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Unsung Makeup Heroes: Trish McEvoy Line Refiner

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Trish McEvoy Line Refiner

Trish McEvoy’s Line Refiner

I bought Trish McEvoy’s Line Refiner a couple years ago after a makeup artist at a Trish McEvoy counter used it under my eyes. I wore it for about a month and a half, then stuck it in a drawer and promptly forgot about it.

I know that doesn’t exactly sound like a ringing endorsement, but I’m not finished with the story yet! Please bear with me. 🙂

Fast forward two years and a handful of months to me cleaning out a set of drawers in my office. Lo and behold, what pops up? — this tube, like a forgotten piece of buried treasure.

I still remembered how to use it from my lesson with the makeup artist. After applying your under-eye concealer, gently tap a minuscule amount of Line Refiner directly on top, concentrating on the areas with fine lines.

Later that day after cleaning my office, I applied it on top of the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer I usually wear to disguise my dark circles, and when I looked in the mirror — AAAAAAAH! (That was supposed to be the sound of a chorus of angels singing in perfect harmony in the background.) — OMG, THIS STUFF IS SO FRICKIN’ BOSS!

Trish McEvoy Line Refiner


Kind of like a colorless lotion that temporarily softens the look of fine lines, it works under or over foundation or concealer, wherever you want to mellow out any fine lines on your face.

I mean, it’s no face lift in a bottle or anything, and it won’t turn back time 25 years, but if you do have any fine lines around your eyes or mouth, I think you’ll see a noticeable difference. I definitely do, both in pics and in person.

I’ve been using it now to set my under-eye concealer for the past three months, and I absolutely see a difference, especially in pics…where I can zoom in on the 20-megapixel originals. My under-eye area doesn’t look as textured as it did when I was just setting my concealer with powder.

Trish McEvoy Line Refiner


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