Honey, Lancome’s Juicy Tubes Are Turning 10!

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Good golly, where does the time go? I remember when Lancome’s Juicy Tubes were brand spankin’ new, yet now they’re turning 10.



Lancome’s releasing a limited-edition collection of four glosses to celebrate the big one-oh, but they probably could have tweaked the name just a bit…

Are ya ready? Take a deep breath and say it with me. They’re called the Juicy Tubes 100% Natural Origins Ultra Shiny Lip Glosses.

Whew! What a mouthful. 🙂

“Hey, girl, have you tried those new Juicy Tubes 100% Natural Origins Ultra Shiny Lip Glosses?” Just rolls off the tongue, LOL!

Luckily, from the color I tried today, they taste damn good. This afternoon I wore Rose Pretty, a sheer reddish pink, and danced around my living room to Biggie’s Juicy… “It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up Magazine!” Could. Not. Stop. Licking. My. Lips.

It makes perfect sense now that I know the deal; Lancome revamped the Juicy Tube formula, making Hungarian honey the main ingredient (WOW!). They also left out all of the preservatives and opted for naturally-derived hydrators and pigments like royal jelly, shea butter and annatto.

My sweet tooth knows no bounds and has a deep and abiding love for honey. If you’ve got a hot date involving a boy and (hopefully) kissing at the end of the night, these might come in handy, wink, wink!

Apart from the new formulation and LE packaging, Rose Pretty’s true to the Juicy Tubes I’ve tried before, with sheer color payoff, a non-sticky texture and pretty good moisture. The finish also shines brighter 🙂 than the sequins on a drag queen’s dress.


The new tubes descend on Lancome counters and stores next month. If you’re interested, Lancome is taking pre-orders to ship sometime on/around April 1.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. So how was Wednesday? Are you ready to St. Paddy’s night party?


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  1. Paula Rose says:

    Im Soooooo in love with these! I’ve gone through 3 tubes of Wild Berry in the ‘pure’ line! Sephora has a great selection of these pure colors!

  2. Vonvon says:

    Love the packaging so much! Might get them if I have not a bunch of lippies already. 😉
    .-= Vonvon’s last blog post… My New Skin Concern – Emerging Spots! =-.

  3. mm these sound yummy. My favorite line by them was that limited edition world tour, the packaging was just gorgeous on those. I love the texture of these though, even if they may not pack a lot of pigment
    .-= Makeupmorsels’s last blog post… When You Pop Up In Green, Every March 17! =-.

  4. Rica says:

    I used to like them a lot when I was in high school. But then later I find them being too sticky for me. However, pink precious looks interesting, I can’t wait to see swatches.

    I still have a BNIB one… I should really start to use it up!
    .-= Rica’s last blog post… No fun for me next Saturday =-.

  5. Anna says:

    I’ve been wanting an excuse to try the Juicy Tubes for forever… hmm finding out it’s full of honey might be a good enough reason to finally get one. I wonder if they’ll sell them at Sephora…

  6. shivotra says:

    i LOVE juicy tubes. We go back a long way. Some of my favorites are discontinued now. These look great 🙂 bad for my wallet. eeks. lol.

  7. Sarah says:

    Aww, I remember when they were new and the counter people all pointed them out!

    Also, my wednesday was entirely too filled with highs and lows – tomorrow has got to be better!

  8. Cate says:

    I love how more makeup is becoming more organic! The sheer glosses are so pretty and look great for the warmer weather I’ve been getting!

    So, I love your blog. I recently found it while looking for the perfect everyday brown eyeshadow (thanks so much for your post on the top 5 shades, btw!! will check out the MAC counter soon.)

    I’m hoping you could help me out on an off-topic dilemma I’m having? I just bought a tinted moisterizer and am not sure if I should only use a cream blush with it, or my usual Bare Escentuals face color. I ask because I’ve read that you shouldn’t pair cream-based products with powder, and don’t want to risk looking muddy!

    Thanks for any help in advance 🙂

  9. knownever says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of juicy tubes because they’re so drying and are like hair gets stuck to your lip sticky, but this new natural formula sounds amazing. actual honey in lip gloss?! sounds great, and it has anti bacterial properties so it will protect you from smooching germs (not really lol!)
    .-= knownever’s last blog post… Dagger Moon =-.

