Sink Your Fangs Into the Metallics From the New MAC Nudes & Metallics Collection

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MAC Nudes & Metallics: Subverted Lipstick

MAC Subverted Lipstick…

Late last night, outside in a field under the light of the full moon (or was it the lamp on the nightstand by my bed?), I brought a frosted, deep plum lipstick from the MAC Nudes & Metallics collection up to my lips and thought, “On my list of favorite supernatural things…turning into a vampire ranks way down near the bottom.”

There’s the whole blood thing, the vampire politics, the aversions to garlic and ultraviolet light, the blood…


It just seems so very, very depressing.

But I guess if I weren’t given a choice in the matter and suddenly found myself turned into a vampire, I wouldn’t be taking my style cues from the squeaky clean Cullens up in Forks. Hell, no! I’d go the Underworld route (mostly because of the interesting makeup potential).

Picture it: dark eyes, dark lips and chiseled cheeks. Frosted deep reds, browns, berries and purples.

Seductive meets sumptuous meets scary, like the nine pieces from the MAC Metallics collection, one of two sub-collections from the limited edition Nudes & Metallics release, available now exclusively at MAC Pro stores.

Vampire Karen

Clad in any mix of Metallic’s four lipsticks, four eye shadows and its solitary blush, you’ll be so ready to pursue your prey. As you confronted him/her/them (whatevs, you’re hungry!) in a dark alley, they wouldn’t know whether they should attempt to run away, try to make out with you, or ask you what you’re wearing on your eyes, cheeks and lips.

Here’s a quick look at eight of the nine pieces…

MAC Nudes & Metallics: Brazenly Eye Shadow

Brazenly Eye Shadow, a deep metallic purple with a Veluxe Pearl finish ($15)

MAC Nudes & Metallics: Crimson Tryst Eye Shadow

Crimson Tryst Eye Shadow, a deep metallic dirty berry with a Veluxe Pearl Finish ($15)

MAC Nudes & Metallics: Deep Fixation Eye Shadow

Deep Fixation Eye Shadow, a metallic brown with a Veluxe Pearl finish ($15)

MAC Nudes & Metallics: Stylish Me Blush

Stylish Me Blush, a deep, dirty mauve with a satin finish ($21)

MAC Nudes & Metallics: Dominate Lipstick

Dominate Lipstick, a deep metallic purple with a frost finish ($15)

MAC Nudes & Metallics: Pre-Raphaelite Lipstick

Pre-Raphaelite Lipstick, a deep metallic dirty berry with a frost finish ($15)

MAC Nudes & Metallics: Show-All Lipstick

Show-All Lipstick, a heavily metallic deep red with a frost finish ($15)

MAC Nudes & Metallics: Subverted Lipstick

Subverted Lipstick, a metallic brown with a frost finish ($15)

MAC Metallics Eye Shadow From the Left: Brazenly, Crimson Tryst and Deep Fixation; Powder Blush in Stylish Me on the right

MAC Metallics Eye Shadow from the left: Brazenly, Crimson Tryst and Deep Fixation; Powder Blush in Stylish Me on the right

MAC Metallics Lipstick Swatches From the Left: Dominate, Pre-Raphaelite, Show-All and Subverted

MAC Metallics Lipstick from the left: Dominate, Pre-Raphaelite, Show-All and Subverted

MAC Nudes & Metallics: Show-All Lipstick

Show-All Lipstick

MAC Nudes & Metallics: Pre-Raphaelite Lipstick

Pre-Raphaelite Lipstick

MAC Nudes & Metallics: Dominate Lipstick

Vampire time! That’s Dominate Lipstick on my lips, Sytlish Me Blush on my cheeks and Brazenly, Crimson Tryst and Deep Fixation Eye Shadows on my eyes

To me, this collection feels like taking a bite out of the ripest, juiciest plum you’ve ever bitten and letting the juices dribble down the side of your chin. With its frosted finishes and powerful pigment, it’s just so rich, luxurious and intense!

Granted, these pieces might be a lot to wear if you’re around my shade or lighter, unless you’re purposefully going for an artsy and/or vampiric look, so you might want to pick maybe one or two of them to accent some neutrals, but I can see darker damsels having a ton of fun with ’em.

I love how rich plum, berry and red tones play with deeper skin tones. I think these pieces would be wildly beautiful and wearable on darker damsels, and could even (almost) function as everyday shades.

Of the two sub-collections, this one excites me the most. Lots of potential to really vamp it up with some strong looks.

I’m tempted to wear this look regularly on my walks with Tabs. It’s so much fun to play with colors like these. Plus, shhh! — I get a kick out of scaring the crap out of my neighbors. πŸ™‚


Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. And right cue, my tummy just rumbled.

Oh, did I tell you what happened last night? I was reading in bed with the window open and heard a mewling sound, which I thought for a second was a kitten outside, but then I realized that it was me…

Haha! It was my tummy rumbling. That thing has a mind of its own.


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  1. Oooooh! This is so dark and gorgeous on you! I think you can totally pull this kind of look off anytime! Not sure I can pull it off anymore now with the grey though.It might be a bit much!
    Tracy@Beauty Reflections recently posted … Dior Pink Glow Nude Tan Paradise Duo Review and Swatches!

