$19 Buxom Full-On Lip Polish: These 100 Lovely Ladies Love High-Shine Lips

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Buxom Full-On Lip Polish

I’ve always had a weird fascination with those personalized name tchotckes — like the little license plates, key chains, bottle openers and refrigerator magnets you always see at the airport on display in front of the periodicles stores.


I don’t know why, but I just love those little things, and the spinning kiosks, too. You twirl them around, looking for your name, and then voila! — there it is! Hopefully.

I’ve always gotten a big kick out of that… 🙂

Imagine my delight when I came across this new line of Full-On Lip Polish lipglosses ($19 each) from Buxom on all its spinning display glory at Sephora yesterday.

Of course I had to stop.

“For kisses that’ll keep them coming back for more, try this sheer, high-shine lip polish. It creates the look of fuller, more voluptuous lips with a refreshing tingling sensation and gentle plumping effect. Vitamins A and E help keep lips soft, supple, and protected, ensuring your smoothest moves ever.”


Buxom Full-On Lip Polish

Buxom Full-On Lip Polish

Each of the glosses has her own name, so you can walk up to the display, twirl it around, and look for the gloss that matches your name.

How cute is that?!

Buxom Full-On Lip Polish

The sheer, shimmering, glistening $19 Buxom Full-On Lip Polishes have been around for a while, but the brand just recently expanded the collection up to 100 shades (!).

Yes, I did find one called Karen, and I may or may not have giggled fiendishly when I saw that she’s a sparkling pink.

Buxom Full-On Lip Polish

Buxom Full-On Lip Polish

Buxom Full-On Lip Polish

Buxom Full-On Lip Polish

Wouldn’t these make great gifts for bridesmaids, birthdays — you name it (pardon the pun)? And even if there isn’t one with your name on it, the collection is so vast, with lots of neutrals, pinks, berries, reds, plums and oranges, that you may still find one you like. (Shoot! I didn’t see one called “Tabs.”)

The Buxom Full-On Lip Polishes are available now at Sephora stores and sephora.com.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Howdy, babe, and welcome to the hump! It’s not even 9 yet here, and already my office feels like the inside of a brick oven. I swear, I could cook a pizza on my desk.


Yup, it’s gonna be a hot one today. Shorts weather, for sure.

Ouch! — Tabs just bit my ankle. He’s been extra annoying lately, and I think it’s because of the heat. All he wants to do is play outside. Every time I get up from my chair he runs to the door. I can almost hear him saying, “Put on my damned leash, woman, and take me outside!”

If he had his way he’d spend every minute outside stalking lizards, hunting finches and napping in the sunshine (and being tracked by hungry coyotes).

What do you mean we can’t spend the day outside?!

Sigh! Cat mom guilt… Sorry, tabby baby, you’re an indoor kitty now.

Anyway, friend, have a nice day.


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  1. Vanessa says:

    So… Looked up my name, and its a deep mulberry. Perfect. Also my best friend is getting married (though she spells her name Cassondra and not Cassandra) BUT I know what I’m getting her for her bridal shower 😉

  2. Alison M says:

    I love Buxom products and the fact they have 100 real-people names is so much fun. The downside is that my parents chose one ‘l’ in my name so I’ll never have one spelled right 🙁
    Alison M recently posted … Becca Radiant Skin Satin Finish Foundation in Olive Review and Swatches

  3. Miki says:

    I’ve always loved these things and I don’t know why since they never have my name…I hope a cosmetics company in Japan does this one day…
    Miki recently posted … A FOTD Featuring MAC’s Plumage and NYX’s Maple Blondie

  4. Divya says:

    Thats so cool! and how have they managed 100 different shades!
    Divya recently posted … Eye makeup for Dummies!