  10. Marisol says:

    I’ve never been a fan of these lip products. Don’t know why.
    .-= Marisol’s last blog post… Beauty makes people come together =-.

  11. amy says:

    I have always liked Juicy Tubes because of the scent and the flavours. They are great for kissing!
    .-= amy’s last blog post… FOTD Lavender, Violet and Burgundy Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette Curiouser, Wonderland and Queen =-.

  12. Petra says:

    Wow, they are using Hungarian honey? You’d think living in the capital of Hungary, I would’ve heard about that 🙂 – but I don’t think it was advertised here at all. So thanks for letting me know, how cool! 🙂

  13. NINA says:

    Has it been that long? These are a staple in my purse and makeup kit – they are lovely, look pretty and smell awesome. They are pretty much rad in my book! 🙂

  14. Frances says:

    I’ve always loved these! They are very moisturizing. My faves were the jelly pots – remember those? I am going to have to get one of the new ones at least.

  15. gio says:

    Sounds yummy! And the packaging is very pretty too.
    .-= gio’s last blog post… New Collection: Art Deco Safari Bronzing Summer 2010 =-.

  16. jeggings says:

    I love Juicy Tubes. They smell lovely!

  17. Kristen says:

    Oh my, this is so sad – I was in college when these came out and I remember buying my first tube and wearing it nonstop! Wow, this makes me feel old.

  18. Kim says:

    I usually have a couple of tubes of Clinique’s superbalms, but find them to be a bit sticky, and not very moisturizing. I’ll have to give these a try!

  19. normajean says:

    wow 🙂

  20. lexi says:

    Girl, if you were licking your lips non-stop then you should have been listening to some LL Cool J hahaha – nah, don’t get me wrong I was gigging silently here at my cube yesterday to Biggie’s “One More Chance”

    I have never used the Juicy tubes but I’m interested – how would you compare these to the Victoria Secrets glosses in the identical tubes? I have never used those either I just want to see if there’s a difference.

  21. Denny says:

    I just juicy tubes. I can’t believe they are turning 10. I haven’t bought one in a good while. Maybe it’s time. lol Thanks Karen.

  22. MIchelle says:

    Karen, I love your writing. You’re so funny and now I can’t wait to get my hands on these glosses. I love reading your reviews! =) Have a great day!

  23. HC says:

    lol I love your reviews — they crack me up!
    .-= HC’s last blog post… TAG – 40 Questions =-.

  24. Marce says:

    Great review! I love Juicy Tubes, and these are so pretty! A gloss that makes me want to eat my lips is Philosophy’s Lip Shine in Vanilla Birthday Cake – YUM! And L’Ebel Delicius Gloss Plump in Peche, sooo tasty! But we’re not supposed to eat gloss, aren’t we? LOL!
    Last night I went to Buenos Aires with a friend and we hit up the bars…it was full of tourists, so fun! The only problem was that the weather didn’t help, it was raining SO much. I looked as though I’d come straight out of a shower! How was your day?
    .-= Marce’s last blog post… FOTD – St Paddy’s Day Green Eye Makeup =-.

  25. CinCin says:

    OMG…really 10 years already ? wow i was 15/16 when this came out ! i remember some of them being really thick in texture and they have sort evolved thru this years!

  26. Catherine says:

    Ooh, I’m usually not for sheer glosses, especially not ones that come in squeeze tubes like that but the packaging on these is SO CUTE.
    .-= Catherine’s last blog post… Product Focus: Laura Mercier Stickgloss =-.

  27. Anna says:

    Nice colors. I love Tabs’ little paws. I just want to touch them! lol

    • Petra says:

      My exact thoughts! I adore cat paws, especially when they are touching your face for a ‘give me my breakfast’ wakeup. 🙂

  28. Sophie says:

    Love the new LE packaging, so girlie =) Juicy Tubes were my first lipglosses ever, about 10 years ago when they just came out with Elizabeth Jagger in the ads, haha. Gonna look into the LE for sure!
    .-= Sophie’s last blog post… How to pose for “profile pictures”, Samsung style =-.

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