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Coral, Bronze and Gold: A Natural, Summery Face of the Day With Tom Ford Summer 2015, NARS Eyelashes, RMS Beauty, Paul & Joe and More

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tom ford naked bronze

A Face of the Day with some products from Tom Ford Summer 2015, NARS Eyelashes, RMS Beauty and more

My father-in-law does this thing where he answers every “when” question with the word, “Tuesday,” like, “When did you guys go to that dinner?”

And he says, “Tuesday.”

Or, “When was that storm you mentioned?”

To which he says, “Tuesday.”

And he giggles every time like it’s the funniest joke in the world.

Big sigh…

Buuut, I’m borrowing the joke today! :) Basically, I was in the mood to wear something natural-ish, summery and spiced up with sparkling garnish because, dude! — as my father-in-law might say, it’s Tuesday, and Tuesdays are the best days to wear glitter.

I used quite a few new products, too (some of them from Tom Ford Summer 2015!), along with some older faves like Diorskin Air Nude Serum for this bronzed brown and gold eye with pink cheeks and coral lips.

A trick for mornings when you wake up with puffy eyes…

I had majorly puffy eyes this morning thanks to my spring allergies, so to offset that puffiness I deepened my crease with a matte brown. Instead of using an eyeshadow, though, I grabbed Tom Ford’s Terra Bronzer.

Yup! I used it as a transition shade, which I like it for, as it isn’t orangey. It’s more of a golden tan warm matte brown, and I think it layers and blends beautifully.

I really didn’t want to accentuate my puffy lids, so I kept all of the shimmers/glitters on my “mobile lid.”

Yup, mobile lid. It’s the part of the lid that moves when you blink. You can see it when you look straight into a mirror and blink. That part that moves is your mobile lid.

tom ford naked bronze

Anyway! For this look, I did a matte in the crease and kept the shimmer confined to the mobile lid. The combination of shimmer on the lid and matte in the crease appears to deepen and define the crease.

Or at least that’s the idea.

IMO, the best thing from Tom Ford Summer 2015

For the shimmer, I used Tom Ford’s Cream and Powder Eye Color in Naked Bronze. I dabbed the cream bronze shadow on my lids with a finger, let it dry, then went back in and patted the glitter eyeshadow in the center of my lid to create a focal point.

I really like Naked Bronze, by the way. It’s annoyingly expensive ($60), but it’s so pigmented that I don’t have to use much, and both the cream and the glitter layer and blend sans drama. Even if you did use a ton, it would probably still look effortless.

I think Tom Ford’s cream shadows are among the best products in the line, and if I were to choose one thing from the Summer 2015 Collection, it would be one of the Cream and Powder Eye Colors.

Cream blushes: a makeup tip

For cheeks, I also turned to Tom. I dabbed golden pink Cream Cheek Color in Pink Sand on the apples of my cheeks for a soft, subtle sheen and some natural pink color.

My favorite way to apply cream blush is to do it right after foundation. That way the foundation is still a little wet and the cream blush blends into it more easily. If, on the other hand, I wait until my foundation is dry, the blush seems to sit up on top of my skin where it looks more obvious.

For this look, I stippled the blush with a Real Techniques Multi Task Brush.
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Tom Ford Summer 2015: A Plum and Peach Face of the Day With the New Eye and Cheek Compact in Pink Glow

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tom ford summer 2015

A Tom Ford Summer 2015 face of the day

This is probably a little too much glam for the Home Depot trip I had planned to take this afternoon…

Oh, well!

Yeah, I wasn’t thinking about potting mix and tomato plants (gotta get my deck garden situation worked out, ASAP!) when I started this soft plum and peach cut crease with Tom Ford’s new Eye and Cheek Compact in Pink Glow.

I just jumped in with both feet! — and now I’m thinking, “Hmm… Probably not the ideal Home Depot look.” But you know how it is with a cut crease. Once you get past a certain point, there’s no turning back.

The eye and cheek compact I’m wearing today, Pink Glow, is from Tom’s new Summer 2015 Collection.

