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I’m Sonia Kashuk of Sonia Kashuk Beauty, and This Is My Makeup Life

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Sonia Kashuk

The My Makeup Life series asks beauty biz insiders, bloggers, makeup mavens and artists to share their holy grail products, tricks, tips and favorite beauty tools. Is there anyone you would like to see featured in My Makeup Life or questions you think I should ask? Let me know here.

Name: Sonia Kashuk
Location: New York City
Day job/current gig: You know, it’s funny because I know that I came from being a makeup artist, but now I’m more like a makeup creator, or a beauty creator. It’s funny, I’m all these mini subtitles in the world of beauty. I guess day-to-day, it really is about being a creator.
Hangouts online: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,, and for the Sonia Kashuk Beauty line.
Current favorite product: I would have to say, one of my current favorite products, which I think is, like, a makeup bag must-have, is my pro pan, Eye on Neutral Matte Palette.
Beauty inspirations: For me, it’s not about places. It’s words. I think refinement, I think polish, I think confidence. It’s more of that type of thing when I think about beauty than it is, per se, a place.
One word that best describes your outlook on beauty: Polished.

What makeup/beauty products can’t you live without?

I am a huge fan of skincare products, and I have to say, my Foundation. Because to me, if your skin looks good, you’re already more than halfway there. So I think it’s, like, really owning and working to maintain the quality of your skin, and then really embracing that. And I think that a tube of foundation can perfect any imperfections and kind of take the skin to that “wow” factor of, like, “You’ve got beautiful skin!”

When did you start getting into makeup?

I really didn’t fall into doing makeup as a profession until my early 20s. I was kind of floundering through the fashion and display worlds and trying different aspects, but I was always working with color, shape and form. But I didn’t really find my way into beauty until my early 20s.

The truth is, I was actually doing the wardrobe for the Funkytown video, and at the last minute, the makeup artist cancelled. And the songwriter/director said to me, “Sonia, you’re kind of into all that kind of stuff. You need to do the makeup.”

You know, I was a bit, like, “Are you kidding me?” I had no idea. But, it’s like, you kind of get thrown into something, and I had no idea what I was doing, but I loved it. And that was really the transition point that put me into beauty.

What’s your best beauty time-saving trick?

I think, probably, it’s my Illuminating Bronzer that I have, because it’s super fast and makes skin look drop-dead gorgeous.

I think that bronzer now is definitely a year-round product, and it makes you look alive — or at least like you just came back from a recent trip. Like, I’m always getting, “God, Sonia. You’re skin’s so glowy. Were you just in the sun?”, and I’m like, “It’s my bronzer!” So I feel like when someone gives you that kind of compliment…we all strive to look like we just got back from vacation, and I think the Illuminating Bronzer will do that.

I like applying it with a brush. If you want a lighter application, use my Large Duo-Fibre Brush. I start it on the cheek with a little bit under the cheek to give it more of a hint of contour. Then, around the apples, kind of up into the hairline, and then a slight dusting on the cheek and a light dusting on the neck, so it just looks even. And you have this kind of very fresh-faced, bronzed glow.

The thing I love about this bronzer beyond the illuminating factor is that it doesn’t lay down heavy on the skin, so it has this incredible see-through quality.

I think some people still have this thing about bronzer — what bronzer was as opposed to what bronzer is today. It has beautiful texture, and you get just radiant skin. A bronzer is definitely what I think must be in everyone’s bag as well.

What’s your favorite beauty tool?

Eyelash curler.

What’s the best beauty advice you ever received?

You know, this is going to sound a little bit crazy, and I was like, “Do I even say this?” but I’m going to.

Because I am a grown-up — I have to admit, I am a grown-up — I’m not such a fan of fillers, but I am a fan of Botox when used correctly. When not overdone, I think of Botox as an age-maintenance tool.

And, I think that what happens with a lot of things in our society and in our life is that things get blown out of proportion, out of control, people misuse products. And I think Botox got kind of a crazy rap because of the extremes that we have seen from so many women. But, I think when used correctly by the right professional, it can maintain and help preserve the appearance of your own skin and really make a big difference with age maintenance.

When speaking to amazing doctors and plastic surgeons, people that I’ve had conversations with, plastic surgeons that in the past who were doing lots of face lifts are no longer doing that because they feel that when they’re maintaining things correctly, they can get such incredible results with age maintenance [with Botox].

