NUDESTIX Gel Colour Lip + Cheek Balm: These Glossy, Pigmented Pencils Do Double-Duty

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nudestix gel color

Four of the eight NUDESTIX Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms ($24 each)

I had a dream the other night that I left these NUDESTIX Gel Colours out on my desk, and a toddler-sized Connor Claire found them and used them to draw all over my office walls.

But like, honestly, I wasn’t even mad at her, because I thought, “Girl, you’ve got good taste! If I were a kid, I’d probably do the same thing. BRAVO.”

nudestix gel color

These NUDESIX Gel Colours came out a while back (late spring/early summer, I believe) in eight $24 shades.

They may look like standard-issue lip pencils, but naaaah — they’re much more than that. With these you get an uber-moisturizing, long-lasting, easy-to-blend lip balm (my dry lips totes approve) with a shiny gel finish, and they also double as blush.

nudestix gel color rebel

NUDESTIX Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm in Rebel (my fave!)

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The Latest From Nudestix for Holiday 2014: Makeup Pens and Pencils for Casual Convenience

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Nudestix Lip Pen in Bare Matte

Wearing the new Nudestix Lip Pen in Bare Matte ($24) and the #GILTYLOVE Holiday Kit ($49), available now at Sephora

Eaack! What was that?! Did you see it? I thought I saw something behind me…

Oh, well. Never mind. I guess it’s gone. 🙂

I was just about to tell you how much I like Nudestix, an upstart makeup line out of Toronto. I like how all of their stuff seems, I dunno, kind of unstructured and casual.

A quick swipe here, a little pat there and some blending with a fingertip, and voila! You’re done. But you still look like you put in some effort.

With these pieces on your lids and lips, no one will mistake you for something that just fell off a vegetable truck and rolled to the side of the road (an issue that plagues me often).

It’s makeup to wear while you’re lounging next to a fireplace, sipping hot cocoa in a button-up flannel, leggings and a cozy scarf, perhaps also with some fuzzy Yeti slipper-boots, which your cat will hate with a passion (of course). In other words, it’s casual makeup.

Nudestix Gilty Love Holiday Kit

#GILTYLOVE Holiday Kit, $49

For their first holiday collection ever, they’ve released a limited edition $49 set of three Magnetic Eye Colors called #GILTYLOVE. (Did you just say “hashtag” out loud? Because I totally did.)

The artwork on the tin, which houses three full-size creamy pencil eyeshadows in shimmery taupe Twilight, peachy gold Gilt and matte black Night, is by Canadian artist Jessica Gorlicky.

Nudestix Gilty Love Holiday Kit

From the left: Magnetic Eye Colors in Gilt, Twilight and Night

Gilt, Twilight and Night

I like to use these pencils as accents. Like here, for depth and nuance, I’ve applied Twilight (the taupe) on my lower lash lines, Night on my water lines and Gilt on my brow bones and in the inner corners. (Side note: I’m wearing Giorgio Armani Orient Excess palette on my lids, and that’s LORAC Front of the Line Pro Line Liquid Eyeliner in Navy on my lash lines.)

Nudestix Gilty Love Holiday Kit

Wearing Nudestix Lip Pen in Bare on my lips, Magnetic Eye Color in Night on my lower water line, Magnetic Eye Color in Twilight on my lower lash line and Gilt on my brow bone and the inner corner

The $49 tin (a $72 value) is available now exclusively at Sephora stores and online.
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Space NK, Future Home of the New NUDESTIX Makeup Line, Coming This June

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The new NUDESTIX makeup line

The new NUDESTIX makeup line, coming soon exclusively to Space NK stores and

All black errrrthing!

So, yeah. I mostly wanted to try the new NUDESTIX makeup line because of the black pencil packaging.

I mean, come on. Black is sleek, chic and never goes out of style. Plus, what’s not to like about easy-to-use pencil packaging? Anything with the potential to free up my schedule for more REM sleep gets automatic cool points just for that.


Coming exclusively to Space NK stores and this June, the new NUDESTIX makeup brand of neutral-toned makeup for eyes, lips, cheeks and skin already has my makeup-loving heart’s attention.


Points for cute pencils!

