The New Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Tarred + Feathered Lip Balm Duo Gives Your Lip Products Wings

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OCC Tarred + Feathered Lip Balm Duo

Wearing multiple layers of Feathered, the white shade from the new OCC Tarred + Feathered Lip Balm Duo ($18)

That moment when you realize you want to wear a lip product solely because you think it might match your nails…

Your opaque white nails.


Priceless. πŸ™‚

OCC Tarred + Feathered

That’s Nicole by OPI Yoga Then Yogurt on my nails…

Yeah, I think I crossed over into uncharted makeup territory this week — uncharted for me, at least, since I can’t recall ever wanting to wear white lipstick before.

Like, ever.

Sure, I realize that it’s not exactly a super wearable look (RIGHT?!), but I got it into my head a few days ago, and whenever that happens… You know me! πŸ™‚

Say hello to the new $18 Tarred + Feathered Lip Balm Duo by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Weird and wonderful at the same time, it comes with two lip balms in white and black.

OCC Tarred + Feathered Lip Balm Duo

OCC Tarred + Feathered Lip Balm Duo, $18

In calling it “new,” I should put the “new” in air quotes because this duo actually first appeared 10 years ago. It was the very first product OCC ever released. They’re reissuing it meow for their 10th anniversary.

OCC Tarred + Feathered Lip Balm Duo

So, what’s the deal? Well, both moisturizing halves of the balm contain hemp seed, pomegranate and avocado oils, and they’re made to moisturize AND function as color correctors to either brighten or darken any lip colors you layer on top.

OCC Tarred + Feathered

Feathered, the white balm, works to cancel out your natural lip color, making any colors you wear on top of it appear truer.

LOL! No, it normally doesn’t look quite as scary as it does in the first two face pics because I built it up with a lip brush for those shots to see how close I could get to making my white lips + nail tips fantasy come true (pretty close, but not really, since the balm ends up looking patchy when I build it up in layers).

If I just apply a thin layer instead, like I would with most any other lip balm, I think Feathered actually looks fairly wearable.

OCC Tarred + Feathered Lip Balm Duo

That’s Feathered on mah lips!

Now, after trying it beneath a few different lip products so far, I’ve found that I like to combine it with super sheer tints, like Benefit’s new Posiebalm.

When I prep my lips with a little Feathered first and layer Posiebalm on top, more of Posiebalm’s pink pigment comes through.

And then there’s Tarred, the black shade, which has the opposite effect; it makes lip colors layered on top look deeper and richer (but not necessarily truer to their actual color).

OCC Tarred + Feathered Lip Balm Duo

That’s the Tarred side on my lips…

I like wearing Tarred all by itself, actually, where it reminds me of a blacker version of Clinique’s Black Honey (think tough rocker chick after she takes off her chains and spikes).

Both shades have a very thin, smooth consistency, smell and taste a little like mint (it fades fast), and last about an hour on my lips.

Ingredients: Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Punica Granatum Seed Oil, Persea Gratissima Fruit Butter, Caraca Papaya Seed Oil, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Rosa Rubigenosa Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil. [+/-] Ttianium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77499).

Since the $18 duo, which is limited edition, so it won’t be around forever, comes in a case, you’ll either need to bring a lip brush or your fingers to apply. Both work fine, but I usually use my fingers because it’s quicker.

The vegan, cruelty-free formula also gets two big paws up from Tabs.

Pretty cool product! — especially if you like to experiment with lip color. You can find it now online at, and in stores June 6 for $18.

Ready, set, GO!

I officially signed up to start the 100 Happy Days challenge this morning!


You should totally do it with me! I’ll be posting my pics on Instagram and Twitter. If you decide to sign up, let me know your handle so I can follow you.

I mean, 100 happy days? Um, yes, please. I’ll take that.

I have a feeling I might end up posting 100 pics of Tabs, but I’ll try to be more interesting than that, LOL! But whatever, right? If it makes you happy… πŸ™‚

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. breyerchic04 says:

    I’ve often almost bought Lipstick Queen’s sheer black balm/gloss in a pot but I’ve never done it because I was sure I’d never use it up. This looks perfect combined with the subtle white!

  2. Allison C says:

    I’ve gotta check the ingredient list on these balms. I have a closet full of OCC Lip Tars that I can’t wear ‘coz of the peppermint oil. I like the idea of lightening and darkening. Hmm, I could make my own with Crayola crayons, I think!
    Allison C recently posted … Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Shampoo

    • Karen says:

      Here ya go, Allison!

      Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Punica Granatum Seed Oil, Persea Gratissima Fruit Butter, Caraca Papaya Seed Oil, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Rosa Rubigenosa Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil. [+/-] Ttianium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77499).

  3. Belle says:

    Alright you’ve convinced me, I’m signing up for the 100 days of happiness! I don’t even have Instagram or Twitter but I’m gonna stop living under a rock and make one lol that’s how much you’ve inspired me πŸ˜€

    • Karen says:

      Hi Belle, YAY! Thank you for doing the challenge with me. When you set up your Instagram let me know what your handle is so I can keep up with your posts. πŸ™‚

  4. Sylvia says:

    What a neat concept. High-five to OCC for always being so darn innovative!
    Sylvia recently posted … Lip Product Addict Tag

  5. way to go Karen.. would love to see how you are gonna make it a success.. πŸ˜‰ .. I am inspired.. i should sign up too.. πŸ˜›
    Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters recently posted … Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Cream Blush Soft Peach and Pink Glow Review, Swatches

  6. Fancie says:

    Only you can make a white lippie look good!
    Fancie recently posted … New MAC Alluring Aquatic Addition!

  7. Sylirael says:

    This looks like a really handy little compact to have, actually, especially if you’re into doing lots of different makeup/art looks (like me!). πŸ˜€ Shame we don’t get OCC here (for many reasons, LOL!)
    Sylirael recently posted … The Painted Rogue Needs YOU πŸ˜€ What Beauty Quest(s) Should I Take on in Dubai?

  8. becca m says:

    I was convinced to do the 100 happy days challenge too! I’m crazycatladyrmm on instagram if you would like to keep up with another fan of the blog!

  9. Jen says:

    I’d rather buy the Benefit lip balm! πŸ™‚

    I just finished my 100 happy days earlier this month. I am so glad it’s over. LOL. After awhile EVERYTHING makes me happy. πŸ˜‰

  10. Iris says:

    These would be great to tone down the super-bright colours (like the Beyonce’s red) which I don’t have the guts to use. The jar format isn’t really to my tastes, though. I’d much rather have a tube. I have a few jar-format lip products I’ve used a few times or never since I can’t wear them on the go without a lipbrush.

  11. Majick says:

    I wanted to love OCC but just didn’t. I’ve always liked the idea of black and white to lighten or deepen colors but in all actuality I’d rather just swipe and go and be done – too much mixing is fun to a point but def time consuming. I also thought the formula was a bit drying to my lips.

  12. kellly says:

    ha ha ha I love the expressions on your face with the white lips! priceless!

  13. Erin says:

    Love the white lips and tips photo!
    Erin recently posted … Mezzacorona 2012 Pinot Grigio Review

  14. Ann says:

    Karen, I think this is a great idea! My handle on Instagram is dreamboatannie816, I would love for you to follow me!

  15. Vicki says:

    I know this post is a bit older but I am thinking of buying this product. Does anyone know how it compares to the Sigma Lose the Halo Lip Concealor? I have that one and I HATE it, I don’t want to wind up with two lousy products if I can help it! πŸ™‚ Thank you!

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