Lancome French Coquettes and Pre-Dental Swatching

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lancome french coquettes swatches

Heya, ladies. I swung by the mall before my dental appointment yesterday, you know, to steel myself for potential doom (actually, everything went well), but I only had a few minutes, so I moved with a quickness! — like a rabid tween stalking Robert Pattison.


I made a beeline for the Lancome counter because I haven’t been to one in a while, and they had the new French Coquettes fall collection on display, fun!

It’s been out for a while, but I thought I’d get some swatches while I was there. πŸ™‚

lancome french coquettes swatches
Swatches on NC35 skin from left: Artliner Precision Point Eyeliner in Sparkling Noir ($29); La Laque Fever Gloss in Sweet Nude, Sensation, Plum Fetish, Rouge Temptress ($27 each)

lancome french coquettes swatches
L’absolu Rouge Lipistick from left: Rendezvous, Parisian Attraction, Rose Divine, Cherry Kiki ($29 each)

lancome french coquettes swatches
Les Vernis Trio Nail Polishes in Sweet Sude, Parisian Attraction, Plum Fetish ($25 for all three)

lancome french coquettes swatches
Color Design Eye Shadow Quad in French Touch ($42)

lancome french coquettes swatches
Color Design Sensation Effects Eyeshadows in Style Section, The New Black, Backstage Pass ($17 each); La Rose Deco Rose Complexion Blooming Glow blush ($40)


lancome french coquettes swatches all

The eyeshadows are more powdery and less pigmented than I remember Lancome shadows being…but the La Laque glosses sure look cool!

Did you get anything from this release, and how do you feel about Lancome in general?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Alexandra Z says:

    That red with gold specks looks awesome! Yum! πŸ˜€
    Great post!


  2. Jenn says:

    I was checking out the Deco Rose blush at Macy’s the other day, but I found the texture way too chalky for my liking.
    Jenn recently posted … Swatch Comparison- Of Royalty vs Viva Glam Gaga

  3. Christy O says:

    I love the advert for the line, BUT, I must admit, I am psychologically incapable of purchasing more from Estee Lauder or Lancome. They continue to offer the freebie packs with purchase all the time, I associate that with my teens and early 20’s. Now that I’m a bit older, it doesn’t seem as chic anymore. I’ve moved on. I’m self-aware that it’s stupid, but I love my Chanel and Korres now. I’m afraid to see how much I’ll be spending in another ten years.

  4. Kristi says:

    I have the artliners from this collection! Looove the plum and the sparkling noir is a fun black for a night out!

  5. gio says:

    The Parisian Attraction lipstick looks gorgeous! I need to check that out! Thanks for the swatches.
    gio recently posted … 4 Beautiful Uses For Your Old Toothbrush

  6. I wasso excited for this collection from the promo pics, but a little disappointed when I saw it in the store. I thought the eye shadow quad was not that special as well as the blush–granted the blush is gprgeous to look at. What captured my attention most were the lipsticks–Rose Divine and Parisian Attraction and the glosses Sweet Nude and Plum Fetish. Don’t know if I can pull off Plum Fetish but I’m gonna try!
    Cindy (Prime Beauty) recently posted … Prime Beauty Buzz

  7. Trisha says:

    I’ve only ever tried Lancome’s mascaras, and they weren’t anything too special. But those plum shades in this collection look GREAT. Mmm, plum. Especially the lip products. Although, I’m not so sure I’d look good with plum lips.
    Trisha recently posted … Quit Touching Your Face!

  8. Janet says:

    Eye makeup looks beautiful!!!

  9. Radhika says:

    Laque — Plum Fetish and the Parisian Attraction lipstick – no idea if its reached here yet..

  10. Kristen says:

    My mom LOVES Lancome products, so I always end up with tons of samples. Here’s my take on their stuff:

    Lipsticks — I’m not a lipstick gal, but occasionally I like to blot a colour on with some balm for a “tint.” Lancome has some of the creamiest and smoothest lipstick I’ve ever used, though I’m dying to try some YSL lipsticks for the colours alone!

