Bobbi Brown Holiday 2015 Sterling Nights Collection and Holiday Gift Giving Highlights

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Wearing The Rich Caramel Eye Palette, the Blushes from the Deluxe Cheek & Eye Palette, Pink Shimmerbrick and Art Stick in Electric Pink from Bobbi Brown holiday 2015

Wearing The Rich Caramel Eye Palette, the Blushes from the Deluxe Cheek & Eye Palette, Pink Shimmer Brick and Art Stick in Electric Pink from Bobbi Brown Holiday 2015

I prepared a video for this review of the new Bobbi Brown Holiday 2015 collection, including some of my favorite highlights from the launch, but then a gremlin attacked my ankles and forced me to unwittingly erase the memory card. In other words, technical difficulties struck, so now we’re ad libbing video-free, whee!

Yup, just as a friendly reminder from me to you — don’t forget to back up your work early and often.


I’m just sayin’.

With that out of the way, check it out…


The new Bobbi Brown Holiday 2015 collection is divided into two parts — one comprised of gift sets, palettes and brush kits, and and the other a limited edition color collection called Sterling Nights.

We’ll be taking a look at some of the pieces that struck my fancy from both parts of the launch.

First up, Sterling Nights, the color collection. It’s been on counters now for about a month, and Bobbi says that she was inspired to create the collection after a recent trip she took to South Africa.

The look is all about shimmery, jewel-toned smoky eyes, luminous skin and your choice of bright or nude lips.

bobbi brown sterling nights sequin eye shadow

Three of four Bobbi Brown Sterling Nights Holiday 2015 Sequin Eye Shadows, clockwise from the brown pan: Constellation, Moon Rock and Comet ($36 each)

I was struck by how intense the $36 Sequin Eye Shadows are, considering that they’re from Bobbi. Baked shadows with a domed shape, they can be worn wet or dry, and they’re pretty shiny. They also exhibit very little fallout.

For a quick smoky eye, I like to layer them atop a darker base, then buff out the edges.

Also, if you end up grabbing one, be careful. As you can see from the shattered pan of Moon Rock, they’re delicate.

The collection also includes three $35 Face Highlighters in Pink, Seashell and Sunlight Bronze. They’re designed to be able to be worn by people of all skin tones.

I’ve mostly been wearing Pink and Seashell…

bobbi brown face highlighter

Bobbi Brown Sterling Nights Holiday 2015 collection Face Highlighters in Pink and Seashell ($35 each)

Liquid face highlighters with a pearlescent finish, you can either dab them directly on your skin before foundation or tinted moisturize, or after. Or, you can actually mix them directly with your foundation or tinted moisturizer, and then apply that concoction with your base makeup.

I’ve tried them a bunch of different ways, and I don’t have a fave. They’re definitely subtle, and they have a fresh, natural sheen just shy of shiny. I like the results.

The way they look reminds me of the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfectors, but with less pearl. I really like them a lot, although I wish you got more product for the price.

The glass bottle also makes me nervous! I entirely expect to drop one on the floor eventually.

And then there are the $27 Lip Colors.

bobbi brown sterling nights lip color

Three of four Bobbi Brown Sterling Nights Holiday 2015 collection Lip Colors from the left: Nude, Atomic Orange and Vixen Red ($27 each)

One of my favorite things about Bobbi is how she just goes for it when she does bright lip colors, so I’m loving these. They’re just shy of opaque and have a nice sheen to them. Despite having good coverage, they still don’t look heavy on the lips or settle into lip lines, so yay! When it comes to lipsticks for mature lip lovers, Bobbi knows what’s up.

As for the 10 gift sets in the collection, my favorites are the four below, starting with the Rich Caramel Eye Palette ($49).

Mmm… Rich caramel…

bobbi brown rich caramel eye palette

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2015 Rich Caramel Eye Palette ($49)

One of two limited edition eyeshadow palettes in the release (the other, Greystone, has cooler tones of gray and brown), Rich Caramel is the warmer option. It houses two new shades, Rich Caramel Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow and Toasted Cinnamon Sparkle, and three re-promoted colors from the permanent line called Cream, Bellini and Rich Caviar.

I think of Rich Caramel as a weekend, “I gotta get out the door” eye palette because the shades aren’t very high contrast, which means that they don’t require a lot of time to blend. They’re also moderately pigmented, which is another thing that makes them easy to blend.

On top of a primer, the shadows last all day on me and don’t settle into my fine lines.

