50% Off Cargo Cosmetics at Sephora.com

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Heads up, bargain hunters. There’s a huge sale on Cargo cosmetics over at Sephora.com, with products discounted up to 50 percent. A friend of mine who works there told me they’re phasing the line out of stores, so stock up! Pick up the Tahiti Color Eyeshadow Palette, on sale for $14, before it’s going, going, gone (see it in action here and here).


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  1. Tiffany says:

    I looooove CARGO. I bought, like 6 things when I noticed the sale. I’m sad they’re not gonna be sold through Sephora anymore 🙁

    • Karen says:

      Yeah, I know. I always liked their eyeshadows!

      What did you get on sale?

      • Tiffany says:

        Their blushes are tha bomb! Right up there with NARS.

        I picked up back-ups for my blu ray powder, bronzer, and pink highlighter. I also grabbed blushes in rome and miami beach. Oh, and the cool neutral eyeshadow palette 🙂

        • Karen says:

          Oh, nice haul!! The Blu Ray powder is really good — stuff is so finely milled. When does it come in? If you have a camera you better send me a picture, LOL!

          • Tiffany says:

            I loooove the blu ray stuff. That pink highlighter is prolly one of my fave products EVER. Lol, I made 2 orders and already got them both. Ordered some other stuff too, like the new BE buxom balms. I can send you a pic tomorrow of my haulage! For some reason I love seeing pics of other people’s hauls 🙂 so it should be fun to do one of my own!

  2. veronica says:

    Gah! There goes my concealer and powder! Is Cargo going under, or are they just phasing it out of Sephora? I might actually stop using the brand if they’re not at Sephora anymore, it’s too inconvenient.

  3. Katie & Zena says:

    : screams : CARGO SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wait….I don’t have any money!!! Not fair!

    • Karen says:

      I take it you’re a fan, LOL!

      • Katie & Zena says:

        No, I haven’t tried Cargo yet, but who doesn’t like 50%? Now, if it were UD or Illamasqua, there’d be major begging from my standard ATM machine (aka Dad). I all ready told him that I wanted some major nail polish hauling for my birthday, so no cosmetics (rats). I seriously have about 20 polishes on my list and my favorite e-tailer usually is 50% salon or store price which means more polishes for me! I think nail polish is becoming an addiction. I’ve never had as many as I do now (I have about 40…I think).

  4. kristen says:

    what else would you recommend from that brand? I need to buy some make up that’s at a good price!
    .-= kristen’s last blog post… Quinn Fabray Braids Part 2! =-.

  5. Jenny says:

    This sale started about a week ago. i did get two blushes, 2 powders, and a bronzer too! im excited to finally try their famous bronzer =)

  6. Steph B says:

    I had a moment of panic about not being able to pick up Faith lipstick anymore but then I remembered they carry Cargo at my nearby Beauty 360. I’ll just have to pick up a tube or two to keep me going in the meantime.

  7. Yao says:

    I already got some stuff! Heh. I ordered the Tahiti and Baja eyeshadow palettes, a BeachBlush, and one of their classic lip gloss duos in a tin. I can’t wait ’til they get here! 😀

  8. Kymberlee says:

    The salesperson at Sephora said that Laura Gellar was going away also. It’s going to be sold in CVS (can you believe it). When I went last week, Laura Gellar’s line was on sale for 30% off.

  9. rasilla says:

    its not going under, but apparently will be sold at jc penny exclusively.
    which is always nice, but the 50% is pretty awesome.
    unfortunately its been going on for some time, and most of the stores in Toronto Canada
    were sold out of all the good stuff :T

  10. babyu21 says:

    Wow I didn’t know they were not selling Cargo in the stores anymore.
    .-= babyu21’s last blog post… Camera Ready =-.

  11. Kat says:

    Have no fear! You’ll still be able to find your favorite CARGO products nationwide at CVS Beauty 360, Ulta, Ulta.com, Independent Beauty Boutiques, Sephora Inside JC Penney – and even on QVC. As CARGO’s relationship with Sephora continues to evolve, CARGO will become a top feature brand at Sephora Inside JC Penney. In fact, by the end of 2010, over 200 Sephora Inside JC Penney stores are expected to carry the full range of CARGO products.

    Also, CARGO make-up will continue to be sold at Sephora stores in the following markets: UK, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and the Middle East.

  12. resham says:

    Everthing that i want is sold out…:(
    I read this just an hour ago….

  13. resham says:

    Cargo is a lovely brand. I love their blushes….why is sephora doing this???
    .-= resham’s last blog post… Haiti Needs Prayers, Love and Donations… =-.

  14. Shivotra says:

    I was at Sephora today and the lady just pointed me out to CARGO. To be honest, I never bought anything from the brand before, but I loooove the blushes and bronzers I took home with me. the colors are really pretty and blend very nicely with the skin. Sucks they are not going to be sold at sephora anymore.
    .-= Shivotra’s last blog post… MAC in Lillyland <3 =-.

  15. diane says:

    Thanks for telling this, I’m off to their website!
    .-= diane’s last blog post… My new discovery: High Heeled Art =-.

  16. M says:

    I can’t believe Sephora is discontinuing Cargo. I love it and so do the people that work at Sephora. Any time I ask for a suggestion on a particular product, more times than not, they suggest Cargo. And now they are discontinuing??? Does seem to make sense 🙁

  17. LiLi says:

    Love, Love, LOOOOVE the Tahiti palette. Thanks again for the great recomendations!!!! So pumped.

    Bring on summertime!!

  18. Nina says:

    I might end up online shopping instead … so Cargo … here i come! 😛

  19. Saku says:

    Sephora are losing good brands. Nice sale, but too bad I’m broke.

  20. Toni says:

    I went yesterday and bought the Warm Neutral eye palette and the last Sunset Beach blush. I am hoping to go back tomorrow and pick up a Plant Love lipstick and the Big Bronzer if there are any left. I absolutely love the Warm Neutral palette and I think I love this better than any of my MAC shadows!

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