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The New Eight-Piece Tom Ford Spring 2015 Collection Is a Study in Contrasts

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The Tom Ford Spring 2015 collection

Like the big, burly bouncer at da club who goes by the name, Tiny, Tom Ford’s new eight-piece spring collection is a study in contrasts. Pitting light against dark, and sheer against opaque, it takes the idea of sweet spring pastels and gives them the middle finger.

Sure, it’s an immaculately painted middle finger, but still.

Yeah, this collection wants to start sh*t! On the surface, it seems like the furthest thing away from a typical spring release, far more rowdy rockstar glam than happy Easter.

Blackened blue and forest green nails; rich plum, sapphire and cocky khaki lids; and nude lips and colorful lashes. I mean, just look at that model…

Tom Ford Beauty Spring 2015

Tom Ford Beauty Spring 2015

That girl is not sitting primly at high tea right there and wearing a prissy floral dress.

But delve a little deeper, and the collection reveals a softer side… Take the three new eyeshadow duos in Ripe Plum, Raw Jade and Crushed Indigo ($60 each).

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo in Crushed Indigo

Eye Color Duo in Crushed Indigo

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo in Raw Jade

Eye Color Duo in Raw Jade

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo in Ripe Plum

Eye Color Duo in Ripe Plum

All three have Tom’s latest shadow formulation and can be worn wet or dry (the formula’s very similar to the NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadows).

To go full-on, high-intensity rockstar, wet a flat eyeshadow brush, and apply one of the darker shades. Or, go with one of the lighter shades applied with a dry domed brush for a softer veil of opalescent color (that’s how I’m wearing them in the pics below).

To really embrace the contrasty concept, start by laying one of the darker shades all over your lids, then apply one of the lighter shades directly on top in the center to catch some light.

While these do have a metallic finish, it’s not a source of stress. They don’t apply crazy frosty, so any fine lines should be fine.

As for the two tinted mascaras in the collection, well, let’s just say that if you’re going for something bold and bright like the girl in the campaign poster is wearing, you may need to prep your lashes first with a couple coats of a black curling mascara.

Tom Ford Extreme Mascara in Teal Intense

Extreme Mascara in Teal Intense

Tom Ford Extreme Mascara in Black Plum

Extreme Mascara in Black Plum

With either of them — Teal Intense or Black Plum ($44 each) — on my lashes alone, the colors don’t show up. I have to prime my lashes first with a black mascara. In these pics I’m wearing the mascaras without having done any prep work, and the tints are barely visible.

The mascara formula also relaxes the curl (grr).

There are also three nail lacquers in the release — Black Jade, Indigo Night and Bitter Bitch ($32 each). I’ve tried Black Jade and Indigo Night this week, two of the three, and both of them look almost black on my nails.

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Indigo Night

Nail Lacquer in Indigo Night

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Black Jade

Nail Lacquer in Black Jade

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Tom Ford’s Glossy Gunmetal Cream Color for Eyes in Spring 2015 Is a Cream Shadow Chimera

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Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Spring 2015

Wearing Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Spring 2015

OK, that’s it. Game over! I’ve only been waiting, what, years, possibly decades, for this exact cream eyeshadow to walk into my life and subsequently rock my world, all that time patiently wishing, wondering, hoping to find a long-wearing product with a glossy finish that would make it possible for me to do a smokey eye without having to conduct a symphony on my lids with five different eyeshadows and eight brushes.

Finally, the wait is over.

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Spring 2015

You done good, Tom. SO GOOD. Your new $42 Cream Color for Eyes cream eyeshadow in Spring 2015 (yup, that’s really its name) gives me all the feels.

But I’m actually having a hard time describing the color. One minute I’ll see a deep golden khaki gray. Then I’ll turn my head a certain way or push my hair behind my ear and POW! — get a blast of silvery glitter in a warm, rich taupe or catch a glimpse of gunmetal gray. It’s a cream shadow chimera.

To top it off, there’s the finish. THAT GLOSSY FINISH THO! Such a vivrant thing (shoutout to Q-Tip), slick as a pristine magazine cover beckoning from a shelf at Barnes. At the same time, it’s fresh, spunky and a little bit wild (like Tabs the first time I met him, haha).

Its glossiness holds the key to its grunge-glam fabulosity.

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Spring 2015

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Spring 2015

It’s not easy to find a shadow with a glossy finish that actually stays on my lids AND feels comfortable. Most of them scoot around, only to settle into the crease within minutes of applying, but this one doesn’t move. It stays put.

Formula-wise, it’s a whipped mousse (and I don’t mean an exhausted elk), so if you prefer dense creams like the MAC Paint Pots, this kind of cream shadow may not be for you. I like the fluffiness of it, though. I find it easy to blend.

Unfortunately, this one is limited edition.

(Cue the glittery tears and shaking fists.)

But at least it’s available now online for $42. It’ll also be available at and beginning later this week.

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Spring 2015 swatch

When I apply Spring 2015, I like to ride the lazy train. I usually don’t use a primer with it because it doesn’t need one. I’ll just pat a small amount on my eyes starting with my lash line and lids, buff out the edges, and rinse and repeat until I reach the level of intensity I want. After that, it’s black eyeliner on my water lines and lots of black mascara.

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Spring 2015

I’m wearing MAC Lip Pencil in Fruit Cocktail and Lipstick in Ravishing on my lips, Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush in Habanera on my cheeks, and Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Spring 2015

This shadow adores nude lips (one to try: Tom Ford Sable Smoke) and casual skin. Oh! — and warm-toned lip and cheek pairings.

In these pics I’m wearing it with a coral lip and warm peach cheeks.

