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Urban Decay UD Gwen Stefani Collection Blush Palette, Lipsticks, Lip Pencils and Brow Box: Review and Observations

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Wearing the UD Gwen Stefani Wonderland Lip Pencil and Lipstick, and the  Blush Palette

Wearing the UD Gwen Stefani collection Blush Palette and Wonderland Lip Pencil and Lipstick

I could go on and on about my super fangirl crush on Gwen Stefani, but I think you and I have already done that dance before, haven’t we?

Yes, I love her — love her look, love her music, love her makeup, LOVE HER. (Note to self: consider dressing up Baby Girl as Gwen Stefani next Halloween, and try to find some red plaid baby pants, ASAP.)

Part two of the Urban Decay UD Gwen Stefani collection drops online tomorrow, and very soon at stores and counters, so grab your L.A.M.B. stilettos (the ones you can barely walk in but love anyways), and let’s do this. bananas bananas 🙂

ud gwen stefani collection

The Urban Decay UD Gwen Stefani collection

Like she did with the eyeshadow palette from part one of the release, Gwen put together a selection of shades that she said she’d want to have with her in her makeup bag. I’ve been wearing the lipsticks and blush palette for the past few days, including that two-day birthing class I think I mentioned, and I think the stunt baby was impressed…

Chillin' with the scary stunt baby

Chillin’ with the scary stunt baby

Er, well…maybe not.

So which of these are worth your time?

UD Gwen Stefani Collection Blush Palette ($45)

ud gwen stefani blush palette

The UD Gwen Stefani Blush Palette

How cool is that packaging for the Blush Palette? I definitely think this one is worth considering, but ideally for lighter lords and ladies.

In the palette you get two powder blushes (a shimmery cool pink and a shimmery golden plum), three powder highlighters (a shimmery golden beige, shimmery peachy beige and an opalescent peachy pink) and a warm matte orangey brown powder bronzer, and while I like how soft the powders feel and how they last all day long, a couple of the colors look — how should I say this? — a tad wonky.

ud gwen stefani blush palette packaging

Packaging for the UD Gwen Stefani Blush Palette

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The Urban Decay UD Gwen Stefani Lipsticks: Swatches!

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ud gwen stefani lipsticks

The eight lipsticks from the new Urban Decay UD Gwen Stefani Collection ($18 each)

GIRL, you know I had to do it. You cannot put all of those juicy reds in front of a girl like me and NOT expect her to at least try on a couple (OK, all) of them.

Here’s the whole batch, swatches of all eight lipsticks from the new Urban Decay UD Gwen Stefani Collection ($18 each).

I have to say, a few of them have me seriously wowed — Firebird, 714, Rock Steady, Spider and Wonderland (basically, all of the opaque shades). They’re all gloriously intense, although, hello! — note to self: use them with their coordinating UD Gwen Stefani Lip Pencils next time, because getting those edges smooth was harder than herding cats.

The sheer shades (Ex-Girlfriend, Phone Call and Plaid) have a healthy dose of pigment (for sheers), but they end up showing off my lip flakie-flakes more than I’d like, and, yes, I’m still bummed about Ex-Girlfriend breaking in the tube. 😢

ud gwen stefani spiderweb lipstick

UD Gwen Stefani Lipstick in Spiderweb

ud gwen stefani firebird lipstick

UD Gwen Stefani Lipstick in Firebird

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Urban Decay UD Gwen Stefani Collection First Look and Swatches

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ud gwen stefani collection

The Urban Decay UD Gwen Stefani Collection

Urban Decay UD Gwen StefaniI realize that the “L.A.M.B.” in Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. line stands for “Love, Angel, Music, Baby,” but can we please pretend for a sec that it stands for “Love, Angel, Makeup, Baby”?

Because, makeup? Pretty please? It makes sense when you consider Gwen’s new collaboration collection with Urban Decay, UD Gwen Stefani.

