Illamasqua to Launch in 27 U.S. Sephora Stores September 2009

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Upstart British makeup brand Illamasqua will soon be crossing the pond.


I spoke with a contact at Illamasqua this morning and confirmed that in addition to the upcoming July 30th launch of their first counter at the new Sephora flagship store at 5 Times Square in New York, the line will also be available at 27 Sephora stores across the United States starting September 2009.

Rollout to be completed by Christmas 2009

The brand plans to launch at a select number of stores starting on September 15th, with plans to fully rollout counters to all 27 by Christmas.

Locations will include Sephora stores in Honolulu, Las Vegas, Miami, Seattle, Boston and San Francisco (Powell Street, WOOT!). I’m currently working on finding a full list of the stores and will update this post once I’ve tracked it down.


Select, best-selling items

Illamasqua plans to sell a limited range of 200 of their best-selling items. Included will be their entire range of nail varnishes, as well as select items for eyes, lips, cheeks, face and body. Prices will range from $18-30.

Online availability

If you don’t live near a Sephora — don’t fret. The brand will also soon be available at Sephora online. I’m still confirming the date of online availability but will let you know as soon as I know more.

Can I just say, YAY? What great news to wake up to on a Thursday morning!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Maggie says:

    -squeals- I’m excited! Can’t wait for it. 😀
    .-= Maggie’s last blog post… Yay for 3 Columns! + Mini Haul =-.

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Maggie,

    Me too! I wish I could be in NY that day!

  3. YadiQ says:

    can this color addict say shes excited!!!

    i have soo been dying to try this but i am a hands on kinds girl – online just wasn’t cutting it for me!
    i cannot wait!

  4. This just kills me, there is no way I can pay off my mortgage now, LOL! I am super duper excited I totally think they will be MAC’s rival!
    .-= Vampy Varnish’s last blog post… NOTD: Color Club =-.

  5. Glosslizard says:

    Sweet! I can’t wait to check out all those sassy nail colors!

  6. evo says:

    yay! do u think u can find out when they’re coming out in canada?

    we’re finally got a sephora in vancouver, bc and it’s opening tomorrow! 🙂 no more waiting to head down to the states

  7. Yes it’s going to be my new home 😉
    .-= Vampy Varnish’s last blog post… NOTD: Color Club =-.

  8. addicted_2color says:

    I read this yesterday on my Google Reader from “Beauty and the Blog” but no longer see the post??? How odd….

    “At long last, the uber-artistic Brit beauty brand Illamasqua is making its way to U.S. shores via yours truly — Sephora! (Who else did ya think?) As expected, in-the-know beauty junkies across the nation obsessed with the brand knew it was just a matter of time before their pretty wishes would come true. Known for their night time makeup and dark, artistic persona (think 1920’s Berlin), Illamasqua is all about individuality and, as they say, “finding your alter ego.” Expect the unexpected with this makeup line: emerald polishes, beyond swoopy false lashes, plum-black lip shades, and stage-worthy eye makeup in vivid, dance club-worthy colors. Think of it as your ultimate nighttime makeup brand. Shop the entire line July 21st on, or at our new Times Square store on July 30. It’ll also be available in more stores come Fall. Want a sneak peek? Check out these gorgeous looks we’re featuring on their Brand Boutique on SO gorgeous, right? I am totally rockin’ those emerald digits and baby blue lashes. Sigh. Can’t wait. – Joannie McIntyre”

  9. Tatiana says:

    Yay and HAAAY, I want to try the lipsticks.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tatiana,

      YES! From what I’ve tried so far the lipsticks are standouts.

      I guess we’ll all be jostling for elbow room at the counter, LOL!

  10. Karen B says:

    Great news 🙂

  11. Kate & Zena says:

    Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, no Chicago????? : screaming in frustration :

    Oh well, I’ll just wait until they come to Sephora online. By the way, do you know if they’ll be cheaper on Sephora than on the Illamasqua site?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kate & Zena,

      It doesn’t appear that the prices will be cheaper. The prices of the products will be similar to what’s already posted on their current online site.

      As for Chicago, keep your fingers crossed. Hopefully they’ll make it over to a Sephora counter near you!

  12. Alexis says:

    How exciting! I’ve been wanting to try some of their stuff ever since lollipop26 (youtube) did a video about them. I hope one of the locations is in Atlanta! 🙂

  13. ines says:


    hopefully those uber-hawt lipsticks should be available… although i will have to make a mini-road trip to the sephora.

    also, on a lippie-related note, have you seen the new MAC collection? there’s a gorgeous fuchsia lipstick that i’m salivating over…

    cha cha was a good kitty last night – he fell asleep next to me, rather than throwing a fit. but this morning around 7AM he went on a crazy rampage again!
    .-= ines’s last blog post… Dance Photo Roundup – Winter 2008/Spring & Summer 2009 =-.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ines,

      I have! I liked it, but ended up coming home with Madly Creative, the neutral.

      Yay, I’m glad that Cha Cha decided to behave for once (J/K).

  14. Misti says:


    Thanks for passing on this amazing, stupendous info, Karen!!

  15. Nicole15 says:

    I am so excited for this. I can’t wait to swatch their products & see if i believe the hype. I’m totally into the hype now & think of Illamasqua as a luxury brand with amazing products so i can’t wait to see if my vision is a reality. Yiiippeeeee! Maybe i can get that sweet lipstick you review Karen. Was it Box???

  16. Sara says:

    Every time I read about those great brands in this blog I get more and more frustrated… we don´t even have Sephora in México! At least we have MAC but they don´t carry the collections, can you feel my pain???

  17. Erica says:

    Oh my goddd! I am EXCITED for this! I have been wanting to buy so many of there things but didnt wanna pay international shipping, I AM SO EXCITED! AHHHH!

  18. Jatunda says:

    OH my god FREAKING excited! I have just come back from London and brought about $150 worth of their cosmetics and I am SO in love. IMO, it makes MAC products look cheap in comparison – the quality is ridiculously loads better, MAC is nothing but a brand name to me now!

    Hope they come to Washington – they have to,right?!

  19. Karen B says:

    I don’t know yet. I haven’t read too much up on the brand, I’m planning to just let myself be immersed once I get there. That reminds me that I have to ring the counter to make an appointment today.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Karen B.,

      Well, for sure check out the lipsticks and the sheer lip gloss. The Intense lip gloss is interesting… it stays on like crazy good but it’s almost *too* pigmented.

  20. Marisol says:

    I’ve read so many things about the brand that I am looking forward to checking it out.
    .-= Marisol’s last blog post… Kindle me this… =-.

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