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Yowza! The seasons changed right before my eyes. Yesterday it was sunny and warm, but here’s what it looks like outside my window today…


I can’t believe it. Yesterday was t-shirt and jeans weather, le sigh.

It’s days like this when I wish we were neighbors. You could come over, I’d make some tea and we could tease Tabs while we watched Lifetime and talked about makeup all afternoon.

On a different note, what do you think about beauty companies that donate a portion of sales to charity? I ask because this being October it’s all over the place right now, which is great, right? But sometimes when I do the math, I’m a little disappointed.

I’ve worn, purchased and written about several pink BCA products lately from Sonia Kashuk, Estee Lauder and Clinique, and yesterday I actually wore one on my mall/movie day with El Hub — Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pink Pursuit SPF 15 ($7). It’s a fragrance- and flavor-free, shimmery pink gloss with sheer pigmentation and a non-sticky texture. Revlon released it special for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and they’ll donate 10% of the price of it to breast cancer research (up to $100,000/year).

That sounds generous to me — 10%. After you subtract the cost to make, distribute and market it, 10% sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but sometimes I wonder if some of these companies could go even further. I’m betting most of them make serious bank, and my cynical side (yes, I do have a cynical side) can’t help but wonder how much of the decision to donate is market-driven and how much is really altruistic.

If I ran a big beauty company, I’d love to start something like MAC’s Viva Glam and the MAC AIDS Fund. Not only do they donate every cent (that’s 100%) from every tube of Viva Glam lipstick sold, but it generates money and raises awareness year round. Regardless of their motives, they’re not just talking the talk one month/year. They’re doing something tangible on a daily basis.

I’d like to hear your thoughts in the open thread, but if you’d rather talk about something else, that’s cool too.

Makeup and Beauty Blog Open ThreadIf you’re new to the open thread, here it is in a nutshell:

It’s a chat fest where we elucidate (ha!) on makeup, movies, books (I just started reading Meg Cabot’s Vanished last night), life, spaghetti tacos, Jersey Shore — you name it.

Stop by anytime. I’ll pour you a cup of tea and save you a spot on the couch.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Tiffany says:

    Oooh I want that lipgloss! And I agree about MAC; I feel they are really generous and tend to like them more because of it.

    What is everyone up to today? I have lasagna in the oven and I’m watching football πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tiffany,

      Nom, I love lasagna. What do you put in yours? I usually do veggies, ricotta and sweet Italian sausage.

      Right now I’m eating grapes and watching Step Up for the 3,456 time. I’m gonna do some cleaning after.

      And yah, I feel MAC is generous too. It’s one of the reason why I’m a big fan of the brand.

      • Tiffany says:

        Yay for MAC! I feel like that’s one brand I know I will stay loyal to.

        I switch it up but this time I used jarred sauce with veggies, ricotta, mozzarella, Parmesan, and ground beef. Garlic bread will be the best part!

        How’s your new book you just started?

      • Karen says:

        I’m liking Vanished so far. It’s a young adult book about a girl who gets struck by lightning (ouch), and after the accident she gets the ability to locate missing people. My brain’s been needing something kinda fluffy so it’s really hitting the spot.

        Oh, I’m a huge fan of garlic bread with lasagne. TEAM CARBS!

        Kinda random, but have you ever tried Newman’s Own sauce? The Tomato & Basil one is soooo good!

        • Tiffany says:

          Ooh your book sounds interesting!

          Carbs are my fave food group! Yah, I usually get either newman’s own or Classico sauce. And I love anything with basil! Yum!

          • Karen says:

            It’s a fun read so far. I was gonna get the new one from Lauren Conrad’s L.A. Candy series, but I didn’t want to go for something that was full-on mind numbing, LOL! I’ll save that for when I really need a brain break.

            What are you reading these days, besides your camera manual?

            As for sauces, Classico makes some good basil ones. I love their Traditional Sweet Basil!

          • Tiffany says:

            I am just reading a couple pregnancy books. They are a little daunting/scary :O

          • Karen says:

            Yeah they are. I thumbed through a my friend’s copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting once and it freaked me out!

        • can i join TEAM CARBS, too? this is the girl who eats potatoes and rice together, after all :p
          dani@callitbeauty recently posted … Lets All Celebrate &amp Have A Good Time!

          • Tiffany says:

            Mmmmm carbs πŸ™‚

          • Mollie says:

            I’m the girl who will order both mashed potatoes and a baked potato (fully loaded please) at those restaurants where you get two sides with your entree. LOL

          • Karen says:

            Yes, there’s always room for more members.

            TEAM CARBS!

          • Nina says:

            speaking of carbs – i must have withrawals from not having too much rice w/ my korean barbecue for lunch. i actually went out and got some kolaches (umm kinda like a bready pastry w/ a sausage inside) and were having those for dinner. yummmm @ yeasty, bready, sausage-y goodness!!!

        • Nina says:

          im also in search of something fluffy to read (after the dragon tattoo and the katniss books, im kinda tired)… apparently that book i picked up called menonnite in a little black dress is a memoir of sorts. its okay … but not managing to hold my attention!

  2. sometimes, i see these cute teddy bears on sale for charity being sold for $15 and they’re only donating $1 for every bear sold. $1! and in moments where the cynic in me surfaces, i just scoff. but when you consider it’s around 10%, it does sound like more, doesn’t it?

    but i do appreciate that they’re creating awareness and donating SOMETHING (coz let’s face it, no one has to). and if enough people buy the product, they could raise a substantial amount of money. or even better, we could all personally donate money to make sure every single cent we give goes to the proper place.

    those are just my 2 cents πŸ™‚

    but in other news: my blog, Call It Beauty, surpassed 100 followers last night! i’m super excited about it!
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … Lets All Celebrate &amp Have A Good Time!