Think of it as a part deux extension of last year’s UD Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette. There are lipsticks galore (and, hello! — it wouldn’t be a G.Stef collab without rockin’ reds), lip pencils, a blush palette and a brow box.

Here are swatches and pics of the whole kit and caboodle, but I need a little more time with these products to canoodle (!), then I’ll holla back, girl (haha, you know I couldn’t resist), with some looks and the full scoop.

I’m lovin’ the reds, especially the matte red, 714. Very bright. And I like the packaging. That gold and black seems very Gwen.

I was a little bummed when I swatched Ex-Girlfriend, one of the Lipsticks, because it was so creamy that the lipstick bullet broke. 🙁 And I won’t be able to use the Brow Box, because it’s for blondes…so in this case, I guess blonde’s really do have more fun.

The Urban Decay UD Gwen Stefani Collection

  • (1) Blush Palette — $45
  • (8) Lipsticks — $18 each
  • (6) Lip Pencils — $20 each
  • (1) Brow Box — $30
ud gwen stefani blush palette

UD Gwen Stefani Blush Palette

ud gwen stefani blush palette packaging

Packaging for the UD Gwen Stefani Blush Palette

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If You Like Neutrals, the Urban Decay UD Gwen Stefani Palette Is B-A-N-A-N-A-S

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There should be a video in this post, but if you can’t see it, you can click here to watch it on YouTube.

urban decay gwen stefani open

When I open the new UD Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay and see all of the neutrals, I start getting ideas… My internal makeup monologue kicks in, and looks start running through my head.

They start simple, but that doesn’t last long. “I’ll just do a quick wash of color with one or two matte browns on my lids,” I’ll think, “then black winged liner with a red lip. Just like Gwen!”

But then I’ll think, why stop at just two browns? I should add a third one in the crease.

Ooh! — or why don’t I do a grayish brown smoky eye instead? Maybe with a touch of blue on my lids? Because that’s so Gwen!

BUT then I’ll remember that I almost forget about glitter! How could I forget about the glitter!?

Girl, you know how it goes. 🙂 What starts as a five-minute look spirals into 35.

It’s not me though. It’s not my fault. It’s because of all the inspiring neutrals in this palette.

urban decay gwen stefani closeup

Yup, this is one of those palettes, and to really feel the magic in the makeup (shout-out to No Doubt’s Return of Saturn!), you have to appreciate the beauty of browns and beiges.

I see this one as almost an extension of the Urban Decay Naked Palette family, except with the addition of a few brights, so if you’re the kind of girl or guy who’d rather wear electric teal shimmer, you might find the neutrals here a bit underwhelming.

Not me though. When I see browns and golds and mattes (and there are so many in this!), I get excited.

urban decay gwen stefani packaging

In the unlikely event that you were cryogenically frozen in 1993 and are only now asking yourself, “Who’s Gwen Stefani?” she’s a pop singer, fashion designer and current vocal coach/judge on The Voice.

I’ve always admired her casual So Cal punk style and cool girl vibe, and I kid you not, I was hell bent on being her in 1995.

I even designated a section of my closet for my “Gwen Stefani” outfits. My favorite was a pair of baggy navy blue pants with light blue stripes going down the sides, which I’d pair with a baby blue sleeveless crop top and baby blue stick-on bindis.



urban decay gwen stefani swatches 3

Pop, Harajuku, Danger, 1987 and Blackout

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Quick Tip: Get Hotter Smoky Eyes With the Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadows

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urban decay zodiac

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Zodiac ($21)

Here’s a quick way to take nighttime smoky eyes from “glam” to “Glam! Bam! Thank you, ma’am!”

Just do this: add glitter. 🙂

Yup! I know, right? What a huge shocker… After you finish doing your smoky eye, if you feel like full-on hot dayum drama, grab a glitter eyeshadow, and pop that ish on your lids.

The $21 Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadows are great for this.

urban decay zodiac

Before Urban Decay Zodiac

urban decay zodiac

And after!

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