Stay Frosty with the New Urban Decay Sephora Exclusive Shadows

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urban decay eyeshadow review

stay frosty |stā ˈfrôstē|
1 A phrase which has come to mean “be cool,” but which more properly understood is an admonishment to stay alert and on one’s toes : stay frosty, and man the barricades!


2 What Urban Decay wants people who wear their new eyeshadow colors to do : Urban Decay wants us to stay frosty and look hawt.

So I’m kinda lovin’ on Urban Decay’s new eyeshadow colors, but WOW! — they sure are frosty.

Freelove, Woodstock, Psychedelic Sister, Haight, Dashiki and Aquarius launched exclusively at Sephora and last month ($17 each), and they have everything UD lovers (like moi) adore about the line — smooth textures, playful pigments and insane color payoff — along with a whole lotta frost.

While I love a good frosty shadow, they aren’t always the easiest products to wear. Go even a tad overboard with them (been there, done that), and they can look heavy on the skin and highlight fine lines and wrinkles.

urban decay eyeshadow review
Clockwise from lower left: Psychedelic Sister, Haight, Woodstick, Freelove, Dashiki, Aquarius

urban decay eyeshadow review swatches
Swatches from left: Haight, Woodstock, Freelove

urban decay eyeshadow review swatches
Swatches from left: Psychedelic Sister, Aquarius, Dashiki

Despite that caveat, frosts have one may-jah thing going for ’em: they’re great at making eyes look larger than life!

They reflect a lot of light, essentially acting as big spotlights that direct attention wherever they’ve been applied, and it makes them a great tool to play up different parts of the eye.

NOTE: Matte finishes tend to have the opposite effect, making wherever they’re applied appear to recede into the background.

When I’m trying to make my eyes look larger with a frosty shadow, I like to start by lining my upper lash line with a white eyeliner, and then I’ll lightly smudge and soften the edges with a pencil brush like the MAC 219.

The white liner acts something like an eyeshadow base, latching on to the frosty eyeshadow and intensifying it, essentially turning on the spotlight effect.

Then, with a shadow brush like the MAC 239, I’ll pat a frosty eyeshadow directly on top of the liner and over the entire eyelid. A matte shadow in the crease can really make the frosty top pop (by giving the look some depth), so I’ll apply one with a crease brush like the MAC 217. I’ll usually use some sort of neutral, but you could always use a matte in a color that complements the frosty shadow you chose.

With the same brush, I’ll further open the eye by highlighting the brow bone with a lighter frosty shade. For better definition and to create the look of thicker lashes, I’ll finish by drawing a very thin line with eyeliner along my lash line, taking care to not cover the lid area.

How do you feel about eyeshadows with frosty finishes? Are you a fan?


Friday, WOOT!

TGIF, girls. 🙂 Do you have plans tonight? I’d like to go to a movie if I can get my shizz together in time. I think I might see Letters to Juliet… I’m in the mood for a frothy chick flick, and it sounds like it would do well in that capacity, ha!

Hopefully I can sneak in a run beforehand so I can load up on popcorn, sans guilt.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. you look stunning mama, absolutely stunning. love the shadow.
    .-= beautylogicblog’s last blog post… Book Rec Daisy Fuentes Unforgettable You =-.

  2. Natasha says:

    That is quite a bit of shimmer. Really nice for summer, but you’re right…They look like they can add up to be too much VERY quickly!
    .-= Natasha’s last blog post… NVEY ECO Organic Eye Shadow =-.

  3. pinksoysauce says:

    I saw Letters to Juliet a few weeks ago, and despite my general “ehh” for chick flicks and love for action films and thrillers, I loved this one. It’s predictable but it’s oh so fun as well. It was my first Amanda Seyfried movie as well, and I was pleasantly surprised. I think you’d like it!

  4. Nina says:

    Happy Friday … were celebrating Friday by having breakfast for dinner … one of my most favorite treats! 🙂

    Hmm ill have to think about those eyeshadows. Remember – no eyeshadows for me til … well till a long time from now! 🙂

  5. veronica says:

    Awww pretty… I love UD, but I need some more natural colors added to my collection, I think.
    .-= veronica’s last blog post… RiffTrax at Comic-Con 2010 =-.