  3. Vanessa says:

    Honestly, these very wealthy makeup companies could really afford to be way more generous. I don’t think you’re being cynical at all!

  4. Nina says:

    Surprisingly, its been threatening to rain here from noon onwards. Still no drops have fallen yet!

    We just got back from lunch for my sister’s birthday. Had to make a Target run bec my trusty cellphone died. I just got a backup unit for now before I decide what it is i want for my next cellphone. No makeup browsing because i was with the Hubs.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Nina,

      Bummer about your cellphone. What phones you thinking about for your new one?

      Anywho, happy birthday to your sis! Let me guess… you got her some makeup!?

      • Nina says:

        hahah yep! A Lorac palette and a quilted BCBG purse! she lurved `em both!

        im w/ TMobile so im guessing ill take the plunge and get the Google phone … but iono yet.

        the hubs said my new phone is like a highschool student’s phone LOL. bummer indeed – its not really broken but a small part where the charger thingy goes into got lost. most probly when i dropped it. :/

        • Karen says:

          She better not call that Lorac palette “old lady”!!

          LOL, why does your hubby call your phone a high school student’s phone? Does it have charms and stickers?

          It’s really interesting to see how far phones have come in the last few years. Remember when the Razor was a BIG DEAL? I so wanted a pink one.

          • Nina says:

            she better not! she liked it though and will bring it w/ her to a college reunion this coming week!

            bec its tiny and blue and is a slide phone – lol kinda like a starter phone!

            i ddint get the razr or the krazr … but i wanted those soooo badly! πŸ˜€

            the thing w/ the google phone is it will be easier for work to find me when i dont want to be found!

          • Karen says:

            Oh that’s cool. Is it her 10 year reunion?

            I never got a Razor… I always had tiny dinky phones that I’d drop at least once every day. Oops! When I got my iPhone I got more careful about taking care of it.

          • Nina says:

            15th i think. πŸ˜€

            thats exactly why i cant decide if i wanna upgrade to a smartphone or not – im very notorious for dropping phones – theres no saying what my poor, old samsung has gone through before it decided to give up!

          • Karen says:

            Seriously, I used to drop my phone EVERY SINGLE DAY. But that stopped with the iPhone, LOL!

            If you do get one be sure to get a screen protecter thingy and a bumper. Both help a lot!

          • Nina says:

            thats me right thurrrr! ive dropped my phone so that the rubber protector thingy (2 parter) drops and i have to scrounge around for it where i dropped it!

            thats prolly what ill do. ill pop over the tmobile store by my work tomorrow and check out the google phone and the blackberry curve.

          • Liza says:

            Hahahaha, I still have my pink Razor! With a Hello Kitty charm on it, even! Maybe it’s time to look into getting a new phone?

  5. Lia says:

    I like the idea of companies making donations, but if I want to give to a cause, I do it directly, I always do my research. I also feel better because sometimes I don’t need a new lipgloss, so I can give the money I would spend on it directly to the cause. I have many causes close to my heart that don’t have a whole month dedicated to them, or lipgloss.

    I’m making soup and watching Lord of the Rings extras (just the behind the scenes stuff, I watch them more then the actual films!). I’m reading “Defend the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5”, I’m obsessed with anything spy related!

  6. Nina says:

    Hey Karen! How are you? I’m hoping everything’s going good over there. Right now I could use a hot cup of tea because it’s been raining here like mad for over a week and it’s freakin’ freezing. Other than that it’s been a happy week for me because I got hold of two Venomous Villains lippies I was lemming and saw an exhibition which I wanted to see so bad =) Although it became possible the hard way and I experienced a few adventures while trying but it was worth it. By the way, about BCA, I think you are right. There are so many wealthy companies and if they want to, they can do so much more to raise funds. But I guess in some point, profits grow more interesting in their minds and they skip it. Instead, they choose to donate just $1of every sale and say that their expenses are too high. So, like dani@callitbeauty said, I prefer to donate personally. After all, it feels more proper to me than just relying on some companies..

    • Karen says:

      Hi Nina,

      I’m glad to hear you’ve had a happy week. What exhibition did you see?

      • Nina says:

        It’s something about manga and manga artists/history named “Discover Manga”. It majorly focused on “One Piece”, “Naruto” and “Bleach” which are my favorites.

      • Karen says:

        That’s sounds very cool. I don’t know much about manga, but from what I’ve seen some of the art is really interesting and beautiful. Have you been into the genre for a while?

        • Nina says:

          Yes but not much though, it’s been 3 years. But I love love love it! Today I saw artists’ original sketches and colorings and the stuff they use to color what they draw and I died from happiness ^^ Taking photos was allowed and I totally made use of that opportunity, I have tons of drawing pictures now.

          • Kate & Zena says:

            An exhibit on MANGA?! Oh, to be where you are. I would have died (big, huge manga fan). Too bad they only focused on one genre of manga (shonen which is the manga you’re talking about) and not the other major one (shojo which focuses on relationships really; ex. Fushigi Yugi, Vampire Knight, D.N. Angel, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, etc).

            I really would have loved to be there. I definitely would have gone into the city (gasp, Katie going into the city, no way)* for that.

            *It is well known that I get overstimulated really easily. I don’t do well in city environments AT ALL. My going into any city is a big deal. My going into a city for an EXHIBIT where there will be a MILLION people is earth-shattering. I think my mom would keel over from shock.

          • Liza says:

            Kate, I am such a freak for Vampire Knight. Sooo good. I’ll have to check out the other stuff you mentioned. (I did watch Sailor Moon every day after sixth grade, but the bus dropped me off last so I usually missed the first half of every episode!)

