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Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Nude, a Drugstore Beauty Baller

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Rimmel Scandal Eyes Nude

Drugstore baller!

For a minute there I thought I saw Rimmel’s Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in 005 Nude walk by wearing a bunch of gold chains and carrying a pimp cup…

Because it’s that good.

Creamy like polenta, hella pigmented and softer than the center of a hot grilled cheese sammich

Mmm… Cheesy.

Yes, if you can’t tell, I’m currently hungry.

It’s a rock star pencil liner! — and its favorite venues are lash and water lines. This neutral, matte peachy beige never skips or pulls at my skin, and it sticks around a good, long while once applied.

rimmel scandal eyes nude

It’s in my regular rotation of products. I wear it a lot to highlight my brows, right up under the arches, where it gives ‘em a little lift.

I really like the way the color works with my NC42 skin because it’s not too overloaded with pink pigment, so it doesn’t contrast with my natural skin tone too much.
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Crank Up Colors Along Your Lash Lines With This Easy Eye Makeup Trick

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How to get super bright lash lines

Super bright lash lines are just a swipe away

Something about a super bright swoosh of color along my lower lash lines just says “summer” to me.

Have you ever lined your lower (or upper, for that matter) lash lines with a bright eyeliner or shadow and have it not turn out as bright or eye-catching as you expected it to be?

Um…me too.

One trick I use to wind up the wattage along my lash lines is to line them with a creamy white eye shadow stick first.

It intensifies colors and brings out more of the brightness of whatever you layer on top, making greens look greener, blues look bluer and teals…well, more teal. And it does the same thing for other colors.

Rimmel’s Whitness White Scandal Eyes Eyeshadow Stick kicks arse with this trick, and it costs less than $5! It’s so pigmented that it’s almost opaque, and once it sets, it’s not going anywhere (has a waterproof and smudge-proof formula).

Plus, it doesn’t tug at my skin. It glides… (And have I mentioned that it’s less than $5?) :)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


What Do Cosmic Chameleons and Rimmel Match Perfection Blush Have in Common? Not as Much as I’d Hoped

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rimmel match perfection blush
Rimmel Match Perfection Blush in 004 Medium/Dark

Drugstore nirvana. That’s what it feels like when I find a new drugstore blush that perfectly matches my skin tone. I get a real buzz from it, like a sweet treat sugar high. OOH! What glosses can I pair with it!? All that possibility, and oh — so much money saved!

A good drugstore blush can have a powerful therapeutic effect on my brain. I just wish my health insurance covered blushes…

Rimmel’s new $10 Match Perfection Blushes (available in four shades) cost less than the average co-pay, and while they might look like standard blush trios in their big pans, they have a sci-fi-ish formula containing blue sapphire pigments that allegedly emulate your natural skin tone.

Rimmel says they adapt to the colors and contours of the face, creating a natural flush, and you can either wear the colors in the trios separately, or swirled together to create a single shade, which is the way I’ve been wearing them this week.

rimmel match perfection blush stack

rimmel match perfection blush 001 light
001 Light

rimmel match perfection blush 002 light medium
002 Light/Medium
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Mascara Madness! Let’s Do a Haiku Review: Rimmel Scandal Eyes

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rimmel volume flash scandal eyes mascara

Long lashes sans clumps!
Thickening? Meh, just a’ight.
Yay! No flakes, smudges.

rimmel volume flash scandal eyes mascara
Rimmel Volume Flash Scandal Eyes in Black

What about the shades?
There are two, both permanent.
Black and Extreme Black.

rimmel volume flash scandal eyes mascara brush comparisons
Brush comparisons from the left: Rimmel Scandal Eyes, Illamasqua Masquara, Maybelline Full ‘N Soft, MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash, Hourglass Film NOir and Tarte Lights, Camera Lashes

Sculpts, lengthens and plumps.
The brush is larger than most,
And easy to use.

rimmel volume flash scandal eyes mascara
Bare lashes

Flexible bristles,
They squeeze into corners well.
They waste less product.

rimmel volume flash scandal eyes mascara
Front view after two layers: some thickness, but not nearly drag-queen worthy as I’d like

Curled lashes relax.
Boo! That’s the biggest bummer.
I can live with it. :)
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