It’s All in the HIPs: L’Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigments Chrome Eyeliner

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loreal hip high intensity pigments chrome eyeliner
L’Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigments Chrome Eyeliner from bottom to top: Violet Volt, Black Shock, Silver Lightning, Gold Charge

Hey there, my discount lovin’ beauties. πŸ™‚ How do you feel about Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils?


I’m a fan. I think they’re fabulously buttery and love how long they wear.

They remind me of L’Oreal’s new HIP High Intensity Pigments Chrome Eyeliners ($10 per pencil, available in four shades).

I adore how long they last. They take about a minute to dry but then stay put for most of the day vibrant, rich color, especially when worn along my lashlines.

Unfortch, the waterlines are a different story, where all four pencil colors made my eyes teary, and their colors began to fade rather quickly (within a few minutes).

Even so, I like ’em for the price, especially if you don’t wear eyeliner along the waterline.

loreal hip high intensity pigments chrome eyeliner swatches
Swatches from left to right: Violet Volt, Black Shock, Silver Lightning, Gold Charge

About the colors…

  • Violet Volt: My brown eyes pop when I wear this deep blackish purple. It should sing on green or hazel eyes.
  • Black Shock: A black pencil that at first glance doesn’t appear to shimmer but upon closer inspection has tiny silver flecks that give the shade a subtle but noticeable silver kick.
  • Silver Lightning: A cool, silvery white that applies with mad shimmer. Try it on the inner corners to perk up tired eyes.
  • Gold Charge: The shimmery bronze-gold sister of Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Eldorado.

Chrome’s an expensive drugstore eyeliner (for $10), but I think it holds up well to $17 ones from Urban Decay.

loreal hip high intensity pigments chrome eyeliner 2


If you’re on a strict makeup budget, scour stores like Rite Aid and Walgreens and watch for Saturday/Sunday coupons. Thankfully, L’Oreal goes on sale A LOT. I’ll let you know when I spot a good deal.

I forgive these for failing on the waterline because of their pigmentation, wear time and how easy they are to apply. Great deals for $10, so thank you, L’Oreal. πŸ™‚Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A

What are you up to? I’m getting ready to watch some Hulu before bed (I have one episode of My So Called Life left).

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Nicole says:

    Ooh I can’t wait until CVS has another BOGO sale on HIP products so I can try these! That purple one is calling my name.

    And the last episode of My So-Called Life breaks my heart every time I watch it (I have the series on DVD!) Brian is so in love with Angela, but Jordan is sooo delicious. Which team are you on?

  2. Hyzenthlay says:

    I’ve had the purple, blue, green, and silver HIP liners since the summer. I love them for their ease of application (so much like the UD liners!), and the green color is a dead-on dupe for Stash. I think the silver is like Dime, though I don’t own Dime to do a comparison. They don’t wear quite as well as the UD liners, but I got them 2-for$-10, so I’m not upset about that. If the gold one is more like El Dorado than Honey, I am buying it tomorrow! Thanks for the info about that!

    Tying this into one of your other posts from today, I love love love the blue liner under the light blue UD glitter liner on school spirit days. My kids always comment on my eyeliner; they live it too πŸ™‚

    I’ll turn 30 in about 10 days, so I am inclined to say “you’re never too old for glitter liner!” πŸ™‚

  3. i am really eager for the day that loreal decided to bring in all this great stuff from HIP. I love their duos and these pencils look super pigmented and amazing. I love silver lightning!!
    .-= Blovet Beauty’s last blog post… T-ARA Makeup Tutorial =-.

  4. amy says:

    I the metallic look of these liners and they are definitely a good “budget” alternative to the UD 24/7 ones, but since these are not good for the waterline, this a no go for me. Too bad My So Called Life was so short lived, I loved that show dearly and would have loved to find out if Angela and Jordan could work out as a couple in the long run.
    .-= amy’s last blog post… FOTD Magic, Mirth and Mischief Mineralize Eye Shadow Blue Sorcery and SoftSparkle Eyeshadow Nightsky =-.