  5. Oh wow, so cool! 😀 I wonder what they got for Melissa… I hope it’s coral!
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in In The Buff & Paradiso

  6. Allison C says:

    OMG, I’m a sucker for stuff with my name on it, and it looks like they even spelled Allison correctly, lol! I’ve gotta go see what shade it is!
    Allison C recently posted … Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

  7. Erin says:

    I didn’t see my name, boo!
    Erin recently posted … Hogue Cellars 2010 Genesis Meritage Review

  8. Rhea says:

    I like Buxom glosses as they are quite minty and refreshing but they are also quite thick and sticky which I don’t prefer. I think it’s cute how many names,colors, and styles there are! Like usual probably won’t find my name;/ hehe
    Rhea recently posted … Silver Metalic Smokey Eye Tutorial

  9. nadia says:

    Really? They have Kanani, but not Nadia? They never put Nadia on anything name related. Oh well 🙁

  10. Ruchita says:

    These look fun! I’ll have to check them out next time I’m at Sephora. Of course, I don’t think they will have one with my name. 🙂 When I was a kid, it always bummed me out when I couldn’t find a trinket with my name.

    I hear ya on the cat mom guilt. Unfortunately, our yard is a muddy mess so it’s difficult to even take Mingy on a walk. In my dream house, I’d have a giant outdoor cat enclosure connected to the house so the cats could come and go as they please!

  11. gio says:

    This is such a cool idea. And wow, that’s a lot of shades!
    gio recently posted … Can Skin Actives Antioxidant Serum With Glutaredoxin And SOD Protect Skin From Enviromental Damage?

  12. Kalli says:

    I didn’t expect to see my name, but my middle name is there! Katherine with K is way cooler than C, haha (JK!) Knowing myself, I’ll probably pick it up because I can never have enough lipgloss.
    Kalli recently posted … Getting ELECTRIC with Urban Decay’s Pressed Pigment Palette

  13. If only there was one with my name on it.
    Rikki Poynter recently posted … My Favourite Blending Eyeshadows: MAC, MUFE, Inglot, Urban Decay

  14. Sylirael says:

    Sadly, Sylirael was not on the list, for some reason 😛 my alter ego name was, although not really a colour I’d gravitate to…

    I love the idea, though. I just wish they weren’t plumping. Plumping things always do the strangest stuff to my lips, like only plump the very outer edge (not a good look ,LOL!)
    Sylirael recently posted … Battles of the Rogue Grad Student – An Everyday Makeup Look

  15. Chelsea says:

    I’m not a gloss girl, and there’s no Chelsea, but I’d probably pick up “Bunny” if I was into gloss, LOL.

    Halfway through the week and I’m already exhausted, going to bed early tonight (especially since a certain pet kitty thinks it’s appropriate to wake me up almost an hour before my alarm)

  16. Vanessa says:

    Ah Karen — is Tabs an indoor cat now because of coyotes?

    Thanks for sharing — but I think this collection is a pass for me. It’s not what I’d like to pay for lipgloss and I’m not really a fan of the cartoons. Just my preference 🙂

    • Vanessa says:

      I’m sorry, but allow me the mini-rant — in any of the cartoons, are the women being professional, adventurous, strong, creative, or athletic? And what are the chances of me liking the one or two colors with a descent cartoon?

      Yes, I’m a make-up wearing and make-up buying woman. It seems that some companies like the advertise mostly through sex, and I’m going to keep not buying such products until companies (hopefully) get the message.

      • Krystina says:

        I don’t mean to be rude, but the line is called “Buxom,” so it wouldn’t make sense to have cartoons of athletes, businesswomen, etc. They showed ‘buxom’ women in lingerie, which is appropriate given the brand.

        I also don’t know why women owning their sexuality can’t be empowering as well.

  17. kitkatnef says:

    These sound great! And luckily there’s a Sephora opening up in my hood tomorrow!!

  18. Fancie says:

    LOL this is so cute! I know I wouldn’t find my name but I love the idea anyway. I wonder what color my middle name might be!
    Fancie recently posted … Fancie Faves

  19. Cindy says:

    Maybe they have my name..Cindy! I’ll have to go and check it out

    Cindy’s Little Black Book

  20. Goossh.. thats so cool.. to get a lippie of your name!! 😀
    Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters recently posted … What Am I Wearing Today: Kareena Kapoor Inspired Look

  21. realitygreene says:

    Ohhhh they have Alyssa! And it’s a pretty color! 😀 So happy! They also have Brandi and Cassandra, my cousins/besties. The Brandi shade is very vampy which is so fitting for her. I’m very jealous of all the reds especially Taylor. So pretty!

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