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Getting to Know the Phase 1 Skin Care Set by Glossier

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Glossier Phase 1 Set

Oh, Super Emily, I had a feeling good things were in the works for you.

The new Glossier skin care line is the brainchild of Into the Gloss founder Emily Weiss, aka the gal from The Hills who will always and forever be etched into my memory as “Super Emily,” or just “SuperEm,” because remember that episode at the Teen Vogue dinner when scary Lisa Love says that there are too many flower arrangements on the table??

Anywho…Glossier, SuperEm’s latest venture, is a streamlined skin care brand with a minimalist chic aesthetic. They launched late last year with a handful of products and the belief that skin should be celebrated, not covered up.

Glossier Phase 1 Set

The $80 four-piece Glossier Phase 1 Set

The $80 four-piece Phase 1 Set contains the basics for low-key, casual skin — a hydrating mist, a face moisturizer that doubles as a makeup primer, a rich salve for your lips (and/or any other dry bits) and a tinted moisturizer with a satin finish.

I like to start by misting all over my face with the Soothing Face Mist Rosewater Spray, followed by the Priming Moisturizer on my face and neck. Then I’ll dab Balm Dotcom on my lips, and finish by blending the Perfecting Skin Tint in Medium all over my face (I’ll use about a dozen drops).

Glossier Soothing Face Mist

Soothing Face Mist from the Glossier Phase 1 Set

Glossier Priming Moisturizer

Priming Moisturizer

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Spray, Spray the Easy Way With Kiss My Face Air Kiss 2 in 1 Light Moisturizing Lotion

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Kiss My Face Air Kiss 2 in 1 Light Moisturizing Lotion in Aah... Lavender Shea ($9.99)

The new Kiss My Face Air Kiss 2 in 1 Light Moisturizing Lotion in “aah…” Lavender Shea ($9.99)

If I skip using moisturizer on my body for one day — just one day — my arms, legs and feet take on the rich patina of a fake crocodile handbag.

In other words, they get bad.

Not fire and brimstones bad, but pretty gnarly, nonetheless.

Big sigh…

There’s never enough time to do everything you need to do, you know? That’s why efficiency is so important, as are products that help you save time, even products I kinda sorta already have, like body lotions.

El Hub would probably disagree with this statement: I really do need another body lotion on my bathroom shelf.

Too bad for El Hub. :)

New cruelty-free Kiss My Face Air Kiss 2 in 1 Light Moisturizing Lotion in “aah…” Lavender Shea ($9.99) is unlike any of the other moisturizing lotions in my stash.

Kiss My Face Air Kiss 2 in 1 Light Moisturizing Lotion in my paw for scale

In my paw for scale

It’s a lightweight, continuous spray body lotion that shoots out in a fine mist, almost like an aerosol hairspray.

Kiss My Face Air Kiss 2 in 1 Light Moisturizing Lotion Ingredients

What’s in it?

Moisturizing sunflower seed oil, glycerin, shea butter and aloe vera are near the top of the ingredient list, which is free of parabens and phthalates, and like all of the Kiss My Face brand’s products, Air Kiss isn’t tested on animals. It’s also eco-friendly, as the spray is powered by compressed air. Not chemical propellants.

Kiss My Face Air Kiss 2 in 1 Light Moisturizing Lotion

Here’s how to use it…

Hold the bottle about four inches from your skin, and give it a few good spritzes (the bottle even works upside down!). Then rub the fast-absorbing lotion into your arms, legs, bootie, boobies, etc.

Unlike most oil-based body spray moisturizers (which are also pretty quick to use), Air Kiss doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky residue.

This stuff is lightning fast, and I can literally be done moisturizing in less than 30 seconds. By far, it’s the quickest body moisturizer in my bathroom right now.

Kiss My Face Air Kiss 2 in 1 Light Moisturizing Lotion
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Three LUSH Bestsellers Get a Makeover: Introducing the New Self-Preserving Dream Cream, Ocean Salt and Mask of Magnaminty

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Lush Ocean Salt

The new LUSH Self-Presrving Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub ($35.95 for an 8.8-oz jar), one of three newly reformulated LUSH best-sellers

Next time you happen to pass within 100 yards of a LUSH store and catch yourself breathing deeply of its fragrant aroma (“ah…”), I encourage you to follow your nose and stop by.

The company just reformulated a few of its most popular products, making them from hence forth “self-preserving.”

LUSH Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion, Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub and Mask of Magnaminty Face and Back Pack are now all “self-preserving.”

