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ALL THE FEELS! The Purple and Pink Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks, and the Crazy Emotional Ride I Went on Yesterday

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urban decay zz top pic

PURPLE POWER! (Wearing Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in ZZ)

If I’d known what I was getting into yesterday before taking Connor to her first official outing involving a large group of babies, I would have done some deep breathing exercises or yoga beforehand.

We went to our first Kindermusik class, which is like a loosely organized music circle for babies. There’s a guitar-playing teacher who leads the troupe through songs and dances and baby sign language lessons and, basically, I lived a lifetime of emotions in the 40 minutes we were there. I got all the feels! Girl, I was a mess.


What does this have to do with these new Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks? Well, I’m wearing them in this episodic representation of the emotional roller coaster ride I went on in Kindermusik class, LOL!

The Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks are a new line of lippies from UD. They’re $18 each, and these are the purple and pink shades. (I reviewed the orange and red shades and the nude and brown shades last week.)

These last about four hours on my lips, which is consistent with the other bright shades I’ve tried and OK for a liquid lipstick…although not exceptional. I was hoping they’d last longer, but I do have to say that they feel FABULOUS! The formula isn’t drying at all — another plus for a liquid lipstick — and I think they look great.

They’re available now online and at UD stores and counters.

The first emotion: nervousness, as told by Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in Twitch

urban decay twitch

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in Twitch

I was a little nervous when we walked into the class because, ya know, it was the first time Connor had hung out with a large group of babies. Was she going to scream? Was she going to be quiet and coy? Would she be outgoing? Would the other babies be nice to her? Would she try to meow to everyone like she does to Tabs? I didn’t know!

Turns out she was fine. She was super cautious and reserved when we first sat down, but maybe she was picking up on my energy.

The second emotion: pure joy, as told by Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in ZZ

urban decay zz

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in ZZ

As the music started and everyone began singing and clapping and dancing together, she started to really enjoy herself. She was laughing, smiling and VERY interested in the teacher’s guitar.

The third emotion: togetherness, as told by Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in Firebird

urban decay firebird

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in Firebird

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New Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick (Part 2): The Pink and Brown Shades

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urban decay vice liquid lipstick swatches

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks (the pink and brown shades) from the top: Brat, Naked, Rapture, Backtalk, Trivial, 1993, Amulet, Disturbed, Blackmail, Conspiracy and Studded

ME: Hey, there’s a shade in this line of liquid lipsticks I’m reviewing called “Brat.”

EL HUB: Did they name it after you?


urban decay studded

He may or may not have a point…

Ooh, yeah! There’s an Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick shade called Brat. And I might be a brat; therefore, I will wear Brat, and I will be extra bratty, with a side of brat, when I wear it. 🙂

urban decay brat liquid lipstick

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in Brat

Round two of the UD Vice Liquid Lipstick swatches (here was round one: the red and orange shades)! These are the pinks, nudes and browns…and some funky brownish taupe business (see: Studded).

urban decay vice liquid lipstick swatches

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks (the pink and brown shades) from the top: Brat, Naked, Rapture, Backtalk, Trivial, 1993, Amulet, Disturbed, Blackmail, Conspiracy and Studded

Just like the reds and oranges from the other day, these all look amaze-balls in pics. Even the metallics! I was so surprised. I had so much drama with the first metallic I tried from this line, golden orange Flame, which was basically a mess on my lips, but all of the metallics in this second batch are flawless. No vertical lip lines, patchiness, no drama.

I think Amulet looks particularly beautiful. I’m not normally a metallics person, either, but I’m totally into it.

urban decay amulet liquid lipstick

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in Amulet

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New Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick (Part 1): The Red and Orange Shades

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urban decay tryst liquid lipstick

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in Tryst, $18, and one of 30 Vice Liquid Lipsticks in a completely new line from UD

Apparently, I have been remiss in keeping up with my gossip/pop culture blog reading, because I had no idea what a trap queen was.

Do you? Because when I saw this new Vice Liquid Lipstick from Urban Decay, I was like, “What the hell is a trap queen??” Is she the queen of setting traps? Does she hunt? What’s the deal?

Well, apparently, it’s a song, and it’s about a bad-@ss chick.

So there you go. It’s just a glimpse into my future. I can see it now… Connor Claire will throw out pop culture references, and I won’t get them.

The new Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks

Trap Queen is one of 30 brand new $18 Vice Liquid Lipsticks, a new line coming soon from Urban Decay. (To find out exactly when they arrive, you can sign up on the Urban Decay website, and they’ll let you know.)

urban decay liquid lipstick

25 of 30 new Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks, $18 each

urban decay trap queen liquid lipstick

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in Trap Queen

Most of the 30 shades are mattes, and there are also a few metallics. Not all of the shades will be available everywhere, either. Some of them will only be available on the Urban Decay website and at freestanding UD stores (there’s a list below).

