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With Provocative Pink Pairings for Cheeks and Lips, the NARS Final Cut Collection Arrives in Time for Valentine’s Day

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NARS Descanso Satin Lip Pencil

Wearing the new NARS Final Cut collection on my cheeks and lips

Right now, the only thing that sounds better to me than biscuits, mashed potatoes and buttered corn (I love KFC’s sides!) and my booty on the couch is the NARS Final Cut collection.

Key words: pink, blushes, lip pencils and illuminators. And pink.

NARS Final Cut Collection

Eight of the 9 pieces in the new NARS Final Cut collection

Grabby hands! I haz them. :D

In Final Cut, a limited edition release coming arriving next month, NARS re-imagines pink lips and cheeks with modern femininity. Like @ss-kicker boots worn below a frilly lace dress, the colors are edgy and fierce.


The collection includes four Blushes, four Satin Lip Pencils (my favorite formula in the NARS lip product line) and one shimmery liquid Illuminator. And yes, pink.

Lots and lots of pink.

The nine-piece NARS Final Cut collection…

  • Sex Fantasy Blush: a pale lavender pink ($29)
  • New Attitude Blush: a cherry blossom pink ($29)
  • Final Cut Blush: a peachy coral ($29)
  • Love Blush: a tea rose ($29)
  • Adelaide Illuminator: a shimmering lavender pink ($30)
  • Stourhead Satin Lip Pencil: a pale lavender pink ($25)
  • Villa Lante Satin Lip Pencil: a cherry blossom pink($25)
  • Torres del Paine Satin Lip Pencil: a peachy coral ($25)
  • Descanso Satin Lip Pencil: a tea rose ($25)

Each of the blushes has a matching lip pencil, with the idea being that you can wear matching sets of coordinating colors together — a lip pencil with its matching blush. Or, of course, you can mix things up and wear any of the colors together. The liquid highlighter goes with everything.

Here are pics and impressions on eight of the nine pieces (I’ll post my thoughts on the fourth blush, Final Cut, soon). In a word: beautiful. In two words: absolutely beautiful. And four more words for good luck: super wearable, super flattering.

NARS Sex Fantasy Blush

Sex Fantasy Blush

NARS Love Blush

Love Blush

NARS New Attitude Blush

New Attitude Blush

NARS Adelaide Illuminator

Adelaide Illuminator

NARS FInal Cut Satin Lip Pencils

The FInal Cut Satin Lip Pencils

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Anchored in Bold, Bright Shades, the NARS Spring 2014 High Seize Collection Sets Sail for Spring

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NARS High Seize Collection Spring 2014

Anchors aweigh, NARS fans! This is your captain speaking. Before we cast off, I’d like to thank you for choosing Tabs the Cat Tours (a division of Tabs the Cat Industries, LLC) for your travel needs.

It should be smoooove sailing up the coast this afternoon, and as we cruise into spring, you should see plenty of shimmery finishes, metallic moments and splashes of sheer color off the starboard bow.

I’d like to remind you to please wear your life jacket at all times. It is of the utmost importance, as we may experience sweeping moments of makeup ecstasy.

Our destination: the dreamy plums, turquoises, golds, pinks, greens and peaches in the nine-piece NARS spring 2014 collection. Hold on to your makeup brushes, because we’re heading into High Seize!

NARS Spring 2014 Collection High Seize

Set sail for High Sieze with the nine-piece NARS spring 2014 collection

The entire NARS Spring 2014 High Seize collection includes…

  • CHINA SEAS DUO EYESHADOW ($34): An iridescent turquoise with gold infusion and an iridescent plum
  • KAUAI DUO EYESHADOW ($34): A gold lamé and an iridescent smokey orchid
  • PUERTA DEL SOL LARGER THAN LIFE LONG-WEAR EYELINER ($24): A parrot green with shimmer
  • BIMINI LARGER THAN LIFE LIP GLOSS ($26): A sheer pink guava
  • TIMANFAYA SATIN LIP PENCIL ($25): A mandarin red
  • NĀ PALI COAST MULTIPLE ($39): A shimmering rosy peach
  • WIND DANCER NAIL POLISH ($19): A cantaloupe

NARS China Seas Duo Eyeshadow ($34)

NARS China Seas Duo Eyeshadow

China Seas Duo Eyeshadow

Please direct your gaze to the starboard side, as we plunge into the life aquatic with China Seas, the first of two eyeshadow duos in the collection.

