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15-Minute Makeup: Glossy, Grungy Glam With MAC Driftwood Liptensity, MAC Tailor Grey Paint Pot and Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Gloss

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mac driftwood

Glossy, grungy glam in 15 minutes

Good morning, friend! 🙂 It’s a rainy day here in Novato-ay. Seriously, summer is long gone now. There are piles of wet leaves outside, and the sky is dark grey.

How’s your weekend coming along? What are up to? I’m taking it nice and slow. The only thing I kind of rushed through is my makeup. I’m still on that 15-minute makeup kick, and this is my latest try. I was going for glossy, grungy glam.

I wish I had somewhere special to wear makeup today… Actually, no I don’t. I just want to stay inside where it’s warm and watch TV on the couch.

I did this whole look in 15 minutes, just to try something different than my usual neutral lids and neutral lips.

I used cool-toned MAC Tailor Grey Pro Longwear Paint Pot, a cream shadow, and just kind of smushed that all over my lids with a finger. Then I took a black liner and lined my lash and water lines with it, then smushed that too. And because I was gonna put an eye gloss on top of it anyway, I didn’t make it too neat.

It was actually really messy and looked very scary, but then I put the gloss on top, and it all melted together into glossy, grungy goodness.

Then I added layer upon layer of my favorite waterproof mascara, Urban Decay Cannonball Ultra Waterproof.

I think the most important thing to remember about eye gloss is that it isn’t meant to look perfect and precise, and you just have to embrace that; otherwise, all you see are the imperfections.

I guess that’s a weird life lesson, too…

Like, when I close my eyes and look down, you can see that my liner has transferred into the crease, but it’s purposefully messy. Plus, it only took 15 minutes. When you only have a short time for your makeup, you can’t expect to do everything perfectly.

What’s super cool about gloss is that you have so much room for error. It’s supposed to look messy, and sometimes that’s great.

mac tailor grey

In my mind, this eye makeup would look like this all day…

mac tailor grey

But in reality it looks like this by the afternoon!

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Rouge Bunny Rouge Masters of Texture: A Cosmetics Collection Befitting an Old World Fairy Tale

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Rouge Bunny Rouge Masters of Texture Collection

Wearing Rouge Bunny Rouge Raw Garden Eyeshadow Palette in 086 Antigo, Loves Lights Highlighting Powder in 066 Goddess, Alchemy Long Lasting Brow Liner in 088 Antimony and Dazzling Siip Tinted Luxe Balm in 091 Pinch of Nude

Ever encounter a cosmetic brand that’s so fabulous, so excitingly enshrouded in mystery that it almost feels magical to get your hands on a few products? For me, Rouge Bunny Rouge has always been that brand.

Perhaps it’s the whimsical product names, the slight difficulty in procuring their products (I’m not certain there are counters stateside, for instance) and the dreamy colors. I almost always feel like birds should be sweeping the kitchen and braiding my hair while I apply Rouge Bunny Rouge cosmetics.

Rouge Bunny Rouge is quintessentially British — a vision of intellectual beauty, a uniquely Neo-Victorian style … [the brand is] also renowned for its fantastic world of storytelling. Elements of magic, whimsy and mystery are playfully reflected in the names of [the] products.” — Rouge Bunny Rouge

Very early on in my blogging days at Getting Cheeky (and you can tell just how early on by the photography), I managed to get my hands on the stunning shadow in Abyssinian Catbird, and the love affair began. So it was with the excitement of a love-struck fairy-tale heroine that I started playing with the Rouge Bunny Rouge Masters of Texture Makeup Collection.

Please allow for a brief pause while this makeup and classic literature lover swoons…

Rouge Bunny Rouge Masters of Texture Collection

Rouge Bunny Rouge Masters of Texture Collection, straight out of the pages of a fairy tale!

I can think of no more exquisitely packaged powders than those offered by Rouge Bunny Rouge. Housed in substantial and sleek black external packaging reminiscent of Victorian hat boxes, removal of the lid reveals a weighty black compact and sweet “RBR” monogrammed powder puff.


Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Loves Lights Highlighting Powder ($48) is not your average trend-driven illuminator. Finely milled to the point of feeling like a cloud, these beauties create a diaphanous, rather than overt, glow.

The brand describes the formulation of the powder as being composed of “spherical powders” which “[produce] an unusual perfecting powder with smoothing properties.” While it pained me to swatch away the ephemeral dandelion pattern on the surface of the powder, the result was well worth the temporary torture. I could verily paint myself from head to toe in 066 Goddess (an opalescent pale pink), and 067 Sweet to Touch (a gold spiked amber) pairs well with blushes of a plum hue on my complexion.


As for the Raw Garden Shadow Palette ($55) in 086 Antigo, it’s a work of art. I’ve tried many matte shadows in my time as a beauty lover, and while I have my favorites, it’s not often that I’m this impressed… To be honest, I don’t even remember the last time I audibly said “oooh!” while swatching, but Antigo accomplished just that.