  6. AmyVA says:

    Wow – thank you for the details on how to make frosty eye shadows work. I am kinda afraid of them, since I am 36 and am definitely starting to be concerned about those fine lines and eyelid crepey-ness and always feel a little silly (ashamed?) trying to wear these awesome sparkly eye products (but they are my FAVORITE so I do it anyway!!!)

    You look absolutely FANTASTIC here! I love the way the frosty highlighter and cheek color gives you a dewey, ethereal look – BTW what are you wearing as blush?

  7. Very Pretty,I luv shimmer!
    .-= House of Accessories’s last blog post… Two in One Photo Prop All Fringe Baby Nest in all Blues =-.

  8. Tracy says:

    I like they way these look-and they look so pretty on you! But they’re not all that unique looking to me-I’m sure I have colours like these already in my MAC collection.
    .-= Tracy’s last blog post… Vapour Organic Beauty =-.

  9. Ashley says:

    I hate frosty eyeshadows but having said that… the majority of my eyeshadows are shimmery & frosty… And I wear them all the time 😡

    I thought Letters To Juliet was great. Predictable but great, I kind of teared but I’m a wuss like that! Hated Dear John though. I think this is one of the movies I enjoy starring Amanda Seyfried.

    • Karen says:

      Oooh, what was the deal with Dear John? I kinda wanted to see it but the reviews were awful. Was it Channing Tatum?

      • Ashley says:

        I don’t know how to explain it… it was just an awful movie. It was slow, boring & there was no chemistry! I hated the story line too.
        And if you’re like me & have watched all of Tanning’s movies… it’s the same old stuff, he’s just a pretty face with a pretty gorgeous body 🙁

  10. Lindsay says:

    You look beautiful! I think I need freelove. Enjoy the movie!
    .-= Lindsay’s last blog post… MAC Fabulous Felines August 2010 Promo Pics =-.

  11. I love frosty eyeshadows in moderation. I’m going to have to try that tutorial for more open eyes someday soon and see how it works out! Very pretty FOTD, and I actually enjoyed Letters to Juliet quite a lot, despite er…certain liberties the writers took with the ending. But it’s a very funny, sweet movie, so I hope you like it.

    • Karen says:

      I didn’t get to watch it, boo! When I arrived at the theater (it’s a small one, just three screens), they changed the line up… so I ended up watching Killers with Ashton Kutcher instead.

      How’s your weekend going so far? Doing anything fun?

  12. AtelierGal says:

    The colors are gorgeous! I have 2 of their e/s but too heavy with shimmers I can’t use them V.V
    .-= AtelierGal’s last blog post… Skin79 Oriental Range @ Pink Parlour =-.

  13. I’ve actually been avoiding Sephora because I know that if I go in I’ll end up walking out with these, because they are so awesomely gorgeous. I want them so bad!! I love bright colors for summer.
    .-= scarlettholly’s last blog post… Nails of the Week: Opi Panda-monium Pink =-.

  14. amy says:

    I like Aquaris but boy are they shinny and frosty. Looks like a shadow for Friday and Saturday nights.
    .-= amy’s last blog post… Getting Some Tropical Romance With Pacifica Body Butter in Tahitian Gardenia =-.

  15. Stef says:

    Friday was my birthday and the kids were spending the night with their cousins, so the Husband and I went to dinner, had drinks, and saw The A-Team movie! Heaven!!! Best. Night. Ever!

    I loooooove Urban Decay shadows, the pigment is outrageous! It goes on well and stays on. I love to do a purple smokey eye, and Psychedelic Sister is right up my alley!

  16. Kim says:

    As soon as I read “Stay Frosty”, I immediately thought of Alex Skarsgard in Generation Kill. Imagine my delight when I scrolled to see that the previous post was his best hair! Off to vote! 🙂

  17. Sexy Sadie says:

    Frosty formula is not my cup of tea anymore.
    .-= Sexy Sadie’s last blog post… 90 sekunder =-.

  18. Phyrra says:

    I love the pink 🙂 How do you like Dashiki?

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