NARS Kuala Lumpur, Facebook Drama and Hello, Weekend!

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Heya, ladies. πŸ™‚ How was your Friday? Sorry I haven’t posted much today, but I had a little disaster with Facebook early this morning that sorta threw me off schedule.


Long story short, but someone hacked my account yesterday and, pretending to be me, was hitting my Facebook friends up for money! Yup, several readers alerted me to it this morning. I quickly changed my password, but it was too late. Facebook disabled my account, and I still don’t know how many people the hacker may have contacted in my name.

ALERT: If you get/got a weird Facebook chat request from a version of me supposedly stuck in London after being robbed at gunpoint, I’m so sorry! It wasn’t me. Tabs and I are still here at home in California.

Here’s how I think the hacker got access to my account: I must have fallen for a phishing scam. I don’t recall when or if I did, but it looks like others have been going through the very same thing.

The nerve of some people, right?

I was a little fussy after the Facebook fiasco and didn’t get a lot accomplished, but I did find a few minutes for the NARS Kuala Lumpur Eyeshadow Duo ($32). πŸ™‚

She’s one of eight precious pieces in the NARS spring makeup collection. Here’s a closeup.

How cool is it that NARS named it after the capital of Malaysia? Francois, if you’re reading this, name something after Novato, California (LOL!) πŸ™‚

OOH! I’m lovin’ the lighter shade there on the left — an iridescent golden melon that flashes plum when the light hits it just right.

Texture-wise, both shadows feel soft, like a cool breeze, clinging tightly to my lids and depositing a sheer, shimmery layer of color.

This doll’s gonna be a crowd pleaser. It’s easy to apply and should flatter a lot of different skin tones.

The second color in the duo is a highly pigmented reddish plum with brown undertones and a *sprinkling* of golden glitter.

I think it’s a little tricky to work with because of the color’s intensity. My first crack at it with a flat eyeshadow brush kinda failed. It looked too dark, almost brick red, like a ‘tow up vampire reject!


I had better luck using a fluffy, domed eyeshadow brush (the MAC 217) using a light touch. That produced a sheer, muted wash of plum.

Next time you’re near a NARS counter, take a minute to visit Kuala Lumpur. πŸ™‚

I’m so glad it’s Friday. Do you have any plans yet? Whatever they are, I hope you feel good (and your makeup looks fly).

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. SS says:

    Today was NOT a fun Friday sadly. After a hectic day of working, I was rinding home and hit a deer. Luckily, the cute little thing pranced away while my car is busted open. Yay! A busted windshield and cracked open lights, sweet πŸ™‚

    Anyway, terrible misfourtunes aside, I am loving those shades. Although, it’s hard to made rich, bright colors work for me….sadly. My cat, right now, it doing that weird thing where they sit on your stomach, and use their paws to push into your stomach, like a massage….does Tabs have wierd habbits?

  2. shivotra says:

    I haven’t tried any of NARS’s eyeshadows yet, but I am loving Kaula Lampur. Speaking of, I love the city πŸ™‚ The glosses also look great πŸ™‚

  3. bubbles says:

    The name is so cute πŸ˜€ Thanks NARS for naming it with the city I am staying in. Definitely getting it ! yay !

  4. Hyzenthlay says:

    Oh, I’m sorry that happened to you! The same thing happened to one of my friends . . . I was actually chatting with her through gchat at the time (though I didn’t get hit up for money). Then within a day or so I am pretty sure that someone was trying to hack my account. I was on FB and was alerted that I got logged out. So I logged back in, and within about 10 seconds I was forcibly logged out again. I was on edge because of what had happened to my friend, so I logged in and tried to make it to my password screen before I was logged out again, but no luck. The second time was a charm, though . . . Managed to get my password changed to something with “high” security and I haven’t had an issue since then.

  5. Hyzenthlay says:

    And on the NARS front . . . Kuala Lumpur looks amazing! But if the dark color is dark on you, then it’s going to look like a black eye on me . . . I guess I’ll stick with my Kalahari that I love so dearly πŸ™‚

  6. Kate says:

    I want that lavender shadow, glittery blue eye pencil and hot pink gloss!

  7. amy says:

    Sorry to hear about your experience with Facebook today. I hope it gets resolve soon. I love the lighter shade of Kuala Lumpur, it is gorgeous. For this new collection, I picked up Easy Lover lipgloss. Love Love the hot pink. I also want to pick up Purple Rain nailpolish!
    .-= amy’s last blog post… NOTD Chanel Le Vernis Particulière 505 Product Pictures, Review and Swatches =-.

  8. Stacie says:

    Ooh, it’s very pretty! Sorry about the Facebook thing. My husband had the same thing happen to him with MySpace a couple of years ago.

  9. diane says:

    that nail polish color is Amazing!
    .-= diane’s last blog post… Pink smokey eye ! =-.

  10. Gracie says:

    My friend’s facebook got hacked too! She was sending people weird messages like “Lol XD” and she had like an hour long chat with someone she hates! She thinks she knows who did it, but she changed her password and it hasn’t happended again. I hope mine doesn’t get hacked!

  11. Trisha says:

    The next time I’m at a NARS counter? But…but…I live in Montana! Ugh, I need to move.
    .-= Trisha’s last blog post… Makeup Review: Clinique Full Potential Lips Plump and Shine Gloss =-.

  12. Fie says:

    How ironic that we can’t get NARS in Kuala Lumpur, but I’m lemming for the eyeshadow now…just bcos of the name. Hahaha. They do look gorgeous though!

