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Last-Minute Bargain Alert! For a Few More Hours Tonight, Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do With the New Three-Piece Tarte Treat Yourself to Gorgeous Gifts From the Amazon Collection

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tarte treat yourself to gorgeous

I love the smell of a good bargain in the morning…

It smells like…victory!

LOL! I’m pretty sure that’s not how that actual line goes, seeing as how Apocalypse Now is one of my top five favorite films of all time, but it is how I feel about Tarte’s new Treat Yourself to Gorgeous Gifts From the Amazon Collection kit.

Talk about great stocking stuffer material. I love breaking apart holiday kits to use as stocking stuffers, and this $49.98 one (a $496 value) looks perfect for that.

But it’s a exclusive, and the sale only lasts a few more hours (sale ends tonight, November 28, 2012)!

It’s conveniently divided into three separate, easily giftable sets, the first with four Cashmere Waterproof Gliding Liners, the second with four Maracuja Divine Shine Lipglosses and the third with 20 Amazonian Clay Eye Shadows.

As gifts, the sets work out to about $16 each, and would ya look at that? — they already look gift-wrapped! :)

The Amazonian Clay Eyeshadows

tarte treat yourself to gorgeous

Another look at the Eye Shadow set

tarte treat yourself to gorgeous

The Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Glosses

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I’m Getting a Pretty Big Thrill From the Blushes in Tarte’s Big Thrill Palette

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tarte the big thrill

Pics of the new $48 Tarte The Big Thrill Palette, available now at Ulta.

The palette — which is more like a set — includes 16 of Tarte’s signature square eyeshadows infused with Amazonian clay, three of Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blushes in three brand new shades, one Bronzer, and three Vitamin Lip Glosses neatly tucked away inside a tiny drawer.

Hmm… $48 for 23 pieces? That’s not bad. Not bad at all.

I’m looking forward to getting my cheeks on those blushes…

tarte the big thrill

tarte the big thrill box eyeshadows

tarte the big thrill box eyeshadows

tarte the big thrill gloss blushes

tarte the big thrill gloss blushes

tarte the big thrill gloss

tarte the big thrill

tarte the big thrill

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Tarte Tempts Blush Enthusiasts With a Fantastic Foursome of Limited Edition Holiday Shades

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tarte fantastic foursome

Yes, grasshopper. You are ready…

Ready to take the leap!

You have trained well in the pursuit of flushed cheek perfection, swirling and bouncing your blush brush, and now it is time to take your level of blush love from hobbyist to full-blown enthusiast.

You can — no, you must lead your team of four Tarte powder blushes to new heights of flushed-faced fabulosity! I have complete faith in you.

True, the four new, limited edition shades in the $35 Fantastic Foursome holiday kit are all acolytes, yet each has demonstrated great fortitude and skill.

All of them hail from an elite fighting force, the League of Amazonian Clay Blushes, arguably among the best products in the entire Tarte tribe. Their soft formula, take-no-prisoners pigment and fearsome 10-hour wear time (although Tarte advertises 12) make for some seriously long-lasting blushing.

Meet the new members of the team…


A cool-toned matte fuchsia, Fantastic excels at not only face-to-face flirting, but also at quickly administering a bright, just-pinched flush to the apples of unassuming cheeks. Pair it with any number of pink, purple and/or plum lipsticks or glosses currently residing in your makeup bag.


You have to believe this shade is maaaaagic! Nothing can stand in its waaaaay!

Sorry…random Xanadu moment. :)

This neutral pinkish coral has been trained to treat cheeks lightly kissed by the sun, which is to say that I love the way it looks with a bit of a tan.


The team’s triple threat! Wear this peachy brown, with its flecks of silver glitter, as a blush, as a contour shade along your cheekbones, in the crease of your eyes, or as a bronzer all over your face.


This shimmery neutral gold specializes in rapid highlighting of upper cheekbones, down the bridges of noses and along brow bones and cupid’s bows.

tarte fantastic foursome

tarte fantastic foursome magic


tarte fantastic foursome stellar
tarte fantastic foursome fantastic


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Escape to a Land of Cute Clutches and Magic Clay With the Tarte Amazon Escape Palette

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tarte amazon escape

Time for a game of What If!

What if…you found a palette that satisfied both your appetite for stylish accessories and your appetite for makeup?

And what if said palette were available now, at this very moment (depending on your time zone), and the powder eyeshadows and blushes within it not only helped you get your pretty on, but they also improved your skin?

Blarney! you say? Nope, ’tis not science fiction. Tarte believes that such a thing exists, and it was last seen escaping from the Amazon!

Wait — that’s not right. It’s just called Amazon Escape, as in the Tarte Amazon Escape Amazonian Clay Eye & Cheek Palette, and for $44 it pledges to beautify your eyes and cheeks while improving your skin.

The secret sauce in this palette parolee? A skin-loving trifecta of Amazonian clay (to nourish skin, reduce oil and improve texture), vitamin E (which acts as an anti-inflammatory emollient and protects against damage by free radicals), and soothing mineral pigments shown to soften skin.

tarte amazon eyescape

Just as important as all that…it’s cute! :)

And it’s on shelves now.

I have to admit, the packaging is what first caught my attention, but the colors and claimed skin benefits also make a compelling case, not that I can detect any results after testing it for a week.

Based on the colors, at least, I think it definitely deserves more time. The six powder shadows and two blushes in the kit are downright gorgeous!

tarte amazon eyescape 2

tarte amazon eyescape swatches
Swatches from the left: Blushes in Free and Exposed; Eyeshadows in Tame, Rare, Rope, Camo, Canopy and Tribal
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My Cheeks Are Loving Tarte’s Latest Natural-Looking Cheek Stain

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tarte loving cheekstain

Things I encountered this afternoon…

1. A piece of chocolate cake.

Portion control is lame

2. A pinkish coral blush that smells like a mixed berry smoothie (more on this in a minute!).

tarte loving cheekstain

3. Jeremy Renner doing push-ups in my living room… He texted this morning to ask if he could come over on my lunch break (“Hey, girl, I’m in Novato!”).

Alright, so maybe that third thing didn’t happen. Truth is, Jeremy and I went makeup shopping at Sephora this afternoon…

Okay, okay, I’ll stop! :)

But seriously, I can’t wait to see Jeremy in the new Bourne movie. Maybe I’ll wear Tarte’s new Cheek Stain in Loving ($30) to the show.

If I do, one thing’s for sure — I know my cheeks will smell good, LOL!
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