The brainchild (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a sentence, “brainchild,” LOL!) of CoverFX co-creator and former MAC product developer Jenny Frankel, who left Cover FX in 2011 to start the new brand, NUDESTIX is debuting with a 30-piece collection…

The entire (as of now) NUDESTIX collection

  • Lash Lengthening Mascara, $24
  • Eye Pencils in Cream, Shimmer, Stardust, Golden, Bronze, Burnish, Pewter and Smoke, $24 each
  • Magnetic Eye Color Pencils in Night, Angel, Twilight and Moon, $24 each
  • Skin Concealer Pencils in Light 1, Light 2, Light 3, Medium 4, Medium 5, Medium 6, Deep 7 and Deep 8, $24 each
  • Lip & Cheek Pencils in Whisper, Love, Blush, Mystic, Ripe, Soul, Sin and Flesh, $24 each
  • Pencil Cap Sharpener, $5

Jenny worked with her two daughters, both aspiring models, to create the new line of natural-looking, easy-to-apply products — products designed to be easy enough to apply without separate brushes.

After giving all five product families a try over the long holiday weekend, here are some thoughts…

The new NUDESTIX makeup line

From the left, that’s the Magnetic Eye Color Pencil in Night, Eye Pencil Crayon in Burnish, Eye Pencil Crayon in Stardust, Skin Concealer Pencil in Deep 7, and the Lip & Cheek Pencil in Blush

The Eye Pencil Crayons in Stardust and Burnish

Burnish and Stardust burnish some serious multitasking muscle. These Eye Pencil Crayons do werk!

What kind of work, you ask? Well, you can line your eyes with them, use them on your lids as eyeshadows, and/or use them as highlighters, applying them on the high points of the face, which, by the way, is my favorite way to use them.

I’ll swipe either one, shimmery golden peach Stardust or bronzy golden Burnish, on my upper cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, and a little on my Cupid’s bow, and then blend.

Great for glow on the go without having to fuss with a brush.

As for using them in other ways, like as shadows and liners, I don’t do that as much. When I use them as liners, my super sensitive water lines freak out a little, and both colors crease (a lot) on my lids when I use them as shadows.

Like, a lot. Within 10-15 minutes of applying.

And I’ve tried them with and without primer at different levels of coverage.

Maybe they just don’t particularly like my combination oily/dry lids.

That said, though, the finish on these is absolutely gorgeous. When I wear them as shadow, my lids look totally rockstar chick — all glowing, shiny and distinct. If you like rebellious, undone eye looks, give these a try when you can.

Magnetic Eye Color Pencil in Night

Super dark and black as night, matte black Night Magnetic Eye Color Pencil works as a liner, an eyeshadow and/or an eyeshadow primer.

Supposedly designed for oily lids, I dunno…this one also tends to start creasing on my lids within 15 minutes of applying. My water lines do seem to prefer the Magnetic Eye Color formula over the Eye Pencil Crayons, though, where it last 4-5 hours.

The Lip & Cheek Pencil in Blush

This creamy peachy rose has a satin finish and doubles as a blush and lipstick.

As a lip pencil, this one’s got it goin’ on. I think it tastes a little waxy at first, but it subsides within about 10 minutes, and the semi-sheer, lip flake-friendly coverage looks gloriously natural.

Now, as a blush, we’re talking super sheer — barely there — and, you know, when I wear blush, I kind of like to see it on my cheeks, but if you’re a lighter lass looking for the ultimate no-makeup makeup look, check it out.

Skin Concealer Pencil in Deep 7

This shade is probably closer to my skin tone around the end of summer, after I’ve picked up a shade or two, but I’ve tried it both on my face and under my eyes.

Definitely easy to blend, it also starts scooting around after about an hour.

NUDESTIX Swatches from the left: Magnetic Eye Color Pencil in Night, Eye Pencil Crayon in Burnish, Eye Pencil Crayon in Stardust, Skin Concealer Pencil in Deep 7, and the Lip and Cheek Pencil in Blush

From the left: Magnetic Eye Color Pencil in Night, Eye Pencil Crayon in Burnish, Eye Pencil Crayon in Stardust, Skin Concealer Pencil in Deep 7 and Lip and Cheek Pencil in Blush

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