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Dark, Like Midnight at the Center of the Earth, Is Tom Ford Beauty’s Eye Defining Pen in Deeper

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Tom Ford Defining Pen in Deeper

I don’t want to get too deep on you here, since it’s still early and we’re just talking about makeup, but I’m wearing the new Tom Ford Beauty Eye Defining Pen in Deeper on my upper lash lines…

Consider Tom Ford’s Eye Defining Pen in Deeper if…

  1. You regularly hang out with Jay-Z, Bey and their entourage and frequently say things like, “This round of Cristal is on me, guys!”
  2. You have yet to find your end-all, be-all perfect liquid liner, and money is no object in your ongoing quest.

At $55, this bad boy requires serious beauty budget wiggle room.

Yep, you read that right — $55 for a black liquid liner.

Deep breaths. I know, it’s effing outrageous, but it’s typical of Tom “Too Expensive” Ford.

For that many tacos, it better perform.

So does it? Will it blow your highlighted ombre hair back?

Tom Ford Defining Pen in Deeper

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Three Different Finishes Howl in Tom Ford’s Ombre Eye Color in She Wolf

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Tom Ford She Wolf

Hungry like the (she) wolllllf! That’s Duran Duran’s — err, I mean Tom Ford’s new She Wolf eyeshadow palette on my eyes, by the way.

Heart pounding in her chest, she moved silently, low to the ground, her predatory senses extending out around her in search of her prey…

The alpha female had dreamt of this moment for days while she tracked her target, visualizing the attack and playing it over and over in her mind. Closing her eyes, she could almost feel her fangs crunching down in that first intoxicating bite…

As she rounded a corner, the hair on the back of her neck bristled. It was time. She locked eyes with a lanky, Bieber-haired teen behind the counter and growled, “One medium popcorn, please. Hold the butter.”

Wait — what?

Oh, yeah! I wore Tom Ford’s Ombre Eye Color in She Wolf ($60) to the movies last Friday (saw Riddick), and yes, I felt like a predator on the prowl… Never mind that I was hunting popcorn. :)

I can’t be sure if it was due to the delicious, salty popcorn or the grayish taupe on my eyes, but in the middle of the movie theater, the urge to stand up and howl was strong.

Thankfully, I resisted.

Wassup, ombre?

This new trio from Tom’s fall collection takes the idea of “three” in an interesting direction, with three powder shadows in three similar shades and three different finishes. Worn together, the shadows create a complex ombre effect that transitions from one shade to the next.

Tom Ford She Wolf

Tom Ford She Wolf ($60)

A big surprise

I wasn’t sure what to expect from these shadows or how they’d work with my warm skin tone. The trio includes a matte grayish brown (the darkest color), a grayish taupe with a light sheen (the middle shade) and a sheer, glittery silvery gray (the lightest of the three).

Gorgeous! There isn’t a throwaway in the bunch, and while the colors really do look like a gray wolf’s fur, I think they’re probably best suited to light-skinned lady humanoids and cool skin tones.

Not that they shouldn’t also work well on warm skin tones. They actually do, which I didn’t expect at all. She Wolf just might be one of those rare wolves that gets along well with almost everyone.

Kind of makes up a little for the $60 price tag (that’s Tom Ford for ya!)…

Tom Ford She Wolf

How to wear it

Each of this palette’s shadows can stand on its own, but She Wolf’s true power comes to bear when you wear all three of them together to create that awesome ombre effect. By themselves, the colors are cubs, but together they’re a wolf pack. :)

I like patting the darkest color in the outer corners of my eyes, the mid-toned one in the center of my lids and the glitter on the inner side for a gradient that moves from dark to light, and from matte to sheen to sparkling glitter.

Tré cool.

Another thing? The palette loves layering. Try applying the glitter first as a base all over your lids, and then pat either the medium or darkest shade (or a mix of both) right on top. The glitter will peek through the other colors, but slightly toned down.

Just another fun way to wear it.

Tom Ford She Wolf
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The New Tom Ford Beauty Lipsticks in Crimson Noir, Bruised Plum, Sable Smoke and Vanilla Suede Lavish Lips in Luxury This Fall

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Tom Ford Crimson Noir

Wearing Tom Ford’s new Crimson Noir Lipstick ($49), one of four new shades available for fall 2013

“Do you have any idea haw many cans of gravy that is?!”