I’m a fan of it when used correctly, and I think,unfortunately, it’s more often than not misused. That’s kind of a tricky thing to get into, but I have to say that it’s an incredible tool, you know, an incredible product, when not overdone.

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Three Cheers for the Three Tiered Sonia Kashuk Floral Print Triple Train Case!

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Sonia Kashuk Foral Triple Train Case

Sonia Kashuk’s ferociously fabulous Floral Print Triple Train Case (and my new snow leopard sweater from Target)

The new Sonia Kashuk Roll Up Valet bag might be better at keeping makeup and brushes separated and organized…but sometimes you don’t care about organization and just want to bring along a sh*tload of stuff!

Well at least I do. :)

I have a confession — packing light does not come naturally to me (unlike my knack for tracking down new Kevin Federline-esque fedoras).

It’s actually really hard. Whenever I fly somewhere, I pare down because I have to, but dangnabbit! — those carry-on luggage restrictions sure cramp my style.

Now, when traveling by car, since I can bring however much I want and don’t have to haul my cookies around an airport, I tend to go a little cray-cray in the makeup packing department.

Let me put it this way: I’m the girl with five different face powders and six bronzers at any given time, and oh — what’s that? You want to borrow a glittery nail polish? Can do. I’m sure I have at least two or three of them with me…

It’s time like those, when I can bring however much I want and indulge in my makeup hoarding tendencies, that Sonia Kashuk’s Floral Print Triple Train Case ($19.99) is mah jam.

New for fall, the three-tiered zippered travel case has become my go-to bag whenever I want to bring along hella blushes, powders and/or eyeshadows.

Sonia Kashuk Foral Triple Train Case

The bottom tier

Bulkier products like face powders fit nicely into the bottom tier, which is the deepest level of the bag, and when I stand them up in two rows, the bag fits about 20…

Sonia Kashuk Foral Triple Train Case

The middle tier

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I’m Rolling Deep With Sonia Kashuk’s $19.99 Roll Up Valet Makeup Bag

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Sonia Kashuk Roll Up Valet

Sonia Kashuk’s fantabulous Roll Up Valet ($19.99)

I love trying out new makeup bags in the hope of finding THE ONE BAG that will rule them all, Highlander-style, and the bag I brought with me to Vegas this week, the $19.99 Roll Up Valet by Sonia Kashuk, just may be that one!

Truth be told, I never thought I’d ever want a spare/backup makeup bag. Backup lipsticks and eyeshadows, sure — but a backup makeup bag?

Well, yes. Sonia’s Roll Up Valet is without a doubt one of the best makeup bags I’ve ever owned. It’s like your own personal makeup admin assistant, keeping everything organized, and it’s compact and lightweight, too.

From the outside, it’s a cute bag with a handle and a snap closure, but unroll it, and it turns into a magic carpet!

Okay, not really… :)

It opens to reveal four separate, see-through zippered compartments, which make it easy to find the products within.

A side view of the Sonia Kashuk Roll Up Valet

I keep brushes in one of the compartments, my face makeup (foundation, blush, bronzer, etc.) in another, eye makeup in the third and lip products in the fourth. With this beautiful bag, I don’t have to rut around in the dark, or dump everything out on a counter, to find what I’m looking for.

Sonia Kashuk Roll Up Valet

I also like how it lies flat when it’s open. Perfect for tabletops.

Better still, it couldn’t be a whole lot easier to clean, and it only costs $20!

The new Sonia Kashuk Roll Up Valet: what fits inside

It fits all of this, with room to spare!

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Like Gatorade for Your Lips, New Mega Moisturizing Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Colours in Pinky Beige and Spiced Berry

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Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color in Spiced Berry

Wearing the new Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color in Spiced Berry ($9.99, available now at Target)

Mark my words! Come hell or high water! I AM GOING TO TARGET TO BUY THAT CAT LADY SWEATER TODAY!!

I’ve had it on my to-do list for… Heck, I don’t know how long it’s been on there. At least a week. El Hub’s car has been in the shop, so he’s been taking my Mazda to work, which has left me at home with Tabs.

Not that I mind (except for the sweater).

But I’m mobile again. Got my car back, so I can run a few errands this afternoon. Tabs needs gravy (Seriously, he really does. There isn’t a can left in the house.), and I need that sweater from Target.

When I’m there, I’m gonna swing by the Sonia Kashuk section to see if they have her Satin Luxe Lip Colours with SPF 16.

