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Loving the Sigma Beauty Enlight Collection Lip Glosses in Tint, Hint and Tranquil, But Feeling Caught By a Catch-22

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Wearing Sigma Lip Gloss in Tranquil from the Enlight Collection

Wearing Sigma Lip Gloss in Tranquil from the Enlight Collection, $10

The three semi-transparent Lip Glosses in Sigma Beauty’s new Enlight Collection fit with the collection’s neutral vibe.

Violet Hint, rosy Tint and plummy Tranquil hit the “your lips but better” bullseye, and because they’re very sheer, your natural lip color shines through, with just a hint of added tint.

Sigma Lip Gloss - Tint, $10

Lip Gloss — Tint ($10)

Sigma Lip Gloss - Hint, $10

Lip Gloss — Hint ($10)

Sigma Lip Gloss - Tranquil, $10

Lip Gloss — Tranquil ($10)

Sigma Enlight Collection Lip Gloss Swatches from the left: Hint, Tint and Tranquil

Swatches from the left: Hint, Tint and Tranquil

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These $12 Blushes From the Sigma Beauty Enlight Collection Will Leave You Feeling Serene, Mellow and Peaceful

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Sigma Peaceful Blush

Wearing the new Sigma Beauty Blushes in Serene on the apples of my cheeks and Peaceful on my upper cheekbones ($12 each)

So you know when you’re just driving along and flipping through the radio stations and every song that comes on sounds like an obnoxious video game or, like, somebody is shouting at you because they’re either in love, falling out of love or about to get cray-cray in da club with Grey Goose and strippers?

Then, when you can’t take it anymore, you turn to the easy listening station and ah… Everything is peaceful, mellow and serene again. 🙂

That’s how I feel about these three blushes from the Sigma Enlight collection — the cheek color equivalents of a sleepy Norah Jones ballad.

And that is not a bad thing. Nope, not at all.

I mean, sure, when I see a bold, bright red pan, assuming I’m in the right mood, BRING IT. But I don’t always like being challenged by my blushes, and on those days, these neutrals should do the trick.

This is my first time wearing Sigma’s blushes, and I like ’em. Like MAC’s, they go on with very little patchiness, and they barely need a flick of the wrist to blend.

All three are supposed to warm and calm your hectic makeup routine…

OK, I can get down with that. Like “Ommmmm” for my cheeks!

Sigma Blush - Peaceful, $12

Blush — Peaceful ($12)

Peaceful, a shimmery, peachy beige, is the lightest of the three and looks more like a highlighter on me, so I wear it on my upper cheekbones. I think this one could look really pretty on pale skin.

Sigma Blush - Mellow, $12

Blush — Mellow ($12)

And I have a feeling that Mellow, a medium pinkish beige with a sheen finish, will be the most universally flattering.

Sigma Blush - Serene, $12

Blush — Serene ($12)

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