3 Fusion Beauty Lip Plumpers Put to the Test

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Olga of Beauty on and out of MakeUpAcademia

Written by OIga

Today Olga of MakeUpAcademia puts her lips on the line in the name of beauty science, testing three Fusion Beauty lip plumpers for today’s guest post.

LIPFusion Lip Plumpers

Many beauty brands carry one lip plumper, if any, but not Fusion Beauty. Known for “fusing beauty with science” and their “tested on scientists, not animals” motto, the company carries many plumping lip products, like the three I recently got the chance to test thanks to a Sephora 500 point perk.


LipFusion XL — Also known as 2x Micro Collagen + HA Advanced Lip Plump, XL is advertized as “a spearmint-flavored nighttime lip plumping therapy.” Despite the way they promote its use, my lips look their plumpy best within the first few hours of application (although the effect does last longer than that). This lip plump feels cool and tingly on my lips but doesn’t hurt like some of the other plumpers I’ve tried. If your lips are very sensitive, I recommend the less tingly LipFusion Infatuation (below), but overall LipFusion XL is the most effective lip plumper I have ever used. It’s clear and works equally well alone or over a lipstick or another gloss. It’s also hydrating and long lasting.

So what’s not to love? How about the price. I don’t see myself paying $50 for the full-size product any time soon, although it would make a great Christmas gift (wink-wink!).


LipFusion XL

LipFusion Infatuation — A slightly less effective (than the XL variety), but cheaper ($29) lip plumper that comes in a range of different colors. My shade is called In The Flesh, and is described as a “sheer natural healthy nude”.

If this is sheer, I wonder what their non-sheer glosses look like! This one, like XL, feels tingly, cooling, and lasts a long time. It’s a hydrating lip plumper that I will likely repurchase once I finish my sample.

LipFusion Infatuation

LipFusion Color Shine Micro Collagen Lip Plump — What an excellent lip gloss (mine is in a gorgeous shade called Crave). It’s hydrating, non-sticky, long-lasting and tastes nice, too, but I didn’t find it to be plumping, tingly, or cooling at all. $38 for a basic lip gloss? Not while I’m in graduate school. 🙂

This swatch was taken after I had LipFusion XL on for an hour, washed it off, and applied LipFusion Color Shine another 10-15 minutes later. The
plumping effect due to XL is still there!

Olga of Beauty on and out of MakeUpAcademia

Written by OIga

This post was written by Olga from MakeUpAcademia, originally from Russia, but currently a graduate student in Baltimore, MD. She is passionate about physics equations, beauty and skincare products, travel photography and her cat Saathi.


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  1. Amy says:

    Every day I thank god and my dad for my pouty mouth. That ‘one body part’ I don’t gripe about. Haha. I also admit that once I heard Kim Kardashian was spokespersoning for Fusion, I logged onto sephora to peruse. (Don’t kill me for loving Kim…she’s everywhere and unavoidable!)… at first I was blown away and-a little angry@ this company’s prices. But for some reason, I am drawn to these glosses of plumpers. Sounds like it may be worth the ‘investement’. Will def be an ‘after the holiday shopping’ purchase. Thx for the review!

  2. rawwrhearts says:

    Either hautelook or beyondtherack has these as their special deal of the day. You should check it out, i’m sure they still have some up for grabs and for a very reasonable deal too.

  3. vonnie says:

    i love the pigment of the Infatuation….rich glosses with good color are definitely faves of mine. can’t do the plumping though, hate the tingle and my lips are full enough lol. good review
    vonnie recently posted … Newly Natural Again – My BFF Did the Big Chop!

  4. Vanessa says:

    Great review! I picked up a full sized tube at Sephora in a pretty nude color when it was their steal of the week for $10! I have full lips, but I love how plumping glosses feel 🙂
    Vanessa recently posted … Coffee Inspired Eyes

  5. Tracy says:

    Great review as always Olga! I love the LipFusion XL but hate the price. Right now The Shopping Channel in Canada has 2 for $54 if anybody in Canada is interested.
    Tracy recently posted … The Solomon Islands Glow Courtesy of Sue Devitt

  6. erica says:

    Your lips look the fullest with the infatuation product, which is the cheapest one! Thx for doing this review!

  7. Ana says:

    I just bought Physician’s Formula (drugstore) Plumping Potion after reading lots of positive reviews on MUA. It’s the best I’ve tried! Although I think the plumping effect is mainly due to the fact that it is such a thick gloss… but it definitely makes your lips look plumper fast!

  8. Kim says:

    I really like Crave – it looks great on you. Totally agree about the $50 price tag for the XL, too. Plumping is a nice feature, but it’s not *that* nice. 🙂

  9. Gloria says:

    The Infatuation contains the same amount of micronized collagen as the XL product, and (supposedly) a technology that promotes fat storage to your lips. The idea is that it’ll lead to poutier lips over time. The price difference is mainly due to the size of the product. The infatuation is also much more pigmented and gives a glassy look. The original glosses are more sheer and instead of the glassy look, has more shimmers in them.

    Oh they all contain hyaluronic acid to help with hydration, which also helps give your lips a plumped look.

    =P I was trained to sell this at the store, and I get asked about the differences between the glosses all the time. Can you tell?
    Gloria recently posted … The Ultimate Skincare Splurge and Investment

    • Olga says:

      Wow Gloria, impressive 🙂 I noticed that at first these two plump about the same, but the effect due to Infatuation only lasted as long as I had it on. The XL product left my lips plumped for hours even after I removed it… Could this be due to an ingredient other than collagen?

      • Gloria says:

        That I have no idea. Supposedly the 2 plumpers contain all the same active ingredients. I wonder if it’s pigments or something else in the gloss that inhibits the Infatuation to keep your lips plumped longer?

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