The New Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Plastic Passion Spring 2014 Collection, and an Important Announcement

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OCC Pool Boy

Wearing OCC Pool Boy Lip Tar, one of six new shades from the spring 2014 Plastic Passion collection

It is with a heavy heart that I must share some sad news…

The OCC Plastic Passion Spring 2014 collection

The OCC Plastic Passion Spring 2014 collection

I learned today, moments after swatching the Plastic Passion spring 2014 collection by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, that I am not nearly cool enough to pull off bright blue matte lips.

OCC Pool Boy

Sad panda…

And worse still, I probably never will be. 🙁

I introduce exhibit A — a picture of me smiling while wearing Pool Boy, one of six new Lip Tar shades in the release.

OCC Pool Boy

Howdy, neighbor!

I look like a demented clown plotting ways to season and eat a small child for lunch, LOL! I feel like a citizen of the Capitol in Panem…

OCC Pool Boy

Artsy fartsy, yo!

See, told you. Not nearly cool enough.

OCC Rollergirl

Rollergirl, a matte vibrant lavender purple

Oh, well. The collection of six Lip Tars, four of them bright mattes and two metallics, arrives online February 1 at and, and at Sephora stores February 18.

OCC Plastic Passion Spring 2014

Lip Tars, $18 each

My dry lips and I have been wrestling with the metallics, as they grapple with every single flake, but the mattes are flawless. FLAWLESS! Not patchy at all, which is kind of a miracle, considering the craziness of some of the colors.

OCC Plastic Passion Spring 2014 swatches from the left: Hollywood (a metallic beige with a golden shimmer), Pleasure Model (a metallic pearlescent pink), Mannequin (a matte pink), Kimber (a matte neon orange coral), Pool Boy (a matte aquatic blue) and Rollergirl (a matte vibrant lavender purple)

Swatches from the left: Hollywood (a metallic beige with a golden shimmer), Pleasure Model (a metallic pearlescent pink), Mannequin (a matte pink), Kimber (a matte neon orange coral), Pool Boy (a matte aquatic blue) and Rollergirl (a matte vibrant lavender purple)

Mannequin, the pale matte (Barbie) pink, moves me the most, and I’m kind of surprised. I half expected it to take me to Lil’ Kim territory (but present-day Kim, not the Kim from the late ’90s, when we all know she was a boss).

OCC Mannequin

Mannequin, a matte pink

Mannequin is smoother than…an actual mannequin’s skin! — and it completely blocks out the color of my pigmented lips. I think it also brightens my face in a different way than the other corals and peachy pinks I often wear.

It’s exactly what I wanted from Kevyn Aucoin’s beautiful, but oh, so challenging pink Matte Lipstick in Tenacious.

It’s dramatic! And I like it. If I had to pick one shade from this collection, it would definitely be the one.

OCC Kimber

Kimber, a matte neon orange coral

OCC Pleasure Model

Pleasure Model, a metallic pearlescent pink

OCC Hollywood

Hollywood, a metallic beige with golden shimmer

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



P.S. Ever have one of those days that feels like someone is messing with your clocks? Because it’s over much sooner than it should be?

I had one of those today. I got so busy that I actually forgot to eat lunch!

No worries, though. I’m making up for it now with a bag of chocolates from See’s. 🙂

How was your day? Did it go by fast?


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  1. Pool Boy and Rollergirl WILL be mine.
    Rikki Poynter recently posted … WHICH NAKED PALETTE? NAKED vs. NAKED2 vs. NAKED3!

  2. Pool Boy and Rollergirl WILL be mine.
    Rikki Poynter recently posted … WHICH NAKED PALETTE? NAKED vs. NAKED2 vs. NAKED3!

  3. Gowthami says:

    These look really fab!! 😛
    Gowthami recently posted … Brilliant Loveheart Lip Care System Review

  4. Vineetha says:

    Kimber! I like it :-).
    Vineetha recently posted … Chanel Intonation(69) Le Blush Crème de Chanel

  5. Daniel says:

    Don’t worry, Karen, you will always be super cool 🙂

    I’m waiting for your review of the pencils, they will not arrive to my country… but at least I can gaze at the pretty pictures!

  6. Stacey says:

    I can say that the blue worked for me on you until the smile… I see the terrifying clown in there for sure! Your application looks flawless though!

  7. Audrey says:

    I love Kimber and I love that you showed us pics of the blue shade on you even though it’s not your (well, most people’s) color.

  8. Marisol says:

    Maybe you can wear the Pool Boy shade with a different outfit and hair.