  5. Andrea says:

    I really want to try these, especially gold and purple! & I think right now CVS has buy one get one 1/2 off.

  6. Zdubb says:

    I am going to get these tomorrow. I never try silver in the inner corners of my eye.
    Anyways, Ulta has ALL L’Oreal HiP products Buy One, Get One Free through Saturday.
    Maybe you can pass it on!
    .-= Zdubb’s last blog post… Oh DrakeÒ€¦ =-.

  7. keerthamina says:

    omg, i LOVE how vivid and pigmented those are! i’m so over less color-packed eyeliners failing to show up on my skin tone… these, however, look great! will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for a hip sale!
    .-= keerthamina’s last blog post… notd: l’oreal ocean =-.

  8. Jen says:

    I saw these the other day at Longs, but I wasn’t sure how good they are… I’ll give them a try next time. Thanks for this post!

  9. Catherine says:

    Ooooh, I totally want the purple one!

  10. sarahPUFFY says:

    Gold Charge looks like a perfect dupe for UD’s 24/7 Liner in Honey.

  11. Lorna says:

    i’m going to have to try the gold one now. been meaning to get ud 24/7 but this looks like a good alternative. thanks!

  12. Tavia says:

    Hi Karen! I love the swatches they look so vibrant and pigmented πŸ™‚ and I can really say that I like them all 4 although I’m not a L’Oreal fan.
    .-= Tavia’s last blog post… Fashion Smoke makeup inspired by Too Faced Smoky eye palette =-.

  13. Jessica says:

    These pencils are great! They glide on so smoothly and really stay on almost all day. I have them all and love them so much! I love using the gold one with maroon and brown eyeshadows and the purple one with lavender, blue and pink eyeshadows. I wish they made these chrome eyeliners in more colors. I could use a blue one, pink one green one – every color actually. The purple one also works well with the new Kat Von D Palette True Love. I’m not sure how great the other eyeliners in the HIP collection are but the chrome ones are awesome – Target usually has them a little cheaper than cvs, rite aid and other drug stores.

  14. Nora says:

    I love love love love your blog and I love that pretty purple liner. I think I’m going to have to stop by a drugstore on my way home and pick it up. How would you wear the gold liner though?

  15. bisbee says:

    I may give these a try…but unless I can get them BOGO, it’s not that big a deal to me. I love (LOVE) the 24/7 pencils – just got another one from Sephora (Bourbon), and I put the silver one in my cart for my second FF order! Stash is a mainstay…I may even switch it out with the silver one and just get the HIP version in silver, since I probably won’t use the silver as much…

  16. gio says:

    Thanks for the swatches. I love them all, they look so vibrant and pigmented!
    .-= gio’s last blog post… QOTW: What was the last lip product you bought? =-.

  17. Rae says:

    Ooh! Thanks for the swatches and review, m’dear πŸ™‚ HiP products seem to take forever to get to Canada (we only just got the cream liners a couple months ago, and the kohls are nowhere in sight!) but I will definitely be keeping my eye out for Violet Volt.
    .-= Rae’s last blog post… Psst — this is worth leaving your Spray de Mode for! =-.

  18. rasilla says:

    Haven’t seen them around in Canada yet, though I’m thinking cause of the pigments used, we might not see it :T
    But the colours ARE GORGEOUS!
    Thanks for sharing XD
    .-= rasilla’s last blog post… Hautelook LOWERS Shipping Rate to CANADA! =-.

  19. Patti says:

    Oooh I am curious to try out a couple of colors from these. The silver and maybe even the gold one just cause super stash doesn’t have a silver one.

    Anyhow, I just got my 24/7 super stash from the Sephora F&F sale, in fact I have ElDorado on right now and I am so loving these liners!! I like how easy it is to apply them and they feel so soft and doesn’t tug at all. This is my first time to try these liners and I am really happy I got them!

