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Looks Like Ombre Is the New Black: The Demi Lovato In Love 5-Piece Ombre Nail Set From The New Black

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The New Black Demi Lovato Holiday Nail Polish Collection

The Demi Lovato In Love 5-Piece Set by The New Black ($22), one of two new holiday nail polish sets from The New Black

Hmm… Methinks The New Black is on to something with their ombre nail sets.

The one I’m wearing today is called In Love. It’s one of two new The New Black sets en route to Ulta stores next month in a collaboration with pop singer/former Disney child star Demi Lovato (but they’re both available online now).

The New Black Demi Lovato Nail Polish

The five bottles are minis…

I know next to nothing about Demi, but of her music, I’ve liked the stuff I’ve heard on the radio. That song of hers, Heart Attack, always seems to be playing whenever I’m in the car.

It’s catchy stuff! I’ve cranked it up more than once to sing along to the chorus.

Apparently, Demi also likes nail polish (and, really, what girl doesn’t?).

So, what’s The New Black? Well, it’s an up-and-coming nail polish line out of Santa Monica, California. Their products, which aren’t tested on animals, are vegan-friendly and toluene-, formaldehyde-, camphor- and DBP-free.

Cali represent! 🙂

The sets ($22 each) are basically little nail polish collections, each one with five nail polish minis in coordinating shades.

The idea? To wear all of the colors at once, one shade per nail, to create sort of like an ombre-ish effect across your fingers and/or toes.

The New Black Demi Lovato Nail Polish: In Love Set

From the left: Dark purple pearl, purple foil, medium purple pearl, light purple pearl and loose rhinestones

They’re like nail art paint by numbers, LOL! Which is great for me, because they take all the guesswork out of figuring out what colors to wear together. There’s even a handy (get it??) picture on the side of the box to make it really easy.

Sorry…bad pun, I know.

The New Black Demi Lovato Nail Polish

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