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Paul & Joe Waterproof Gel Eye Liner: Water Doesn’t Bother This Kitty Cat

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paul & joe waterproof gel eye liner

NOTE TO SELF: Next time Tabs insists on going for an impromptu walk in the rain (believe it or not, this has actually happened), grab Paul & Joe’s Waterproof Gel Eye Liner in Black ($25), because once this quick-drying matte black gel sets on my lash lines, it won’t even flinch in a downpour.

Part of the new eight-piece limited edition Kitten Collection, Gel Eye Liner feels thick, dense and kind of reminds me of a drier, grayer version of MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack.

I don’t think it clings to water lines anywhere near as well, but on rainy, rushed days when all I want are quick cat eyes, Gel Eye Liner delivers. It dries in just about a minute, and after that, I get a good 12 hours out of it without any smudging or fading.

For more on the Paul & Joe Kitten Collection, check out…

The liner also comes with a flat, tapered retractable brush that performs surprisingly well and draws thick and thin lines with ease. Using it to apply Gel Eye Liner creates lines that look a little bit blurred at the edges, for an effect that’s more soft than precise.

If you’re looking for lines with a crisper edge, you might want to apply this with something like the Sonia Kashuk Bent Eyeliner Brush instead.

paul & joe kitten collection waterproof gel eye liner black cat cool
Waterproof Gel Eye Liner in Black (sometimes called Black Cat Cool)

paul & joe kitten collection waterproof gel eye liner black cat cool
Waterproof Gel Eye Liner in Black (sometimes called Black Cat Cool)
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They Left Their Paw Prints on My Heart, But I’m Still Gonna Knead a Little More From Paul & Joe’s New Lipstick Cs

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Wearing Paul & Joe Lipstick C in Meow

For all the grumbling I do about Tabs’ diva behavior, I have to say, he can be quite the charmer. To the best of my knowledge, since I don’t travel with him when he’s away modeling on location, except for the Edward Scissorpaws Incident, for which he’s still on probation, he’s never raised a paw against a human.

Always quick to show love, he’s the mellowest, most affectionate cat I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.

(And he must know we’re talking about him because he just rubbed his chin against my leg, aww!)

I’ve been hoping that Paul & Joe’s lovely new Lipstick Cs (with the kitty paw pattern on the tubes) would evoke that same easy, breezy, cool cat style. The three $20 kitty-themed matte lipsticks were recently released with the limited edition Collection Sparkles launch.

Pinkish beige Sex Kitten, pinkish brown Meow and coral Catwalk look so cute, casual and comfy in their tubes that, I have to admit, I had dangerously high hopes. I expected all three to climb my metaphorical cat tower and make their way into my regular rotation of lipsticks. I mean, what could be breezier than a simple nude lip?

Obviously, the packaging’s off the chain. :) I love the wee paw prints scaling up the length of each bullet and how the graphic designs on the tops and bottoms of the packaging line up perfectly.

paul & joe collection sparkles lipstick c
Lipstick C in Catwalk, Meow and Sex Kitten

paul & joe collection sparkles lipstick c
Lipstick C in Catwalk, Meow and Sex Kitten

Swatches from the left: Sex Kitten, Meow and Catwalk
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I’m Still Fawning Over the Paul & Joe Kitten Collection, Today With a Twist on an Ombrè Manicure

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The other day, I sat down to do some nail swatching and tried to remember the last time I wore the same shade of nail polish on all 10 of my fingers or toes.

I totally drew a blank.

A month ago…? Or was it further back than that?

Lately, I’ve just been really into multi-colored manis, two-tone nails, glitter layers and ombrè effects. Now, when I wear the same color on every fingertip, I feel like I’m kickin’ it old school. :)

Today I planned to paint my nails with one of the three new Nail Enamels from the limited edition Paul & Joe Kitten Collection, but then the fickle ombrè bug attacked…

Four fingertips later, I was applying the second color. A few after that, I was applying the third.

See how they go from darkest to lightest from my left hand to my right? Just a different take on ombrè nails. Those shades are hot pink Manekineko, rosy pink Kitten Claws and peachy beige Tigress ($14 each).

paul joe kitten collection nail enamel
Nail Enamels in Kitten Claws, Tigress and Manekineko

paul & joe kitten collection nail enamel
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It Was Love at First Blush for These Kittens: The New Kitten Collection Blusher Sticks From Paul & Joe

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paul & joe blusher sticks from the kitten collection (2)
Wearing Paul & Joe Blusher Stick in Minou on my cheeks and Glamour Puss on my upper cheekbones

Apparently, the recipe for shifting one’s crazy cat lady levels from relatively normal to full-on insane calls for kitties, blush, top hats and bow ties. Thank you, Paul & Joe, for unleashing this knowledge unto the world! Now, armed with your new Blusher Sticks ($28 each), I can realize my true CCL potential. :)

Part cream blush, part art project, these three Blusher Sticks — matte pink Minou, matte orange Catfight and shimmery beige Glamour Puss — just might be the cutest pieces of makeup I have ever seen.

Released with the new Paul & Joe limited edition Kitten Collection, available now on counters and online, each stick is about the same size as a lipstick.

paul joe kitten collection blusher stick
Blusher Sticks from the left: Minou, Catfight and Glamour Puss

paul & joe kitten collection blusher stick minou

paul & joe kitten collection blusher stick glamour puss
Glamour Puss
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The Paul & Joe Face & Eye Color Palette in Purr-Fect Is Perfect for Soft Green Smokey Eyes

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paul & joe purr-fect (2)
Wearing Paul & Joe Face & Eye Color in Purr-Fect on my eyes

Much like Paul & Joe’s Face & Eye Color palette in Siamese Please is a smooth operator, Purr-Fect is one cool cat.

The three thrilling cool-toned shades in this $36 palette don’t just walk. They strut! With a mossy greenish gray, a shimmery forest green and a glazed beige with a sheen finish, it’s my favorite, and probably the most dramatic, of the three feline fabulous Face & Eye palettes from Paul & Joe this spring.

Purr-Fect is one of three new Face & Eye Color palettes in the new limited edition Paul & Joe Collection Sparkles release for spring 2012.

I love wearing soft smokey greens on my eyes, so Purr-Fect’s a perfect fit my makeup style.

As for wearing these powders on my face and cheeks? Hmm… Perhaps the glazed beige, but I looked pretty creepy in green blush the last time I checked. :)

paul joe purr-fect face eye color 078

paul & joe purr-fect (1)
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