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Coral, Bronze and Gold: A Natural, Summery Face of the Day With Tom Ford Summer 2015, NARS Eyelashes, RMS Beauty, Paul & Joe and More

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tom ford naked bronze

A Face of the Day with some products from Tom Ford Summer 2015, NARS Eyelashes, RMS Beauty and more

My father-in-law does this thing where he answers every “when” question with the word, “Tuesday,” like, “When did you guys go to that dinner?”

And he says, “Tuesday.”

Or, “When was that storm you mentioned?”

To which he says, “Tuesday.”

And he giggles every time like it’s the funniest joke in the world.

Big sigh…

Buuut, I’m borrowing the joke today! :) Basically, I was in the mood to wear something natural-ish, summery and spiced up with sparkling garnish because, dude! — as my father-in-law might say, it’s Tuesday, and Tuesdays are the best days to wear glitter.

I used quite a few new products, too (some of them from Tom Ford Summer 2015!), along with some older faves like Diorskin Air Nude Serum for this bronzed brown and gold eye with pink cheeks and coral lips.

A trick for mornings when you wake up with puffy eyes…

I had majorly puffy eyes this morning thanks to my spring allergies, so to offset that puffiness I deepened my crease with a matte brown. Instead of using an eyeshadow, though, I grabbed Tom Ford’s Terra Bronzer.

Yup! I used it as a transition shade, which I like it for, as it isn’t orangey. It’s more of a golden tan warm matte brown, and I think it layers and blends beautifully.

I really didn’t want to accentuate my puffy lids, so I kept all of the shimmers/glitters on my “mobile lid.”

Yup, mobile lid. It’s the part of the lid that moves when you blink. You can see it when you look straight into a mirror and blink. That part that moves is your mobile lid.

tom ford naked bronze

Anyway! For this look, I did a matte in the crease and kept the shimmer confined to the mobile lid. The combination of shimmer on the lid and matte in the crease appears to deepen and define the crease.

Or at least that’s the idea.

IMO, the best thing from Tom Ford Summer 2015

For the shimmer, I used Tom Ford’s Cream and Powder Eye Color in Naked Bronze. I dabbed the cream bronze shadow on my lids with a finger, let it dry, then went back in and patted the glitter eyeshadow in the center of my lid to create a focal point.

I really like Naked Bronze, by the way. It’s annoyingly expensive ($60), but it’s so pigmented that I don’t have to use much, and both the cream and the glitter layer and blend sans drama. Even if you did use a ton, it would probably still look effortless.

I think Tom Ford’s cream shadows are among the best products in the line, and if I were to choose one thing from the Summer 2015 Collection, it would be one of the Cream and Powder Eye Colors.

Cream blushes: a makeup tip

For cheeks, I also turned to Tom. I dabbed golden pink Cream Cheek Color in Pink Sand on the apples of my cheeks for a soft, subtle sheen and some natural pink color.

My favorite way to apply cream blush is to do it right after foundation. That way the foundation is still a little wet and the cream blush blends into it more easily. If, on the other hand, I wait until my foundation is dry, the blush seems to sit up on top of my skin where it looks more obvious.

For this look, I stippled the blush with a Real Techniques Multi Task Brush.
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Paul & Joe Protecting Pressed Powder Blush in 0401: Meowza to the Max

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Paul & Joe Protecting Pressed Powder Blush in 0401

As an official member of the International Consortium of Cat Ladies, I have to say that this cat on Paul & Joe’s new Protecting Pressed Powder Blush in 0401 (coming later this month to Paul & Joe counters and is the most handsome tabby ever known to cat lady kind, and I’ve seen some handsome tabbies in my day.

But the International Cat Lady Consortium has spoken, and it’s unanimous. This cat is the handsomest cat ever. Of all time. :)

About the blush now, can we just talk? This blush: amazeballs. It’s a peachy pink powder blush, which, I know, you’re rolling your eyes thinking, “Karen, OMG, b*tch! You’ve worn so many peachy pink powder blushes,” but this one — gurl, this one is a peachy pink powder blush with neutral undertones, and it is so hard to find one with truly neutral undertones.