  2. Angie says:

    Wow! This look is amazing on you! It really brings out your eyes, and I love the combination of colors you did together. I’d say you make a very lively looking Vampiress for sure! I am curious if I could pull any of these colors of, but dang it I will certainly try, haha! πŸ˜‰
    Angie recently posted … New Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup Swatches in Light

  3. Lulle says:

    The lipsticks are really lovely – although I would probably have a hard time wearing Dominate. I really like Pre-Raphaelite.
    Lulle recently posted … China Glaze: try to keep calm while you paint on…

  4. Icequeen81 says:

    love the brown an the berry lipstick

  5. Agata says:

    I love the eyeshadows. The lipsticks are way too much for me. But isn’t this collection available to PROs only?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Agata,

      You can only find it at the MAC Pro stores only (sorry if that wasn’t clear…I mention it in the sixth paragraph), but you don’t have to be a MAC Pro member to buy.

      • Agata says:

        Sorry I skimmed through the article. You did mention that πŸ™‚ while I was talking about this article to my hubby he said he went to a Mac counter at Macy’s today looking for those eyeshadows for me but he was told they are only sold at Mac Pro stores. It touched me though that he went out looking for this collection.

  6. Steph says:

    Brazenly I could get away with wearing I think. You look fierce!
    Steph recently posted … Revlon Chroma Chameleon Rose Gold Review, Swatches

  7. Olivia says:

    That first pic of you is gorgeous! Love the dark lips.

  8. xuvious says:

    It looks great on you!! It’s perfect for a vampy look πŸ™‚
    I tend to stay away from frost finishes but these look really good.
    xuvious recently posted … Rose Gold Eye Tutorial

  9. RudeGirl says:

    Oh my gosh. I’ve been on a big nude and MLBB streak, but your photos with the lipsticks are making me *need* some hard-to-wear lip colours.

  10. Sunny says:

    Brazenly for sure caught my eye! I like most of the lipsticks on you as well, but for me it’s not really the season to get vampy πŸ˜‰
    Sunny recently posted … I Found a Happy Watermelon/Coral Pink in NARS Niagara Lipstick!

  11. Ceci says:

    Wowza, Karen!! You are stunning in the first photo. The color look so rich and elegant on you—dramatic in the right way!

  12. Jennifer says:

    YOU look AH-MAZING in every single one of these looks! No one does color quite like you!

  13. Charisma says:

    I love this collection! This is the only collection I’ll purchase from MAC this year.
    Charisma recently posted … Fyrinnae Haul and Review

  14. Danielle says:

    Oooh I love this! But why are there a lot of autumnal collections this Spring & Summer? It’s making me want to whip out my Spiced Apple Toddy candle! I must hold off…
    Danielle recently posted … Essie Resort 2013 Collection

  15. Kim says:

    You are rocking every single one of those lipsticks! I also have to say that, though I’m a neutral gal myself, I think this collection is awesome. And I didn’t think you looked vampirey at all. Maybe Dominate is a bit much for TJ’s but I think the rest are super-wearable on you. I definitely wouldn’t run away, covering my neck, if I saw you. πŸ™‚

  16. Monica P says:

    I love how these colors really change your look!

    Monica P recently posted … Nail Polish Organization

  17. paigest says:

    Right when I saw this pic I thought Pam and Jessica before I even read what you wrote how funny!! Love it. Why do you look good in everything?! πŸ™‚ I think I needs. I have to have the nude lipsticks. Love nudes.

  18. Carmen says:

    I went last week to the Pro Store in SF, and ALL of the nude shades were sold out,the first day! The MA told me people bought 2 or 3, and they had a small shipment to begin with, arrgh!
    I did swatch the Subversive but found I have another similar shade.

    But I’m dying to see the MAC summer Temptations or something coming out in late May!

  19. Iris says:

    All the colours look great on you, and you look beautiful.

    I really like the Pre-Raphaelite lip colour; I may have to try it on in-store. I’m rather pale and it could be a bit too much for me.

  20. Amy says:

    Have you tried anything similar to Brazenly? It’s sold out at my local Pro store. πŸ™

  21. Juliana Glumac says:

    Hi Karen everthing looks beautiful on you. Do you think I could wear Deep fixation and crimson tryst. I am nw25 blue eyes blonde hair. Also would show all lipstick be too dark for me. Thanks so much. Also love live the post you did with the feather earings. I have been following uour blog for a long time and you are looking younger instead of older.

  22. Chelsea says:

    Subverted, Show-All, and Pre-Raphaelite all look stunning on you! Are you wearing the same eye shadow in each pic?

  23. Monique says:

    Karen, I LOVE the EYE look here. Would you do a breakdown/tutorial on what colors you are wearing on your eyes? Thanks!!!!

  24. Amy says:

    These are now available over the phone! Ordered Brazenly Friday and it came today. Love!

  25. Meg says:

    Could you please recommend a metallic lipstick for nc30 with brown hair

  26. Laura says:

    I love everything about these vampy shades! So gorgeous.

    Such a great post.

    Laura xx
    Laura recently posted … Urban Decay Beauty Picks

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