By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Fizzy Jade Is an Icy Cool Pastel With Flavor

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by terry fizzy jade

Call me crazy, but sometimes I think an icy cool pastel shadow can be just as refreshing as an ice cream cone.


And by that logic, By Terry’s creamy, long-wearing Ombre Blackstar in Fizzy Jade would feel right at home on the menu at my favorite soda fountain/ice cream shoppe.

Fizzy Jade — it even sounds like a fancy flavor of soda. “Can I please get a Fizzy Jade and a double scoop of pistachio in a waffle cone?” πŸ™‚

The catch: at $43, it would be a very expensive flavor.

by terry fizzy jade

by terry fizzy jade
Swatch built up on the left and buffed out on the right

by terry fizzy jade swatch
That hulking figure in the background is Tabs, LOL!

by terry fizzy jade


But oh, so refreshing!

Here I’m wearing it buffed out for a subtle shine and mint green color, but if you fancy a flashier effect, Fizzy Jade also loves layers, building up easily for a high-shine metallic look.

It reminds me of a softer, creamier, shinier version/flavor of MAC’s Cakeshop Shade Stick from 2009’s Sugarsweet collection, except at a premium price.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Chelsea says:

    This is GORGEOUS!

    I’ve been in Vienna with no internet for two days, I needed my Makeup and Beauty Blog fix! I played a bit at the makeup counters at Les Galleries Lafayette in Paris, lovely!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Chelsea!

      Ooh, Vienna. I’ve always wanted to go. How was it? And have you found anything AH-MAY-ZING at the makeup counters in Paris?

      • Chelsea says:

        all kinds of amazing perfumes, some beautiful different colors, lots of Guerlain… oh la la! I didn’t buy anything, being a broke graduate student though! I got a nice sample of a Cartier fragrance I’m loving…

        My luggage was way overweight on my way to Vienna though!

        Vienna is nice, though I’m here for academics for a few days πŸ™‚

        • Karen says:

          Oh, I bet! If one went there strictly for beauty shopping you’d have to bring at least one empty suitcase with you on the way there so you could fill it up with goodies, LOL!

          I hope you’ll get to do some fun things while you’re there. Maybe some sightseeing during a break?

          • Chelsea says:

            oh, absolutely! I have a whole afternoon free after I present my research, so I plan on looking around! The whole conference is also going out to dinner tomorrow, and it includes a bus tour of the city.

          • Karen says:

            Good luck on your research presentation! You’ll do great. πŸ™‚

            I’ve seen pics of the city and it looks very romantic. Those bus tours are great…I love the kind where you can hop on and off. I did that in London a few years ago and it really helped me get a sense of the city as a whole. Take lots of pics!

  2. I like the color, looks very good on you! I don’t think I’d buy it at that price though, it’s quite expensive. I think I’ll go with the icecream version of this πŸ˜‰

  3. I love this on you! LOL for Tabs in the background πŸ˜‰ Cats HAVE to be there when you need NO help from them!
    Sunny @ Mostly Sunny recently posted … According to Guerlain and Pucci, Riviera is Indigo

  4. Nina says:

    That is so pretty! πŸ™‚ It reminds me of pistachio gelato. Now I want some!

    • Karen says:

      Mmm, pistachio gelato! I’m so hungry now for ice cream! It is lunch time, and this sounds much more appealing than my PBJ sandwich.

      • Nina says:

        Its almost time to go home here, and im not sure what the Hubs has planned for dinner. But im hungry too!

        Fridays are pistachio gelato days …. and I cant wait til Friday! We missed last Friday’s gelato day since we were on vacation but we did have some nommy Amy’s Ice Cream to make up for it. πŸ™‚

        • Karen says:

          How was the trip? Did you eat anything interesting? I know you’ve been worried about your fur babes but I hope you managed to have some fun.

          • Nina says:

            The furbabes were OK but of course Linus wasnt happy and let us know the minute we got home!

            Lotsa interesting food – had a bunch of Thai, ate a lot of salad, the b&b we stayed at fed us an awesome vegetarian b’fast everyday, had the best cherry limeade cupcake and lots and lots of English Breakfast Tea Latte from the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. We dont have it here so whenever we go to Austin, I make it a point to go everyday, sometimes more than once a day!

  5. gio says:

    What a gorgeous shade. But the price… ouch!
    gio recently posted … Is White Tea More Effective Than Green Tea?

  6. Tracy says:

    So pretty!! I love her stuff. I just got a foundation from her when I was in your neck of the woods and it’s amazing! I’d pay for it if I really loved it!
    Tracy recently posted … Dancing With Buxom Color Choreography Eyeshadow in Tango

  7. Wow–pretty! And oh-so-brightening. What a fun shade
    Becca @ The Beauty Sample recently posted … Chanel Makes Everything Better!!!

  8. musical says:

    Lovely color! Love how Tabs is in the picture-of course he knows his responsibilities as the boss :). I still am swooning over y’days Tabs-fest! Can.not.git.enuff.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Musical,

      If you live near a By Terry counter you must stop by to play. The textures are phenomenal!

      How’s your Tuesday going so far? Good, I hope!

      • musical says:

        My day is good, and yours too, i hope :).

        No “By Terry” counter close by :(. Oh wait, they have counters at Barney’s, right? I’ll check it out during the weekend :).

  9. Lulle says:

    Nice, but not worth the price IMO…
    Is it comparable to Clinique Lid Smoothie in Cute-cumber?
    Lulle recently posted … Smoked, la nouvelle palette Urban Decay !

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