Burt’s Bees Super Shiny Mini Gloss Collection: Good Things Come in Small Packages

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Do good things come in small packages? I think so! Consider Burt’s Bees Super Shiny Natural Lip Gloss ($15).


The set comes with four 0.3-oz mini-tubes of Burt’s Super Shiny Lip Gloss, each packed with hydrating sweet almond oil and made with 100% all natural ingredients. Even though they apply thin, they keep my lips moisturized and kissably soft. They’re not sticky at all, and I even like the light citrus flavor and scent, so I’m giving this set two (admittedly miniature) thumbs up. 🙂

  • Nectar Nude: sheer shimmery cool pink
  • Pucker Berry: sheer shimmery peach
  • Sweet Pink: sheer shimmery pink berry-brown
  • Zesty Red: sheer shimmery brick red

I think these are great weekend lip shades, very casual, with lots of shiny, sheer color.

From left to right: Nectar Nude, Pucker Berry, Sweet Pink, Zesty Red

The Mini Collection comes boxed and ready to be stuffed into stockings, maybe as a gift for your homegirl who always moans about perpetually dry lips (everyone has at least one of these friends, yah?). I’m thinking it might also make a good gift for my mum because she doesn’t really wear a lot of makeup but likes natural-looking lipglosses and lipsticks.

More Mini-Madness

In part of my ongoing transformation into a CCL (that’s Crazy Cat Lady, yo), I’ve been looking at random pictures and videos of cats online.

What do you think of these munchkin cats? Their legs are even shorter than mine, LOL!

I found a gazillion videos of them on youtube…



Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Katee says:

    I love those lip glosses! They look great. a

    Katee´s last blog post..NOTD and My Kids

  2. Brittany says:

    I love pretty much everything from Burt’s Bees and these look really nice. I think I’ll put those on my wish list for Christmas 😛

    And as a fellow CCL in the making (or maybe I’m already there, I probably shouldn’t kid myself), I have to say that munchkin cats are adorable, but I refuse to buy pets. My cat was a stray and all of the other animals I’ve ever had have come from animal shelters, strays, or been “free”, so that I doubt I’ll be getting a cat like that anytime soon.

  3. p. potter says:

    I love cats. All kinds.

    And those lipglosses aren’t too bad, either! hah!

    p. potter´s last blog post..Modern Inconvenience

  4. Arianne says:

    The first one is a Scottish Fold breed. I totally want one when I get my own place. Here’s another one: Click me.

    They’re so cuuute. 🙂

    Arianne´s last blog post..Proclaiming my Love for NARS Sertao.

  5. Arianne says:

    Link wasn’t working anymore.. but <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNS6SUe-kGc”this one is!

    Arianne´s last blog post..Proclaiming my Love for NARS Sertao.

  6. RetroRiotGrrrl says:

    i love those munchkin kitties i fell in love with them about 4 yrs ago i want to get some to match my corgis lol

  7. Miss QQ says:

    Hi Karen. The lip glosses look fun and easy to use! I don’t know about the munchkin cats. They look cute but with their short legs, these cats have lost their sexy “cat walk”. 😉 I used to be a dog person but I’m liking cats a lot now.

  8. Rachel H. says:

    As a fellow CCL, I love all those videos and spend way too much time watching them when I should be writing papers!

    This is one of my favorite videos. It always makes me tear up a little!


  9. Luv J says:

    OMG the little kitty on the first vid! I wanna stick that baby in my pocket!!!

  10. Karen says:

    Hi Katee,


  11. Karen says:

    Hi Brittany,

    Me too! Have you used their body lotions? I love ’em!

    Ha! I think I am on the CCL fast track. 🙂 All of my pets have been strays, too… if/when Tabs gets a sibling chances are it’ll be another stray.

  12. Karen says:

    Hi P. Potter,

    🙂 I love all cats. Well, most cats. There’s a cat who lives in the neighborhood who is a bully! He’s big, fluffy and black with white paws. I’ve named him Thug, because he’s always picking fights with Tabs.

    I’ve tried many times to take his picture but he always runs away from me! Me thinks he knows I’m an overprotective cat mom.

  13. Karen says:

    Hi Arianne,

    Ahh! Cute! I like it when they sit up on their back legs. 🙂

  14. Karen says:

    Hi RetroRiotGrrrl,

    You should! You’ll have a whole family of short-legged animal cuties!

  15. Karen says:

    Hi Miss QQ,

    They are! I like them for weekend days when I’m feeling low maintenance. Next time I travel I’m going to bring them on the plane with me because they’re so hydrating. 🙂

    I’m also a dog person, too! Do you have any pets?

  16. Karen says:

    Hi Rachel H.,

    Thank you for sharing that video. I’d never heard of Cerebellar Hypoplasia before. I got a lil’ teary when I watched it, too.

  17. Karen says:

    Hi Luv J.,

    🙂 Me too! I think Tabs would be a lil’ jealous, though.

  18. Mariah says:

    HOMG! That first videooo…. I thought I might die! It’s so cute, I almost cried! WTF! Are they bred this way, or are they just like “little people” for cats?

    Is it a deformation?? The last vid almost made me feel sorry for them!

    But that one with the folded ears??? OMGCUTE.

    Mariah´s last blog post..Happy Turkey Day!!

  19. Marisol says:

    Wow these products look great.

    Marisol´s last blog post..TILT 11.27.08

  20. Ellery says:

    I love how they look on your lips, the shine is really nice, but I’ve always felt weird about using natural products. I don’t know why but I just can’t make myself do it. 🙁

    Those cats are adorable! My friend is currently looking for one! I feel kinda mean for them since they have such short legs though.

    Ellery´s last blog post..Say hi to my new best friend

  21. yadiq says:

    i love these little kitties!

    they are so cute!

    i love their chubby little legs they are kinda like mine lol

  22. Tekoa says:

    Those are Munchkin cats, main distinctive trait being…well…very short legs. It is a mutation, but saying that not all “differences in genetics” are bad. Manx cats have a spinal cord mutation that causes them to not have a full tail. They’re a healthy breed. Supporters of the Munchkin breed claim that the short legs have no (or few) adversive consequences for the cats. Since Munchkins are such a new breed, we’ll have wait and see.

    That’s your biology lesson for the day!

  23. Dao says:

    I think I need to get these Burt’s Bees glosses. They look so cute! I love that first vid but don’t know if I like munchkins though. Their short legs may carry too much weight on their bodies.

  24. cloudburst says:

    That little kitten looks like a Scottish Fold & a Munchkin! They are cute but only if the breeding practices keep them healthy.

  25. Jennifer says:

    i like burts bees.. but too bad they dont come with spf.. or at least it doesnt say

  26. Eva says:

    I have to say, I feel sorry for the kitties…I don´t know why people have to breed animals like that.. Shar Pais, dachshounds, pugs, even Great Danes or St Bernhards..they all get more or less severe health problems because of the way they are bred..
    I thought those naked cats or Persians were the worst when it comes to cat breeding, but this??
    A cat is a very athletic animal – would these even be able to jump a fence or cimb a tree if they get in trouble??
    Sorry, but I def. prefer Tabs! :o)

  27. maeve says:

    aww those kitties are so cute! yet i feel bad for them :(. i want one!

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