I don’t care what your skin tone is. You could be the palest princess, you could be the most bronzed bahama babe, you could be a freaking green-@ss alien from Mars, and this blush will look great.

Paul & Joe Protecting Pressed Powder Blush in 0401

Paul & Joe Protecting Pressed Powder Blush in 0401

OK, one, it puts the universal in universally flattering, and two, it’s like a magical makeup eraser that removes all of the pores on your cheeks. Once I put this on — and I only need one layer — my cheeks look straight-up like a baby’s butt, and not a dirty-@ss baby’s butt, because that’s not how I roll. This is a clean-@ss, smooth baby butt, like from one of those commercials, and it smells good, too. It smells like Paul & Joe’s standard yummy floral chrysanthemum/jelly beans/all-kinds-of-goodness-in-a-pan scent.

It also lasts a really long time, and I don’t just mean a really long time. I conducted a very scientific test yesterday. I put it on in the morning, worked all day, then ran errands in the afternoon, and when I got home, I took a hardcore nap on the couch, like, so hardcore, dog. So hardcore. Put the blanket on top me and everything.

paul joe powder

Swatch of Paul & Joe Protecting Pressed Powder Blush in 0401

paul joe powder

Wearing Paul & Joe Protecting Pressed Powder Blush in 0401 on my cheeks

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Paul & Joe Protecting Pressed Powder Prepares Pet Assistant Cheeks for Busy Schedules

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paul & joe protecting pressed

Paul & Joe Protecting Pressed Powder in 002 ($45)

The following guest post was written by Tabs…

You can forget about opening this compact with your paws because, sadly, it is made for human hands only.

Paul & Joe’s new spring 2015 Protecting Pressed Powder is not for powdering tabby noses. It is for human faces, both female and male. (For the record, I’m Team Man Makeup all the way.)

Pressed powders are an essential component of a professional pet assistant’s appearance. This one comes in a beige compact with a sassy tabby on the front smoking a pipe and wearing a jaunty captain’s hat.

Paul & Joe Protecting Pressed Powder

PRICE: $45
AVAILABILITY: Coming in two shades (pale pink 001 and multi-beige 002) this April to Paul & Joe counters and

When you open the compact, there’s a big mirror inside, into which you may stare at yourself if/when your greedy assistant decides to share.

There’s also an embossed — I’m not sure if that’s the right word; I have to look it up in my kitty dictionary — flower design on the pan. I think it’s a chrysanthemum, but I must ask my botanist cat friend about it.

The pressed powder can be worn either on top of bare fur — haha, just kidding — bare skin, or used to set liquid foundations so that they don’t move over the course of a busy assistant’s day.

I’ve observed the product in action on my assistant. When she used it to set her foundation and concealer this morning, she smiled.

Well, before she smiled, she stuck her nose in the pan and said, “Mmm! Smells like flowers, Tabs!”

Honestly, though, I don’t know what she meant by that. Half the time she’s mumbling about lord knows what, and I’ve just learned to tune her out.

Anyway, I do appreciate that her skin looks smoother and less oily than usual. I presume it is due to this powder’s oil-absorbing powers and its ability to blur pores.

Of course, we are cats, and not all of us are carrying American Express Black Cards, so you’re probably wondering if this powder is a good value for the price. It is $45, after all.

paul & joe protecting pressed

Paul & Joe Protecting Pressed Powder: Ingredients and benefits

  • Crystalline cellulose — Absorbs sebum
  • Jojoba seed oil — Emollient
  • Orange flower water — Moisturizer
  • Rosemary extract — Emollient
  • Sunflower seed oil — Emollient
  • White lily extract — Moisturizer, prevents irritation

paul & joe protecting pressed
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Get All the Gloss Without the Goop With the New Spring Paul & Joe Beauté Eye Gloss “S”

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Paul & Joe Eye Gloss S from the left: Secret d'Or (01), Creme Brûlée (04) and Antique Coin (05)

Three of the five new $25 spring Paul & Joe Eye Gloss “S” from the left in Secret d’Or (01), Creme Brûlée (04) and Antique Coin (05)

All the gloss without the goop. Thank you, Paul & Joe, for helping my lids to glisten without the games that often accompany gloss-tacular eyes.