Babe, have you tried these before? I’m kicking myself for not getting on the train sooner because they’re kind of the sh*z. I’ve been wearing the two newest shades in the fall collection, Spiced Berry and Pinky Beige, off and on for the past couple of weeks and lovin’ it.

Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color in Pinky Beige and Spiced Berry

See the colors at the bottom of the tubes? Makes it so easy to find whichever shade I’m looking for.

Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Colour SPF 16

Oh, yeah. And they’re less than 10 bucks ($9.99 to be exact). The buttery, featherweight formula feels almost exactly like a $22 MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick to me, and they’re super duper smooth, so there’s none of that annoying business where the color settles into the lines on my lips.

More to love

  • They’re unscented and unflavored.
  • Contain SPF 16.
  • Last from 2-3 hours, which isn’t bad for something this lightweight.
  • And each tube has that see-through part, which makes it easy to find the shade I’m looking for at a glance.

OK, but are they worthy of a precious permanent place in your purse?

I think so…but my definition of “permanent” is more like long-term temporary. :)

If they do deserve that kind of love, it’s on account of how moisturizing they are — like we’re in the desert, and our Jeep Wrangler just stalled off-road 20 miles from the nearest service station, and then you apply one of these, and it’s like a giant bottle of Gatorade for your lips.

Yeah, that moisturizing.

If your pout gets crazy dry and flaky like mine does, or if you travel a lot by plane (can’t stand that recycled air!) or live somewhere with very low humidity, I think you’ll appreciate it.

Plus, the colors are totally on point for fall.

Pinky Beige

Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color in Pinky Beige

Hello, pretty! (That’s Pinky Beige on the left.)

Pinky Beige just might be the perfect creamy nude. Not too cool nor warm, it’s medium coverage and massively low maintenance. You could probably pair it with any color smokey eyes — black, gray, bronze, green, blue — no problem at all. Hands down, it’s one of the most flexible, affordable lip colors you could add to your makeup bag this fall.

Spiced Berry

Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color in Spiced Berry

Wassup?! (That’s Spiced Berry on the right.)

Spiced Berry’s shimmery finish caught my eye immediately. It’s got good glitter, ya know? Not that cheer champ stuff, but the kind of glitter that goes great with sleek black dresses, patent pumps and dainty gold jewelry.

If you like vampy lip looks or think you might like them but have yet to give ’em a try, Spiced Berry could be a good place to start.

Swatches (for reference, I’m an NC42)

Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color in Pinky Beige Swatch

Pinky Beige

Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color in Spiced Berry Swatch

Spiced Berry

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12 Pans of Shimmer Shine in the Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition “Jewel of an Eye” Eye Couture Palette

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Sonia Kashuk Jewel of an Eye

The current apple o’ my eye: the $19.99 Eye Couture Palette in Jewel of an Eye from Sonia Kashuk

With autumn about to make its big debut, what’s one way to stay on trend without breaking the bank?

The Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition “Jewel of an Eye” Eye Couture Palette

Perhaps you’ve already stocked up on fall staples over the summer — a chic red lipstick, a black liquid liner, a deep plum (and) or berry gloss — and are saying to yourself, “Whee!” and asking, “What else can we put in there?”

Throw some jewel-toned shadows into the mix

Ya know, for emerald, amber, amethyst and sapphire smokey eyes. All are so, SO apropos with knee-high boots, tweed blazers and snuggly, chunky knits.

Ah… I can almost hear the leaves crunching beneath my feet and Tabs whining because of how chilly it is outside (too chilly to go for his daily walk). Maybe we should get matching turtlenecks — my cat and I — because that’s what I really need — to give my neighbors another reason to think I’m a crazy cat lady. :)

As far as fall makeup, I suppose we could hunt and peck for jewel-toned duos and trios, or spend an arm and a leg searching for “the perfect combo,” but who has time for all that?

Try this: tell your hubby/honey/Ryan Gosling that you’ll be back in 10 minutes, because we’re going to Target to check out Sonia Kashuk’s new “Jewel of an Eye” Eye Couture Palette ($19.99).

Okay…make that 30 minutes. We both know that Target is a time warp. We’ll never get out of there in less than 15.

12 pans of shimmer

This 12-pan palette of intense, shimmery shadows pulsates with possibilities for trendy jewel-toned looks, and it’s RAD.

Sonia Kashuk Jewel of an Eye

12 jewel-toned colors await you in the new Jewel of an Eye palette…

Sonia Kashuk Jewel of an Eye

A closer look at the shades…

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