Friday Night Fun with Urban Decay Holiday 2011 (Yup, Holiday)

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Hey, babe! Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?


Okay, sorry… Not funny, but we do have some super new bits and bobs from Urban Decay to talk about, and some of these are actually part of UD’s upcoming holiday lineup.

Yup, you read that correctly: holiday (!). Pretty soon we really will be celebrating Christmas in July.

Just some pics for now while I track down official prices and availability. I’ll update this post when I find out more, but I couldn’t wait to show you pics and swatches.

The Nail Kit looks pretty fun, and I’m just about ready to try out the Midnight Emergency Palette. Gotta get gussied up for fro-yo. πŸ™‚


The Nail Kit

From the left: Barlust, Mars, Wrecked, Ziggy, Gunmetal and Hot Mess

Midnight Emergency Palette

24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash

From the left: Rehab, Delinquent, Juju, Sin and Clash

Electric Travel Size Set of 5

From the left: Perversion, Ransom, Woodstock, Radium and Junkie

Naked Travel Size Set of 5

From the left: Stray Dog, Underground, Bourbon, Demolition and Zero

The Stardust Sparkling Lip Glosses

From top to bottom: Andromeda, Glitter Rock and Space Cowboy

From left to right: Andromeda, Glitter Rock and Space Cowboy

Sparkling Lickable Body Powders

Urban Decay Holiday 2011: Swatches

On the left: Naked Travel Size Pencils in 1) Stray Dog, 2) Underground, 3) Bourbon, 4) Demolition and 5) Zero; On the right: Electric Travel Size Pencils in 6) Perversion, 7) Ransom, 8 ) Woodstock, 9) Radium and 10) Junkie

24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash in 11) Rehab, 12) Delinquent, 13) Juju, 14) Sin and 15) Clash

Midnight Emergency Eyeshadows in 16) Midnight Cowboy, 17) Midnight Rodeo, 18) Midnight 15 and 19) AC/DC; and 20) Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Midnight Cowboy

Stardust Sparkling Lip Gloss in 21) Space Cowboy, 22) Andromeda and 23) Glitter Rock


Nail polishes clockwise from thumb: Barlust, Mars, Wrecked, Ziggy and Gunmetal

Nail polish in Hot Mess

What do ya think? Would you like to see anything here in your Christmas stocking this year?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. mn says:

    What’s not to love! Thanks for all of the gorgeous swatches.

  2. Joyce says:

    Most Urban Decay eyeshadows are highly pigmented and smooth, but I wonder if the Urban Decay Midnight eyeshadows are gritty or glittery.
    Joyce recently posted … Overview: Brush Collection

  3. Beth says:

    Omg holiday is going to make me so broke! I want the nail set even though gunmetal looks like a reprobate from

  4. Hyzenthlay says:

    I am definitely going to need to get the Naked pencil set and possibly the Stash pencil set. For sure the Naked set πŸ™‚ I LOVE that they’re doing Naked sets with other products, since the Naked palette is so wonderful! I’d love to have the rainbow glitter polish, but I don’t really want the others, and I know there’s a great one coming out in the OPI Muppets collection that I want.

  5. Heidi says:

    Ooh, I really want those polishes and the Naked travel pencil set!

  6. Shubana says:

    i love the nail polishes !!

  7. KSlone says:

    I. Love. Pervision. Sounds so wrong I know. But that liner kicks a**!

  8. I love urban decay. They always get it right with their products.


  9. Cindy G says:

    OMG I want everything! I especially want the Naked pencil set and the Midnight Emergency palette looks cute.

  10. Emily says:

    Ooo I really like those mini 24/7 liners!

  11. Love the blog! Check out for one of the best beauty products today Gray Hair Diffuser and Hair Color Refresher coloursplash! by Tracy Hill.

  12. Soo says:

    I really want to get the Electric set just for another Perversion and Junkie looks lovely. Ziggy looks like a fun color too, but I probably won’t get the set for one color.
    Soo recently posted … #1 — Blast of Blue Eyes to Kill Intense by Giorgio Armani

  13. Kayla K says:

    I’m really interested in the 24/7 Electric set! I’ve never tried the 24/7 pencils (shock, I know) and I’ve been wanting to experiment with colorful liner lately, so this is a perfect match. I’m just having trouble figuring out how i’d encorporate colored liner into my routine.