Yeah, man! Eye gloss isn’t just for Victoria’s Secret Angels who stomp-walk down the runway anymore. We, too, can make it an everyday thing, thanks to Paul & Joe’s Eye Glosses (they’re also called the Eye Gloss “S”).

They have an airy, whipped consistency and a non-sticky texture, so they feel like light feather kisses, and because they dry all the way down (unlike the many glossy formulas out there that stay wet), the gloss shouldn’t shift and settle into your fine lines or creases as you go about your day pet assisting (I feel your pain).

All five of the new spring Eye Gloss “S” shades have a dewy finish and a moisturizing formula that contains jojoba seed oil, orange flower water, sodium hyaluronate and white lily extract, and they seem pretty hydrating. There’s silvery golden Secret d’Or (01), pale silvery blue Firmament (02), pearlescent purply pink Angel’s Wings (03), silvery caramel Creme Brulee (04) and silvery orange Antique Coin (05).

Paul & Joe Eye Gloss S in Secret d'Or (01)

Eye Gloss S in Secret d’Or (01)

Paul & Joe Eye Gloss S in Creme Brulee (04)

Eye Gloss S in Creme Brulee (04)

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The Beautiful Beasts in Paul & Joe’s Menagerie Are Wild About Laid-Back Color: The Spring 2015 Menagerie Collection Face and Eye Color CS Palettes

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Wearing the new Paul & Joe Face & Eye Colors in CS 0996 and CS 094 from the spring 2015 Menagerie collection

Wearing the new Paul & Joe Face & Eye Colors in CS 096 and CS 094 from the spring 2015 Menagerie collection

Paul & Joe’s spring Menagerie collection is not simply a collection of printed animals on powder pans. It is a representation of my not-too-distant future, a future in which I am a woman of advancing years living on a farm on the Big Island of Hawaii surrounding by cats (obviously) and various other fauna.

Despite El Hub’s protests, we adopt a hippo and an elephant, in addition to ducks (and cats), and all of them live together harmoniously, much as they do on these pans. :)

Paul & Joe Menagerie Spring 2015 collection Face & Eye Color CS from the left: Elephanteau (096), Les Flamants Roses (094) and Girafe (095), $39 each

The $39 Face & Eye Color CS palettes from the left in Elephanteau (096), Girafe (095) and Les Flamants Roses (094)

I think I’m physically incapable of not smiling when I look at these limited edition palettes, and they’re also a lot of fun to use, especially on casual makeup days when I’m rocking a ponytail, white tee and jeans (with my ASPCA cat Vans).

Paul & Joe Face & Eye Color in CS 096

Face & Eye Color in Elephanteau CS 096

The powders are multifunctional eyeshadows/blushes/highlighters and can be used on your eyes and cheeks.

Paul & Joe Menagerie Spring 2015 Face & Eye Color CS in Les Flamants Roses

Face & Eye Color in Girafe CS 095

They also smell like candy hearts. :) And the scent is fairly strong (typical of Paul & Joe). Luckily, I like it.

Paul & Joe Face & Eye Color in CS 094

Face & Eye Color in Les Flamants Roses CS 094

Just like real life on a farm, these animals have jobs. The cat moonlights as an eyeshadow, the hippo works as an accent shade for eyes, the duck dances as a highlighter, and the elephant assists cheeks (while also doubling as an eye color).

Really, though, you can use any of them on your eyes or face, although Greta in the cube next to you might roll her eyes if she sees you wearing the blue hippo on your cheeks.

But who cares? Do it anyway. I did the other day, haha! I wanted to see how the eyeshadows would work on my cheeks, and they worked great. The smooth, easy-to-blend powders deposit a tiny bit of fallout, but it’s not enough to warrant calling the avenging makeup angels down to unleash their wrath of fire and brimstone. Nothing like that.

Paul & Joe Face & Eye Color in CS 096 Swatches

Face & Eye Color in Elephanteau CS 096

Paul & Joe Face & Eye Color in CS 095 Swatches

Face & Eye Color in Girafe CS 095

Paul & Joe Face & Eye Color in CS 094 Swatches

Face & Eye Color in Les Flamants Roses CS 094

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