  9. Jen says:

    I think we all feel the pull to own a blue lipstick (I know I do–and NEVER wear) but I don’t know WHO blue is actually working for. I’ve yet to see it.

    The other colors look tempting!
    Jen recently posted … NYX Lipliner in “Pumpkin”

  10. Dawn says:

    I’m liking Kimber a lot. Pool Boy definitely not. The good thing with OCC Lip Tars, and the Sleek equivalent, is that they can be mixed to make different colours/shades, so Pool Boy need not be entirely wasted. I don’t think anybody could wear Pool Boy on its own and look good.

  11. Kimber looks gorgeous!
    Ankita@corallista recently posted … Friday Favorites #1

  12. Sylirael says:

    Maybe the blue isn’t ideal, but you’re rocking the purple and the orange! I think you’re plenty cool, Karen! 😉

    You took some awesome shots with the blue lips though!
    Sylirael recently posted … Beauty and Grit: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters in Peach Parfait, Wild Watermelon and Sweet Tart

  13. Karen loved this blue was gorgeous on you

    This brand always bringing this incredible news

    A huge Beijao for you to tabbys the kitten
    thatiane gomes recently posted … Kit Flor de Cerejeira Mary Kay – Prêmio Afiliada Personal Buyers

  14. Alison M says:

    I can’t get enough orange these days so I’m all over Kimber.
    Alison M recently posted … Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Creme Colour Concentrate in Discipline Review and Swatch

  15. meganlisa says:

    I love most of these on you! And I’m so thrilled to see the blue on. I could never wear it but just adore the photos. So fun. I agree that it looks better on you before you smile. And the other colors are all beautiful. Thanks for saving me having to try on a blue….never…

  16. hanna says:

    I love that blue, it looked fantastic in the first picture.
    hanna recently posted … Homework, and Someone Parked Too Close

  17. Michelle says:

    OOo the Rollergirl, Pool Boy and Kimber will be mine!! I also think Hollywood will be great over a nude lip!
    Michelle recently posted … The Lost Files: NARS x Guy Bourdin Limited Edition “Coeur Battant” Blush

  18. Lydia says:

    That purple lip tar will be mine. Its amazing!

  19. Vanessa says:

    I think the blue looks deliciously graphic on you, Karen. It is a high fashion kind of look. 🙂

    I also think you rock roller girl.

  20. Kim says:

    Wow – that definitely got my attention! HAHA! Actually, I’ll bet you could work that with a really wild, bright eye look. Not that you’d wear it to TJs or anything but it could be a cool runway look. And who cares if the runway is in your living room? 🙂 On it’s own, it has the She Hulk vibe, but in blue.

  21. BETSY says:

    ‘Demented Clown’??? I am skeered of clowns anyhow, and that phrase will stick to me all day! Kudos for being brave enough to swatch the Pool Boy. Think I’ll pass on it, lol.

  22. Chelsea says:

    Those lips look like you froze!

  23. Leticia says:

    You are so much fun to read, Karen :)! You´re a really cool girl having fun with this blue lip tar. My day definitely flew – there do seem to be some gray men stealing our time (have you read Michael Ende’s “Momo”?) Happy Friday, Karen!

  24. fancie says:

    I actually thought you looked pretty cool lol. I love Mannequin on you! I definitely want a couple of these lol
    fancie recently posted … MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Collection

  25. Natalye says:

    I don’t think I can pull off the blue lip gloss lol
    Natalye recently posted … Get Wild! – Purminerals: Untamed Glamour Review and Swatches

  26. I absolutely love lip tars so it’s a no brainer…I’m getting them all! I’m sure Pool Boy will require some mixing to pull it off but I’m up for the challenge.

  27. Lena says:

    i haven’t laughed so much due to a beauty blog. you definitely look demented with that blue. as no doubt i will look twice as demented. and look at your happy face with kimber – finally something for use less cool humans.
    Lena recently posted … Diary of a Pencilophile: what to do when they’re almost worn down to a nub?

  28. Deb says:

    Kimber rocks on you. The others….well, I’m not into purples and darks because I’m too fair to pull them off. But Pool Boy! Oh man, that is the stuff of nightmares. Does anybody really think that is a good look? I get it from the perspective of runways and fashion shows but why would anyone want to deliberately look like a clown in real life? I’m so confused….

  29. Mallory B says:

    You pull off the purple lips really well! They look awesome

  30. Cindy says:

    I’m sorry that neon blue doesn’t go with your skin tone! But that color isn’t that great. It would look best with alabaster skin and this my love is not you! You rock the other ones tho <3

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