Aren’t These L’Oreal Midnight Muse Collection Shadow Duos Kinda HiP?

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The L’Oreal Midnight Muse HiP Studio Secrets Professional Shadow Duos, clockwise from bottom left: Moon Goddess, Luna Noir, Enchantress, Dark Wave

It’s not like I needed another reason to swing by the drugstore, aka my home away from home, but these limited edition $8 L’Oreal HiP Studio Secrets Professional Shadow Duos gave me one anyway.


Here are four of the six HiP (High Intensity Pigments) Studio Secrets from the Midnight Muse collection that arrived on counters in September.

Clockwise from bottom left: Moon Goddess, Luna Noir, Enchantress, Dark Wave

I love their names…Moon Goddess, Luna Noir, Enchantress and Dark Wave. Don’t they sound like a coven of witches (BOO!)?

Clockwise from bottom left: Moon Goddess, Luna Noir, Enchantress, Dark Wave

Moon Goddess (two shades on left) and Luna Noir (two shades on right)

Enchantress (two on left) and Dark Wave (two on right)

Most of these are highly pigmented (hello, Enchantress!). Moon Goddess, however, looks quite sheer.


Not bad for less than $10 for two shadows, yah?

The colors seem really exciting and edgy to me. Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll test them for texture and wear time in an upcoming face of the day. πŸ™‚

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Have you tried any of L’Oreal’s other HiP products before? What did you think of those?


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  1. Lucia says:

    Enchantress looks very similar to the Bordello and Perversion shades in UD BOSIII!

  2. lexi says:

    Wow – surprisingly pretty.

  3. Lisa S. says:

    Love to see a face of the day using Enchanted or Dark Wave. Also I’ve never tried L’oreals
    Hip line and am really interested to see what you think.

  4. Nina says:

    i stopped @ CVS on my way to work today to grab a gatorade and i was totally eyeballing these babies. theyre so pretty and the HIP duos are almost always pretty pigmented! im loving luna noir! πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      Just drop the eyeshadow ban already!! You know resistance is futile.

      BTW, I’m a Fruit Punch Gatorade kinda gal. πŸ˜€ Although it stains teeth like crazy!

      • Nina says:

        hahaha — youre prolly right too, y’know! πŸ˜€

        ill see how far i can go. im picking up stuff @ the mac counter tomorrow … thats always trouble. there’s a target and a sephora in the same mall. πŸ˜›

        HiP is an awesome line: they make this paint type of thing that i love to use as bases; they also have loose pigment and their eyeliners are pretty good! πŸ™‚

  5. wow I love enchantress and Moon Goddess

  6. Vonvon says:

    These are really pretty! Too bad L’Oreal doens’t carry HiP range in Malaysia.
    Vonvon recently posted … Photos: Hauls Urban Decay Loves NYC amp Sleek MakeUp Shimmer Blush

    • Karen says:

      That’s a bummer, Vonvon. πŸ™

    • Tasha says:

      join the club, singapore just brought in the HiP range and it’s just unacceptable compared to canada & the USA πŸ™ but i picked up three duos from canada and i absolutely love them they’re amazing.

      • meimei says:

        I live in the Philippines, and the only way I could get anywhere to scoring the HIP line is through “online retail” importers on Multiply. Since I don’t live in Manila (and hate driving around it more so), I’ll have to wait until L’Oreal Asia gets their act together on that end.

        Funny enough, though, we do get the same Revlon stuff that’s available Stateside, down to the wide range of colors. And I’ve always found that the Asian version of Maybelline actually has more interesting cosmetics – if not flat-out better – than their American counterparts. Who knew?
        meimei recently posted … Video Style Moments- Part 3- Airplanes by BoB Feat Hayley Williams of Paramore

        • Karen says:

          Hi Meimei,

          Isn’t the traffic around Manila crazy? When I was there ten years ago I nearly had a heart attack every time I had to get in a car with someone.

  7. oooh, enchantress is gorgeous!! but ive never really been able to pull off pinks, i always look ill πŸ™
    aquamarine565 recently posted … Dior Serum de Rouge Luminous Color Lip Treatment Review

  8. Styrch says:

    Totally interested in Enchantress and Luna Noir. Those look gorgeous!
    Styrch recently posted … Kate Spade Bag Are they for real

  9. Vesna says:

    I’ve tried some shades, I actually still have them, but I used them only once which reminds me that I could use them again some time soon. πŸ™‚
    Vesna recently posted … Winged Eyeliner Look

  10. Trisha says:

    I really like the color payoff you get with L’Oreal HiP. And it’s also super easy to blend. I might have to try out some of these LE shades.