    Eyeliners — I’ve owned Lancome Kohl pencils since I was 13 (21 now) and I LOVE these things. I will not buy any other brand for my basic, everyday blacks and browns. They glide on effortlessly, stay put with alittle powder ontop, and they’re highly pigmented. I also bought a liquid liner from them in “Spectrum” that’s an interesting purple/green/blue shade that sets off my eyes when used in conjunction with smokey shadow. I’m liquid-liner retarded (It usually ends up all over my face, I’m so bad with liquids, hah!) and even I can use their super easy sponge-tip applicator. Plus it lasts until I wash it off at night.

    Creams, Facial products — So expensive and they usually don’t work well with my sensitive skin. I used their Absolut SPF 15 cream while on a long international flight in conjunction with the Evian facial mist to keep my skin super-moisturized and it worked great, but it still kinda stings my skin, even when it isn’t dry and agitated. 😐

    Mascaras — Personally I was never terribly impressed with their mascaras, but after trying countless drugstore brands in the search for a mascara that can HOLD A FREAKIN’ CURL (seriously, how hard is it?! πŸ™ ) I can see why some of their mascaras are cult favourites.

    Eyeshadow palettes — Eyeshadow is my thing. Especially browns. I can’t tell you how many browns I have. It’s a horrible addiction of mine. My favourite, go-to palette for everyday wear is one by Lancome. It was a special edition palette they released several years ago: . This palette is so great and versatile for me. I just LOVE it! I also have another palette of theirs (I can’t find the name on it, but it’s in a black velvet case) that’s deep pinks and silver and black that makes a really interesting, romantic smokey eye. Both palettes have richly pigmented shades and I just can’t live without them.

    Lip glosses — I just dislike lip gloss in general. It’s so hard to find a not-sticky one. Though, I do have a tube of one Lancome gloss that I use ontop of balms and lipsticks when I’m doing a more dramatic look. It’s called La Laque Fever: Optical Rose (Here’s a swatch I found: It’s long-lasting and one of my favourites. It also isn’t sticky or too glittery.

    Blushes and foundations — I haven’t used either a blush or foundation by Lancome in years, but I remember their powder blush being very pigmented and it blended easily while giving me a natural, rosey flush.

    Lancome has some nice stuff but I won’t use them exclusively for many things, especially since I’m on a college gal budget. Their eyeshadows and eyeliners have lasted me for YEARS though. YEARS!

  11. Beatrice says:

    I have been looking forward to this collection since it came out. I know people say that lancome isn’t great when it comes to pigmentation but in a way I think that’s smart. Not everyone is like us looking at beauty blogs and youtube videos and the lighter pigmentation allows people who are either new to make up or aren’t that into doing it something different but wearable. as far as the texture goes, that usually doesn’t bother me all too much. Maybe I’m just easy to please as long as there’s no major glitter? i don’t know lol Sure they aren’t my favorite brand but I still respect them and love the colors they came out with this fall πŸ™‚
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  12. Kim says:

    You know I love their mascara!

    Not surprisingly, I think Plum Fetish looks great. But your powers of suggestion have kind of gotten me into a matte lip mood this week. πŸ™‚

    I’m exactly the opposite of Christy O – I’m always excited about the GWPs – some of those little freebies come in really handy for travel! I’m a bit ashamed to admit how many of my shadows were GWP vs. bought outright.

    • Kristen says:

      Kim, I used their GWP products for my last international trip. They didn’t take up much space in that quart-sized bag, leaving room for other goodies, and were just enough for my makeup application on the plane. I love GWP. My mom and my good friend always give me theirs. It’s a great way to try out new products and find perfect purse-sized ones IMO. πŸ˜€

      • Kim says:

        Hey Kristen! I totally agree and I actually still get happy about the free cosmetic bags too… even though I have more from Clinique than I could ever use! I usually end up giving them away or letting the kids play with them, but for some reason, I’m still all “Ooooohhhhh! Isn’t it cute??” when I get one. Silly, but fun! πŸ™‚

  13. Nina says:

    I love the print ad … I want to replicate that eyemakup look! πŸ™‚

  14. Seriously! I’m plum crazy for fall! I LOVE THESE COLORS!!!

  15. Diana Foxall says:

    I love the Parisian Attraction lipstick! It has such a beautiful, bright pop of pigment. Definitely on my list for this fall!

