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Is the Summery Smashbox Heat Wave Eye Shadow Palette Flexible Enough for Fickle Feline Enthusiasts/Makeup Lovers?

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Smashbox Heat Wave Eye Shadow Palette

Wearing colors from the new $48 Smashbox Heat Wave Eye Shadow Palette on my eyes

I’m equal parts enthralled and dismayed that there’s a TV show called America’s Worst Tattoos.

My mind wanders when it’s on…drifting like an asteroid in the Kuiper belt, but then I start to feel guilty for watching it, because I know that I should probably be doing something productive instead, maybe reading something more substantial, like The Grapes of Wrath or For Whom the Bell Tolls or Are You There, God? It’s Me Margaret.

But I have learned one or two things from the show, like that there is A LOT of tattoo regret out there, and that because of my fickle nature, I should restrict myself to tattoos of the temporary Cracker Jack variety.

I’m way, waaaaaay too fickle for permanent ink.

Even if I went with something safe, like a picture of Tabs, how would I decide which one?? A single pic of Tabs to stare at for all eternity? But…he has so many good looks.

T-Money insists on being hand fed at snack time

As an example of my fickleness, I can’t decide whether I prefer the powder eye shadows in the new Smashbox Heat Wave Eye Shadow Palette more when they’re applied wet or when they’re applied dry.

I like both ways for different reasons.

Smashbox Heat Wave Palette 3

Flexible like WHOA!

Smashbox designed this palette of 10 warm and neutral summer shades to be worn wet or dry. A big WHOOP-WHOOP for that, right?

Smashbox Heat Wave Palette 2
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Smashbox’s Heat Wave Eye Shadow Palette

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Smashbox Heat Wave Palette 3

The Smashbox Heat Wave Eye Shadow Palette ($48), new for summer 2013. Find it now at Sephora stores and online.

Smashbox Heat Wave Palette 2

Well, Halo There, Megatint! Okay, That Was Just Ridiculous… Introducing Smashbox’s New Halo Long Wear Blushes and Megatint Long Wear Lip Colors

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smashbox halo long wear blush

The four new Smashbox Halo Long Wear Blushes ($24 each)

More new spring stuff from Smashbox! — a line of halo-inducing blushes (for angelic cheeks, perhaps?) and lipsticks.

These are the kinds of blushes where you twist and shave off what ya need. Little gimmicky, but I think it’s kinda fun.

When I swatched them, they seemed super sheer, so if you like the look of a lightly flushed cheek, or you just want something clutz-proof and easy, you might want to give ‘em a try.

smashbox halo long wear blush

smashbox halo long wear blush

smashbox halo long wear blush
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Smashbox Approached the Love Me Spring 2013 Collection Whole-Heartedly

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hello from sephora

Okay, Tina Turner, what’s love got to do with it?

We’re looking at the new Smashbox spring collection, a six-piece release called Love Me, at the Sephora store in Novato.

Oh, and I’d also like to introduce you to my new friend/Sephora Novato mascott, Husky Dog. :)


Have fun swatching. I’ll just stay here and guard this post…

I guess she was hanging out and waiting for her assistant. I tried to strike up a convo, but she paid me no mind…

First off, the two eyeshadow palettes from the collection. If I could only pick two things from the release, these are two I’d get. They’re really soft, almost creamy, and very pigmented. Mmm, hmm…

The line art on the packaging spells “Love Me.” (The heart is the “M.”) And when you open it, you see the curvy lines on the pan.

Nice touch.

smasbox love me spring 2013 collection

smasbox love me spring 2013 collection

And the blush. If you look closely, you’ll see hearts on the pan…

smasbox love me spring 2013 collection

…and hearts on the two lipsticks. (Or are those peace signs?? Or rabbit ears??).
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Reflections on Life, Lipgloss and the Smashbox Shades of Fame Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss Set

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smashbox hibiscus
Smashbox Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss in Hibiscus

Dear Self,

Please keep in mind these notes on lipgloss and life, and hold on to them when you’re feeling sad or yucky.


…that you can always change your circumstances. It’s not always as easy as changing your lipgloss, but sometimes it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest impact (see: the Smashbox Shades of Fame Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss Set, $29, which includes five tiny travel-size glosses).

smashbox shades of fame reflection high shine lip gloss set

If you’re lonely, reach out! Put those fingers to work, and email, tweet or text a friend or coworker. Maybe make a lunch date.

When you start feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, shake things up! There are BIG shakes, like planning a trip, so you have something fun to look forward to, and little shakes, like committing to do just one thing differently today, even if it’s just walking down a street in your neighborhood that you’ve never explored before.

Always remember that you’re not alone, even when you feel lonely. The pressure you sometimes feel to be funny, creative and interesting, the doubt, the constant wondering if you’ll be able to think of exciting new ways to call something “neutral” or “nude.”

People understand that you’re only human; no one can be on all the time.

Remember what works for you, and write like a crazy person! Write with reckless abandon. Write as fast as you can! Don’t worry about word counts, deadlines and cutting stuff down, because you can deal with all of that stuff later.

Remember that you have the power to change your point of view. See silver linings, and welcome new challenges with open arms and a positive attitude.

Remember that you can do this. You can write raw, and you can write real.

Remember that everyone sees the same things in different ways. Some might see the five tubes in the Smashbox Shades of Fame Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss Set, and think, “Meh, just another limited edition batch of standard summer glosses…”

They may not get beyond the surface details, like how thick and sticky these feel, how moisturizing they are (very), their light vanilla flavor and scent, sheer-to-medium pigment or their three-hour wear time.

Others might see the same glosses, however, and think, “Wow… Lipgloss is kinda like life.”

smashbox shades of fame reflection high shine lip gloss set

Sometimes, it’s all sparkly and beautiful and everything you ever wanted it to be. Other times, it’s gritty, and not at all what you expected. Sometimes, it disappears too fast, or you get your hair stuck in it, and that really sucks … especially if you’re on a bicycle without brakes (been there, done that).

smashbox papaya
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