  14. Instant Karma says:

    Perversion is back! If UD ever starts selling it as a single pencil, I will buy five of them or something. Nothing else is as dark of a black or as long lasting on me. MAC Feline seems to be as dark, but makes me look like a panda — albeit a less adorable and fuzzy one — after only 2 hours. Disappointing and embarrassing for me, but probably kind of entertaining for strangers.

    Boo, my boyfriend is leaving tomorrow night for another two months overseas AGAIN. Afghanistan is a boyfriend-stealing hussy! However, since this is his third time over here, it’s less stressful than it has been in the past. I’ve finally started internalizing that, considering he’s a civilian and thus spends his time behind a desk, the risk of something bad happening to him is probably tantamount to getting behind the wheel almost every day. It’s still hard, though, because I miss him, but there’s always Skype.

    I took him to a nice restaurant on Wednesday (if you watched S2 of Top Chef Masters, we went to Susur Lee’s place in DC). I figured he should have some good food before he is doomed to primarily consuming protein shakes and knockoff Red Bull (yes, seriously — it’s offered for free), haha. I’m not sure what we’re doing tomorrow, though. Maybe an idea will come to me in my sleep :).

  15. terry says:

    GAAAAAAAAH. I want EVERYTHING.=D The thing about Urban Decay as opposed to the even higher-end brands like Chanel, Dior, or Cle de Peau, is that I somehow tell myself that I can afford Urban Decay, but not any more than that. Which makes lemmings pretty hard to resist, LOL.

  16. Rachel says:

    Question: What is the difference between the Naked eyeliners and the 24/7 eyeliners? Their polish has great colors but chips too fast!

    • Kayla K says:

      There is no difference, other than maybe some new colors. The Naked set of liners is just that: a SET of 24/7 pencils :] a nude color selection of Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencils.

  17. artemis says:

    i like that hot pink pencil and perversion πŸ˜€ mm

  18. Zeadelle says:

    I need to have the electric eyeliners! Specially that matte black! πŸ˜€

  19. Tone says:

    I neeeed the Nail Kit!

  20. Marina says:

    I like the set of 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash, may get it later.
    Marina recently posted … Rebecca Morrice Williams on BECCA Fall. And Video About the Collection

  21. Chris25 says:

    I really “need” Electric eyeliner set. If I explained it to boyfriend that way, he’d believe me, right?

  22. Sonya says:

    I’m glad perversion is back! BUT my true love is the Junkie pencil – how gorgeous!!
    Sonya recently posted … GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in Darling, Shocking Coral – Review + Swatches

  23. Rachel says:

    is this demolition pencil in the naked set the same as the whiskey pencil in the naked palette? i loove it, but i haven’t seen it sold separately πŸ™

  24. Christy says:

    must…have….midnight emergency kit!! I actually like these better than the BOS IV :/
    Christy recently posted … NEW BLOG SALE! FREE SHIP OVER $50!

  25. Nina says:

    holiday collection already? OMG!

  26. Nikki Rae says:

    really loving the naked travel size set of five!:)

  27. Andrea says:

    I am loving the Space Cowboy lip gloss and the eyeshadow sticks!

  28. Melody says:

    I love the nail polish colors! I’ve never tried an Urban Decay polish before.

  29. Jacey says:

    Oh my gosh, I need ALL of these!

  30. Nina says:

    what a gorgeous holiday collection! want!

  31. stephanie says:

    I want it ALL! OMG! πŸ˜€

  32. Daya says:

    I like the 24/7 pencil stash. Ransom is one of my favorites

  33. Sabrinna says:

    i want the electric pencil set. def. gonna go to my wishlist πŸ˜€

  34. thepaigest says:

    Midnight emergency!!!! Love it

  35. i love UD but i feel like i see a lot of the same stuff. this just doesn’t wow me at all

  36. Shauna says:

    Midnight Kit: Noy for me, but cute gift for someone
    Nailkit: I love, but agian no for me (Iprefer my OPI nailpolishes), but makes a really cute gift.
    ShadowPencils: Eh, could definatly live w/o these
    24/7 Pencil kits: I love. . . especially the naked one EXCEPT that they BOTH should have the Peversion pencil. I reallyreally want this to come out in full size. Puts Zero to shame.
    StarduSt Lipglosses: Like, very nice for fall. I would like to pick up Midnight cowboy
    Lickable power: I might have to try. . . ;P

  37. thepaigest says:

    I know Shauna I have all those colors but I love the little mini kit. I’m saving my nail polish money for the muppets OPI!!

  38. Barb says:

    Holy Moley!! I want the nail polishes, the naked liners and the glosses. Now, please!! Thanks πŸ™‚

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