Submerge your lids under its shimmery iridescent turquoise. Then, take a dip in its sparkling, iridescent reddish plum…

Both of the shadows in this duo will lap your lids with a soft sheen. I like how they blend seamlessly into each other — but please, do be careful of the fallout. A bit of powder finds its way onto my cheeks whenever I forget to tap off my brush before applying, but it’s not enough to need a life preserver.


NARS China Seas Swatch

China Seas Swatch

NARS Kauai Duo Eyeshadow ($34)

NARS Kauai Duo Eyeshadow

Kauai Duo Eyeshadow

Hold on to the railing, friends, because we’re heading into some exciting big waves courtesy of the thrilling Kauai Duo Eyeshadow, which makes a splash with its mirror-like shine and bold pigment.

This duo is the flashier of the two. Every time I see that shimmery metallic yellow gold and iridescent smokey orchid sparkling on my lids, my breath catches, and I feel so alive! — like the time I paddled into a six-foot wave and actually surfed the damned thing (I even dropped in, OMG!).

Grab this one if you want to focus attention on your eyes, but more mature NARS fans might want to go easy on it by wearing these shadows close to their lids or lash lines, since the high-shine finish just loooooves to point out fine lines.


NARS Kauai Swatch

Kauai Swatch

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5 Permanent Line Products I’ve Been Loving Lately From MAC, NARS, YSL and Perricone MD

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Hey, gurl! Hey! Let’s talk about beauty…

Hmm… Being a day late and a dollar short to the show, I should probably stop telling people that I’m watching Breaking Bad. I mentioned it to my brother the other day, and the first thing he said was…


The first thing he said was (STOP HERE IF YOU DON’T WANT ANY SPOILERS!)…

I’m serious! Skip this entire gray box. DON’T READ ANOTHER LINE!

The first thing he said was, “Did you get to the part where Jesse’s girlfriend O.D.s?”

Uh…No, Al. I actually had not gotten to that part. :-?

Then I mentioned it to my mother-in-law, who’s never even seen the show but heard a few things through the grapevine, and she said (MORE SPOILERS!!!), “Isn’t that the show where the guy dies at the end?”


Yeah… Insert mouth agape [HERE].

I think it’s the universe’s way of telling me that I should stick to talking about other subjects — subjects like makeup, and these five permanent collection products I’ve been loving lately.

1. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Gloss Stain in 7 Corail Aquatique, $34

Wearing Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Gloss Stain in 7 Corail Aquatique on my lips, MAC Cantaloupe Blush on my cheeks and NARS Galapagos Eyeshadow on my eyes

So, earlier this week I go to Sephora to get a birthday gift for my mom, and wouldn’t ya know it? Two tubes of Corail Aquatique mysteriously find their way into my basket/heart.

One for Mom, one for me. :)

My mom is so funny… I know I’m probably going to have to encourage her to wear this light pinkish coral glossy stain, because whenever I get her anything higher end than drugstore, it usually ends up displayed in the bathroom like a fancy trophy.

She never actually wears it, LOL!

The Pur Couture glosses, which apply as a gloss but wear down to a stain, are part of YSL’s permanent line, and I’ve loved them for a while.

I’ve been putting Corail Aquatique through its paces lately.

No — literally, its paces. I wore it on my walk yesterday. I think it’s a really lovely everyday lip color.

2. MAC Powder Blush in Cantaloupe, $17

MAC Cantaloupe Blush

Cantaloupe Blush (MAC Pro)

OOOH, GURL, don’t even get me started on coral Cantaloupe Blush. As Tabs would say, It’s “purr-fection!”