Perfect for subtle, natural makeup looks. 🙂

bobbi brown holiday 2015 rich caramel eye palette

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2015 Rich Caramel Eye Palette

I know that Bobbi’s propensity for low levels of pigment in her shadows frustrates some makeup lovers who like intense eyeshadows, but ya know…there’s a time and a place for less intense looks, like when I’m chillin’ with my family or going to a meeting for work.

When time is of the essence and/or I’m feeling lazy, these are great.

Just keep that in mind when you check these out and you notice the low level of pigment.

On that note, say howdy to the $85 Deluxe Cheek & Eye Palette.

bobbi brown deluxe eye cheek palette

Bobbi Brown Deluxe Cheek & Eye Palette ($85)

Like Rich Caramel, it’s limited edition, but it contains eight powder eyeshadows and two powder blushes, all of which are designed for all skin tones, but I’m thinking that some of the cooler-toned shades in the two-tiered palette might be slightly more flattering on cool-toned gals.

Most of the powders in the palette are re-promotes, by the way. Both of the blushes, Desert Rose and Pale pink, are re-promotes, as are six of the eight eyeshadows (Ivory, Cement Sparkle, Mica Sparkle, Golden Bronze Metallic, Pale Rose and Caviar). The only new shades are Lilac Haze and Steel Grey.

bobbi brown deluxe eye cheek palette 2

Bobbi Brown Deluxe Cheek & Eye Palette

Like the Rich Caramel Eye Palette, these aren’t pigmented powerhouses. They’re definitely less pigmented than an average product over at MAC or NARS. That said, you can boost ’em by applying them on top of a cream shadow or wetting your brush first, so you do have options.

Regarding the new $47 Shimmer Brick in Pink, it’s a warm, pearly pink, and you know the Shimmer Brick drill — you can use the individual colors as eyeshadows, or swirl them all together and use them as a highlighter, which is how I use them most of the time.

bobbi brown pink shimmer brick

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2015 Shimmer Brick in Pink ($47)

With a finish very much like BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed, the combined highlighter is noticeably shiny and borderline frosty, but you can turn the shimmer up or down. Totally up do you. I like it because of how wondrously good it is to my pores and fine lines.

I also think the combined pinkish highlighter color is super pretty. It has a touch of warm bronze, which really complements pink, peach and bronze blushes.

bobbi brown pink shimmer brick 2

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2015 Shimmer Brick in Pink

Last, but not least, the $61 the Art Stick Trio, which includes three of Bobbi’s full-size, full-coverage Art Stick lipsticks with a matte finish and a creamy formula.

bobbi brown art stick trio

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2015 Art Stick Trio shades from the left in Brown Berry, Electric Pink and Harlow Red ($61)

If you bought each of the Art Sticks separately, they’d be $28 each ($84 for three), so you’re getting a price break-ish, sort of, for three of them with the trio.


I love Bobbi’s Art Sticks. They’re total unsung heroes in her lip line — intense, long wearing and easy to apply, although I think it helps, if you have dry lips like I do, to prep your lips beforehand with a lip balm.

bobbi brown art stick trio

bobbi brown sterling nights lip color

Sterling Nights Holiday 2015 collection Lip Colors from the left in Nude, Atomic Orange and Vixen Red

bobbi brown rich caramel eye palette

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2015 Rich Caramel Eye Palette swatches

bobbi brown deluxe eye cheek palette

Bobbi Brown Deluxe Cheek & Eye Palette swatches

bobbi brown sterling nights sequin eye shadow

Sterling Nights Holiday 2015 Sequin Eye Shadows in Comet (left) and Constellation (right)

bobbi brown pink shimmer brick

From the left: Bobbi Brown Holiday 2015 Shimmer Brick in Pink, and the Sterling Nights Holiday 2015 collection Face Highlighters in Seashell and Pink

If you see anything ya like, the Bobbi Brown Holiday 2015 collection is available meow at Bobbi Brown counters and online.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. hanna says:

    I love those eyeshadows. So pretty!
    hanna recently posted … Outfit: Modest Black Dress + Flats

  2. Hilary says:

    Bobbi Brown is such an amazing brand. That Cheek & Eye palette has colours that are right up my alley, and that shimmer brick is a beaut!

