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If a little lip gloss of lipstick can’t cheer you up, then what is the world coming to. . . .? Here is a happy story that might (?) cheer you up. I have certainly done my share of late night soul searching. As one of my heroes-John Lennon said, “Whatever gets you through the night..” Well, here it is.
Pittsburgh is one of the organ transplant meccas of the world. Last week, the Transplant Games were held here featuring the many people who had organ transplants at one time or other. My neighbor and I were talking about how native Pittsburghers are very friendly and he told me about how he was eating ice cream at Klavon’s Ice Cream Shoppe and there were people there from the Games who were also extolling the friendliness of Pittsburghers. One woman told him that she was a heart transplant recipent. She had a gold chain around her neck with a gold heart on it. On the back of the heart was the name TODD. He was the young fellow who was in a terrible car crash and donated his heart. After her transplant, she received a letter from the family of Todd. They told her all about him and that on the anniversary of his death, they remembered him and celebrated his life by going out and having ice cream which was one of his favorite things to eat and do. The woman who received Todd’s transplant said that she was never really a great fan of ice cream but after the transplant she ate ice cream in honor of her donor. Not to make a pun, but isn’t that a heart-warming story and true, too. Sometimes it is hard but we have to put our life on a measuring scale and we can see that the blessings outweigh the curses. Hope that helps, sweetie. Louise, your friend in Pittsburgh

By: Lydia Wed, 23 Jul 2008 15:37:55 +0000 Hi Karen,
I’m having a boring day so far lol!
This lip gloss looks really pretty!

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By: Karen Sun, 18 May 2008 04:34:56 +0000 Hi Megan,

Just wait till you start sentences with the words, “Kids today…” and “When I was a kid…” Also, you know you’re getting older when you hear phrases and you’re like, “WHAT?” I usually have a good ear for slang and now I’ve noticed there are certain phrases and terms that I have NO IDEA what they mean!

By: Karen Sun, 18 May 2008 04:34:50 +0000 Hi Karen B.!

That sounds like an interesting and fun class. Ahh, I miss school sometimes. :)

If I could go back in time I’d make myself take more music classes in college. I basically stopped playing when I went to university and really regret it.

By: Megan Thu, 15 May 2008 15:40:19 +0000 Karen… LOL I know exactly what you mean. I mean most of the time I feel like I’m about 21/22 in my head…until I’m around a real 21 year old. :-) There have been a couple times in the past year when I was out and was thinking…seriously…those kids are too young to be drinking… LOL…so i definitely know what you mean.

Even on here or other boards sometimes I read a comment and someone types in all text language and in my head an old lady voice is saying “SPEAK ENGLISH!” LOL…yeah that makes me feel old.