I hope you don’t mind if I break these up into a couple of posts, because Baby Girl is due for lunch (a chicken-apple-sweet potato puree), and she can’t wait for mommy to finish swatching two dozen liquid lipsticks for hours (she’s actually “talking” about it right now, a.k.a. “baby talking really loudly,” and I can’t hear myself think).

The oranges and reds

She did, however, allow me to swatch the reds, and I can already tell this much about this line: they look breathtaking in pics! Like, if I just slept in a chaise lounge all day long while people snapped pictures of me, and I didn’t have to eat or drink or interact with anyone ever, my matte lip game would be SO on point.

Of this first batch here, Flame (has a metallic finish) looks like a hot mess up close, with vertical lip lines galore, but somehow it still looks AMAZING in pics.

urban decay liquid lipstick reds

Six of the seven red shades in the Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick line from the top: Crimson, Trap Queen, 714, Tryst, Tilt and Flame

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The Urban Decay Spring 2017 Collection – First Impressions

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My fave Urban Decay All night Spray has a new outfit!

My favorite Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray has a new outfit!

Yay! All Nighter is my favorite Urban Decay setting spray, and it got a new outfit.

FOR YEARS, I’ve been not-so-silently ranting about the white bottle because it gets so dirty so easily.

FINALLY! It has a practical outfit.

UD’s All Nighter, Chill and De-Slick settings sprays all get new packaging in the Urban Decay Spring 2017 Collection, which is all about skin.

urban decay spring 2017

The Urban Decay setting sprays got new outfits

Ready, set, spray!

For their spring collection, which is coming out soon, UD didn’t focus on makeup this time. They focused on skin. Along with the repackaged setting sprays, which are $31 each, they also gave their B6 prep spray a new outfit (also $31) and added some new skin perfecting items, namely a $31 prep spray called Quick Fix ($31) and five new $34 Complexion Primers.

urban decay spring 2017

The three $31 Urban Decay Setting Sprays with their new wardrobe

Make a prep-prime-set cocktail

You can use any of these sprays and products separately, of course, and I’ve used many of them before, but UD’s idea is to use some of them in tandem, like in a makeup prepping, priming, setting cocktail.

First, you prep your skin for makeup with either B6 or the Quick Fix spray (which are the sprays in the neon green bottles, then prime your skin with one of the five Complexion Primers (or, sometimes I’ll target different areas of my skin with different primers), and then set your makeup with one of the three setting sprays when you’re done.

urban decay spring 2017

The $31 B6 and Quick Fix Complexion Prep Priming Sprays

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Magazine Makeup Look: A Minimalist Glittery Purple Cut Crease With Big, Bushy Brows

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urban decan metalhead

Doopdadoo, business as usual around here…

I’m glad I gave this look a try, even though I don’t think I look nearly as cool as the girl I based it on from Nylon magazine…

purple glitter cut crease

The original inspiration

Seriously, I look like I just grew a second pair of eyebrows, LOL! — purple glittery sparkly eyebrows, though. Which are beautiful in their own way, right? Maybe?

urban decay metalhead

Hello, glitter

So this is what I came up with for my first look based on the bookmarks and Post-It notes I did in those magazines the other day. I’m giving myself 30 days to recreate different looks that are out of my comfort zone, and this was one from Nylon with a sparkly minimalist purple cut crease.

Before I started, I spent a few solid minutes just looking closely at the model, and here are the things that jumped out at me (other than her purple cut crease)…

  1. Her big, BOLD fluffy brows, which look pushed up and out toward the inside, where the hairs are super separated and defined.
  2. Her skin, which looks a little dewy. There’s some highlight action reflecting off the center of her forehead, her nose and under her eyes, but it’s not an intense highlight.
  3. The wash of nude color on her lids. It looks like there’s also a super skinny brown liner line along her upper lash line.
  4. Her lips. I wonder if that’s her natural lip color. If it is, lucky duck! It’s beautiful. It looks like she might be wearing a just-right balm because it doesn’t look too creamy or shiny or heavy or matte. I’m guessing it’s a lip liner-lip balm combo.

With these things in mind, I rifled through my makeup collection and came up with this sparkly, glittery cut crease.

First, I started by kind of sketching out the shape of the cut crease (a.k.a. my glittery second set of eyebrows) on my lids with Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Metalhead, which is a liquid purple glitter liner and, once I had a good amount of that on, I dipped my favorite NARS #47 angled brush into a purple glitter shadow from the Urban Decay Moondust Palette, wet it with Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix to amplify the glitter, and then pressed it right on top of the glitter liner.

I did that a few times until I got the cut crease this shiny, glittery and intense.

For my big, fluffy brows, I filled them in with the current love o’ my brow life, MAC Brow Sculpt Brow Pencil in Brun, and then used a boat load of Benefit clear brow gel to push and fluff them up, especially at the front.

I mean, I did as much as I could… The model’s brows are incredible! Mine don’t look that full, but I tried.

Next, for my skin, to get that dewiness, I used MAC Matchmaster Shade Intelligence Compact (my shade is 4.0), which is MAC’s cushion cream compact. It’s medium coverage and has a satiny finish.

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