          • Kate & Zena says:

            Liza–I have a boatload that I love. I, actually, have never read the Sailor Moon manga. It’s a long series (there’s over FORTY volumes, if I remember correctly) and I haven’t finished CCS.

            Manga is so underrated. I’ve been reading it before they kept it in the Native Japanese reading style (right-to-left). I’m a total nerd!

  7. Tammy says:

    I don’t think you’re being cynical. It’s true that big companies can do much more when it comes to philanthropy. I’m sure they make even more money just by advertising that they donate “proceeds.”

    In other news, I moved my blog off of to my very own domain! Also, I just had delicious sushi that came from a gourmet food truck! The fish was fresher than I’ve had in some restaurants, and it was cheap. LA food trucks rock!

  8. Chloe says:

    I’m all for MAC’s donations, I think it’s very generous of them. Other brands, however, could up the anti a little. And thought breast cancer is a worthy cause, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more variety in the charities. I, for one, would buy the heck out of a product whose proceeds go the the ASPCA or Invisible Children. But I understand the motive with breast cancer- who buys make-up? Women! Who has boobs? Women! I’m currently telling everyone to go check out China Glaze’s Rainbow collection, a color for every cancer under the sun.

    I’m at the parentals place, luxuriating in my finished history essay and attempting to ignore the Cowboy game. Dinner is grilled chicken with rice pilaf, I believe (a nice break from dorm food!) My most recent read is Splendor, part of the Luxe series by Emma Goldbersen. Kind of a 1900’s take on high society and Gossip Girl esque drama. I quite enjoy it, though I am a history major, so I’m semi-bias.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Chloe,

      Ah, the last time I had dorm food was 1994. I still remember not liking it… they could never quite get the rice right.

      What made you decide to major in history?

      • Chloe says:

        My senior AP European History teacher actually, that and my AP American History teacher. It’s just something I’ve always loved: culture, traditions, random historical facts. It’s just fun!
        Chloe recently posted … New Video!

  9. Hey Karen,

    Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday! I’m sitting here with the Anthony Deep Pore Cleansing Mask on my face (I blogged about it here –—sucks-good-way-11422806) and checking blogs and Twitter. The weather here in Virginia has been switching from hot to cold and it’s making my skin freak out hardcore and I’m having the hormonal breakout. I just love having my zits turn into flaky dry patches and having my forehead become an oil slick. Not.

    In other news, just cut off more of my hair and dyed it this killer bright copper red. My stylist did an awesome job. I need to post photos soon, I put one up on Twitter but need to take a few more. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the color. Feels so good to have it short (like pixie short) again.

    I’m relaxing with some coffee with vanilla creamer but will prob switch to my raspberry tea soon. Hope all is well with you!
    RVAfashionista recently posted … 40andFAB – A Social Media Makeover – Part 1 – Dillards

    • Karen says:

      Hi RVA Fashionista,

      Sundays are perfect for masks, nails and hair removal maintenance, LOL!

      Ya know, I’ve never been to Virginia. When is the best time to visit?

      Your new hair sounds so spunky! I can’t wait to see your pics. I do love me a good red but it’s so high maintenance.

      • Karen,

        Oh totally… I tweezed my brows too. Those things grow in all the wrong places… Ugh. I have to keep the unibrow from appearing!

        Here’s the most recent photo I posted on Twitter with the new red hair – My stylist used a demi-permanent and she said it will fade a smidge but will grow out nicely and I’m trying out a Paul Mitchell color preserving shampoo she suggested. I learned the difference between color safe and color preserving! Looking forward to trying to faux-hawk it and make it kinda spiky. I’m normally a dirty blonde natural and I always dye it blonde-er but I haven’t done red in ages. The best thing about this new hair color is that I can prob get by with not washing it every day. I just rinsed and used the deep conditioner today, my hair was allover the place so second day hair isn’t an option but I can deal with a “conditioner wash” to preserve the color.

        I would say fall or spring is best to visit Virginia. I’m in Richmond (the capitol of Virginia). Lots of fun stuff to do here… Not as big as the NoVA/DC area but we do have a Nordies and a Saks as well as lots of great outdoor activities. Summer’s are really hot and humid here. Last winter we got POUNDED with snow which is rare for us. If you ever head to Virginia, let me know! I live in a fun part of town, I am practically across the street from an AWESOME art museum too – The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. They just renovated and it is MASSIVE in there but massive in a good way.

        I’m now watching the Redskins vs. Colts game. GO REDSKINS!!!
        RVAfashionista recently posted … 40andFAB – A Social Media Makeover – Part 1 – Dillards

  10. saku says:

    O that shade is pretty. Lol, is it weird for me to think about space travel. I would love someday to do that. Some of the space pictures I seen are just amazing. Have you ever seen pictures of space?
    I think it’s good if more companies donate to research and education. Education I think opens the door for so many things.

  11. Emma says:

    I just helped ze hubsky pack for a week away working. To be honest I’m kind of looking forward to having the house to myself (aren’t I terrible) but I like my alone time. He’s been such a pain about packing and all stressed out and whingey because he can’t find stuff – putting it away in the same place every time might help!

    Other than that a relaxing weekend. I’ve been watching Downton Abbey, an ITV (UK channel) tv drama and I’m enjoying that. Dame Maggie Smith has some great lines. Can’t wait for the next episode to become available but wish that BBC America would show more enjoyable programmes like this. I don’t want to see endless repeats of Graham Norton, Top Gear and Gordon Ramsay!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Emma,

      Totally understand loving the alone time! I need at least a couple of hours every day! How long is your sweetie going to be gone?

      Anywho, I’ve never heard of that show. I enjoy a few BBC ones so I’ll have to track it down.

