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NARS Steven Klein in Action

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nars steven klein fotd k

Just a few quick pics of the makeup I wore today, and fall was in full effect! This was a NARS Steven Klein kinda Monday for me, and glitter also made an appearance.

nars steven klein fotd 3

nars steven klein fotd 2

The NARS Steven Klein holiday 2015 collection is available now online and at NARS boutiques, BTW.

NARS Steven Klein products I’m wearing…

  • Killer Shine Lipstick in No Shame Lipstick — lips
  • Killer Shine Lip Gloss in Fast Life — lips
  • Single Eyeshadow in Never Too Late — lids
  • Single Eyeshadow in Mortal — inner corner
  • Single Eyeshadow in Stud — pressed into center of my lids
  • Dual-Intensity Blush in Vengeful — cheeks

What about you? Did you wear anything colorful today?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


NARS Steven Klein Holiday 2015, Part 2: The Color Collection

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nars steven klein holiday 2015 1

Gray does not grandstand in the new NARS Steven Klein holiday 2015 color collection, but if it did, and there were more gray in the release, [THIS] would be right about where I’d insert a 50 Shades of Grey joke about my cat’s never-ending need to dominate my life.

Um, yeah! You know how NARS is with their holiday collections — they like to take the road less traveled, which in this case means nothing too candy cane-covered or outwardly holiday-ish. This year’s color collection, a collaboration with fashion photographer Steven Klein, has an artsy edge to it, and by “artsy edge,” I mean that if a billionaire playboy were ever to invite you to the secret playroom in the back of his mansion, this collection would suit your favorite pair of shiny dominatrix boots quite nicely.

As NARS puts it, imagine “Fantasy. Roles. Rules.”

nars steven klein holiday 2015 lipsticks

NARS Steven Klein Killer Shine Lipsticks in Redemption, Besame Mucho and No Shame ($29 each)

nars steven klein killer shine

NARS Steven Klein Killer Shine Lip Glosses in Special Force, Fast Life and Provoke ($28 each)

Shiny vinyl-like finishes play a big part in this 15-piece limited edition launch of pieces for eyes, cheeks, lips and nails. As they are with the Steven Klein holiday gifting sets we looked at last week, lip products are again the stars of the show. There are three lipsticks and three glosses in a completely new formula called Killer Shine, and they’re so glossy and bright that your dominatrix boots be totes jelly.

NARS also carries that same concept of lovely lusters over to the products for eyes, cheeks and nails.

And now that I think about it…there’s very little, if any, matte here, so if you’re drawn to glitter and shimmer like a moth to a flame, then holla! — you’ll probably find something to like in this release.

nars steven klein holiday 2015 vengeful

NARS Steven Klein Dual-Intensity Blush in Vengeful ($45)

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NARS Steven Klein Holiday 2015, Part 1: The Gift Sets

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It wouldn’t be the holidays at NARS without a gift set with some man junk…

nars steven klein full service

NARS Steven Klein Full Service Mini Kabuki Brush Set ($95)

And a lady in a Jason Voorhees mask…

nars tearjerker eye set 2


So, yeah. It’s pretty much business as usual over at NARS! :)

The brand likes to scoot along the razor’s edge with their holiday collections, often doing collaborations with cutting edge artists, and their holiday releases are anything but boring and traditional. Instead of reindeers and candy canes, we get ladies in lingerie wearing sexy aliens masks.

This year’s collab is with fashion photographer Steven Klein, and it’s a big one. I’ve split it into two parts, with this first video covering the gift sets, which arrive on the NARS website and at NARS boutiques October 5, and then in stores November 1.

Here are some swatches and pictures, and there’s a lot more info in the video at the top. I hope you see something you like.

nars steven klein dispair cheek palette

NARS Steven Klein Despair Cheek Palette ($65)

nars steven klein dispair cheek palette 2

NARS Steven Klein Despair Cheek Palette Blushes in Nico, Savage, Esoteric and Ferocious

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NARS Isolde Eye Duo in Action

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nars isolde k1

I wasn’t playing the other day when I said I’ve been all about NARS Isolde lately. Both it and NARS Cordura (LOVE YOU, C!!!) have been two of my full-time eye makeup BFFs for weeks, and even though I’ve mostly gotten over this cold of mine and want to wear more makeup again, I still don’t have the patience to sit still for 45 minutes and blend six different teals till my fingers fall off, ya know?

nars isolde k

This week I’ve been using the timer on my iPhone in the morning to rein myself in. I set it for 25 minutes, and whatever I’m able to do in that time, that’s what I end up wearing for the day.

Before I even start, though, I keep all the basics, like foundation, mascara and concealer, etc., in a little box next to my desk so I don’t waste any time hunting stuff down. Then I also put whatever eye and lip products I plan to wear in the same box.

I like to spend the lion’s share of the 25 minutes on my eye makeup, so I’ll cut back on some things and spend less time on my skin, which is why more of my freckles are peeking through in these pics than usual.

nars isolde eyeshadow dow
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Neat and New to Me: NARS Cordura Duo Eyeshadow

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nars cordura

Neat and New to Me

Unlike my Unsung Heroes series, which features permanent collection products I’ve known and loved a long time, the Neat and New to Me series showcases permanent collection products that slipped under my radar for a while, but then I discovered them! — and now I think they’re neat and new to me.

Aaaaaand in tonight’s startling new episode of “NARS Neutrals I Never Realized I Needed Until Right Now,” Cordura Eyeshadow Duo… It, along with Isolde, have been my top two neutral eye loves lately.

I don’t even know where to start, because I think there’s so much to like about this duo. How about the colors? On one side, a warm, mid-toned golden brown with a light luster; on the other, a neutral-toned deep coffee brown that, on most people, will probably come across as a deep golden coffee brown, but on my warm skin tone, with my yellow undertones, it reads almost like a plummy chocolate.

I lurves it.

nars cordura

Yesterday when we were chatting about Isolde, I think I mentioned how much I’ve always liked the way NARS toys around with finishes, and they’ve done it again here with Cordura. Both of its shades have the subtlest of shimmers — so subtle that my fine lines are like, “Hey, girl! That’s what’s up.” :)

Most of the time I’ll start at my lash line with the lighter shade, then take that up to the crease, fading as I get closer to my brows. Then I’ll smudge the darker brown at the outer corner of my lower lash line, do a messy black or dark plummy liner on my water lines, smudge whatever ends up on my lash lines, then mix the two and also blend them on my lower lash line.

Then mascara, of course!

Seriously, it takes all of five minutes to do a daytime smoky eye with this that looks like it took a lot more time to do.

nars cordura swatch
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