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Currently on the Bathroom Shelf: Fourth of July Sun Protection Products From Neutrogena, L’Occitane, Vichy, Avene and Philip Kingsley

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Sun protection from Neutrogena, L'Occitane, Philip Kingsley, Vichy and Avene

Sun protection from Neutrogena, L’Occitane, Philip Kingsley, Vichy and Avene

It’s almost Fourth of July, and fireworks are completely legal in my bathroom!

Wait — that was weird.

By fireworks, I’m referring to exciting sun protection products, like these things currently celebrating their independence on my bathroom shelf. :)

Neutrogena Age Shield Face Oil-Free Lotion SPF 110

When a two-digit SPF ratings just isn’t enough, there’s Neutrogena Age Shield Face Oil-Free Lotion SPF 110, which I’ve been using every day for about a month.

The oil-free formula is fabulous to the max! Not only is it easy to apply makeup on top of it, but it doesn’t pill up into little flecks, or otherwise behave strangely no matter what I wear it with — primer, foundation, whatever else.

Best of all, it’s not greasy! — so when I put it on my neck, it doesn’t feel all sticky and gross. For $12.99, you get a 3-ounce tube, and it’s available now at drugstores, Ulta and online.

L’Occitane Jenipapo Gel-Protecting Body Jelly Milk SPF 20

I like L’Occitane’s Jenipapo Protecting Body Jelly Milk SPF 20 for a couple of reasons.

First, the name. Jenipapo.

That’s pure win right there. :)

As for the formula, I like it for light SPF protection when I only plan to catch a few rays while running errands or going for a quick walk.

It’s a lightweight, moisturizing sunscreen lotion that smells ah-maze-balls! It starts with notes of watermelon, orange, pineapple, frangipani and Lily of the Valley, and dries down to a smooth vanilla musk.

It launched last May with a whole slew of skin care, fragrance and sun protection products in L’Occitane’s Au Brasil line, a range inspired by the fabulous foliage of Brazil.

Jenipapo, a fruit tree found in Brazil’s Cerrado tropical savanna, is said to be very moisturizing.

Neutrogena, L'Occitane Jenipapo and Philip Kingsley

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The Forecast for Lush Summer 2014 Calls for Yummy Mango and Marshmallow Showers

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Lush Summer 2014

Lush summer 2014

Two of the many reasons I like to run…

  1. Because it means I get to eat more candy. Copious, vast, galactic quantities of candy, like OMG! — milk chocolate butterscotch squares from See’s, which are and always will be my caloric downfall.
  2. Because of the post-run shower. Sure, I can shower anytime — not just after a run (obvs), but there’s something extremely satisfying about rinsing away all of that sweat after a good run, ya know? And in the summer when it’s hot, it’s even more satisfying because there’s more sweat. Sorry, truth! :)

This morning after my run I showered with a few new products from Lush. They released six new things this summer, all of them cruelty-free and handmade. Lush calls them “self-preserving,” because they contain high levels of oil, butter and glycerine and a reduced amount of water, which altogether are supposed to stop bacteria from coming around and messing with yo’ groove.

1. Mangnificent Soap

Lush Magnificent Soap

Mangnificent Soap, $7.80 for a 0.25-pound slice

“Mangnificent,” as in mango-nificent, especially if you’re into mangos, which I am.

When I was a kid, dried mangoes were some of my favorite treats in the whole wide world.

Still are, actually. But back in the day they were kind of hard to get here in the U.S., so I’d have to wait for relatives to bring them over when they visited from the Philippines.

There’s nothing quite like dried mango… Sweet, a little tangy and chewy… YUM!

Yes, I’m starved right now.

Anyway, this bar smells just like that! It actually contains both dry and fresh mango (for antioxidants). There’s dried mango on the outside and fresh pureed mango throughout.

The bar also contains Sicilian Lemon Oil and Tunisan Neroli Oil, with the former supposedly increasing seratonin levels in the brain.

Hmm… I am feeling pretty good right now, but that could be ’cause it’s Friday. 😉

2. D’Fluff Shaving Cream

Lush D'Fluff Shaving Cream

D’Fluff Shaving Cream, $9.95 for the 2.5-ounce tub pictured here, and $16.95 for a bigger 5.2-ounce tub

I guess you really do learn something new every day, because this stuff was inspired by strawberry marshmallow fluff, which I did not even know existed.

But it does.

Because I Googled it.

And OMG it looks good!

D’Fluff feels fluffy and light directly from the tub, but once you get it on your skin and work it in a little bit, it thickens into a lotion (like this Shave Cream by EOS).

I definitely feel like I get a closer shave with my razor when I use it.

Surprisingly, it’s not as sweet-smelling as I expected. Rather, it’s more tart, like real life fresh strawberries.

In additional to the strawberries, which are supposed to help cleanse the skin, it also contains egg whites to tighten skin and cocoa butter to moisturize.

Both guys and gals can use it, too.

Hint, hint, El Hub. It’s time you parted with that stubble you’ve been rocking all week. #justsayin

3. African Paradise Body Conditioner

Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner

African Paradise Body Conditioner, $39.95 for an 8.8-ounce tub

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Currently on the Bathroom Shelf: Makeup Removers

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Best makeup removers

From the left: Trish McEvoy Long-Wear Face and Eye Makeup Remover, Klorane Floral Gel Eye Make-Up Remover, Cle de Peau Beaute Makeup Remover Towelettes, DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil Face & Eyes

Just a peek into ye olde bathroom cabinet. Here are the makeup removers currently performing acts of great beauty bravery on my bathroom shelf! :)

Trish McEvoy Long-Wear Face and Eye Makeup Remover

Niiiiiiiiiice, although for the life of me I can’t figure out why an $18 bottle of this is so small (just 1.7 ounces).