I still haven’t quite figured out why it’s called Pink Glow…because the overall color palette looks more plum than pink to me, but either way, I like it. It seems very summertime glam, and I like this particular pairing of a shimmery plum eyeshadow with a shimmery plum blush, the subtle golden beige eyeshadow, the bronze glitter, and the peachy pink highlighter. It’s a good combo.

tom ford summer 2015

On a mildly educational note, the big lesson I learned today while working with this palette is to “go easy” with it, because the plum and the beige shadows are surprisingly pigmented, and it’s better to build them up slowly and carefully with layers (versus just slapping them on your lids without a care in the world).

Like I usually do, I did my eyes first, thinking that I’d probably have to deal with fallout, but looking back now, I could’ve just as easily started with foundation and concealer, because there was hardly any fallout at all, not even from the glittery eyeshadow.

All I have to say to that is “THANK GOODNESS, YO!” because with a $95 palette, yeah, fallout and other forms of drama should absolutely not be problems. At all.

I also used the peachy face highlighter from the compact on my lids as a shadow, which I think worked well for this (good for a bright, wide-eyed effect), and used Tom Ford’s matte warm brown Terra Bronzer (also from the Summer 2015 Collection) in my crease as a transition shade (yay for multitasking products!).

Because the eyes were so ba-BAM!, I didn’t use the plum blush from the palette (I figured it would REALLY be too much for Home Depot) and went with theBalm’s new Balm Desert Bronzer/Blush for a more subdued bronzy/peach cheek instead.

Um…WOW! This was my first time wearing Balm Desert, and I’m really impressed. I was afraid it would go a little ashy on me because it looks borderline cool-toned in the pan, but some warm peach comes through on the skin. If you’re a fan of Benefit’s Dallas Boxed Blush, you’ll probably also like this. They’re very similar.

tom ford summer 2015
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Tom Ford Summer 2015: New Cream and Powder Eye Colors, Bronzers and More

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tom ford summer 2015

Tom Ford Summer 2015

I’m looking lovingly at the Tom Ford Summer 2015 Collection and thinking, SWOON! — first, because of the limited edition white and gold packaging (hello!), which looks almost like, I dunno, really expensive jewelry? — and second, TIDE PENS.

OK, I know that was kind of (very) random…but hey, that’s why we hang out. :) You feel the randomness, I feel the randomness, we all feel the randomness to-geh-thurrrrr.

Anywho… Like I was saying: Tide Pens. I always carry one with me whenever I wear white because no matter how hard I try to keep whatever I’m wearing pristine and stain-free, I find a way to get makeup or a pen smudge or cat food all over it.

But I don’t have to worry about that with these beauties from Tom, because even if I do get a little Sheba Chicken and Liver on one of the compacts, they’re easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe.


I have no idea how this train of thought ended up at Cat Food Station, but I apologize for that. Let’s move on, shall we? We have new Tom Ford products to get to. :)

tom ford summer 2015

Tom Ford Summer 2015

The new Tom Ford 2015 Soleil/Summer Collection is available now online and at Tom Ford counters, and it’s a beauty inside and out. I had a full-on “OH, MY GAWD, BECKY!!” meltdown in my living room this afternoon, no kidding. El Hub looked at me like I’d lost my damned mind.

The 16-piece collection is freaking breathtaking from, like, every possible angle. Just looking at the pieces — from the shimmering Eye Colors, to the deliciously golden plummy Eye and Cheek Compact, to the luscious lipsticks and the toasty, sun-drenched bronzers — makes me feel like an eccentric billionaire (you know, the one who promises to fund the fabulous cat lady lifestyle I’m destined to lead, LOL!) is about to treat me to a Tahitian vacation at the Four Seasons, just so that I can sit by the pool. The release exudes summer, gold and rich, like you’re about to make it muthu-f*cking rain wearing just a white bikini, bronzer and five-inch spiked heels.

