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Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 374

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MAC Sweet Baby Collection

No rest for the weary/hungry! Thanksgiving rocked, no question about it, but the holiday ended yesterday for Tabs. He spent all day today making up for lost kitty modeling time with FIVE new modeling campaigns — turning in some of his best work of the year, I might add.

Most of these campaigns took place in and around Novato, which is quickly becoming a kitty modeling metropolis right up there with Milan and New York. Yup, don’t let the sleepy little downtown or proximity to dairy farms fool you.

Here’s a look at the marvelous kitty modeling work Tabs turned in today. There are campaigns for MAC, NARS, Make Up For Ever, Smith & Cult (it was the first time working with the brand for Tabs) and COVERCAT Cosmetics.

Enjoy, and I hope you had a fantastic weekend. :)

NARS Tabs Loves Turkey

Star Cats Lightsaber Lipgloss
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Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 373

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Dear Diary,

I’m feeling very thoughtful today — and apparently very generous as well. After my morning modeling routine (I practice daily to keep my edge), I had a long conversation with my assistant about her Thanksgiving work schedule.

Rather than requiring her to work her regular schedule, purr usual, for the first time in Tabs the Cat Industries history, I’m giving her the day off.

tabs pumpkin on his butt

Am I getting soft in my later years? No. But I do appreciate loyalty. I also strongly believe that it’s important to recognize exceptional employees, which is why I’ll be spending this Thanksgiving with mine.

I know it’s unorthodox for executives to mingle with the support staff over the holidays, but while my assistant was giving me my mid-morning shiatsu massage, she started getting emotional, saying how much she loves being my companion, how I’ll always be her “oldest baby” (What’s that about? I have no idea!), and how she hopes we’ll be able to spend many more Thanksgivings together.

tabs leaves looking thoughtful

Although I pride myself on my ability to “keep it together,” I couldn’t help it. I got a little emotional, too.

tabs leaves paws
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Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 372

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There should be a video in this post, but if you can’t see it, you can click here to watch it on YouTube.

This week Tabs felt like doing a quick YouTube makeup video. If you’re an aspiring kitty supermodel, he hopes this tip helps. :)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 371

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Dear Tabby

Dear Tabby is written by Tabs the cat, widely considered “the world’s first plus-size kitty supermodel.” Founded in mid 2012, it has quickly become the most popular cat advice column on earth — known for its fresh, feline perspective on lifestyle, fashion and style issues affecting cats and humans.

tabs-trapped-in-tampaDear Tabby,
My landlord locks all the doors at night, and it’s preventing me from going outside. How can I rectify this egregious situation?

Trapped in Tampa

Dear Trapped,
I can’t guarantee you it’ll work, but I’ve had some success mewling as loudly as possible and clawing at the drapes and blinds.

It seems to work best in the middle of the night, and it may require at least three uninterrupted hours of constant clawing.



tabs-timely-tunaDear Tabby,
Sometimes my personal chef is late to work, and my breakfast isn’t ready when I need it. What’s the best way to let her know that her tardiness is completely unacceptable?

More Timely Tuna

Dear Timely,
I’ve had the same problem with my personal chef. I recommend extremely loud mewling, and if that doesn’t work, lots of intense, focussed staring.



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Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 370

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Good morning, sir! Are you awake? I hate to disturb you, but it’s almost noon, and you have a full schedule today.


(One hour later.)

Rise and shine, sir! It’s me again! Oh…you’re still sleeping?

James Franco keeps calling, sir. You two had a lunch meeting. Remember? I’m not sure what to tell him…

Maybe I should just wake you up. Or let you sleep? I don’t know… I guess I’ll check back in another hour. It was a long night, after all. That was SOME party, but it’s Sunday, sir. It’s time to do your column. What will we tell your fans?

I don’t even know if you can hear what I’m saying… Boy, you are out like a light! This would probably be a good time to ask for a raise. Lord knows I deserve one…

I guess I’ll check back in an hour.

(One hour later.)


What!? You can’t still be sleeping. Still…? Well, just so you know, I’ve been working my tail off today, thank you very much. I just finished cleaning the living room because your friends trashed the place, but I’m taking a late lunch now. I’ll check back in an hour.
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