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MAC Era Eye Shadow

It’s always the era of Era around here. Flexible, because it flatters both warm and cool skin tones, MAC Era Eye Shadow is a fantastic workhorse neutral to have in your collection, especially if you love taupe.


Officially, MAC describes it as a soft golden beige, and yeah, I can see that, but on my NC42 skin, I’d characterize it as a golden taupe. Color temperature-wise, it’s like a perfect porridge — just right. Neither too warm, nor too cool.

I don’t know…but there’s just something earthy and natural about it. I see it and picture smooth river rocks baking in the hot desert sun…

And the finish? Satin. One of my favorite finishes from MAC.

MAC Era Eye Shadow

It shines a bit, but doesn’t shimmer, and stops well short of frosty. It’s like a subtle, super pretty soft-focus sheen that just makes skin glow, and it’s so, so wearable.

When it comes time to blend Era, it never protests. A few swipes from a 217, and the soft, buttery formula blends into other colors without a hitch.

MAC Era Eye Shadow Swatch

MAC Era Eye Shadow swatch on NC42 skin

It’s perfect for easy or complicated looks blended with other taupe shades when you want a bridge between darker and lighter colors.

For softly defined eyes, I’ll dust MAC Ricepaper all over my lids, then rock Era in the crease with a MAC 217 before smudging black or brown liner along my lash lines, or pulling out the black cat eye liner…

Simple, classic and not overly flashy, it’s one of those eye looks that balances nicely with bold lips.

Era might be a good fit for you if…

  • You take delight in taupes
  • Like products you can wear with warm and cool shades
  • Lean toward understated eye makeup looks
  • You’re looking for a flattering new crease color with a satiny glow (marvelous on mature skin!)
  • You like easy-to-blend eye shadows
  • You want something you can wear daily to work

Era lives in MAC’s permanent collection ($15 for a regular pan; $12 for the Pro Pan refill pictured above), and it’s available now on MAC counters, in stores and online.

Watching now on Netflix: Orange Is the New Black

My latest TV obsession is one of Netflix’s new original programs called Orange Is the New Black.

I’ve been binge watching it all week… I think I’ve seen six or seven of the hour-long episodes so far (Netflix released the entire first season at the same time).

It’s a dramedy about a woman, Piper, who gets sent to a minimum-security prison for a youthful lapse in judgment/non-violent crime she committed about a decade earlier when she was in college. It follows her and her fellow inmates.

I’m not usually big on prison shows (Oz pretty much scarred me for life…although the shirtless Detective Stabler scenes were quite nice), but this one’s more weird and quirky than brutal and shocking.

I like it… There are squirm-worthy moments (not recommended for young kids), but it seems authentic to me (like I know anything bout prison). They do these cool, poignant flashbacks into the lives of the women before they were sent to the prison, and the choices they made along the way. Very interesting.


So tonight, I’m back to packing, believe it or not. Yup, I’m heading to Redding tomorrow to celebrate my father-in-law’s 70th birthday.

I suspect Tabs won’t miss me while I’m gone… He’s been extra disinterested in my existence lately.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


The MAC Unsung Heroes series features some of my favorite products from MAC’s permanent collection


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  1. Bee says:

    Even i’m crazy about that show.
    Bee recently posted … Review : Reviva Labs Pomegranate/Lactic Acid Exfoliant.

  2. KP says:

    Love,love,love Era! Second favorite Mac eyeshadow after Patina- which I learned about from you! I love to do the look you described swapping Rice Paper for Patina.

  3. Takeia says:

    Era was the very first MAC eyeshadow I purchased years ago. It’s also the only one I’ve hit pan to date. Love it. Although as my MAC collection (obsession) has grown I haven’t worn it lately. I’m feel nostalgic . . . think I will wear it tomorrow in honor of my birthday 🙂

  4. Chelsea says:

    We already finished the season of Orange is the New Black – So freaking good!

    • Karen says:

      I’m two episodes away from the finale! There are so many good lines. My favorite is “It’s just like the Hamptons, only f***ing horrible.” HAHAHA!

      How’s work going btw?

  5. amanda says:

    i love your blog, make sure to check out mine ive recently started

  6. Solangel says:

    Yay, Era! It’s the ONLY eyeshadow I’ve ever hit pan on! I use it pretty much for everything, but my favorite is to blend out smokey eye looks with it. It’s pretty much perfect 😀 And so is that show! I saw it all in two days *gulp*…you’re going to love (or hate, ha) the ending!

  7. Kim says:

    Marvelous on mature skin? That’s something I can get behind. 🙂

    I haven’t seen Orange yet but have been using Netflix to watch back eps of The Killing. I tend to be behind on every series besides GoT and TB. Thank goodness for Netflix!

    • Karen says:

      Oooh, which season? I tried to watch the first season and had a hard time getting into it. You should probably watch Orange Is the New Black without the boys around…

      • Kim says:

        I watched the past 3 eps of this season because they were On Demand and then decided to start from the beginning of Season 1. I’m about halfway through but can see how it wouldn’t be for everyone. I’ve sobbed like 4 times already so I’ll probably need to take a break soon. I’ll try Orange, too. I seriously have to watch everything “good” without the boys. TV has changed a lot since we were young!! 🙂

  8. Very Nice and versatile!

  9. Rachel says:

    Pretty! Looking for ideas for neutral lid ideas now that I wear a lot of bold lip looks! Have fun in Redding!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks, Rachel. We’re here in Redding right now…I’m sure Tabs is thrilled to have the place to himself and to his petsitter.

      What are you up to today?

  10. Looks great! Have you tried All that Glitters Karen? Its a gorgeous color, I love it as an all over lid wash!
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  11. cloudburst says:

    Era was one of the first colors I bought from MAC way back in the 90’s! I still have it – it’s a really great versatile neutral that works on many skin tones. I’m hoping MAC by Request will bring back Butterscotch, another old fave of mine.

  12. Allison says:

    I like Era in the crease with All That Glitters on the lid. Then whatever liner I grab first, usually Feline or Teddy.

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