I mean…Tom Ford, though. He owns that sexy/luxurious makeup thing.

tom ford summer 2015

The Tom Ford Summer 2015 campaign imagery; I love this look!

Of course, the products are also expensive enough to trigger panic attacks. For instance, the Eye and Cheek Compact in Pink Glow is $95 (HOLY WOW!), the Cream and Powder Eye Colors are $60, and the Sheer Lipsticks are $50.

Can you feel your heart pounding in your chest? Are beads of sweat forming on your brow? Yeah, we have officially entered CRAZY EXPENSIVE MAKEUP TERRITORY, which is where Tom Ford apparently resides.

Tom Ford Summer 2015 Soleil Collection: Product pictures

tom ford pink glow

Tom Ford Eye and Cheek Compact in Pink Glow, $95

tom ford midnight sea

Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color in Midnight Sea (powder), $60

tom ford midnight sea

Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color in Midnight Sea (cream), $60

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The New Eight-Piece Tom Ford Spring 2015 Collection Is a Study in Contrasts

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The Tom Ford Spring 2015 collection

Like the big, burly bouncer at da club who goes by the name, Tiny, Tom Ford’s new eight-piece spring collection is a study in contrasts. Pitting light against dark, and sheer against opaque, it takes the idea of sweet spring pastels and gives them the middle finger.

Sure, it’s an immaculately painted middle finger, but still.

Yeah, this collection wants to start sh*t! On the surface, it seems like the furthest thing away from a typical spring release, far more rowdy rockstar glam than happy Easter.

Blackened blue and forest green nails; rich plum, sapphire and cocky khaki lids; and nude lips and colorful lashes. I mean, just look at that model…

Tom Ford Beauty Spring 2015

Tom Ford Beauty Spring 2015

That girl is not sitting primly at high tea right there and wearing a prissy floral dress.

But delve a little deeper, and the collection reveals a softer side… Take the three new eyeshadow duos in Ripe Plum, Raw Jade and Crushed Indigo ($60 each).

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo in Crushed Indigo

Eye Color Duo in Crushed Indigo

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo in Raw Jade

Eye Color Duo in Raw Jade

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo in Ripe Plum

Eye Color Duo in Ripe Plum

All three have Tom’s latest shadow formulation and can be worn wet or dry (the formula’s very similar to the NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadows).

To go full-on, high-intensity rockstar, wet a flat eyeshadow brush, and apply one of the darker shades. Or, go with one of the lighter shades applied with a dry domed brush for a softer veil of opalescent color (that’s how I’m wearing them in the pics below).

To really embrace the contrasty concept, start by laying one of the darker shades all over your lids, then apply one of the lighter shades directly on top in the center to catch some light.

While these do have a metallic finish, it’s not a source of stress. They don’t apply crazy frosty, so any fine lines should be fine.

As for the two tinted mascaras in the collection, well, let’s just say that if you’re going for something bold and bright like the girl in the campaign poster is wearing, you may need to prep your lashes first with a couple coats of a black curling mascara.

Tom Ford Extreme Mascara in Teal Intense

Extreme Mascara in Teal Intense

Tom Ford Extreme Mascara in Black Plum

Extreme Mascara in Black Plum

With either of them — Teal Intense or Black Plum ($44 each) — on my lashes alone, the colors don’t show up. I have to prime my lashes first with a black mascara. In these pics I’m wearing the mascaras without having done any prep work, and the tints are barely visible.

The mascara formula also relaxes the curl (grr).

There are also three nail lacquers in the release — Black Jade, Indigo Night and Bitter Bitch ($32 each). I’ve tried Black Jade and Indigo Night this week, two of the three, and both of them look almost black on my nails.

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Indigo Night

Nail Lacquer in Indigo Night

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Black Jade

Nail Lacquer in Black Jade

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Tom Ford’s Glossy Gunmetal Cream Color for Eyes in Spring 2015 Is a Cream Shadow Chimera

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Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Spring 2015

Wearing Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Spring 2015

OK, that’s it. Game over! I’ve only been waiting, what, years, possibly decades, for this exact cream eyeshadow to walk into my life and subsequently rock my world, all that time patiently wishing, wondering, hoping to find a long-wearing product with a glossy finish that would make it possible for me to do a smokey eye without having to conduct a symphony on my lids with five different eyeshadows and eight brushes.

