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The Urban Decay Summer 2014 Collection Puts on the Glitz With Majorly Blinged-Out Loose Glitter

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Urban Decay Summer 2014

Summer, summer, summertime! — even though it’s only the first day of spring.

If I can’t come back in my next life as Wonder Woman, I’m sure as hell coming back as a Vegas showgirl. ‘Cause it ain’t happening in this lifetime, that’s for damned sure. I’ve got the flexibility of a concrete pretzel and a high kick that barely clears the height of a footstool.

But you know what? Even though I will (probably) never don a big feathered headdress and dance around in a sparkly outfit on a Vegas stage, at least I can say that in this life, in the summer of 2014, I will have glittered and sparkled, and for that, I gotta give big ups to Urban Decay.

The Heavy Metal Loose Glitters in their new summer collection are so bling, so BAM! — that you sparkle all day and night LIKE YOU FRICKIN’ MEAN IT, MAN, when you wear them on your eyes.

They’re coming soon to UD counters but glittering now online with the rest of the summer collection.

Lots of fun things to play with here. Along with the six loose glitters, there’s also a weightless liquid glitter glue (to keep your glitter in place), a crop of several new liners for smokey eye looks and two new polishes (there’s also a small polish kit not shown here).

Are you ready for a quick tour? Here, take my hand… :)

Heavy Metal Loose Glitters ($12 each)

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Loose Glitter

The new Urban Decay Heavy Metal Loose Glitters ($12 each)

These are my favorite things in the launch! Even if you don’t fancy yourself as a glitter gal/guy, you still may want to boogie down with these.

They’re just so fun and sparkly! — and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. :)

The flecks of glitter are bigger than the flecks in Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners, so I’m warning you — brace yourself for major glitz.

Here’s the idea: you’re supposed to apply a small amount of Urban Decay’s clear Bondage makeup adhesive ($14) to your lids (or wherever else you’d like to wear loose glitter) first, and then pack your choice of glitters on top.

Once the glue dries, that glitter isn’t going anywhere.

I appreciate the sifter caps, too, which make it easy to regulate how much glitter I’m using. Don’t forget to remove the tape that covers the holes the first time you open it, though, because I didn’t see it at first and kept wondering, “Hmm… Why isn’t the glitter coming out?” I was just about to bite the sifter when I noticed the tape, haha! #schoolforthegifted

Also, if you plan to line your eyes with one of the new liners in the launch, you may want to do your liner before applying your glitter.

Why? Oh, because I think it’s just a really, REALLY big pain to apply liner on top of glitter. I’m just sayin’… Save yourself the drama by lining first.

Urban Decay Catfight Heavy Metal Loose Glitter

Urban Decay’s pink Catfight Heavy Metal Loose Glitter ($12)

Urban Decay Goldmine Heavy Metal Glitter

Urban Decay Goldmine Heavy Metal Glitter, a yellow gold glitter ($12)

Urban Decay ACDC Heavy Metal Loose Glitter

Urban Decay ACDC Heavy Metal Loose Glitter, a bright purple ($12)

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Unsung Makeup Heroes: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Scorch

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Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Scorch

The smokin’ hot Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Scorch

Dear UD Scorch,

‘Sup, boo? I’ve been missing you. We haven’t talked in a while (six months, give or take, but who’s counting?).

I just wanted to holla and ask, “How are you?” How’s my smokin’-hot, shimmery bronze liner love? Still the picture of pure perfection in a pencil?

Remember how we always loved to play in spring and summer? Whenever I’d bust out my beach bag and slip on my booty shorts (might as well work it while you can, right?), you were always right there for me, ready to help with the bronze and gold eye makeup looks I was wearing.

Urban Decay Scorch Swatch

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Scorch ($20)

I wonder, are you the same way…?

I bet you are. :) I bet you’d like me to swipe you along my lash lines, wouldn’t ‘cha? Just us, from the break of dawn till late at night, no fading, no smudging — nothing to break our bond.

Urban Decay Scorch Swatch

Heart ya, Scorch!

I’ve been thinking about you again. A lot. And all of the things I want to do with you…like wearing you as a base for shimmery bronze eyeshadows.

Remember that time I layered you with UD’s Half Baked on top? That was smokin’ hot.

Oh! — or that time I wore you with MAC Woodwinked? Hotter than a five-alarm fire.

The 411 on Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Scorch

What is it? A silky soft $20 long-wearing shimmery bronze pencil liner with silver micro-glitter. Available now at Urban Decay counters and

Who might lurve it? Anyone who likes wearing warm bronze and gold shades on their eyes.

When’s a good time to wear it? How ’bout now? Or any time of year, but I think it comes into its own in spring and summer because it looks faboo with a tan.

What else? It’s a great liner alternative to basic brown and black.

