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NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint SPF 30 in Action!

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There’s a video review in this post, but if it’s not appearing, you can click here to watch it on YouTube.

Well rock my world, why don’t you, NARS!? I’m officially in lurve with new NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint SPF 30, and because it helps sometimes to see a product in actual action (I got ‘chu, visual learners!), here’s a video showing it do some work.

For a while now I’ve been all about skin that still looks like skin, and this new NARS tinted moisturizer offers just that. It does many of the same things as the brand’s epic Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (blurs pores, evens skin tone, looks HELLA natural), but instead of a dewy finish, the finish is matte.

If you want a full review (including swatches of all 12 shades), check it: NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint SPF 30 Makes Makeup Life Easier With Sheer, Natural Coverage.

How do you feel about NARS Pure Radiant, and, since we’re on the subject, how do you feel about tinted moisturizer in general? Inquiring minds want to know.

As always, thank you for watching!

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NARS Spring 2016 Collection First Impressions & Swatches

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There’s a video review in this post, but if it’s not appearing, you can click here to watch it on YouTube.

Ya know, I never would have thought to wear icy mint with rose gold — never in a million years! — but because NARS is NARS, for some reason, they go together. Who knew?! I sure as heck didn’t.

I really appreciate how NARS gets me out of my usual color comfort zone, and it’s their unexpected color combos that I think make their seasonal collections some of the most interesting ones around.

This year for spring 2016 we get a small, succinct NARS launch of nine products — about half of them eye products, half lips products, and a powder blush — mostly in sweet rosy and beige tones.

There’s also that icy mint up in the mix and a shimmery blue for a fun, springy touch.

I tried something a little different with this video by filming my first impressions as I use each of the products.

Um…please excuse mah crazy hair! It’s been raining cats and kittens here in NorCal this week, and I haven’t wanted to bother, LOL!

The NARS Spring 2016 Nouvelle Vogue collection…

  • Tarvos Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow, an icy mint ($29)
  • Cressida Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow, a shimmering midnight blue ($29)
  • Kari Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow, a soft rosy pink ($29)
  • Hammamet Duo Eyeshadow, a matte beige and a bronze rose ($35, limited edition)
  • Impassioned Blush, a pink orchid ($30)
  • Instant Crash Lip Gloss, a soft shimmering apricot ($26, limited edition)
  • Vida Loca Lip Gloss, a guava ($26, limited edition)
  • Rosecliff Lipsticks, a soft rose ($28)
  • Banned Red Lipstick, a mulled wine ($28)
  • Available January 15 at NARS boutiques and, and February 1 at NARS counters

As always, thank you for watching!

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NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint SPF 30 Makes Makeup Life Easier With Sheer, Natural Coverage

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nars velvet matte skin tint spf 30 review

The new NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tints ($44 for a 1.7-oz. tube), coming in 12 shades January 15 to NARS boutiques and the NARS website, and February 1 to NARS counters

It’s a bold statement to say that I love a foundation after only using it three or four days, but that’s all the time it took for me to see how NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint SPF 30 rocks.

I put it through its paces last weekend on my three-day trip to Monterey and Carmel, and I can’t remember the last time I thought my skin looked better, whether in real life or pics. I think when you’re on vacation — and, assuming that you’re wearing makeup on that vacation because, let’s face it, on some vacations, like beach vacations or long walking tours, you don’t always want to wear makeup, especially a full face of makeup — that’s a good time to really test a new foundation, because you’re out and about for long stretches of time and probably taking hundreds of pictures along the way.

Also, and maybe this is just me, but I don’t like to spend a ton of time on my makeup when I’m on vacation, especially first thing in the morning. I can usually tolerate spending about 15 minutes (ideally less), but then I want to be out the door because adventure awaits!

I can say with absolute certainty that new NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint — which is really just a fancy name for a tinted moisturizer with an almost fabric-like matte finish — is the sh*t. Based on the crucial vacation/low-patience-for-makeup test, it totally checks off all the right boxes.

nars velvet matte skin tint

Wearing NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint in St. Moritz (this pic was taken with a flash, BTW, and I think you can still just barely see my freckles and moles)

nars velvet matte skin tint

Again wearing St. Moritz, except this time in natural light after about six hours of wear

In some ways, NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint is a lot like that superstar of the NARS foundation line, Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, of which I’ve gone through bottles, and on which I’ve gotten many friends hooked. And, mind you, these friends don’t even wear makeup on the regular, but they still love Pure Radiant.

Yup, it’s that good, and this new one, Velvet Matte, is just as great, if not better.

Like Pure Radiant’s finish, this one looks like real skin, but it still evens out your skin tone. Also, again like Pure Radiant, Velvet Matte Skin Tint contains broad-spectrum SPF 30, along with extra skincare bells and whistles like vitamins C and E.

“This oil-free formula delivers NARS’ signature natural-looking finish and shine control with the skincare benefits of an all-in-one treatment. NARS’ innovative Velvet Illusion Complex Technology creates a soft-focus effect with a soft-touch feel. Transparent Blurring Powders instantly enhance the look of skin by helping to blur imperfections and even tone — naturally dimensional skin that doesn’t look flat, masked, or chalky.”