Finally, the wait is over.

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Spring 2015

You done good, Tom. SO GOOD. Your new $42 Cream Color for Eyes cream eyeshadow in Spring 2015 (yup, that’s really its name) gives me all the feels.

But I’m actually having a hard time describing the color. One minute I’ll see a deep golden khaki gray. Then I’ll turn my head a certain way or push my hair behind my ear and POW! — get a blast of silvery glitter in a warm, rich taupe or catch a glimpse of gunmetal gray. It’s a cream shadow chimera.

To top it off, there’s the finish. THAT GLOSSY FINISH THO! Such a vivrant thing (shoutout to Q-Tip), slick as a pristine magazine cover beckoning from a shelf at Barnes. At the same time, it’s fresh, spunky and a little bit wild (like Tabs the first time I met him, haha).

Its glossiness holds the key to its grunge-glam fabulosity.

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Spring 2015

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Spring 2015

It’s not easy to find a shadow with a glossy finish that actually stays on my lids AND feels comfortable. Most of them scoot around, only to settle into the crease within minutes of applying, but this one doesn’t move. It stays put.

Formula-wise, it’s a whipped mousse (and I don’t mean an exhausted elk), so if you prefer dense creams like the MAC Paint Pots, this kind of cream shadow may not be for you. I like the fluffiness of it, though. I find it easy to blend.

Unfortunately, this one is limited edition.

(Cue the glittery tears and shaking fists.)

But at least it’s available now online for $42. It’ll also be available at and beginning later this week.

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Spring 2015 swatch

When I apply Spring 2015, I like to ride the lazy train. I usually don’t use a primer with it because it doesn’t need one. I’ll just pat a small amount on my eyes starting with my lash line and lids, buff out the edges, and rinse and repeat until I reach the level of intensity I want. After that, it’s black eyeliner on my water lines and lots of black mascara.

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Spring 2015

I’m wearing MAC Lip Pencil in Fruit Cocktail and Lipstick in Ravishing on my lips, Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush in Habanera on my cheeks, and Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Spring 2015

This shadow adores nude lips (one to try: Tom Ford Sable Smoke) and casual skin. Oh! — and warm-toned lip and cheek pairings.

In these pics I’m wearing it with a coral lip and warm peach cheeks.

Being a $42 cream eyeshadow, Spring 2015 will probably not make your wallet do the Dance of Joy, but that’s Tom for you. Bargains are just not allowed at his counters. Still, in Tom Ford-ville, where a jar of face moisturizer costs $230, $42 is not a bad deal.

If you’re looking for a reasonable way to test the Tom Ford waters (as reasonable as Tom Ford ever gets), consider Spring 2015. I think it’s really something special (Tom, please make it permanent!).

PRICE: $42 for a 0.21-oz. jar
AVAILABILITY: Limited edition, available now online at and coming to and later this week

Adventures in tea time…

I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately…

Partly because I’m trying to cut down on my caffeine intake/dependency (hey, it’s something to do…like growing out my hair), and partly because of that cold I had last week.

I don’t know why, but some things are just totally unappealing to me when I’m sick, like coffee and eggs — especially scrambled eggs, which I normally love.

Anyway, this tea — my parents brought it back from their trip to China and the Philippines last fall. I’m actually not entirely sure what’s in it (the ingredients aren’t in English), but there’s a description on the side of the box, and I see the word “barley.”

This tea is SO DAMN GOOD. It’s hearty, like black tea, but I don’t think it’s caffeinated, because it doesn’t keep me up when I drink it at night.

I’m down to my last five bags now. :( I keep looking for it online, but no luck. I’m seriously thinking about going to Chinatown in SF specifically to look for it.

If you’re a fellow tea lover, what have you been drinking lately?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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