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For Impatient Lacquer Lovers, There’s ORLY Color AMP’D Nail Lacquer [VIDEO]

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Chop, chop, kitty cat! Hurry up! We’ve got places to go, people to see and paws to paint.

Ya know…unless Ryan Gosling is hand-feeding me peeled grapes (which he would have peeled himself, of course), I don’t like sitting around and waiting for my nail polish to dry. I mean, who has time for that? I could be out there eating See’s Candy.

Should you belong to the sub-species of beauty lover with limited patience for nail polishes that take forever and a day to dry, then the ORLY Color AMP’D line ($9.99 each, available now at Target) might be your thang.

You may have walked by the display on your last Target run. They’re a new collection of LA-inspired colors that ORLY recently launched exclusively at Target.

I’ve ben road-testing some of these quick-drying shades to see how they hold up to this busy pet assistant’s lifestyle…

Products mentioned in this video:

The necklace, by the way, in the swatch pics is the $38 Neon Spray Necklace by Kristin Perry. It’s one of my favorite accessories… I pretty much love everything by Kristen Perry.

Thank you for watching!

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Friday Morning Mental Fog and the Orly Mash Up Collection

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Orly Mash Up Collection

Orly Mash Up Collection

Day five of a really long week…

The cat woke me up this morning by leaping off my tum (specifically, my bladder). It was shocking. My pillow was wet with drool.

Two cups of coffee and I have yet to find my mojo. Where is it? Cloudy, cloudy, cloudy in my brain…

I lumber back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room, out of sorts, my feet sliding along the tiles like a zombie dragging its foot. What should I be doing? What day is it? Why is that large cat stalking me?

In the living room, I see the bottles on a white table, a mish-mash of sparkling green glitter, creamy pastel, a bright orange like a highway worker’s vest and a deep, dark purple that looks like the paint job on a 1970s muscle car.

“How random,” I mumble into my coffee cup. “A mash-up of nail polish colors.”

My right eye twitches and time escapes me. I lose consciousness in a fog of bright color and swatches with the six-piece Orly Summer Mash Up Collection while the Millionaire Matchmaker drones in the background.

This is my Friday morning so far…

Orly Pretty-Ugly

Pretty-Ugly (three coats), a baby blue with subtle shimmer, really does need babying, but I love how it looks.

Orly Mayhem Mentality

Mayhem Mentality (two coat), totes reminds me of those orange highway worker vests. It’s bright! And pretty smooth, too.

Orly Choreographed Chaos

Choreographed Chaos (two coats) has been SO hard to work with because it’s thick, and the brush splayed, making it quite streaky. Not my favorite color of the bunch.

Orly Harmonious Mess

Harmonious Mess (one coat). Super thick and opaque, and again, trouble with the brush, which I think struggles with the thicker formulas.

Orly Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster (two coats), a shimmery plum. This one’s easygoing, and no streaks!

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