      • Emma says:

        Hey Karen,

        He’s working down there for 5 days working and I’m flying down friday so that we can visit his bro for the weekend.

        I hit up Sephora today looking for samples for new skin-care regime (why do all my things get discontinued at once?) and ended up leaving with Buxom Four of a Kind, which I didn’t mean to buy because I hope to get a gift card for my b’day next week. I got it at JCPenny Sephora because at real Sephora they didn’t have it and the girl said it was probably all sold out! JCPenny Sephora had 2 left so I HAD to get it! All the colours suit me, which is a rarity.

        Hope that you had a great weekend. You’ve sent the rain to Indiana so I hope it’s dried out in Cali now πŸ™‚
        Emma x

        • Karen says:

          Hi Emma,

          That sounds like fun (both the week to yourself and the upcoming trip!).

          Anyway, that’s awesome you found a set where all colors work for you. That’s a rarity, so you were smart to snap it up with a quickness. Did you end up buying any new skin care stuff?

          You stay dry this week!

  12. Tiffany H. says:

    I’m trying to peel myself off of the couch to go to the grocery store and so far it’s been an epic fail! I just can’t get out of this lazy stupper.
    Tiffany H. recently posted … How I Apply Under-Eye Concealer

  13. DonnaN says:

    The bigger the company, the better charity support….MAC, Avon, Revlon, etc…

    Yep, your weather looks like fall is being ushered in on the West Coast. It was sunny today, but cool, probably in the low 60’s. Hubby got called into work today, so I spent the morning shopping on Ikea to built my new makeup area/vanity. I got my list so that I have everything I need, down to mirror, lighting and chair for just about $500.00……now, come on HOLIDAY overtime!!!

    • Karen says:

      Hi DonnaN,

      Oh cool! I gotta put in a plug for the Ikea Alex drawer unit — it’s great for makeup storage:

      What else have you been up to this weekend?

      • DonnaN says:

        YAY, cause that piece is on my list. I saw some various YOU TUBE videos of makeup storage and a couple of people had a NINE drawer Alex, which I about SALIVATED over. I wonder if they have it in stores, just not online? Oh well, if I can only get a SIX drawer, I can make due….

        I am still car-less (until 10/27) so Saturday I ran errands with my mom and helped my dad transfer photos off of his camera card…..they left on Sunday for their annual fall/winter DISNEY trip and will be back on Friday night. I’ve got a non-BABY doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning, so that I can have my meds checked and to get my flu-shot. JOY!!! Oh, and I’m still debating over a Halloween costume…….still not sure if I’m up for “dressing up” this year……..

  14. Terri says:

    Hi Karen! I hope you, Tabs, and el hub are having a good day (despite the rain).

    Does anyone here have a Kindle or Nook? If so, what do you think of them? I’ve been thinking about getting an e-reader, since my apartment is becoming overrun with books (around 700 or so).

    • Karen says:

      Hi Terri,

      Nice to see you! Today has been pretty mellow. I’ve been cleaning my desk/work area because it’s a hot mess, and I can’t function creatively when crap is all over the place. Other than that it’s been totally non-exciting. I think I might make some pasta in a few… all the talk about carbs and pasta and garlic bread at the beginning of the thread’s got me craving.

      BTW, I’ve been meaning to thank you for sharing the Smitten Kitchen link! I’ve spent way too much time on there in the last week. πŸ™‚

      How has your week/weekend been? Do anything fun?

      I’d also love to hear what people think of Kindles/Nooks. I’ve thought about getting a Kindle because I have the same issues with space. I stare at a computer screen ALL DAY, though, and the last thing I want to do before I go to bed is stare at another screen, ya know?

      • Terri says:

        Hi Karen,

        I can totally relate to the cleaning. I’m in the process of cleaning my bedroom and desk. It has gotten really scary. I also have started the process of putting my summer clothes away so I can get my sweaters out.

        I’m glad you’re enjoying the Smitten Kitchen link. It is one of my favorite food blogs. The recipes are great, and the posts for the past year all include hidden links to pictures of Jacob, the Smitten Kitchen baby. I don’t usually go crazy for babies, but he’s too cute.

        My weekend has been good, but busy. Lots of work (for my research and for my jobs).

        I’m torn about e-readers. I also spend a lot of time looking at the computer, so I don’t relish the idea of reading from a screen. I also have entirely too many devices, so I have a hard time justifying getting another one. However, since I will be moving in the next year or so and I’m a self-confessed book hoarder, I’ve started freaking out at the amount of books I will have to box up and move.

    • Nina says:

      i hear ya on the books – between the hubs and i, we have a ton! were moving soon and im really dreading having to pack those books up for the move!

      in the new house, we already earmarked what seems to be the biggest room as our “book room” …

      i really should buckle down and get an e-reader but … iono … theres something about the smell of a new book and turning its fresh pages that i really, really love. πŸ™‚

      • Terri says:

        Nina – Good luck with the move! Moving books is not fun (even though it is nice to have the chance to rearrange them when you get to the new place). If you can snag some copier paper boxes, they work really well for packing books. For my last move, I used the boxes for one layer of books and then I put lighter items on top so the boxes wouldn’t be too heavy.

        I used to work at a bookstore, and I love having the physical book. Like you said, the new book smell and the pages are part of the experience. If I did get an e-reader, I think I would only use it for my lighter reading. So many of the books I read are for teaching/school, and I need to highlight, annotate, etc.

        • Nina says:

          thats exactly what i used the last time we moved – i hoard them from work! πŸ™‚

          i will need all the luck i can get w/ the move: i have loads of stuff, and the hubs has a third room full of “stuff” that he needs to sort through (guess who will end up doing that?) … but its probly for the better: good opportunity to weed out stuff that will never be used.