  13. ParisB says:

    Yikes! So sorry to hear about your Facebook disaster! I better go change my password now – Its a little sad and ironic that we don’t get Kuala Lumpur eyeshadow or Malaysia multiple here in KL, M’sia but there you go – i guess Francois loves a joke πŸ˜› Happy weekend Karen!
    .-= ParisB’s last blog post… KiehlÒ€ℒs Acai Berry Range available and chance to win a set! =-.

  14. Karen B says:

    My NARS crush is becoming bigger and bigger the more of it I see. I’m making a list right now of things to try/buy… haha I’m sure that Kuala Lumpur will be high on that list…

  15. Connie says:

    Kuala Lumpur isn’t really my kind of color but I’ll buy it just for the name. ok, maybe not. It’s 32 dollars!
    .-= Connie’s last blog post… Look + Update: It’s a Little Too Early to Celebrate =-.

  16. Tavia says:

    Karen I’m so sorry for all the Facebook story….it’s a shame really. Talking about NARS, I’m really curious about their Nars Illuminator which is the new member of the Multiple Orgasm Collection.
    .-= Tavia’s last blog post… New:NARS Orgasm Illuminator from the Multiple Orgasm Collection =-.

  17. Saku says:

    I like those lipgloss. I don’t go on facebook much or sites like that. I hope you get your account back.

  18. I really like this collection as a whole. Love the e/s duo and Purple Rain n/p especially!
    .-= Never Enough Nails’s last blog post… Polish of the Week: OPI Brand New Skates =-.

  19. IIntan says:

    Hey Karen (Mr. Tabs lover)

    Hm What (? !) an eyeshadow named Kuala Lumpur?? heheh I’m perplexed, that is so weird!! Ok i live in K.L. (short form as how we call it). Hmm maybe Mr. Nars, Francois, dropped by here before. Maybe thinking of opening an outlet here….? hm..hmm…?
    That’s interesting though,, doesn’t seem to name his other products after places. I’m gonna keep an eye to see what he names his future items from now on πŸ™‚

  20. This whole collection looks so pretty! I’m especially lusting after that gorgeous nail polish.
    .-= SoVeryFabulous’s last blog post… My Collection and How It’s Organized =-.

  21. Glosslizard says:

    Grrrrr, I HATE people who do stuff like that (the hacking, of course, not the makeup)!

    Kuala Lumpur looks so beautiful, I’m just afraid I already have several dupes of the plum shade! I’ll have to see it in person and make sure, because the golden-melon shade looks amazing! I’m gradually learning to use warmer colors in ways that don’t clash with my complexion, and it’s so much fun dipping into a whole new color range! πŸ™‚

  22. Kat says:

    Ugh, Facebook sucks lately!! My husband’s account keeps getting hacked. Apparently he sent a bunch of his friends information about some colon cleanse diet XD its funny enough for him to not be too annoyed with it. Facebook needs to up its security I think!

  23. Alison says:

    beautiful eyeshadow named after a beautiful city. I spent my 16th birthday in Malaysia and visited KL while we were there, I am now 27 and still want to go back it’s one of the most amzing countries I have ever visited and I’ve been to quite a few countries in my lifetime. My parents went back in March last year, I was so jealous!.

    I love this eyshadow, would it work on super pale skin or is it too warm in your opinion?

  24. Citrine says:

    Wow, that’s really scary. I remember seeing quite a few paypal phishing e-mail but I never fell for any of those. However, last year my credit card number was stolen and that dude use my number to get access for NSFW websites …(It’s scary that I never found out how it happened since I had the card with me all the time and I never shopped at fishy places…) I did get anything sorted out after I contact the merchants but I never knew if the guy is caught or not…

  25. Alexandra says:

    Nice duo i should get it as i spent my first christmas there. Christmas 1975 of course i cant remember it as i was only 3 months old lol.
    Karen my sister got her facebook account hacked a couple of months ago. Same thing with them asking for money. What is wrong with people πŸ™

  26. Tiffany says:

    oh no! that is terrible that someone hacked into your account! πŸ™

    this duo looks sooo pretty. I love me some plummy shades!

  27. Daya says:

    Oh wow Karen! I’m sorry to hear about the hacking. Glad to hear you aren’t in London πŸ™‚ I love all your picks for the top 5-as well as the new Nars Shadow. I don’t have any Nars eyeshadows but both of those that you mention are on my list!

  28. Toni says:


    I am so sorry about your Facebook account getting hacked into. I know that must be horribly frustrating to you. I hope that everything works out OK.

    Thanks for posting those pics of the NARS spring collection. I really love the colors they’re using. Aaaah, so much makeup to lust after, so little money to buy it all!

    Take care and have a great weekend!

  29. Vonvon says:

    I am a proud lot here…..having lived almost my entire life in Kuala Lumpur, except for the years I was abroad in Uni. πŸ˜€

    But what an irony, that NARS named it after my city but we don’t have NARS in Malaysia. πŸ˜‰
    .-= Vonvon’s last blog post… Let’s Celebrate Vonvon’s Interests Turning 1 With A Giveaway From Skin MD Natural! =-.

  30. Alice says:

    not a good weekend for me either! stuck at home with a huge cold, runny nose and watery eyes! so not cute, ugh! i feel and look terrible, and i can’t even play with makeup since my eyes water way too much to put on some fun eyeshadow! sigh!!! and of course it was the first sunny weekend in MONTHS! murphy’s law never fails, right?

  31. Ashley says:

    I am so excited for this eyeshadow. Thanks so much for doing a swatch. Now I know for sure that I must purchase it. Will you be doing swatches on the rest of the Spring 2010 collection?

  32. Ezzad says:

    how to get this NARS product in malaysia?

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