Laura Mercier Bohemia Collection: Swatches and First Impressions

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laura mercier bohemia collection

After checking out the new MAC Dazzleglasses this morning, I swung by the Laura Mercier counter for a quick look at Bohemia, her new color collection for cheeks, eyes and lips.


It was rainy and gloomy outside, but Bohemia’s shimmery bronzes, blues and corals made my Thursday feel like a clear summer day.

The shades evoked memories of lazy days spent lounging on Waikiki Beach with El Hub. I could almost smell the salt water and suntan lotion in the air…

laura mercier bohemia collection display
Laura Mercier Bohemia collection display

laura mercier bohemia collection mediterranean sea eye mosaic
Mediterranean Sea Eye Mosaic

laura mercier bohemia collection sahara sun eye mosaic
Sahara Sun Eye Mosaic

laura mercier bohemia collection black navy black turquoise black gold eye kohls
From left to right: Black Navy, Black Turquoise and Black Gold Eye Kohls

laura mercier bohemia collection moroccan bronze illuminating powder
Moroccan Bronze Illuminating Powder

laura mercier bohemia collection coral boho bronze lipsticks
From left to right: Coral, Boho Bronze, Spiced lipsticks


laura mercier bohemia collection swatches all

  1. Moroccan Bronze Illuminating Powder ($35): Four shimmery shades of brown and bronze to be worn separately or swirled together
  2. Mediterranean Sea Eye Mosaic ($35): shimmery indigo blue, shimmery turquoise, shimmery golden brown, shimmery pale gold
  3. Sahara Sun Eye Mosaic ($35): shimmery bronze, shimmery gold, shimmery peach, shimmery pink
  4. Shimmer Lip Colour in Coral ($22): shimmery golden coral
  5. Shimmer Lip Colour in Boho Bronze ($22): shimmery plummy bronze
  6. Shimmer Lip Colour in Spiced ($22): shimmery pinkish brown
  7. Black Navy Eye Kohl ($19): shimmery indigo blue
  8. Black Turquoise Eye Kohl ($19): shimmery dark turquoise
  9. Black Gold Eye Kohl ($19): shimmery golden black

The lust list…

I *really* want the Mediterranean Sea Eye Mosaic. The shadows apply with a concentrated color, and the texture feels soft and buttery — methinks they’ll blend smoothly and without any effort at all.

I can totally see this quad lookin’ banging layered on top of a deep indigo cream shadow like Estee Lauder’s Double Wear ShadowCreme in Blue Velvet. Oh la la!


All three lipsticks tempted me too. They looked really shiny when I swatched them, almost like glosses. I can totally see myself wearing any of the three shades while sipping on a margarita at a beachside bar.

I so have summer on my mind…

This weekend I hope to go back and play with them a little bit more, but so far, I like what I see! 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Catherine says:

    Oh! Those are pretty! I… am hard pressed to choose between the two eye mosaics! I’m definitely going to check out that bronzing palette though. It looks so pretty!

    Catherine´s last blog post..I GOT MY DSK PACKAGE! 😀

  2. Tatiana says:

    Uh oh I might have to swoop on one of those lipsticks even though I’m trying to limit myself to only wearing Sally Hansen Carmindy lipsticks because of the money thang

  3. Stacie says:

    Oh yes, the Mediterranean Sea eye palette and all three eye kohls–come to mama! The Sahara Sun palette is nice, too. Ah, makeup lust.

  4. Glosslizard says:

    Mmmm, tempted by the kohls!

  5. Kate & Zena says:

    The eyeliners are to die for. If only I lived near a Nordie’s (the nearest one for me is at least 40 minutes away. I live closer to a Carsons than a Nordies). I’ll just have to find a drugstore version which is okay because I’m good at doing that.

  6. DanielleO says:

    Love the eyeliners and the lipsticks. But I just ordered all these Urban Decay eyeliners so I can’t justify buying more 🙁

  7. Karen B says:

    The liners and lipsticks look great! No more buying for me for a couple of months though… I’m way through my budget. But watching is always nice 😉

  8. Laurie says:

    I love, love the kohls and the bronzer!

    Just an FYI for anyone who has time in the next few hours (until noon) – there’s a giveaway going on for the Moroccan Bronze Illuminating Powder.

    Here’s the link:

    Laurie´s last blog post..Please Mr. Postman

  9. Bj says:

    The med sea eye colors look fabulous, im crushing on them and the bronzer looks pretty, but it may be too translucent and shimmer for my taste, ive gotta check out that eye palette though it looks yummy

  10. Tali says:

    Not to sound like a sceptic but the model in the pics looks like shes not wearing any of the collection… its clearly not gonna give you that look!!

  11. Elissa says:

    The black gold eye kohl really caught my eye

  12. Annalise says:

    oooh I want the sea mosaic for eyes. gorgeous!!!!!

  13. Cindyrella says:

    OMGosh I can’t decide between the Sea or Sun e/s quads–they look gorge! The eyeliners are a re-promote, I have blk turq and blk gold and love them both. The blk gold is really more green IRL though. If you have the least little bit of green in your eyes, it really brings it out. ALL the lippies look good too. Now, if I only had some extra $$$. le sigh

  14. Jinnzor says:

    That bronzing powder looks lovely. I always get obsessed with bronzer when the weather starts getting warm.

    Jinnzor´s last blog post..NOTD: SpaRitual Disco Inferno

  15. lexi says:

    i am feeling the sea eye mosiac too – probably the only thing i’d buy from this collection!

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