          • Terri says:

            Weeding is a great thing! I’m in the process of getting rid of old clothes that I never wear. I just have to figure out where I should donate them to.

          • Nina says:

            i have several charities/thrift stores that i bring my stuff too …. and i almost always walk away w/ books from those same stores. πŸ˜€

          • Terri says:

            @Nina – Just out of curiosity – do you catalog your books? I’ve been using LibraryThing for a while, and I really like it (it appeals to my type-A need for organization). It also allows me to automatically add books I get through BookMooch, so that is an added bonus.

          • Nina says:

            i do but im a bit old skool and maintain an excel spreadsheet for all my books. its tabbed by author. then w/in each spreadsheet its organized accdg to release date.

            i have a similar spreadsheet for my makeup too.

  15. Mollie says:

    As for companies that donate to charities, I only purchase those “charitable” products where the company donates 100% to a cause. Otherwise, it just seems insincere, and a bit insulting. You know they could spare the cash.

  16. steph b says:

    I do think of it as a bit of marketing and a bit of charity. I give directly to charities that work in areas of special interest to me. And I take the tax deduction receipt when I do. I choose not to think of that as cynical, but as an incentive. And, because of it, I donate more than I might otherwise. If I apply that same logic to a company, then I think it all works out. I’m not going to buy the Revlon pink lipgloss because I think of it as a charitable contribution, I buy it because I want a pink lipgloss and I might as well get this one because there will be a small donation. To me, it becomes a small bonus to my otherwise routine purchase.

    Companies track the responses they get to these promotions and I figure I encourage them through my participation. I am also just as likely to send them an email encouraging them to do more or telling them why I went with one of their competitors who does do more. Many of these companies have sizable corporate social responsibility programs and the October breast cancer stuff is just one component.

    • Karen says:

      Hi steph,

      I definitely agree that there’s room for both charity and marketing. We see it all around us, but I do think in some cases the motivation behind giving leans more toward marketing than altruism. I mean it would logically have to, right? Some individuals aren’t as altruistic as others, so I think it’s safe to say the same can be said of companies.

      Bottom line is it’s always welcome to see anyone give/do anything of help to others, but we’ve got a platform here that maybe, hopefully nudges some of these companies that clearly could afford to do a bit more, to do a bit more. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the thoughtful response! Hope you’re having a great weekend.

      • steph b says:

        Oh, absolutely. Regardless of the scale or scope of the effort, there should be, at its core, some genuine generosity that still shines through the marketing.

        The drives that really piss me off are the ones the supermarket where they ask you to purchase food — at full retail with full profit for the supermarket — to donate to food pantries. Really? You can’t forgo any of your profit?

        Having a great weekend — finally feels like fall. I broke out the China Glaze Bogie nailpolish and it is instant love. I haven’t worn a dark polish on my fingers in ages.

        • steph b says:

          Meant to add that I find it interesting that MAC has a 100% donation, year round program for Viva Glam and none of the other Estee Lauder companies do something like that. Imagine if Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Stila, Origins, and I’m forgetting who else is under that umbrella all had some signature product that went to a specified cause. They could even change the product or charity each year to encourage repeat purchases and spread the wealth amongst the many worthy causes.

          Added to my goals for this week — draft letter to Estee Lauder.

  17. Ashley says:

    I really like the idea that some beauty companies donate x amount of profits to charities but when I do the math, it’s not a lot compared to the average donater’s donation.
    Luckily, we have MAC whom sets a great example for everyone. Even if the Viva Glam lipglosses or lipsticks don’t fit my needs or skintone, I can gift it and feel especially proud of myself. Not only does it make a friend happy but a stranger too!

  18. Kate & Zena says:

    Eh, you know, BCA month empowers me and annoys me at the same time. On one hand, my grandma fought and won against breast cancer . She also lost two of her sisters to breast cancer so I tend to give A LOT to charity.

    On the other hand, here’s where I need to get on my soap box a bit. People are willing to look at breast cancer and say, “Here’s something that runs in my family and that I need to donate to as it kills people.” I know this going to sound entirely way too selfish and really, really stuck up, but sometimes I wish people looked at conditions like Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy and Autism like that. They’re life-long conditions, even more hereditary than breast cancer and extremely painful at times and people who have any three of those conditions (I have ALL THREE) don’t even have medication to even control to any extent the last two. The only real relief we have is therapy (it works if you catch it early if it’s CP and Autism) and pain medication. Where’s us? Epilepsy has an awareness month (November) and nobody even notices. It sorta peeves me off.

    Anyway, off my soap box, did you, per chance, get my e-mail about the competition Karen? E-mail is so glitchy sometimes so I always ask.

    Also, midterms are kicking my butt. I’m STILL writing the first answer to question one for my Women in History class….and I’m on page THREE. Good thing it’s due Tuesday; this is going to take forever.

    Also, I bought a new pair of high heels. I know. Me. High heels. They don’t compute. However, the ones I bought aren’t too bad. I’m breaking them in at home. They’re Guess? Shirah Black Suede Pumps and I bought them for $39.99 at TJ Maxx!!! Ha ha ha! SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!

    We won’t mention my ear issues. That would just make the whole post too depressing. We’ll end it on the shoe score. SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nina says:

      shoes! πŸ™‚ yayyyy!!!

      i had both car & technology issues this weekend but … ohwell. tomorrow is another day!

      • Kate & Zena says:

        Yes, I know. Shoes. Anything for a pair of shoes. I weaseled my mom into paying for them (I just have to clean the carpets…oh yay, that’ll be fun to learn). Actually, my mom got the same pair, only a size-and-a-half bigger (we’re one shoe size apart). My only complaint is that the shoebox is still too narrow. Maybe I need to put them in the freezer (I stretch mine with ice) longer. Other than that, they’re insanely comfortable after I put in a heel protector and a ball of foot insole. INSANELY…and these are 5″ heels.