Being a $42 cream eyeshadow, Spring 2015 will probably not make your wallet do the Dance of Joy, but that’s Tom for you. Bargains are just not allowed at his counters. Still, in Tom Ford-ville, where a jar of face moisturizer costs $230, $42 is not a bad deal.

If you’re looking for a reasonable way to test the Tom Ford waters (as reasonable as Tom Ford ever gets), consider Spring 2015. I think it’s really something special (Tom, please make it permanent!).

PRICE: $42 for a 0.21-oz. jar
AVAILABILITY: Limited edition, available now online at and coming to and later this week

Adventures in tea time…

I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately…

Partly because I’m trying to cut down on my caffeine intake/dependency (hey, it’s something to do…like growing out my hair), and partly because of that cold I had last week.

I don’t know why, but some things are just totally unappealing to me when I’m sick, like coffee and eggs — especially scrambled eggs, which I normally love.

Anyway, this tea — my parents brought it back from their trip to China and the Philippines last fall. I’m actually not entirely sure what’s in it (the ingredients aren’t in English), but there’s a description on the side of the box, and I see the word “barley.”

This tea is SO DAMN GOOD. It’s hearty, like black tea, but I don’t think it’s caffeinated, because it doesn’t keep me up when I drink it at night.

I’m down to my last five bags now. :( I keep looking for it online, but no luck. I’m seriously thinking about going to Chinatown in SF specifically to look for it.

If you’re a fellow tea lover, what have you been drinking lately?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


10 Reasons to Love Tom Ford Beauty

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Tom Ford Spring 2015

Tom Ford Spring 2015, available now online and at Tom Ford counters

1. The limited edition collections…

Tom Ford Beauty Spring 2015

Tom Ford Beauty Spring 2015

Whenever one of Tom’s limited edition color collections drops, I’m reminded of my recurring need for a dedicated makeup fainting couch (Note to self: invent that).

Like this morning, when I laid eyes on the new spring 2015 collection in all its purple, teal and blue glory.

The duos, the nail polishes and that cray-cray mascara? BANANAS. b-a-n-a-n-a-s

2. Eye Defining Pen in Deeper

Tom Ford Defining Pen in Deeper

It’s $55, and yes, that’s crazy expensive, but Tom’s Eye Defining Pen in Deeper is also outrageously good.

When that mysterious billionaire benefactor I’ve been waiting for since my freshman year eventually knocks on my door and says, “Karen! Let me fund your beauty-loving lifestyle!” I’m going to stockpile hundreds of these pens and keep them in a special climate-controlled underground makeup lair.

3. The Brow Sculptor

Tom Ford Brow Sculptor in Espresso

My much-loved, well-worn Tom Ford Brow Sculptor in Espresso

It’s so good I want to cry. :( I have literally — LITERALLY — worn several of these down to the nub.

Tom Ford Brow Sculptor in Espresso

“Smizing” while wearing Tom Ford’s Brow Sculptor in Espresso

4. Nail Lacquer in African Violet

Tom Ford African Violet Nail Lacquer

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in African Violet ($32)

African Violet is THE purple polish I wear whenever I need to bring my A game. It’s like my comic book super serum, and it looks magnificent on toes (especially when they’re submerged in a five-star resort’s swimming pool).

5. Cognac Sable Eye Quad

Tom Ford Cognac Sable Eye Color Quad

Tom Ford Cognac Sable Eye Color Quad

Otherwise known as “Warm Coppery Bronze Shangri-la…”

I love this pic of Sable because it was taken when my quad was fresh and new, le sigh…

Now it looks busted, like a much-loved teddy bear. :)

Whenever my neurons aren’t firing well and I can’t string two sentences together, I pull out Cognac Sable.
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Introducing the Tom Ford Lips & Boys Limited Edition Lipstick Collection: Gentlemen, Start My Engine!

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Tom Ford Lips & Boys

Ain’t nothing wrong with friendly male companionship! Don’t tell El Hub, but I’ve been spending a lot of time with some new worldly dudes. Meet six of the gentlemen from Tom Ford’s Lips & Boys limited edition lipstick collection. :)


Giacomo from Milan loves giving ladies late night tours of the city on his Vespa…

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Giacomo Swatch

Giacomo, a warm pink with pearl


Cooper from London enjoys long walks in the rain, reading literature aloud next to a cozy fire, and exchanging furtive kisses between the stacks at the bookstore…

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Cooper Swatch

Cooper, a warm, pearly hot pink


Justin, the handsome honey from LA, acts like a party boy, but really, deep down inside, he just wants to get married and raise a family in The Valley.

He’ll invite you over to his midcentury modern mini-mansion nestled high in the hills above the city, and as you both sip wine and watch the sunset from the rooftop, he’ll woo you with his long lashes and hazel eyes…

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Justin Swatch

Justin, a pearly fuchsia

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Lids, Liner, Lashes, Lips: A Face of the Day With the New Tom Ford Holiday 2014 Collection

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Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Platinum

The holidays are coming! — and like the Terminator, they can’t be stopped. Or bargained with. Like a festive freight train, they’re a-comin’, ready or not!

With so much to do and fewer daylight hours during the day, every minute is precious. Right now I’m in a phase where the idea of blending three different eyeshadows into my crease (normally a totally sane thing to do) seems impractical, like I’m just burning daylight.

I suppose I could top putting on makeup entirely…

Yeah, right! Haha! Had you going there for a minute, didn’t I? :)

But seriously, I have been focussing on quicker looks lately, like this one, which I call “Lids, Liner, Lashes, Lips.”

Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in Flame

It’s pretty simple — a single shimmery cream eyeshadow on my lids, black eyeliner, mascara, a bold matte lipstick and a hint of blush and highlighter on my cheeks.

Not too involved, but I think it still makes an impact.

The two focal points are the eyes and lips.

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Platinum
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