It whisks away long-wearing face and eye makeup but isn’t oily, and sometimes it can be tough to find removers like this that don’t leave a greasy or oily film behind. This stuff feels just like water, and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive water lines.

A 1.7-ounce bottle goes for $18. Available now at Trish McEvoy counters and

Klorane Floral Gel Eye Make-Up Remover

This gel formula eye makeup remover is designed for sensitive eyes and feels nice and soothing on my lids. It doesn’t make the skin feel tight, but I find that it doesn’t handle real-deal waterproof stuff, which it’s touted as being able to remove, as well as Trish McEvoy’s remover, and, ironically, it stings my water lines (but my eyes are SUPER sensitive, for what it’s worth).

I don’t really use it very often, mostly when my lids feel dry or tight.

This one’s $16 for a 3.4-ounce tube, and it’s available now at Klorane counters and online.

Cle de Peau Beaute Makeup Remover Towelettes

Good grief! These are hella expensive, but oh, so good.

I mean, I am not a makeup wipe snob at all. I’m usually just as happy with drugstore wipes as I am with anything else. For a long while I’ve alternated between MAC Wipes and the Neutrogena Makeup Remover wipes, but these Cle de Peau ones? — holy crap.

If an eccentric billionaire decided to fund my makeup-loving lifestyle, I’d probably just use these. They’re the softest, most comfortable wipes I’ve ever used.

To borrow an overused phrase, they feel like fluffy little clouds, and they remove everything in a flash. I don’t even have to tug or rub at the skin.

Kinda bomb, but they’re $38 for 50 sheets…

Available now at Cle de Peau Beaute counters and

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

This smells like really fancy olive oil to me, which I guess makes sense because olive oil is the numero uno ingredient.

When I use it at night to remove my makeup, I have on more than one occasion imagined having it with tomatoes and basil. :)

Mmm… Tomatoes and basil.

It removes everything — long-wearing foundation, waterproof mascara, gel liner, the whole shebang, and one pump does the trick.

I think I might even like it more than MAC Cleanse-Off Oil… I’d say it feels richer, and I have combo dry/oily skin, so I appreciate that.

This one’s $28 for a 6.7-ounce bottle with a pump.

Available at DHC counters and online.

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Got a Beauty Hangover? The New Too Faced Hangover Face Primer Could Be the Cure

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Too Faced Hangover Primer Review

Wearing the new Too Faced Hangover Primer ($32) underneath BECCA Matte Skin Shine Proof Foundation and loving life

Ooh, gurl, have you heard the chismis?

(Chismis is Tagalog for “gossip.”)

Apparently, and you didn’t hear this from me, but Too Faced Hangover Primer is making MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance totally jealous with a capital J-E-L.

See, MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance and I — we roll deep. I’ve been using it almost daily for years.

The stuff works great, and I also love how it feels like a lotion going on. Plus, it doesn’t give me breakouts, for which it gets extra credit from me because almost everything gives my combo skin fits.

I can’t stand it when face primers feel heavy, you know, like they’re sitting in lounge chairs on my face.

Ugh! It gives me the willies just thinking about it…

Thankfully, MAC Prep + Prime doesn’t do that. It feels light and wonderful to me, and my skin looks like real skin when I wear it!

Well, like real skin…only more radiant and smoother. :)

Like I said, Prep + Prime and I have been buds for years, but lately I’ve been hanging out with this new Too Faced primer called Hangover, and after only two weeks, we’re already like this (you can’t see me, but I’m crossing my fingers here).

I’ve actually been reaching for Hangover’s silicone-free formula more than my bottle of Prep + Prime.


So what is it supposed to do?

Too Faced Hangover Primer Review

A 1.35-oz pump tube is $32

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Currently Rocking the Bathroom Shelf: Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Instant Infusion Treatment Toner, Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask and Osmia Organics Honey Myrrh Lip Repair

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Fresh, Sisley and Osmia Organics

Some current skin care faves on my bathroom shelf…

Have you ever noticed that when you run out of a product, it’s like you run out of everything at the same time?

Like they’re all in cahoots, Toy Story-style.

“Hey, Benetint! It’s a go for tomorrow! We’re all running out at the same time!”

For me it seems to happen a lot with skin care. A few weeks ago everything I’d been using pretty consistently ran out at the same time, so I took it as a sign to get some new things. :)

These are three I took with me on my trip to Redding last weekend.

Redding… That place is dry and hot! It’s like a little slice of Death Valley, and it always does a number on my combo skin.

1. Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Instant Infusion Treatment Toner

Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Instant Infusion Treatment Toner

Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Instant Infusion Treatment Toner

The hefty glass bottle isn’t travel friendly, but I had to bring this toner with me to Redding.

Stuff is great! It’s supposed to even out your skin tone and texture, and it’s hella moisturizing.

Plant extracts are all up near the top of the ingredient list, which is usually a good sign, and there are some interesting ingredients, too, like tea, blackberry leaf and lychee seed extracts, and hyaluronic acid to seal in moisture, along with the ubiquitous Vitamins C and E.

Morning and night, after I wash my face, I put a few drops on a cotton pad, and gently sweep it all over my mug.

I’ve been using it for about three weeks now, and I’m a fan. No breakouts so far (knock on wood!), and my skin just laps up the moisture.

I don’t have a ton of experience with the Fresh brand, but I really like the few things I’ve tried. Unfortunately they are pretty expensive.

A 4-ounce bottle of the Black Tea Toner is $48 and available now at Fresh boutiques and online.

2. Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask

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