Look for 12 New Longwear Powder Shadows to Spring Up on Benefit Counters This March

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The New Benefit Longwear Powder Shadows

The New Benefit Longwear Powder Shadows, $19 each

Stricken with a bout of beauty-fueled insomnia last night, I lay awake in bed reading what Susan Miller had to say about my near future.

As a side, Astrologyzone is my frickin’ jam! Swear to gawd, Susan’s forecasts are freaky accurate. I don’t hold ’em as gospel, but if she were to tell me, “Karen, don’t cut your hair this month or buy any new electronics. It’s the planets, Karen… They aren’t looking good,” I’d be all, “Affirmative!”


So, the horoscope. Susan suggested that the end of this month would be a great time for me to take a big trip.

Cool! Except that it’s already the twenty-fourth, and I still don’t have tickets…

Oh, well. I guess there’s still time for Jeremy Renner’s people to call and invite me on a last-minute cross-country road trip. Seriously, guys, I can be ready in a flash. I even know which eyeshadows I’d bring with me — Benefit’s new Longwear Powder Shadows — which I could test on the trip. πŸ™‚

The Benefit babes are re-launching their color line this spring, which means new packaging, new colors and, in some cases, new formulations.

Benefit Milk It Longwear Powder Shadow

Milk It, a pearly white

Benefit Call My Bluff Longwear Powder Shadow

Call My Bluff, a pale shell

The Longwears will replace Benefit’s Velvet Eyeshadows — the square eyeshadows with the white tops and the birdie design.

With the new Longwears, Benefit is maintaining the same quantity of product per pan (0.11ounces), while raising the prices from $18 to $19 each.

The new line features 12 shades, and it doesn’t look like any of the previous colors were invited to attend… Some of the new shades bear resemblances to their older brethren, like the new It’s Complicated, which looks to me a little like Nice Melons, and Kiss Me I’m Tipsy, which reminds me of Dandy Brandy.

And there are other colors here that seem to resemble the Velvets, although they don’t appear to be exact matches, as far as I can tell.

They come in three finishes — matte, satin and sheen — with a majority of them being neutrals, with a sprinkling of pink, blue and purple for spice.

Benefit Pinky Swear Longwear Powder Shadow

Pinky Swear, a soft matte pink

For the record, the Longwears feel just as soft as the Velvet eyeshadows do to me, and when I place a finger in one of the pans and swirl it around, the finger picks up a lot of product. The formula feels comfortably creamy for a powder eyeshadow, perhaps due to the microscopic powder grains, which seem more finely milled than before.

Benefit Its Complicated Longwear Powder Shadow

It’s Complicated, a golden peach

Benefit Thanks a Latte Longwear Powder Shadow

Thanks a Latte, a golden brown

Benefit Pause for Applause Longwear Powder Shadow

Pause for Applause, a soft lilac

Benefit Nude Swings Longwear Powder Shadow

Nude Swings, a soft rose gold

Benefit Blingo Longwear Powder Shadow

Blingo, a brilliant silver

Benefit Raincheck Longwear Powder Shadow

Raincheck, a smoky amethyst

Benefit Gilty Pleasure Longwear Powder Shadow

Gilty Pleasure, a golden sand

Benefit Kiss Me Im Tipsy Longwear Powder Shadow

Kiss Me, I’m Tipsy

Benefit Quick Look Busy Longwear Powder Shadow

Quick, Look Busy, a matte espresso

Benefit Longwear Powder Shadow Swatches

From the left: Milk It, Call My Bluff, Pinky Swear and It’s Complicated

Benefit Longwear Powder Shadow Swatches

Thanks a Latte, Pause for Applause, Nude Swings and Blingo

Benefit Longwear Powder Shadow Swatches

Raincheck, Gilt-y Pleasure, Kiss Me I’m Tipsy and Quick Look Busy

Benefit Longwear Powder Shadow ingredients


Benefit Longwear Powder Shadow packaging

Art deco inspired packaging

Benefit Longwear Powder Shadow

Speaking of similar colors, you may recognize a few of these shades from the recently released World Famous Neutrals palettes.

If there was a World Famous shade you fell in love with but didn’t bring home, you’re in luck. You could always pick up a single pan in March with the new re-launch.