The coverage is sheer but build-able up to medium, by the way, so don’t expect it to cover every single freckle or imperfection. My freckles and moles peek through, but I’m totally fine with that right now. I’ve been loving a more natural look lately, but I think you really have to like that whole, “What, me? Am I wearing makeup?” look to appreciate the finish.

nars velvet matte skin tint spf 30 swatches

NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint swatches from the left: Terre-Neuve, Finland, Alaska and Groenland

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NARSissist L’amour Toujours Eyeshadow Palette Swatches and First Impressions

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narsissist lamour toujours lamour palette 1

New for spring, the NARSissist L’amour Toujours Eyeshadow Palette ($59, available now at NARS boutiques and the NARS website; coming Feb. 1 to NARS counters)

Today I learned a valuable life lesson from the new $59 NARSissist L’amour Toujours Eyeshadow Palette ($59), and it was this: ’tis better to drink the blueberry smoothie — the one you made for yourself as a healthy snack — after you’ve taken pictures of yourself wearing a new eyeshadow palette, as opposed to before.

(Lest you end up with pics of yourself with a blue tongue and teeth!)

Just as an FYI, you know, in case you ever find yourself in that particular situation. 🙂

narsissist lamour toujours lamour palette 1

narsissist lamour toujours lamour palette 6

Wearing the NARSissist L’amour Toujours Eyeshadow Palette on my lids

So, I took L’amour Toujours, a new NARS palette for spring, for a test drive around the block today (well…more like around my condo after I got back from seeing a nutritionist who assured me that I can have “a very small amount” of sweets here and there! Life is grand!).

The quick and dirty deets…

  • Limited edition
  • Available now at NARS boutiques and NARS website and coming Feb. 1 to NARS counters
  • 12 powder shadows, none of which, I believe, have been previously released (but I’ll have to double check that). Four are mattes, and eight are shimmers.
  • The mattes, and the names are numerical, which is a little tricky, include “I” (which is a sheer cream bisque), “IV” (a semi-sheer black truffle), “VII” (a cool-toned medium brown) and “X” (a regal blue).
  • Of the shimmers, there’s “II” (a shimmery pink sand), “III” (a neutral medium brown), “V” (a shimmery golden beige), “VI” (a shimmery copper), “VII” (a shimmery pistol gray), “IX” (a shimmery grayish blue), “XI” (a shimmery taupe) and “XII” (a shimmery blackened licorice).

And some quick first impressions…

  • When I popped the matte cool-toned medium brown (VII) in my crease, the shimmery pink sand (II) on my lids, the matte regal blue (X) in the outer corner, the matte black (IV) on my upper lash lines and the shimmery pistol gray (VIII) on my lower lash lines, I found that the shadows blend together beautifully. I do see a little fallout with the black shade, though…
  • Um…Roman numerals for eyeshadow names? That’s very confusing for some reason!
  • So far I like the combination and variety of warm and cool-toned colors. I also like how smooth they feel on my skin. They don’t feel heavy or look powdery either. I also lake how deep and rich most of the shades are, especially VII, VIII and X.
  • So far, however, I am not crazy about the sheer matte light beige or black, which are sheerer than I’d like, and I have to build them up to see them in swatches. I also feel like I’ve seen a group of colors just like these from NARS before…
  • Jury’s still out on whether I can recommend this palette with the gusto of a marching band and a ticker-tape parade, but it’s nice enough, I guess, and I can definitely see myself doing a number of neutral looks with it.

    I think I’ll have to use it a few more times to get a better sense of its value and gauge its flexibility.

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Neat and New to Me: NARS Mekong Shimmer Eyeshadow

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nars mekong eyeshadow

Neat and New to Me

Unlike my Unsung Heroes series, which features permanent collection products I’ve known and loved a long time, the Neat and New to Me series showcases permanent collection products that slipped under my radar for a while, but then I discovered them! — and now I think they’re neat and new to me.

NARS Mekong has been making me smile! 🙂 And rhyme!

That was a rhyme, right? (Mekong making…?)

It has a dark brown espresso matte base with golden micro glitter, and it’s take-your-breath-away gawgeous with warm reddish browns and purply browns on the eyes, and reds, burgundies and plums on the lips.

I recently discovered it, which means that I finally gave it a try, and I feel like such a goofball for waiting so long. Give it a swatch if you can before the end of winter, but I warn you — brace yourself. It’s a total knockout.

nars mekong swatch

NARS Mekong Shimmer Eyeshadow

I’ve been wearing it for smoky eyes, and also as a liner, and when I use it for smoky eyes, I pack it on my lids with a flat eyeshadow brush, and then blend out the edges, drawing just a smidgen up into the crease, before incorporating a couple of matte transition shades.

Then, to offset the heaviness on the top area, I line and smudge a purple or warm reddish brown pencil liner, usually MAC Prunella or MAC Teddy, both of which I think really complement Mekong well, along my lower lash line.

nars mekong

Wearing NARS Mekong on my lids in a smoky eye look with MAC Prunella along my lower lash lines…

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