    Yay for drugstores!
    Trisha recently posted … Nails of the Day: Tapping Nails

  11. Vixxan says:

    L’oreal Hip is one of my favorite brands. The eye shadows are incredible.
    Vixxan recently posted … Giveaway Rock amp Republic Blush Bedroom

  12. Kelley says:

    Dark wave please! it looks soo cool with the molten/bronze colour. im really tempted to run out and grab it right now ><
    Kelley recently posted … Marie Claire and other such niceties

    • Karen says:

      That one’s getting a lot of votes! I’m gonna have to do it!

      How’s your Wednesday going, Kelley?

      • Kelley says:

        YES! im wednesday is okay, just found out that i can make a playlist on youtube (im so behind on utube) and writing apps for next year. final yr in my undergrad u see ><
        Kelley recently posted … Marie Claire and other such niceties

        • Karen says:

          I didn’t know you could make playlists on youtube! Is it hard?

          Where are you applying to school?

          • Kelley says:

            nope, with a youtube account, on the bottom of video it says ‘add to playlist’ and from there u can make as many as u want πŸ™‚

            across canada and some in the states. not enough schools and too many ppl applying = nervous-ness ><
            Kelley recently posted … Akh Mastani

          • Karen says:

            Oh cool. Unfortunately I’m afraid my playlist would just be an endless supply of bad ’80s hip hop, haha!

            Re: school — it’s a good idea to apply to several, along with a handful of “backup” schools. And you can always transfer if you don’t get into your top choice right off the bat. One thing I didn’t realize when I was young that you always, ALWAYS have options.

  13. Samiee Dee says:

    I have a couple of the HiP duos and I love them! They go on smooth and the colors are awesome. Although, I am not a fan of wearing blue and pink together so why those 2 are in a set I dunno…. but I am sooooooo excited to add a few more to my collection!

  14. Shannon says:

    Yes! I wanna see ’em πŸ™‚ Expecially Luna Noir and Enchantress.
    I have 2 HiP duos, one in shimmery yellow/matte bright purple, and one in a shimmery medium purple/matte dark purple. The lighter colors were a little disappointing; they didnÒ€ℒt pack much pigment at ALL. The darker purples, though, can be really pretty. They donÒ€ℒt feel quite as luxurious as some of the more expensive shadows I have, but IÒ€ℒm pretty sure I got them on sale. Not too shabby.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Shannon,

      Oh, I remember seeing that yellow and purple one but being skeptical of the pigment. Do you ever wear the yellow color? I’d be too afraid.

      • Kelley says:

        i got that one. i found that the yellow went on amazing-ly, it built up really nicely from a shimmer to OMG, but the purple i just couldn’t get enough pigment out of. it was really really REALLY sheer no matter how many times/ways i tried to darken it up. :/ maybe i got the random weird one?

  15. Ru says:

    Hmmm, can they be worn wet?

  16. gio says:

    Enchantress is gorgeous! Too bad the HiP range isn’t available here. πŸ™
    gio recently posted … Do false lashes in mascara ads annoy you

  17. Kim says:

    My eye went right to Enchantress too. πŸ™‚ Btw, we’re having a weather reversal again. It’s been nearly 70 here for the past 2 days. Crazy, considering it was 38 on Sunday!

    • Karen says:

      Um, can we trade? Because it’s cold, overcast and about to pour buckets! Tabs is NOT happy.

      • Kim says:

        It’s so weird, isn’t it? It’s been known to snow here for Halloween. Then again, it still might! That’s really cool about your boat party, btw. I hope you guys have a great time (and don’t forget to take pics)!

  18. Ashley says:

    Enchanted.. I want, must get!
    You gotta wear it in a FOTD, it’s too pretty to not wear.

  19. MONICA_MAUI says:

    i’m obssessed with HIP eyeshadows! i might just pick up Luna Noir. i’m liking the warm, almost rusty red, type of browns lately.

    • Karen says:

      Hey, hey, Maui!

      Which HiPs are your faves? Inquiring minds wanna know!

      • MONICA_MAUI says:

        so far, i have Showy, Sassy, Gilded & Electrified.
        Showy is the perfect blue for my skin tone
        Electrified has this silver that is great for my tear duct.
        Gilded has this black shadow with slight gold shimmer and this tru gold shadow.
        These shadows are sooo great that i almost feel bad paying only $8 for them, hahaha

        • Karen says:

          Showy seems to get a LOT of love! I know it’s very popular amongst the girls who love their brights.

          I think it’s cool that L’Oreal has done more more artsy, edgy things in the last few years. There was a time when you’d never, NEVER see a bright yellow or teal shadow in the L’Oreal section.