  20. Janiece says:

    That Gold Charge would look so great on my skin color!
    .-= Janiece’s last blog post… Independent =-.

  21. T says:

    I have all four of those colors and love them!

    You’re right about the waterline, it makes my eyes all teary when I put them there.

    They glide on so smooth and buttery. I use it as an e/s base too and they work wonderfully! I decided to get these in place of the MAC greasepaint and they work just as good. At 9.00 for 2 at Ulta you can’t beat that.

  22. Kelly says:

    I MUST try these. Thanks so much because normally I wouldn’t even think to buy them, but now that I SEE what they look like, I want them all!
    .-= Kelly’s last blog post… Dior Silver Purple Le Vernis for Holiday 2009 Swatches and Review =-.

  23. Stephie says:

    Oh wow, I didn’t know Loreal made UD 24/7 dupes now. Neat. I’m gonna check them out next time I hit up the drugstore.
    .-= Stephie’s last blog post… Fake Orgasm =-.

  24. Mary says:

    You’ve been on a roll with the glitz and glam products! I love it! I particularly want to try the black, silver, and violet. Gold doesn’t tend to show all that well on my already yellow skin, boo.

    But speaking of shine for the eyes, I thought this was crazy. But me being a huge geek, I kind of like the idea of looking a little robotic. Also, they did well to pick a city setting to show this product off:

  25. J says:

    :O I need all of them! I’ve been looking for dupes for the 24/7 liners!

  26. amy says:

    yeah that Rayann is so messed up! Are there My so called life DVD’s available or are you watching on the interweb? I remember a long time ago they use to play reruns on either showtime or bravo.
    .-= amy’s last blog post… Jimmy Choo for H&M Clothing Preview Part 2 =-.

  27. Tami says:

    Hey Karen,

    I love these liners so much! I own the sliver, gold, violet and purple ones. I always wait until Walgreen’s have a sale to indulge because, like you said, they are a tad expensive for a drugstore liner. Hopefully when the next sale rolls around, I can pick up the black and any other color I missed:D

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tami,

      Isn’t it amazing how silky they are? They feel so smooth when they go on.

      How do you feel about them on the waterline? Do they make your eyes water too?

  28. Veky says:

    Are these LE or somethin’? I think I have to get the purple one! :)))

  29. Sarah says:

    Whoo Hoo! I just got paid today too! Thanks for making up my mind on what to purchse makeup wise next. I HEART eyeliner a lot
    .-= Sarah’s last blog post… Funny T-Shirt Friday =-.

  30. cherie says:

    omg, i have the purple one! i love it! i give it 4 out of 5 stars!

  31. Rebecca says:

    I totally am digging the HIP makeup, especially these babies! I have Gold Charge and I love how creamy it is and how easily it goes on. After seeing the swatches, I’m dying for Black Shock!
    .-= Rebecca’s last blog post… Search for my Mascara Soul-mate, part 3: the Colossal VolumÒ€ℒ Express =-.

  32. Ashley says:

    Of all the drugstore make up brands.. L’Oreal has got to be the worst! Why can’t they just be fair & let us CANADIANS try some of these amazing looking products?! No no, I still love L’Oreal but we definitely don’t have these in Canada yet. We don’t even have the new HIP eyeshadow duos or atleast the metallic/matte ones. This is so not fair! They remind me so much of Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On but a little more clutch friendly<3

  33. ezzie says:

    lately i’ve been hearing soo many wonderful reviews about these liners; i can’t believe i haven’t picked some up already!
    and your swatches look AMAZING. it’s what finally convinced me that i NEED these hip chrome liners!!

  34. Ani says:

    I am loving the Violet Volt, it’s making my brown eyes pop like no others. I probably will go back and get Black Shock too.

  35. Nora says:

    Oh that’s interesting I always thought eyeliners were like the last step in eye make up routine. Ha shows what a noob I am.

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