        • Nina says:

          oohhhh the shoes sound like theyre super pretty! i rarely wear heels – but i have some that i break out during the rare times that the hubs and i go out on grown up dates !!!

          my recent fave was a kenneth cole reaction sandal that was both comfy and stylish. i can still wear them these days bec of our weird weather thats still hot even during our so-called fall!

          shoes always make things better!

          • Kate & Zena says:

            I don’t wear them either. I have spastic Cerebral Palsy in my legs and wearing heels kills my legs. I literally will be crying/screaming in pain the next day if I wear unsupportive shoes for more than three hours (i.e. the vast majority of high heels, flip flops, clogs, anything missing a strap on both sides). I can stretch my legs out, but I’ll still wince in pain and walk with a much more noticeable limp. My pain meds don’t take a lot of the pain away. No, you can’t feel bad for me. I’ve been living like this the past…oh, 21 years (all my life, basically). It sucks, but I deal with it.

            Anyway, back to the Shoes. These I’ve been wearing 1-2 hours on carpet and linoleum at a time to break them in (with socks to try to widen them a wee bit) and I’m not having problems. If you have a TJ near you, you might be able to find them. The only sizes I saw them in at my TJ’s was 8 1/2, 9, and 10 and they only come in mediums (no wides, ugh). I wear the 8 1/2s and my mom wears the 9s. The 9s are way, way too long on me but fit in the toe box. My mom has the same problem. I need an 8 3/4, but they don’t exist. Poo.

            They look like this, only imagine the top of my shoe (not the platform or heel) being suede and not patent leather: Guess? Shirah Pumps

            They come in a few other colors too. I think there’s grey, blue and leopard for the suede and black and grey for the leather, but I’m not sure!

          • Nina says:

            im going to try and find those shoes – i have this wedding that im going to the day after thanksgiving and i was going to wear this lbd that i got last year …. a black pair of those shoes with some gray stockings would be perfect!

            i have weird feet – theyre small but kinda wide at the toebox, thats why i always size up by half a size. footpetals are my best friend when it comes to shoes – theyre always the tiniest bit long on me so i need to anchor my feet inside the shoes better!

          • Emma says:

            I love footpetals too. I have super-tiny feet and it’s hard to find shoes that don’t rub my heels. Footpetals back of shoe things (I forget their name) can be a lifesaver, they’re also good in shoes that are a little loose at the front because they fit across the top underneath. I love shoes too… I need more cupboard space because I want some flat boots that don’t look like kids ones and some cowboy boots.

  19. knownever says:

    Not only is it sort of crass monetarily for companies to chuck out all this dubiously charitable product, but breast cancer awareness in all venues needs to be more than “there is this thing called breast cancer. that exists.” more like raise awareness about how to do self exams and when you should start getting mammograms and how you can get them cheaply. if raising awareness is all one’s gonna do then that’s the awareness to raise.

  20. Rachel says:

    So I had a terrible experience at MAC today…though I do appreciate their generosity. A week ago I brought back 6 empty eye shadow pallettes to “back to MAC.” It was great! In addition to my one free eye shadow, I bought two additional shadows and one blush. Much to my chagrin, I really didn’t like two of the eye shadows (All That Glitters and Tete-a-Tint (both too orange) and the blush Melba was much too warm for my skin.) I kept the Satin Taupe eye shadow which was much more my color. So, I headed to MAC to return my dislikes and was told that I couldn’t return the Tete-a-Tint since it was my free shadow. I explained that I was keeping the Satin Taupe so, not the Tete-a-Tint was not my free shadow! Since it the first time I had done “Back to MAC” I didn’t realize that the girl had rang up my Tete-a-Tint shadow as the free shadow. Who knew! So seriously, I couldn’t return it, but finally let me exchange it for a new shadow after I told her that I wouldn’t leave the store until she figured something out. So I walked out with Brule. Ugh. I wouldn’t normally throw such a fit…really…I’m normally even keeled about stuff like this, but I seriously didn’t love the “sorry that I can’t help you” attitude. Really? I thought MAC was better than that? Anywho, now I know better how to “Back to MAC” and at least I have a new base color. Phew. I feel better after this vent. πŸ™‚ Happy Sunday! P.S. It was raining in the East Bay today (I love this weather) and I was dieing when I read your “watch lifetime movies and talk about make-up all afternoon” comment. My husband is convinced that we’d be BFF’s if we actually knew eachother. Ha

    • Nina says:

      mac customer service is pretty hit and miss … i get great and friendly service at some places and just lackluster ones in others. if you have other counters/stores around – try and see if you get better service in those!

      melba is a bit hard to work with bec of the texture, i think. i have it and it took several uses for me to get that right flush without looking like a beet!

      • Rachel says:

        Yah…I kind of thought I loved Melba at first but then it hit me that I really just like my pink blushes…for some reason anything that’s too warm just turns out orange on me! I can see though how it would look amazing on a darker skin tone!

        • Nina says:

          you might want to try it under a pinkish base (posie tint or something similar) … i find that a base changes the color of almost any powder product!

