Barbie Loves Stila: What Would You Get?

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Dag nabbit! The new limited edition Barbie Loves Stila Decades of Beauty cans, which launched today on Sephora’s website, are already sold the eff out. *tears*


Instead of pulling the trigger this morning and hitting the check out button, I took my sweet ole’ time. I watched a Tivo’d episode of last night’s The Mentalist (so good) while I gnawed on some garlic naan, thinking that I had all day to make a decision. LOL, I was sooo wrong!

Am I the only one who missed out? Perhaps a round of WHAT WOULD YOU GET? will help ease our pain.

The four Decades of Beauty cans ($40 each) include:

  • #1 Ponytail Doll (1959): Ponytail lip color (red), Liquid Eye Liner, 3-pan compact with two eye shadows and a cheek color, Look Book
  • Malibu Doll (1971): Malibu Lip Glaze (pale pink), Lash Visor Mascara, 3-pan compact with two eye shadows and a bronzer, Look Book
  • Foxy Doll (1980): Foxy Lip Glaze, Lash Visor Mascara, a 3-pan compact with two eye shadows and a cheek color, Look Book
  • Jewel Doll (2000): Jewel Lip Glaze (bright pink), Multi-Effect Mascara, 3-pan compact with two eye shadows and a cheek color, Look Book

Your mission: choose one of the four Barbie Loves Stila Decades of Beauty cans to take home with your virtual cash!

How often do you go to bed without removing your makeup?

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I guess I’ll just have to wait for February, which is when the collection (which also includes a talking palette) arrives at Sephora stores.

Until then, I’ll take one can of virtual Foxy, please. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. lexi says:

    damn it!!! and just the other night we were ‘oohing and awing’ the foxy tin – WTF???? i’ll have to contact my sephora hookup!!!!

  2. Faye says:

    That ho Barbie! I thought she loved MAC, but here she is declaring her affections for Stila :).

    There are things I like from each cannister. I wish they sold the collection separately so you could pick and choose!

  3. Julia says:

    I kept checking all day, and it always said OOS. When *was* it in stock??

  4. Brenda says:

    Oh wow….that was FAST!
    Karen do you know if Stila eyeshadows would fit into a MAC palette? I’m a bit crazy and like having my eyeshadows separated by colour, when it’s not in my palettes I don’t use it.

  5. Okami says:

    A lot of times Sephora will put items up on the site before they’re available for sale (don’t know why) and they’ll be “temporarily out of stock” for a few days and then they’ll update their system and you can buy! It’s happened to me a lot with brand new launches of products (the ones I want most, naturally!).

  6. Tiera says:

    Wowzers, Foxy sure is popular! I’m a little hesitant about the Foxy lip glaze… looks a little bright! I voted for Jewel!

    Tiera´s last blog post..Scott Barnes Cosmetics on “Hiatus”

  7. Karen4 says:

    Not being a “pink” person, I like “Foxy” the best. The lip glaze looks similar to MAC’s “Red Devil” lipglass, though.

  8. YadiQ says:


    i am passing on the barbie for stila stuff

    it all looks so cute buti cant work the stila textures – i dont know what it is i am really starting to
    think i am an alien lol cause everyone here seems to rave about stila !!!

  9. Karen B says:

    I like Jewel 🙂 It makes me think of my Icon 🙂

    Karen B´s last blog post..a thought

  10. Tania says:

    I saw this somewhere else and totally bugged out! Ok as a mixed raced sistah I always wanted a mixed race Barbie friend. As someone said on another blog the black girl was always named Christie so I don’t think there was ever a foxy barbie. Unless she’s totally doing the whole blackface thing which is really really bad. Anyway’s rant over I would buy the “Foxy” one because I really like that doll I mean her dress and ‘fro and all I just love. Growing up I didn’t like blonde Barbie because well I’m not blonde at all I always got Kiera, Theresa, Christie, Ken, and Steven. I had one blonde Barbie and she lived a bad life! I digress…
    Anyway’s I’m not getting any of ’em cuz I loved how ambiguous MAC did there’s ya know Barbie in everyone. I like the idea and all.

  11. Louise Gray says:

    What is all this about Barbie Dolls and Smurfs (Two Faced cosmetics)? I’m too old for that mess!!! LOL What were they thinking? I’ll be passing those by for something more sophisticated.

  12. Tanya says:

    Gah!!! I’m so torn. I love the look Ponytail Barbie can, but I don’t think that blue shade is going to work for me. I would hate to buy the set and not use one item. That being said, I LOVE the shades for the 2000 Barbie ♥ I’ll probably end up getting the latter for actual use and if I’m crazy enough, get the Ponytail set for looksies 😀

    Tanya´s last blog post..Jumping on the Bandwagon: EcoTools Brushes

  13. Amanda says:

    i didn’t vote, ’cause I want the talking palette. I like all the cans but I’m just so-so on the products within. (which is weird since I love stila! maybe it’s because these are all similar to things I have).

  14. Dode says:

    Stila wheres the “Whitney” barbie can for latina’s with olive skin tones?

  15. Michelle says:

    That’s what i’m saying Dode!

    It was hard for me to choose. I basically voted for the Jewel but I love the Ponytail canister. I just don’t think i’d ever wear that red lipstick. Like someone else said, I wish I coulp pick and choose something from each set.

  16. tatiana says:

    I’d get the 1980’s one but I don’t think that’s representative of the actual Barbies I played with. Mine were all white! Sad…and I only had one Ken doll. He was the dad and boyfriend to all of the Barbies.

  17. Tekoa says:

    None of the above. I thought Barbie was silly as a child since she couldn’t stand upright on her own.

  18. Apple Diva says:

    I love the Foxy Barbie can, but I love the Malibu e/s more! So I am ok that I missed out on the LE.

    Apple Diva´s last blog post..Smashbox : Beauty Blowout Sale

  19. Tiffany says:

    Oh boo! I saw these online yesterday, and they said unavailable but I assumed they just weren’t released yet 🙁 I really want the jewel set!

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