it’s so cool that you are into bollywood! You should note down the song titles you like and find them on youtube – they usually have subtitles for the songs. Also if you like the songs, i’m sure you would love the movies! they all come with subtitles now and you can get most of them on netflix (if not at a local indian grocery store- theyve got dvd rentals). theyre pretty long tho (im sure you’ve heard. about 2.5- 3 hrs)recent movies that i love are: Jodhaa Akbar, Dhoom 2, Khabi Alvida Na Kehna, Khabi Khushi Khabhi Gham, Hum Tum, and Saathiya. All these movies have amazing songs and if you type in the movie name in youtube you will get a bunch of songs. To listen to songs from a specific movie, go to . Click the movie and click select all and then play! Enjoy!!

  22. Karen B says:

    Looks great. I love Stila shadows, they’re like butter and have great pigmentation.

  23. Shaneyl says:

    If you are worried about charms falling off your products after you get them and before you use them you can go over them with a little clear nail polish.

    It’s rarely if ever noticeable and lasts forever on products as they don’t grow/get the daily beating our hands do.
    😀 Very helpful for all those cute things that want to fall apart against our wills.
    I do it with just about everything now, just in case.

    Also, I blame Slumdog but I’m not complaining, I’m not too much of a color user on myself normally but I’d really like to get these colors!

  24. JamieRebecca says:

    i am dying to get that e/s palette. its gorgeous!!! the mango crush looks awesome too on ur skin. i think i’ll get it too!! once i’m tan this summer… it should look great! i’m soooooooo excited. i want it now! i can’t wait until may.

  25. steph says:

    your undereye concealer looks good… what kind/brand are you using??

  26. madison says:

    Just to comment on the collection…as I work for stila…the whole collection is infused with real 24karat gold which is rich in nutrients for the skin, to include the prevention and depletion of collagen in the skin, tightening of the skin, protection against sun damage and help with discoloration. Not only is it beautiful on but you will also have great benefits when you use it…mango crush also has phyto nutrients rich in antioxindants to include vitamin a, b and c!!! Will be available in early May…enjoy.

  27. sammie says:

    OMG, your hair looks great!
    The shadows dont look half bad either…

  28. Girl,

    Thanks for the shout-out, I’m such a horrible friend, I saw this almost a month later. I apologize for being so distant. School’s been driving me insane!!!

    You’re the best, and you rock the colors..

    xo <3

    i♥makeup´s last blog post..Make-up Trend: Navy Smoky Eyes

  29. Rebecca says:

    i looove everything!

  30. Michele says:

    Karen- where are we writing the bravest thing we have ever done?
    Anyway, mine is flying in a plane. I am moritified to fly. So when I get in a plane with sedation, it is a miracle.


  31. Michele says:

    Btw- I just ordered the Ulta summer collection- it looks like the Stila summer collection. I love tjhose colors!

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