Comprised of a faintly luminous golden pearl, a pink toned mink, rich deep brown and neutral coffee, this palette is as foolproof in terms of creating looks as it is indispensable. I am fully enamored of the texture and highly recommend this particular piece in the collection. Are you a neutral shadow lover? Then run, don’t walk.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Masters of Texture Collection

Rouge Bunny Rouge Masters of Texture Powders (Left to Right): Loves Lights Highlighting Powder in 066 Goddess, Raw Garden Eyeshadow Palette in 086 Antigo and Loves Lights Highlighting Powder in 067 Sweet to Touch

Rouge Bunny Rouge Masters of Texture Collection

Rouge Bunny Rouge Loves Lights Highlighting Powder in 066 Goddess

Rouge Bunny Rouge Masters of Texture Collection

Rouge Bunny Rouge Loves Lights Highlighting Powder in 067 Sweet to Touch

Rouge Bunny Rouge Masters of Texture Collection

Rouge Bunny Rouge Raw Garden Eyeshadow Palette in 086 Antigo

Rouge Bunny Rouge Masters of Texture Collection

Rouge Bunny Rouge Masters of Texture Powders (Left to Right): Loves Lights Highlighting Powder 066 Goddess, 067 Sweet to Touch, Raw Garden Eyeshadow Palette in 086 Antigo

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The Rouge Bunny Rouge Discovery Coffret Fragrance Sample Set

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rouge bunny rouge discovery coffret

As there are seven fragrances in the new $50 Rouge Bunny Rouge Discovery Coffret set, that means that you can wear a different Rouge Bunny Rouge scent every day of the week, which, according to my calculations and an independent double-blind study performed by Tabby Technologies, a Tabs the Cat Industries LLC subsidiary, you now have seven more reason to obsess over Rouge Bunny Rouge. 🙂

There are seven little fragrance samples in this set, and I think they’re all pretty great. Rouge Bunny Rouge likes to do things a little differently, and they stay in character with these scents. They’re unlike most standard-issue fruity florals that crowd the shelves at Sephora.

These combine fragrance notes in ways my nose has never met before, and because RBR is a boutique-sized brand and isn’t huge, the odds of you passing by someone on the sidewalk wearing the exact same scent are slim to none.

Soooo, if you or someone you love is a fragrance hound who loves interesting, uncommon scents that are hard to come by, this collection of samples could be a good deal.
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Fri-Yay Makeup Fun: Glossy Lids and Winged Liner

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Winged liner.

Sometimes I wanna wear it with eyeshadow; sometimes I wanna wear it with eye gloss.

Yeah, that’s right! Eye gloss — the super shiny stuff, which isn’t known for being eminently wearable, not with that glistening, glossy finish that gleams and beams, but I think it can look super cool when paired with something unexpected like winged liner.

gloss lids top

In this look, I love the contrast between the glossy, wet-looking lids and the crisp black liner. It’s like I just got back from charging the waves! Surfer girl meets sassy secretary. 🙂

gloss lids final

Make the red lip a matte, and you’ve got an unusual, interesting twist on a classic black winged liner-red lip combo.

glossy lids closeup

The best part of this look is that it’s easy to do, which for me makes it perfect for Fridays when my mind is on other things (like pumpkin spice lattes).

Starting with bare lids, just curl your lashes if you need to (mine are pin straight, so this is a must). Then draw your winged liner, and tight-line your upper water line.

Wait for the liner to dry, and then apply and pat a clear eye gloss on your lids from lash line to brow bone (I don’t go too far into the inner corner with the gloss; otherwise, it starts to look heavy and a little weird).

Finish by loading up your lashes with mascara.

curl lashes

winged liner
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Springy and Smokey! Smokey Brown and Purple Cat Eyes and a Bright Coral Lip With New Makeup From Benefit, Dior and Smashbox

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Smashbox Double Exposure Palette

The sun’s out, I’m not wearing socks (FOOT FREEDOM!), I am wearing coral lipstick, and the eye look I tried this morning did not result in a complete disaster…

Yeah, it’s been a terrific Tuesday so far. 🙂

Today I felt springy and, I dunno, kinda smokey, so this purply brown smokey eye with soft cat eye liner happened.

Note to self: do this liner more often! It’s fairly easy — just black eye pencil with a dark shimmery purple shadow blended on top with a pencil brush — and it takes about half the time as a super crisp black cat liner, otherwise known as “the time-suck of my makeup existence.”

As a side, am I the only person who regularly attempts black cat liner when there’s, like, absolutely no time to get ready, and then inevitably ends up with their two tiny kitten flicks morphing into huge, unsymmetrical bat wings that don’t match?


Siri, remind me to wear soft cat eyeliner like this the next time I need to be saved from myself.

Oh! — this look was also an excuse to try a few new products from Benefit, Dior and Smashbox.

Some quick notes…

  • Benefit’s new Roller Lash curling mascara — This stuff is black, and glossy, and it lifts and curls lashes, but you absolutely, positively must comb out your lashes while they’re wet; otherwise, they’ll stick together like mean girls in the cafeteria.
  • Dior’s Nude Air Serum Foundation — This lightweight, medium-coverage hybrid skin care serum/foundation looks amazing on the skin. My homegirl at Sephora hooked me up (‘sup Nini!) with a fatty-bo-batty sample in shade 040, and when I finish it…I’m probably gonna throw down 53 large ($53) for a full-size replacement.

    Yeah, that good.

  • Smashbox Double Exposure Palette — Yep, these gorgeous, mostly cool-toned shades are a dream to blend.

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette

products I used for this look

Key products I used for this look

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