  16. Advah says:

    Ok I offically don’t know what to do with myself anymore. More plum and berry coloured lip things, I want to go out buy one (or two) (or three) on Saturday, but between all those new releases I don’t know what to get!

    The rest of the collection looks nice-ish, I guess, but nothing I’ll get over excited about I think.

  17. Karen-

    The three single eyeshadows that you swatched are actually supposed to be long wearing cream eyeshadow Ombres. They were supposed to ship last month on the 15th, then it got pushed to the 20th, now? Who knows. They’re on the website but “out of stock”. I’m not sure if they had problem in production or what but I have not see hyde nor hair of them. It’s a shame because those cream shadows are what make the advertisement so enticing.

  18. Liza says:

    The model on the right is wearing what appears to be awesome silver/navy shadow, but is it not part of the collection? (or maybe I am seeing it wrong… or maybe it’s Style Section over The New Black…or….?)

  19. Lucie says:

    I would def. like to spring on Cherry Kiki-what a lovely burgundy!-but will not be do so considering Lancome’s out-dated animal testing policies. I love make up, but enough to allow a creature to be subjected to horrible cruelty in the name of beauty? Not likely. I’m shocked and saddened that consumers are still purchasing products from companies like this…

  20. knownever says:

    Seriously, there is something about those La Laque glosses that is just amazing. every color, even if it’s not something I would wear myself, are knockout beautiful. maybe it’s the subtle shimmer aspect…I agree on the shadows. I normally love lancome’s matte and semi-matte shadows, but these do seem chalky
    knownever recently posted … Behind the Times Beauty Tip- Black Lip Balm

  21. loveee this collection, I was so excited when I saw the promo picture. Definitely love the La Laque Glosses and the lipsticks, meh on the rest.

  22. Teagan says:

    I went to the mall yesterday with the mission to score the Rose Deco blush. I was really disappointed. It is way too shiny to wear during the day. And to spend that amount of money for just a special occasion…!
    I did buy however, the topcoat mascara from this collection. It is a plum colour with sparkles. That is just awesome, especially with green eyes πŸ™‚

  23. Sharon says:

    I like some Lancome products… a couple of weeks ago I picked up their new Definicils Precious Cells mascara, but haven’t been able to try it out due to an eye infection, but their regular Definicils mascara is my go-to for everyday. Not having access to a lot of the other high-end brands (Chanel, Dior) can be limiting when it comes to trying out mascaras. I have one of Lancome’s lipsticks in Rouge Framboise, also pretty for an everyday look; the only problem I have with it is the staying power, although the scent and taste can also be overwhelming. The other product I use from Lancome is their Le Crayon Khol in dark gray, unfortunately mine is lost (my kitty Mischief likes to “hunt” in the middle of the night among my makeup, and she must have knocked it off the top of my dresser), but I really like it as well. Their GWPs are nice too, with the only caveat being that primer is a necessity when using their GWP eyeshadows and also their regular shadows.

    Anyway, none of the products in this release really appeal to me, which is probably a good thing for my wallet. I really appreciate your swatching these, though!

  24. BeautyMaven says:

    I absolutely love this collection! But I’m a purple fiend, so it caters to me, haha!! Thank you so much for the swatches, I’ve been curious about it! I need to check out the collection!! The Cherry Kiki lip color is gorg!
    BeautyMaven recently posted … Color Changing Nail Polish!!

  25. Jennifer says:

    OMG! Karen you are AWESOME! Your quote of “like a rabid tween stalking Robert Pattison” I laughed so hard I cried! See I love your make up reviews but I love the witty humor you use even more!! You ROCK! Thanks Karen!

  26. TJ says:

    I saw the photos for this collection a few weeks ago, and I thought I had to have these colors (which I honestly can’t remember doing with lancome color). I’m sorry to hear that the colors don’t carry much pigmentation, though.

  27. Mary says:

    I love Lancome products! Their foundations don’t settle in pores and their mascaras are top notch. I use the oscillation booster and mascara and get tons of compliments. I also use their eye shadows because of the wide variety of colors and high pigmentation. For skincare, I use the Genefique which makes my skin look glowy. I also love their lipsticks! They’re creamy and moisturizing.

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