  21. Hyzenthlay says:

    I’m barely moving from my couch . . . Did the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon today. I’ve never “run” more than 4 miles, and I ran the first six today! Mile six was horrendous, a hill that’s over a mile long and STEEP . . . Unfortunately, the Nike timing system went down (could have been due to the rain that started right as I was on that mile 6 hill), but the external system kept working. Everyone just has to check their splits and final time online when they get posted. I am pretty sure I started at 7:24 and finished at 10:22. Rounding the corner onto the Great Highway and seeing the finish was INCREDIBLE! In the end, though, it was easier than I had anticipated. Well, easier isn’t the right word, but less difficult than I thought it would be . . . I would absolutely do it again, and work harder at training this time! I hope my friends will go in for the raffle for this one again next year πŸ™‚

  22. Lee says:

    Hey Karen πŸ™‚

    Wow what a weather change! i prefer the warm sunny weather cos it makes everything seem even just a tiny bit happier, i think its the whole sunshine thing! lol but sometimes it is nice 2 have a rainy day where u can get all snuggled in ur trackpants and jumper and have a nice hot tea or whatever while u watch the rain and listening 2 it is quite soothing!

    I start my Napoleon course 2night im so excited! lol

    • Kate & Zena says:

      A course on Napoleon? How interesting. We just got done with Napoleon in Women in Literature. Great Strategist, but an awful man! That man did not have much respect for women at all!

      • Lee says:

        Sorry i should have been more specific! I meant Napoleon Cosmetics hehe i keep 4getting that some ppl dont know what im talking about lol
        However a course on the original Napoleon would be interesting!

        By the way u didnt sound selfish at all in the comment u made about the awareness of other illnesses and disabilities like the ones u have, i actually think alot about the ppl who have 2 go through those things and it really upsets me. My mum works as a carer 4 disabled adults, there r ones with physical and ones with mental disabilities and its so sad u really have 2 be a strong person 2 get through that and also 2 be a carer 2 see them day in day out.

        • Kate & Zena says:

          Ha ha ha, yes, you might want to be more specific, especially when there’s a rather significant historical figure with the same name!

          Oh, believe me, there are a lot of people who think I’m really selfish and “The world revolves around me” when I say that. People who know me well (the very few who do) are amazed I even have a positive view on anything. My life is pain. I don’t even feel it anymore because I’m so used to it. When I notice it, it’s weird! I know I can only imagine how painful chemotherapy and radiation is, but I will tell you I would rather have 4 (or however many months I’d need) of chemotherapy and radiation therapy (and surgery of course) if meant I would be “cured.” It sounds so incredibly selfish, but sometimes it sounds like such a great idea.

          I’m really lucky as it is to be so mild; I would be a lot worse had my mom noticed it later. My mom noticed something was wrong when I was six months old and got me into therapy then, not 2 years and some odd months later (still the average diagnosis for both CP and Autism). So, thank God my mom’s a Linguist!

          I guess what I’m trying to say is: don’t forget to research and donate to a “lesser known” disorder. There, I’m done. I’m getting off my soap box now!

          • Lee says:

            I just wrote a reply and the silly thing didnt post and when i went back it was gone lol

            Anyways i dont know how anyone can think thats selfish, ive been through an illness b4 that was full on 4 6months and the next 6months it slowly got better till it went…so i understand how smaller or lesser known illnesses can effect ppl…basically my immune system was attacking itself and i had these huge blowtorch like marks ALL over my body painful and itchy, anything that even slightly touched me made a huge mark and pain, i had 2 basically be drugged out for 6 months and didnt leave the house except 4 the doc…
            2 some ppl it was nothing and laughable cos it wasnt life threatening and they thought i was just a weak cry baby who couldnt handle it…but they werent in the painful situation i was, and thats y i think ppl like u or anyone with an illness have the upperhand cos u can understand things better, ur not ignorant 2 things…what was even more stressful 4 me was no one knew what was causing it…ppl dont understand the mentally hard times that go with things like that…
            Anyway just always remember that while there r ppl who dont care or cant be bothered or whatever, there r also ppl like me who have had a health scare and been through things similar so were always thinking about the others and caring 4 them πŸ™‚

  23. kayann says:

    Let us know how you like your book! I’m reading her book, Insatible. I’m loving it! πŸ™‚

  24. hey Karen! Yeah, there are a lot of cases during BC awareness month that I think companies could be donating a little bit more, even though it’s good they’re donating in the first place.

    I went to see the social network today and omg I laughed so hard. That was a really good movie, I was pleasantly surprised. Despite all the hype, part of me was kind of thinking…how are you going to make an entire movie about facebook?

    I also picked up some mood polishes and NYX taupe blush. all in all, a good weekend!
    makeup morsels recently posted … Weekend Haul

  25. mkdallas says:

    Hello, Karen, Tabs & fellow MABB fans! Dinner tonight was simple cause I was feeling very lazy; fat-free vanilla yogurt with a hella lot of very fattening granola mixed in. I am feeling guilty that I didn’t work out today because I’m recovering from a bad sinus & ear infection with bronchitis. Been on 2 rounds of antibiotics and am just starting to feel human again. I went to the gym yesterday for the 1st time in ages and got so sweaty & breathless that people were looking at me, lol. My hubs is in China right now on business and I feel bad for saying so, but my daughter and I love having no family schedule while he’s gone. We both slept til NOON yesterday…totally awesome. I had a happy makeup purchase today. I bought a Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color in Crystal Pink and it’s a beautiful color that I think would look great on you, Karen. I don’t normally do pinks, but this is such an unusual color on; kind of pink, a little nude and just really pretty. I really like the consistency of these lipsticks, too. I am officially on a Nutella ban for the next several months, sadly. I’ve been hittin’ the jar pretty regularly and without exercise, my jeans are a tad bit too snug for comfort. Luckily, ice cream is not included in the ban. I’m feeling overwhelmed by the huge amount of makeup I already have with all the new holiday collections coming out. This week’s project: cleaning my closet, which looks like a landfill. Have a great week!