          • MONICA_MAUI says:

            This is true. Oh and their Infallible lipsticks = love!!!
            I wear their exclusive Target Red like everyday cuz it really doesn’t transfer anywhere else. One lady on the train asked me what was on my lips that there are NO red marks on my coffee straw. I told her proudly that it was LOreal, loL!

  20. Saffron says:

    Oooh neat! I have a few HIP products, they have some shadows that aren’t half bad copies of nars shadows – less pigmented but not horrible, if you can snag ’em on sale it’s a small tradeoff to get to wear some funky color. I mean, if I lived my dream life I’d totally sport “Rated R” every day, but until then $30 is a lot to shell out.. πŸ˜›

    I wish the payoff in Dark Wave was better – on the surface it has the potential to be a kick butt rajasthan alternative.

    The HIP loose shadow pigments are freaking dynamite – they’ve got a perfect copycat for MAC’s blue brown pigment – it makes a killer smokey eye for paler folks.

  21. These shadows are gorgeous! I haven’t seen these in my local drugstore but, I must have dark wave Soon πŸ™‚

  22. Lindsay says:

    Very pretty! I’m totally digging enchantress. I’ve never tried any HIP products before.
    Lindsay recently posted … MAC A Tartan Tale Haul and Swatches

    • Karen says:

      Hi Lindsay,

      I’ve tried some of the shadows from the permanent line and they’re not bad. I can’t wait to dig into these colors though!

      How’s your day going?

  23. Etsy Breslin says:

    I love HIP! I use SmashBox and Mac gel eyeliners, but they were so expensive and dried out quickly and the Hip cream eyeliner is huggeeee, very creamy and stays all day. The shadows are nice too, but I prefer Mac’s.

  24. Myr says:

    L’Oreal HiP Lip Jelly in Plush! My favorite lip product. Does anyone know if these are discontinued? I have like five backups, but I can’t find them anymore.

  25. Rachel says:

    I love the HiP shadows! I think my favorite is Sassy (a satin taupe type color…which I actualy like better than satin taupe and a tealish color) Puurty!

  26. Courtnie says:

    Ahh Karen. You always find a way to blog about something I can easily grab right before I get paid haha πŸ™‚ I have quite a few of the hip duos. Can’t decide which ones I like better though. In most I like one color but not the other. The Hard Candy duos are awesome too!

  27. mzjoozy says:

    OMG!! i love you Karen! i always come to your site and learn a lot of new things and also inspires me to pursue my makeup dreams πŸ˜‰ did I say Filipina power?? YAY!

  28. megan says:

    Glad you did a review on these. I found at my BX on base didn’t pick any up and I haven’t found them anywhere else. I thought I was losing my mind!

  29. AshBash says:

    i like the hip duos, however, i dont like how they ALWAYS pair so many colors with a black shadow.
    AshBash recently posted … My 1st Homemade Halloween

  30. Lisa Marie says:

    I have several HIP eyeshadows but have never tried any of their other products. I love Sassy–it is the perfect taupe to accent my brown eyes and I use the teal as a liner. The only HIP shadow I didn’t like was their crystal eyeshadows. The colors aren’t as “true” on my fair skin as in the pan and have horrible fallout with them as well. Out of these limited edition colors I lust after enchantress! All of them are worthy of my fancy, though. I keep wondering if I am missing out by not having any of their powder pigments. Has anyone worn the eye pencils?

  31. Phyrra says:

    The names are awesome, especially since I like Darkwave music. I think Moon Goddess and Enchantress are the two I like the best in the pix. From your swatches I think I’d like to see Enchantress the most.
    Phyrra recently posted … Fyrinnaes Winter

  32. marisol says:

    I have several HIP duos and never reach for them. Thanks for the reminder. I may use one tomorrow.
    marisol recently posted … My first work out

  33. Lauren says:

    These look nice, but are they repromotes/renames of old shadow duos? I’d swear up and down that Moon Goddess is the same as the old Concentrated Shadow Duo in Rascal (because Rascal is sitting right next to me, haha), but I’m not sure about the rest.

    I’m still coveting Dark Wave, though!

  34. meibaola says:

    Enchantress! Enchantress! Enchantress! I’d love to see a FOTD with that πŸ˜€ I need a new dark grey e/s, I think that would be a good excuse to grab this πŸ˜›

  35. knownever says:

    I’ve always felt that Hip shadows, and hip products in general really, are a little overpriced. The quality is better than most drugstore stuff, but not really better ENOUGH, you know? Eh, maybe I’m just resentful of the ever rising prices of drugstore cosmetics.

  36. Liz Craig says:

    I LOVE HiP!! I have a collection of them, they’re fun and affordable!

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