Today in the News, Jouer Has Discovered the Perfect Red Lip!

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Jouer Grace Lipstick, a creamy coral red that flatters warm-toned blondes and brunettes

Wearing Lipstick in Grace ($22) on my lips from the new Perfect Red Collection by Jouer

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If you answered “F. All of the above,” DING-DING-DING-DING-DING! — you are correct. 🙂 There is such a thing as a perfect red lip.

Just ask Jouer.

Jouer Perfect Red Collection 2013

The Perfect Red collection includes two Lip Glosses ($20 each) and five Lipsticks ($22 each)

Of course, said perfect red lips aren’t necessarily easy to find (it took me years!), but indie brand Jouer thinks they have some good leads, and they’ve put them in their new Perfect Red Collection.

I really like Jouer… They’re a small-ish brand out of SoCal, and I’ve been following them for a few years. If you like Kate Spade’s vibe — chic, sweet, feminine and fun, but not overtly frilly or afraid to wear color — I think you’ll like ’em, too.

Jouer Perfect Red Collection lipsticks from the left: Ava, Grace, Lana, Simone and Sophia

Lipsticks from the left: Ava, Grace, Lana, Simone and Sophia

Perfect Red’s premise is that you’ll be able to find your perfect red amongst the five lipsticks and two glosses in the collection. There are reds for cool skin tones, warm skin tones and a neutral shade that should suit most everyone. If you like pounds of pigment, go for one of the lipsticks, but if you like sheer shades on your lips, grab a gloss. Jouer even created a convenient flowchart to help you decide.

Jouer Perfect Red Collection Lip Glosses in Monaco (left) and Riviera (right)

Monaco (left) and Riviera (right)

I have warm coloring, but I’ve tried all seven of these shades, and I have to say, I really don’t think you can go wrong with any of any of them. Yeah, the guidelines help, but I think the seven pieces are flexible and flattering enough to work with most skin tones.

Here are some general guidelines (but definitely not strict rules).

For warm skin tones…

Jouer Grace Lipstick, a creamy coral red that flatters warm-toned blondes and brunettes

Grace Lipstick, a creamy coral red that flatters warm-toned blondes and brunettes

Jouer Sophia Lipstick, a creamy rose red that flatters warm-toned brunettes

Sophia Lipstick, a creamy rose red that flatters warm-toned brunettes

Jouer Monaco Lip Gloss, a sheer coral red that flatters warm skin tone

Monaco Lip Gloss, a sheer coral red for warm skin tones

For cool skin tones…

Jouer Lana Lipstick, a creamy berry red that flatters cool-toned blondes

Lana Lipstick, a creamy berry red for cool-toned blondes

Jouer Simone Lipstick, a brilliant true red that flatters with cool-toned brunettes

Simone Lipstick, a brilliant true red for cool-toned brunettes

Jouer Riviera Lip Gloss, a sheer, shimmery true red that flatters cool skin tones

Riviera Lip Gloss, a sheer, shimmery true red for cool skin tones

For all skin tones…

Jouer Ava Lipstick, a blood orange, a neutral that works with both warm and cool toned gals of any hair color

Ava Lipstick, a blood orange neutral for warm- or cool-toned gals of any hair color

And you can safely skip lip liner with either of the glosses because they’re very sheer (they also come with a doe-foot, WOOT!), but with the lipsticks, yeah, you’ll probably want to use one (I like MAC’s Pro Longwear Lip Pencils).


As for the lipstick formula, ahhh… The creamy, hydrating lipsticks hug my lips like these lipsticks from Edward Bess (which feel so great). I like the lot of ’em, but my faves are Lana, Grace and Sophia.

I can’t wait to try them with cat eye liner…

The $22 Lipsticks and $20 Lip Glosses are available now online and at Jouer counters in select Nordstrom and Henri Bendel stores.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Jen says:

    These all look lovely on you, Karen! I’ll have to check them out!

  2. Chelsea says:

    Ava looks perfect! I don’t fit right into warm or cool, and am a redhead, maybe that’s why!

  3. musical says:

    Lana and Sophia are my favorites too! For the life of me, i can’t decide whether i am warm or cool toned! Both gold and silver look equally good on me, blue and coral are just equally flattering… i have decided that i am neutral ;).

    Funny thing is that just because i am of medium skin color, lot of people at makeup counters automatically label me as warm toned! I am always amused while buying makeup when the they suggest me to not pick berry/plum/fuchsia hued lipcolors, i go ahead and ask to try those anyway, and they end up commenting “Oh that surprisingly works so well on you, never knew it would work on a warm toned girl”. He he. Story of my life. Ditto for silver baubles.

  4. hanna says:

    I love the red.
    hanna recently posted … November Snow and School Spam

  5. Lyric says:

    Grace and Monaco 😯 They are so pretty! I like how you wore Grace kind of sheer 😛
    Lyric recently posted … Essence: Get BIG Lashes for a Small Price!

  6. Lauren says:

    This concept reminds me a lot of when Hourglass did their series of nudes, I wonder why they never did a red collection, too?
    Lauren recently posted … FOTD Classic Pin Up Using INGLOT

  7. I REALLY love that makeup bag and seriously think about getting it. I am a huge fan of red lips, too, of course.
    Marina(Makeup4all) recently posted … Lips Of The Day: BM Beauty Mineral Lip Gloss in Nude

  8. Natalie says:

    These look awesome! I love breaking out a red lip this time of year too, so perfect for the holidays.
    Natalie recently posted … Fresh Sugar Treasures Set is Full of Treasures for Lip Lovers

  9. Allison says:

    Love that pic of you, Karen! I’m a redhead but I tend toward cool so I am always torn about which shade is right for me. I guess Ava that is very pretty. But I am drawn to Simone. A trip to Nordstrom is in order 🙂
    Allison recently posted … Beauty Products I’ve Used Up 2: Are They Worth Repurchasing?

  10. Danielle says:

    OMG this looks beautiful – it makes my heart swell!
    Danielle recently posted … Beauty Picks for Thanksgiving ’13

  11. fancie says:

    Grace and Ava are beautiful on you Karen!! I loved the poll too lol. The world truly is a better place when Channing Tatum is shirtless
    fancie recently posted … NARS Soulshine Blush Review

  12. Iris says:

    Those all look great on you, and I especially like Ava!

  13. Scarlet says:

    Oh my, those shades are beautiful! They suit you well.
    I’d love to have ‘Ava’. My daughter’s name is Ava, so it would be a nice little keepsake to save for her.

  14. Noon says:

    Man I’ve been wanting to try this brand for so long, thanks for only furthering my interest! These are gorgeous swatches.
    Noon recently posted … this ain’t a matte lipbalm, it’s an arms race (revlon colorburst matte balms review)

  15. Raquel says:

    FLOWCHART? I love this company just for that. #NerdChic

    Monaco looks like exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been wanting a sheer red, and the Fresh lip balm in Passion has the right idea but is lacking in shine….

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