MAC The Matte Lip Collection: A Quick Reminder…

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mac matte royal lipstick

MAC Matte Lipstick in Matte Royal ($16)

Heads up, buttercup. If you’ve been counting down the weeks/days/seconds until the MAC The Matte Lip collection drops, the wait is almost over.

Some of the shades in the release are re-promotes from the permanent line, but most of them are brand-spankin’ new.


And they’ll be available bright and early starting tomorrow on the MAC website (and then a little later at MAC stores and counters June 11). Whoop-whoop!

More details, swatches and pictures here, but here’s the quick and dirty…

  • 22 shades, most of them new (but a few are current permanent collection re-promotes)
  • Some of them have MAC’s Matte formula, and others have MAC’s Retro Matte formula
  • All of the shades are being added to the MAC permanent line, so none of that limited edition funny business…
  • They’re all $16 each
  • Available on the MAC website starting May 28, 2015 and at MAC stores and counters June 11

The colors I’m wearing here are some of the brighter — I guess you could call ’em “edgier shades” (and by edgier, I mean that the first thing El Hub said when he saw me wearing the dark blue in the top pic was, “Your lipstick looks scary…”), but there are also a lot of wearable colors coming, like Whirl, Men Love Mystery and Runway Hit (which you can see in the top picture in this post).

mac pink pigeon

MAC Matte Lipstick in Pink Pigeon ($16)

mac stone lipstick

MAC Matte Lipstick in Stone ($16)

mac dangerous lipstick

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Dangerous ($16)

My favorite of these is Pink Pigeon, but you know me… I’m a sucker for a bright pink lipstick. 🙂

Are you interested in any of these? If so which ones?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Agata says:

    A sucker for hot pink bright lips? It sounds like me too and I think you’re actually the one who told me to try it! And I feel like it’s a color I look the best in.

    I still kind of want Men Love Mystery though.
    Agata recently posted … Beauty Influencer’s Sunday Column Vol. 8: What’s your current morning and evening skincare routine?

  2. Stephanie says:

    I’m looking for a matte light pink lipstick, so I’m interested in Going Steady. I’m super pale though so I’m worried a light pink won’t show up on me.

  3. Elena says:

    I want stone! It looks awesome. Since they are gonna be permanent I’m in no rush to buy it though.

  4. Jen says:

    I have my eye on Runway Hit, that light pinky nude you were wearing in the post about the falsies. I think that might be a flattering nude with my fair NC25 complexion.

  5. Heloisa says:

    Okay. I promised myself the last thing I need is a new purple lipstick. That blueish purple though… the gothy teenager still in my will not rest until I have it. I need Matte Royal!! It’ll probably run out of stock a few minutes after release here in Brazil, but I’ve just signed up to MAC’s website, so luckily they’ll let me know right on spot when it becomes available. I wish I could pull off that Stone shade! And honestly, I think you look great in Matte Royal. Also, the bright pink and red lipsticks look awesome with that shirt! I was never a sucker for prints, especially delicate, “ladylike” ones, but lately I’ve been feeling inclined to try some girly boughs, flowers and even modernist bouquets. No pink for me though, that’s too far. I’ll ruin my (intended) evil atmosphere 😛

  6. Daniel says:

    I was thinking on buying “Matte Royal”, but I think Kat von D’s “Poe” fills my quota of blue lipstick. I also have Too Faced’s “Melted Villain”, so I think “Matte Royal” would be overkill.

    HOWEVER, Stone is on my want list and, after seeing it on your skintone, I WANT IT EVEN MORE 😀 Thanks for all the pics and your awesome blogging. Hugs for you and Tabs.

  7. Rachel R. says:

    Matte Royal must be mine. Pink Pigeon is gorgeous, but I have a ton of similar shades.

  8. Thanks for the reminder and the little recap, Karen! I wonder when they will launch here.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … NOTD | Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

  9. Pavithra says:

    Pink Pigeon looks SO good on you! I think I now like it the best among all the shades in this formula!
    Pavithra recently posted … Night Time Skin Care Routine – The Cleanse Edition

  10. Beti says:

    I woke up this morning and I saw the email from MAC that they’re out so I immediately picked up Whirl. I’ll probably pick up another shade as soon as they come to the stores.
    Beti recently posted … What’s New from Colourpop

  11. Kim says:

    El Hub!! That’s awful. It’s not scary but it does look like you’ve been smooching a smurf a little. A more purpley smurf. I love that you used it for a pic though because I was dying to see how it would look “on”. 🙂

  12. Vanessa says:

    Karen, I think you were killing it in matte royal and men love mystery. I think matte royal needs to be your new grocery shopping color — how fun! ^_^

  13. ericca says:

    I plan on getting a few but the one I really want is stone. A must have

  14. Stone is very 80ies, or am I the only one getting these vibes?
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … From my Makeup Emergency Kit – IsaDora Velver Touch Compact Powder

  15. Tulipthecat says:

    I just remembered and placed an order. I ordered whirl, men love mystery, and studded kiss.

  16. Fancie says:

    Lmao! Your husband’s reaction literally made me laugh out loud. Guys apparently aren’t with the funky lipstick shades yet. Poor babies lol. I happen to love how Matte Royal looks on you! And you’re totally rocking Stone too. Hell, all of them look good on you!
    Fancie recently posted … MAC Matte Lip Collection Now Available + Swatches!

  17. Yelitza says:

    Hi Karen! I ordered the matte stone lipstick(fingers crossed!) the matte blue translates a bit purple in your complexion (but you look beautiful in it anyways!)

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