– What Tabs says (inside voice) every time we talk about Tom Ford Lipsticks being almost $50 each.

The price is completely redonk, but as far as spendy splurges go, at least Tom Ford Beauty’s new $49 lippies make you feel like a million bucks.

Tom’s Lipsticks are like cooking a meal on Le Creuset pans and serving it on fine china. Or like looking into your dream closet and trying to decide between the Louis or Chanel bag…right after you grab the Choos.

This fall, Tom’s shades have that “You have arrived” vibe. The two nudes and two bolds make me feel grand — like I finally got that corner office I always wanted here at Tabs the Cat Industries, LLC. :)

The shades are re-promoted colors in the new fall 2013 line.

Tom Ford Crimson Noir Lipstick

Crimson Noir Lipstick

Of these four, Crimson Noir is my favorite, but not by far. All it takes to brighten my look is a single layer of this intense red with its supernaturally smooth, satiny finish. It’s one of those reds guaranteed to turns heads.

Tom Ford Sable Smoke Lipstick

Sable Smoke Lipstick

Sable Smoke, the peachy beige, runs a close second. When you have pigmented lips like I do, light beige shades like Sable Smoke are often hard to pull off, but Tom got this one totally right. Smooth, opaque and just plain elegant, it’s a red carpet color and already a new resident of my purse.

Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lipstick

Bruised Plum Lipstick

Bruised Plum, to me the most dramatic color of the bunch, should flat-out sing on light and dark skin tones. Like Sable Smoke, Crimson Noir and Ryan Gosling, it’s smoooooove. Would love to see this on a very pale princess and a dark damsel. I bet it would look really hot. I love it! — I just wish it were a little more unique. MAKEUP AND BEAUTY BLOG RATING: B+

Tom Ford Vanilla Suede Lipstick

Vanilla Suede Lipstick

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Stick Blushes With a Dewy Twist: The Tom Ford Illuminating Cheek Colors in Blush Guilt and Bronzed Amber

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Tom Ford Beauty Illuminating Cheek Color in Bronzed Amber

Oh, hai! It’s Tom Ford Beauty Illuminating Cheek Color in Bronzed Amber. I’m wearing it here on my cheeks atop MAC Face & Body Foundation.

I like makeup.

This probably comes as no surprise if you’ve been here before…but I’m particularly fond of blushes and highlighters that come in stick form.

Especially ones that leave my face looking all sweet and angelic, like I should be floating high above the earth on a bed of billowy clouds, sunlight dappling my skin, while a heavenly chorus sings, “Ahhhhhh!” The more people wondering if I had wings tucked beneath my blazer, the better. :)

Tom Ford’s two new summer 2013 Illuminating Cheek Colors ($58 each, OMG!) are the latest examples of this particular makeup weakness/obsession of mine.

Dewy, is that you?

Tom Ford Blush Guilt

Blush Guilt

Pinky peach Blush Guilt and Bronzed Amber represent TF’s take on cream stick blushes with an interesting twist. They give a sheer, glistening, almost wet look to cheeks.

Tom Ford Beauty Illuminating Cheek Color Bronzed Amber

Bronzed Amber

It’s as if the team in charge of the finish part of this equation went on a week-long spa trip to Canyon Ranch and never quite recovered, because when I wear either of these colors, I feel like I look like I haven’t got a care in the world…like my only concerns are whether I should have a hibiscus or a peppermint tea between my facial and my 120-minute shiatsu massage.

Seriously, my cheeks just glow. :)

The texture’s the balm!

Tom Ford Beauty Illuminating Cheek Color Swatches

Blush Guilt on the left and Bronzed Amber on the right

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Tom Ford Beauty’s Fire Lust Skin Illuminator: Candle Power or Five-Alarm Blaze?

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Tom Ford Fire Lust Skin Illuminator

Tom Ford Fire Lust Skin Illuminator

Is Tom Ford Beauty’s $65 Skin Illuminator in Fire Lust more like a candle or a five-alarm blaze?


Tom Ford Skin Illuminator in Fire Lust

Well, let’s just say that it’s a little like trimming your bangs…if trimming bangs had anything at all to do with liquid face illuminators. :)

Put another way, it’s a subtle effect that won’t hit someone over the head, but if you point it out to ‘em, they’ll probably say something like, “Oh, yeah… I can see it now. Kinda.”

Tom Ford Fire Lust Swatch

Unblended on the left and blended on the right

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