  26. firefly says:

    Hi Karen,

    I know what you mean! I live in the Bay Area too, and it was pretty rainy today! I was surprised, because it was so dark when I woke up.

    In beauty-related musings, what are you wearing on your nails this fall? Do you have any suggestions for teal or dark purple/blue/gray nail polish?

  27. snoopysteph says:

    Hi Karen! The weather was unusually beautiful here in Chicago this weekend so I made it a point to be outdoors as much as possible. Yesterday was my 6th wedding anniversary (woot!) but my husband had school all day (boo!) so I took my son to a birthday party & then to an outdoor mall afterward. Today all 3 of us went to a pumpkin patch waaay far out in the burbs (city folk in the country!) and had a blast! The sun was shining, the temp was almost 70 – it was just perfect. It’ll probably snow tomorrow, ha!

    Speaking of MAC, I picked up a few new things this week! Plum Foolery blush, Nymphette lipglass, Studio Fix liquid foundation & Prowear Concealer. I looooove everything! I made a note of the e/s shades I want to buy while I was there (I was at the MAC counter at Macys and they don’t sell the propans).

  28. Phyrra says:

    For lasagna, we put yellow onions, mushrooms, garbanzo beans kidney beans into a pot and sautee them before mixing them in with red pasta sauce. I then take ricotta and lasagna noodles and layer the sauce, noodle, ricotta, and a cheese blend. It’s usually delicious and better the 2nd serving, after it’s settled a bit. I <3 Lasagna

  29. Sharon says:

    I’m of two minds about companies donating proceeds from sales of a cause-specific item. On the one hand, they don’t have to do it, so any amount donated at all is better than nothing. On the other… it sounds good on the surface, until you consider they are making a tidy profit in the name of the “cause”, whether it be cancer, heart disease, you name it. I’d have a lot of respect for a company who donated *all* the profit from selling a specific item, rather than just a percentage.

    Personally, I’d rather do some research, find out which organization is making the best use of money donated, and donate directly to that organization. Although I did look for the China Glaze polishes you reviewed a while back, with the intention of buying, heh. Sally Beauty didn’t get any of them in, at least my local store, but they did have a display showing all the colours of their polishes that corresponded to specific cancers and other diseases.

    • Michelle says:

      I did check out the Susan G. Komen for the Cure non-profit and they have a very high percentage that goes directly to research ( not just administrative costs). I think it was 88 %, which is pretty high.

  30. Lisa S. says:

    I think that everything that can go to helping breast cancer research is just a little more than we had before.
    Ok, put it like this, Everybody was talking about how Mark Zuckerberg (facebook) only donated a hundred mill to help out his image after “The Social Network” came out. Well yeah he did it for that reason, but the New Jersey school district still got a 100 mil.
    So, advertising that says that proceeds from this or that lipstick or eyeshadow or whatever are for breast cancer awareness will help make more bank for the company. But the bit that is donated is more than the people or foundations had before. The companies are out to make a profit and they will do that regardless and thats why their in business anyway.

    So I’m not sure if that all makes sense to anyone, and yes I wish companies would cough up a bit more, but I really glad that they at least do.

    And I love that color on you Karen! I think I might have to go out and look for it.

    Also I just got the most crazy shoes this weekend, they are strappy and gorgeous.

    I got them locally, but I kicked around on line and found them here:

  31. Lauren says:

    seriously, what is up with the weather karen? i live in the east bay and it was raining when i woke up this morning, but it was perfectly sunny and mild yesterday. ah its that time of year again -.-‘

    on to your other point, i definitely think companies could do more, especially something year around, to raise awareness about different issues. they make serious money with the rest of their line, they could probably afford to give a little more (and raise the company image, if you need an ulterior motive) i think each month is actually representative of a different illness, but for some reason only breast cancer gets any media attention and only for one month out of the entire year as if breast cancer or any other disease takes a break for the rest of the year. x.x

    i definitely love that MAC has the viva glam lipsticks and its a year-round thing. more companies should do something like that.

  32. Resham says:

    Personally I think any donation is always helpful… A million Drops of water make the sea..

    BUT again,

    1. I agree that they should have a campaign, that would create awareness the whole year.

    2. The companies can be generous. Like ‘real’ generous. If they choose to support any cause, I think they should not make any personal gain from that one product/products. They should give major portion of the profit, if not all the money.

    3. MAC VIVA GLAM Project is worth Applauding, for sure!

    Enjoyed this open thread….The topic is good.
    Resham recently posted … Beauty Obsessions – August-September 2010

  33. Michelle says:

    Hi Karen!
    I actually bought this lipgloss today at Target. I also got a cute pink Sonia Kashuk kabuki brush (I didn’t know she was a breast cancer survivor until today).
    I am doing a Bake For The Cure auction this week! I can’t wait. We’re auctioning off baked goods and breast cancer awareness merchandise. I’m doing it in memory of my grandmother who passed away due to breast cancer — and to celebrate my aunt and cousin who are both survivors..
    I think it was brilliant of the Breast Cancer Foundation to pick the pink ribbon as their symbol. People love pink! And if it brings in more research dollars for the cure, I am definitely all for it. But yeah, I think some companies could donate a bigger percentage to research.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Michelle!

      I hope you like your gloss and your new SK brush. Sonia always does some really nice BCA things… they’re chic and are great quality.

      I’m very sorry about your grandmother, but I’m glad to hear both your cousin and aunt are survivors. Big hugs to you. πŸ™‚

  34. Alexandra says:

    I always think the compamnies are being cheapskates when they only give $1 to charity.
    They could afford to give more, i doubt very much what they charge is any where near the amount it costs to make it.

    I would love to be able to watch Lifetime movies. Does anyone know of any websites that will let me watch them from the UK ?

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