  3. Lulle says:

    I’m curious about these Sequin Eye Shadows, they look great and quite unexpected in a Bobbi Brown lineup. I’ll try to swatch them if I get a chance!
    Lulle recently posted … Too Faced Love Flush Long-Lasting Blush Review: Of Makeup, Hearts and Bunnies

  4. Ooh, those Art Sticks 😍 I bet they’d wear wonderfully over Bobbi’s lip balm! (My favourite lip base.)
    Rae // theNotice recently posted … Estee Lauder New Dimension reviews: Expert Liquid Tape; Shape + Sculpt Face Kit; FW15 previews

  5. Jane says:

    Bobbi’s Holiday Collection kits for 2015 seem to be the same as last year and the year before. I am staying away from pre-set palettes since I find I only use a few shades and eventually dump the rest. Bobbi has lately put too many sparkle or very shimmery shades in her palettes. I would rather create my own. The lip colors and liquid highlighters in the Sterling Nights Collection sound interesting. I like the idea of mixing it with a foundation or moisturizer. Her products have gotten pricey and smaller. I think MAC is a better value, and I have used Bobbi Brown pretty much exclusively for the last 22 years.

  6. Tracey E. says:

    I wanted to love the Sequin Eye Shadows but I returned Constellation. At the counter, the MUA tried various brushes but couldn’t get any discernible color on my eyelids but tons of fallout. With a damp brush, it was much better and I took one home. Within an hour, I had to take it off as the glitter had irritated my eyelids and face. At a different dept store, I inquired about application. Was told to use dry or, if used wet, take product from the outer ring. I declined trying it on again as MUA’s swatch was sheer and glittery. Perhaps it was the inexperience at my regular counter but I had glitter all over me just swatching the colors on my hand/wrist. I returned the eyeshadow. Disappointing!

    Now, the Art Sticks and Luxe Lipsticks are standouts! Harlow Red is super pigmented and shiny, it could be worn on its own, with lipgloss, even toned down with lipstick. Very moisturizing and long lasting. (I own Dusty Pink and love it…probably also found at the CCO). I am loving Red Velvet, Neutral Rose, and Baroque Luxe lipsticks. Baroque paired with Sequin Pink high glitter lip gloss is a stunning combo! Am also enjoying the Pink Glow highlighter repromote from last year as I missed it then.

    • Jane says:

      I have Neutral Rose in the Luxe formula and I love the way it feels on my dry lips. The color doesn’t seem to stay on for more than a few hours, but It does leave a stain on my lips. I am thinking about one of the red shades since I don’t have one in my collection. They are a bit pricey.

      • Tracey E. says:

        I love Neutral Rose. Lots of choice for a red lipstick a Bobbi Brown. I recently bought a Chanel Rouge Double Intensity Ultra Longwear Lip Gloss and it has staying power! Similar to MAC’s Prolongwear Lipgloss that has a pigmented color on one end and gloss on another. There’s still decent pigment after eating and isn’t as drying as MAC’s version, which I love.

  7. Bobby Brown shimmer bricks were the first high-end makeup item I ever picked up, as a treat to myself after a big exam. They are still going strong, although I rarely use highlighter at all.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Inspired by… Chanel Rouge Noir Absolument 2015

  8. I have the eye & cheek palette and the Long-Wear Eye Set and I like ’em!
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | MAC Shaft of Gold In Extra Dimension Skinfinish

  9. Aditi says:

    Everything looks so pretty. Those eyeshadows are super gorgeous! 😀
    Aditi recently posted … Loreal Tint Caresse Orchid Blossom | Review

  10. Kelly B. says:

    Those sequin eye shadows are really pretty! Also, I don’t know how new it is but I’m totally digging the crest on the packaging, it’s definitely not something that every other beauty brand does!
    Kelly B. recently posted … How to Prepare for Holiday Guests

  11. Kim says:

    I immediately liked the Nude Lip Color but was stunned that they would call it Nude. Less stunned when I saw the swatch, but still, the name doesn’t seem descriptive. 🙂

  12. Erin says:

    I’m loving the palette, I agree cool, neutral, and warm shades but all perfect for cool skin tones.
    Erin recently posted … Etat Libre d’Orange Fat Electrician

  13. Fancie says:

    The sequin shadows look so gorgeous! I’m really digging the illuminators and the shimmer brick too. Even though it looks a bit like Sunset Pink. I LOVE Sunset Pink though so I just might get it anyway lol. I’m a sucker for Bobbi now lol
    Fancie recently posted … Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base Review

  14. Lesia says:

    I love, love thus company. I get her products all the time!

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