I just started futzing around with these, so I’ll know more after I spend some time with them on the road trip with J. Renner…but I can already see that sandy, golden Thanks A Latte borrows a page from MAC Soba (while turning up the shine).

That one should see plenty of use around here. πŸ™‚ I bet it’ll look super pretty with a bit of black liner on the lash and water lines…

Look for the new Longwear Powder Shadows at Benefit counters, in stores and online this March.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Agata says:

    Pretty packaging. I think I will have to get Thanks a Latte just for the name because of my coffee addiction πŸ˜›

  2. Teri says:

    I need Thanks A Latte, so pretty :). And the names, lol. The packaging sure is a big change
    Teri recently posted … Dior Vernis in Ivory and Rouge Garconne

  3. Sunny says:

    Thanks a Latte is my favorite out of the bunch! I’m still not sure if I’m feeling the packaging though.
    Sunny recently posted … Easy on the Eye: Pai Echium BioRejuvenate Eye Cream Review

  4. grace says:

    what??!! I have Bikini Line and love love love love it as an all over wash over the eyelid as it’s not so glittery or frosty. I’ve hit pan already, but I think by the time it’s fully used up, the colour will be long gone! I better hit up Sephora stat.

  5. I’m loving Pause for Applause and Nude Swings, I may just have to snag those to add to my makeup stash in March! The packaging is alright but I love the names! Too bad the price went up, but at least it was only by a smidge.

  6. gio says:

    It’s complicated looks very pretty! Love the packaging too.
    gio recently posted … QOTW: What Beauty Products Should Men Use More Often?

  7. Ondina says:

    Do you know if they are discontinuing the velvets? I absolutely love my Leggy, Buckle Bunny, and Tickled Mink!

  8. Thanks a Latte is so pretty!

  9. Thanks a Latte and Raincheck, you WILL be mine!!! πŸ˜€
    Becca @ The Beauty Sample recently posted … Jouer Bare Beauty Collection Giveaway!!!

  10. Kelly Girl says:

    Astrologyzone is MY jam!!! I’ve been reading Susan’s horoscopes for somewhere around 10 years and I am always freaked out by how accurate they are. It is seriously spooky. She is one of a kind. Also, it’s fun to head that my favorite blog (you!) follows my second fave blog (Susan’s!). Small, small world. Oh yeah, I majorly dig all my Benefit shadows and Gilty Pleasure will be mine! πŸ™‚

  11. jillo says:

    Oh so pretty new packaging. So excited to try new shades out too…must contain myself.

  12. Liz says:

    Makes me sad to see the old colorsgo away, though these new ones look nice too. I’m reserving judgement.
    Liz recently posted … Donating to Locks of Love

  13. Tawn says:

    I love them! They remind me of the old (OLD) packaging they used to have for their shadows (the cream shadows too). Super excited!

  14. Marina says:

    Kiss Me, I’m Tipsy looks beautiful. Thanks for the post.
    Marina recently posted … NARS Makeup Collection for Spring 2013

  15. Sarah says:

    I think Milk It is a beautiful shade. πŸ™‚


    Sarah recently posted … "Lasting Drama" by Maybelline

  16. Kim says:

    I think this goes without saying but, I’ll be waiting by the door with my bags packed for that road trip. You did say “cross country”, right? πŸ™‚

    Btw, are you going to see Hansel and Gretel? It looks God-awful, but I’ll endure quite a bit for our friend JR, so I’m in. HAHA!

    • Karen says:

      Of course you’re invited! Don’t forget to bring your LORAC palette because I’m sure we’ll stop off at a few places where you’ll need glitter. LOL! Maybe J. Renn will even do our makeup.

      I saw a commercial for the Hansel and Gretal movie last night. Yeah… it looks pretty cheeseball.

  17. Lorraine says:

    Hello? Benefit? Time for another clearance sale! I like the new packaging for these shadows. more portable for a trip than the World Famous kit boxes, no?

  18. missy kendrick says:

    Looks like some one at benefit must have seen this: http://pinterest.com/pin/26247610300370929/

  19. Laci says:

    I was just googling some swatches of the shade “quick, look busy”, and I could tell that this was your blog just by looking at your arm. Is that creepy or what…?

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