How do you rock it? You can wear it as a straight-up eyeliner or as a base for powder shadows. It goes well with coral or hot pink cheeks and lips.

Urban Decay Scorch Swatch

Swatch out! Or you’ll get Scorched… (Urban Decay Scorch on my NC42 skin)

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Makeup Adventure Seekers, Prepare To Be Amped Up and Turned On by the Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette

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Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette

Wearing the new Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette, $49


No, the colors will not shock your @ss when you touch them, and your hair will not stand on end, but the colors in Urban Decay’s new Electric Pressed Pigment Palette are very bright — like neon sign bright.

Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette

Buuut, not everybody likes brights, right? This one is for the risk takers — the guys and dolls who aren’t afraid to wear a bright teal eye to the bank on a Wednesday, which is not to say that those are the only makeup lovers who might like it. Just that they’d probably be more attracted to it immediately. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a bright teal, electric blue or chartreuse fan, however, does not mean you would not be able to rock this.

I just got back from a quick 10-minute walk around the neighborhood, and it was so beautiful outside. It rained here last night, and all of the flowers and grasses and trees are covered in raindrops from the storm. The colors are intensified because of the rain — the pinks, the greens, the blues, the yellow daffodils — but they’re also surrounded by neutrals — the brown dirt, the gray tree bark and the boring-@ss beige buildings in my neighborhood. The neutrals make the bright colors a little less shocking, but a little more at home in their environment at the same time.

Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette swatches from the left, top row: Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage and Fringe; bottom row: Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak and Thrash

From the left, top row: Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage and Fringe; bottom row: Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak and Thrash

Similarly, I think the brights in this palette also look that much more beautiful when they’re used in tandem with neutrals.

Sorry…I rambled on there!

My point is this: you can use your existing wardrobe of neutrals, take this palette, and incorporate one or two of its colors as accents in your looks, making the palette into something perfectly wearable.

You know, I had a feeling that Urban Decay was about to release something bright soon… I mean, shoot — after all of the Nakedness dominating the line over the past few years, it was only a matter of time.

Speaking of time…

Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette

The first time I saw Electric, I said, “Ooh! I think I have a Pop Beauty palette just like this sitting in a drawer.” It was a palette from last fall, and it’s only sitting in the drawer because I get easily distracted. Not because I don’t like it. I do (incidentally, it’s still available and much less expensive than Electric).

Then when I opened Electric for the first time, I thought, “I have to get Fringe on my lids.”

Fringe, the metallic teal all the way to the right in the first row, is all that and a bag of deep-fried chips. Deep and rich and shimmery and pigmented, and it buffs out perfectly.

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Wonder Twin Powers Activate! Shape of…the New Urban Decay Duo Shade Eyeshadows!

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Urban Decay Duo Shades

Wearing the new Urban Decay Duo Shade Eyeshadows in X and Half Baked ($18)

So bangin’!

No, I’m not referring to the pounding outside my window (this time), which, El Hub informs me, will be ongoing for two weeks.


The new Urban Decay Duo Shades, $18 each

The new Urban Decay Duo Shades, $18 each

I predict that by the end of the day I’ll be rocking back and forth in the corner and clutching these two new Urban Decay Duo Shade Eyeshadows to my chest like a security blanket while mumbling, “Safe place, safe place…”

Urban Decay Duo Shades swatches: X and Half Baked (far left); Sin and Mushroom (far right)

X and Half Baked (far left); Sin and Mushroom (far right)

The duos, which just launched online at, are like eyeshadow comfort food. Each one comes with two of UD’s bestselling shades — familiar, much-loved colors that give lurvies to your lids.

Urban Decay Duo Shades in Sin/Mushroom

Sin and Mushroom

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A Pink and Bronze Face of the Day Using the NARSissist Eye Palette, With Help From MAC and Urban Decay

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A few things…

First, this morning I tried on a pair of skinny jeans I ordered online and got stuck in them.


Apparently, I wasn’t paying close enough attention and ordered the wrong size.


I’d managed to shimmy into them up to my thighs when I realized that something was very wrong, and if I’d kept going, I’d need prayer and the Jaws of Life to get out of them.

Jesus, take the wheel!

Lesson learned here, kids. If you’re going to purchase the Citizens of Humanity Avedon skinny jeans, go up at least one size.

Second, SWV lives!!!

I found them while channel surfing last night. SWV Reunited on WE. The combination of early ’90s R&B and reality TV gets me weak in the knees… I can hardly speak. I lose all control. Then something comes over me… :) Hahaha!

Third, I realized this afternoon that pinkish bronze metallic eyes are totally fun. And not too hard to create, believe it or not! I got the idea from a pink and bronze eye look I saw on UD’s website.

For this face of the day, I went with a few products from MAC, NARS and Urban Decay.

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