New Lush Self-Preserving Products

The new LUSH Self-Preserving products

Lush Self-Preserving Ocean Salt

Self-Preserving Ocean Salt

Lush Self-Preserving Dream Cream

Self-Preserving Dream Cream

Lush Mask of Magnaminty

Self-Preserving Mask of Magnaminty

So — self-preserving — what does that actually mean?

Well, it’s LUSH lingo for “We reformulated a few of our bestselling products to make them more natural.”

LUSH removed the synthetic preservatives, which were already pretty minimal (small amounts of methylparaben and proplyparaben), according to LUSH product trainer Jeff Brown, and replaced them with preservatives that the average person can actually pronounce, like honey, clay, cocoa butter, vegetable glycerin and sea salt…and tofu (say wha?!).

They also reduced the water content in the products, which they did to discourage bacterial growth. Less water means less space for microorganisms to multiply.

Dream Cream is $26.95 for an 8.4-oz. jar; Ocean Salt is $21.95 for a 4.2-oz. jar and $35.95 for an 8.8-oz. jar; and Mask of Magnaminty is $12.95 for a 4.4-oz jar and $24.95 for a 11.1-oz. jar. All three products are available now at LUSH counters, stores and online at

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On the Bathroom Shelf: Body Lotions by Ahava, Antica Farmacista, Tata Harper and Agraria

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On the bathroom shelf

My friend Cindy is staunchly anti-beauty, and it’s rare when she wants to talk about makeup or beauty products, so this snippet of a thrilling conversation we recently had was a pleasant surprise. :)

CINDY: Do you use body lotion every day?

ME: Well, yeah. Don’t you?

CINDY: Uh uh. I don’t need to. I don’t really have dry skin.

ME: Lucky you!

CINDY: Do you have to use it everywhere? Even on your feet?

ME: Oh, yeah. Especially my feet.

CINDY: What happens if you miss a day?

ME: My skin starts to look like crusty parmesan cheese.

Yeah, it’s not a good look, which is why I’m big into body lotions. Here are the ones currently living on my bathroom shelf…

Ahava Mineral Body Lotion Duo ($37.50 for a 17-oz bottle): One for me, one for my mama! And these bottles are huge.

First, Ahava Mineral Body Lotion is hella moisturizing yet doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind. It comes as a two-pack available now exclusively at Nordstrom for $37.50 ($96 value), and the light powdery scent doesn’t overwhelm my perfume.

Antica Farmacista Peonia, Gardenia & Rosa Body Moisturizer ($25 for a 10-oz. bottle): Rose dominates this moisturizer’s memorable scent, and the fragrance lingers all day long and layers well with my rosy perfumes.

The moisturizing formula is a touch greasier than the Ahava lotion I mentioned earlier, but it contains many moisturizing ingredients that sit well with my alligator skin, like aloe vera, sweet almond oil and shea butter, to name a few.

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On the Bathroom Shelf: Diptyque Paris Skin Care

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On the bathroom shelf, Diptyque Skin Care

Diptyque Paris skin care

Diptyque Paris, those purveyors of fancy-schmancy candles, now have a pricey new skin care line called L’Art du Soin, which le Google machine translates to “The Art of Care.”

And I totally get that. I’ve been giving a few of the items a try this month, and my mug does feel like it’s been properly cared for and nurtured. The gentle products haven’t aggravated my normally fussy, acne-prone combination skin at all, which is quite an accomplishment.

The heavily scented products contain some unusual sounding ingredients, too, like marble powder (Wha? As in statues and countertops?), and other things, like sweet almond oil, that are more usual for skin care.

The overall presentation is très posh. These are the kind of skin care goodies you find in those fancy bathrooms at five-star hotels frequented by movie stars and diplomats.

After using them for a while, I see these as great getaway products. Vacation products. But when the plane lands and it’s back to the real world grind, I think I’d want to resume my aggressive anti-aging, anti-acne agenda.

Gimme, gimme, gimme, the stuff that slows down time’s march across my face and prevents the zits, which left to their own devices would take over my chin (those @ssholes), from exacting their reign of terror.

For me, the standouts in the line include the Infused Facial Water ($55), which contains damask rose and geranium extracts and smells amazeballs — like someone (either Prince Charming or a stalker) left 10 dozen roses on my doorstep. Lightly hydrating, it doesn’t make my skin feel sticky, which is great.

The Moisturizing Protective Lotion ($72 OMG!) has SPF 15 and absorbs quickly into my skin. It also layers well with makeup and looks lovely in pics (none of that SPF flashback).

Diptyque Radiance Boosting Powder

Radiance Boosting Powder, $58

Diptyque Infused Facial Water

Diptyque Infused Facial Water ($55) and Moisturizing Protective Lotion SPF 15 ($72)

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