As a MAC Pro product, warm pinkish coral Cantaloupe is available at Pro Stores and online (but not at regular MAC stores and counters).

Officially, it’s billed as having a Satin finish, but I feel like it looks more Matte in pics… Frankly, I don’t care what they call it, because I just call it awesome and forgiving. Really forgiving, especially when you have pores the size o’ Lake Michigan (like me).

If the Magnetic Nude blushes weren’t always distracting me, I’d probably be wearing Cantaloupe 24/7.


3. NARS Coconut Grove, $24

nars fall 2010 swatches review photos coconut grove

OK, so I’ve had rich dark chocolate Coconut Grove forever, but I only recently fell in lust with it. I’ve been going through something of a brown eyeshadow phase (there are just so many great ones out there, and they’re so versatile!), and I guess I re-discovered it.

It might also have something to do with all of the chocolate I’ve been eating lately…

Anywho, Coconut Grove — bangin’ for brown smokey eyes. It has slightest sheen — barely noticeable — but enough to keep things interesting. It also prevents it from looking like a flat brown matte.

Super pretty layered on top of black or dark brown creamy kohl pencils and cream eyeshadow bases.

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Sun-Kissed Peach, Gold and Cocoa Colors Bask on the Beach That Is the New Limited Edition NARS Loves Miami Set

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NARS Love Miami

Wearing the new NARS Love Miami set on my eyes, cheeks and lips

Even though I’m feeling like this because it’s hella cold here today…

NARS Love Miami


Wearing the new NARS Loves Miami set makes me feel like this…

NARS Love Miami


It’s one of those sets that makes you (me) wish you (I) lived someplace tropical during the winter — someplace where its golden shimmer and glitter and peach and brown shades (with a shot of violet) would play well with your perpetual tan, which, of course, you earned through regular after-work surf sessions…le sigh!

Um, did I mention that it’s cold here today?! Well…cold by Northern California standards (the high was 54 and the low was 30, and yes, I can hear you laughing from here).

I think the lack of warmth in my extremities right now might directly correlate with my sudden interest in makeup with a warm-weather theme.

NARS Love Miami: A three-piece set

Clockwise from the left: Eye & Cheek Palette, Orgasm Nail Polish and Orgasm lip Gloss

The three-piece limited edition holiday set contains some of Miami’s bestselling shades, like peachy pink Orgasm Nail Polish and Lip Gloss, and an Eye & Cheek Palette with glittery pink Fathom Eyeshadow, shimmery sugared cocoa Kalahari Eyeshadow, matte deep violet Daphne Eyeshadow, shimmery dark brown Cordura Eyeshadow, peachy pink Orgasm Blush and golden brown Laguna Bronzing Powder.

NARS Love Miami: Eye & Cheek Palette

Eye & Cheek Palette

NARS Love Miami: Orgasm Nail Polish

Orgasm Nail Polish

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What’s Small, and Yet Also Larger Than Life? The New NARS Voyeur Mini Larger Than Life Eyeliner Coffret

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NARS Voyeur Mini Larger Than Life Eyeliner Coffret

The new limited edition NARS Voyeur Mini Larger Than Life Eyeliner Coffret

When Juliet asked, “What’s in a name?” girlfriend could have been talking about the new NARS Voyeur Mini Larger Than Life Eyeliner Coffret, because first of all, what’s a coffret? And second, what’s both mini and larger than life at the same time?

Weird. But also cool.

This $49 coffret is a satin and patent heart-embellished makeup pouch, and it comes with five little Larger Than Life Eyeliners.

It’s available now online and at NARS counters and boutiques as part of the Guy Bourdin collection.

What do you think? Good deal or bad? The website says it’s a $62 value.


NARS Voyeur Mini Larger Than Life Eyeliner Coffret

Mini power

NARS Voyeur Mini Larger Than Life Eyeliner Coffret

From the lower left to the right: Via Appia, Most Wanted, Blue Dahlia, Santa Monica Blvd and Via Veneto

NARS Voyeur Mini Larger Than Life Eyeliner Coffret

Heart ya!

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