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Friday Morning Mental Fog and the Orly Mash Up Collection

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Orly Mash Up Collection

Orly Mash Up Collection

Day five of a really long week…

The cat woke me up this morning by leaping off my tum (specifically, my bladder). It was shocking. My pillow was wet with drool.

Two cups of coffee and I have yet to find my mojo. Where is it? Cloudy, cloudy, cloudy in my brain…

I lumber back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room, out of sorts, my feet sliding along the tiles like a zombie dragging its foot. What should I be doing? What day is it? Why is that large cat stalking me?

In the living room, I see the bottles on a white table, a mish-mash of sparkling green glitter, creamy pastel, a bright orange like a highway worker’s vest and a deep, dark purple that looks like the paint job on a 1970s muscle car.

“How random,” I mumble into my coffee cup. “A mash-up of nail polish colors.”

My right eye twitches and time escapes me. I lose consciousness in a fog of bright color and swatches with the six-piece Orly Summer Mash Up Collection while the Millionaire Matchmaker drones in the background.

This is my Friday morning so far…

Orly Pretty-Ugly

Pretty-Ugly (three coats), a baby blue with subtle shimmer, really does need babying, but I love how it looks.

Orly Mayhem Mentality

Mayhem Mentality (two coat), totes reminds me of those orange highway worker vests. It’s bright! And pretty smooth, too.

Orly Choreographed Chaos

Choreographed Chaos (two coats) has been SO hard to work with because it’s thick, and the brush splayed, making it quite streaky. Not my favorite color of the bunch.

Orly Harmonious Mess

Harmonious Mess (one coat). Super thick and opaque, and again, trouble with the brush, which I think struggles with the thicker formulas.

Orly Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster (two coats), a shimmery plum. This one’s easygoing, and no streaks!

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More Summer Polishes on Which to Splurge and Steal: New on Gloss Daily

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Looking for a fun new nail polish to wear this summer? Check out these luscious limes, outrageous oranges and yummy yellows from Essie, Sally Hansen, MAC and more in my newest post on the Ladies’ Home Journal beauty blog, Gloss Daily.

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If you do it, Tabs will purr extra loudly and flash his tum. :)


Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Chanel Cinema Le Vernis Nail Colour Is a Good Movie, But I Feel Like I’ve Seen It Before

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Chanel Cinema Nail Polish

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Cinema ($27), from the Avant-Premiere collection

Sure to be a blockbusterLike a predictable but enjoyable rom-com, with Chanel’s Cinema Le Vernis Nail Colour, you already know what you’re gonna get.

You’ve only seen the storyline done about a million times before, but still, you watch it anyway and relish every minute.

And after the ending credits roll by and you’ve brushed the stray popcorn from your lap (no judgement if you pluck a wayward kernel from your bra and eat it on the sly), you smile and say to yourself, “I really, really liked that.” :)

That’s how I feel about this creamy tomato red.

Chanel Cinema Swatch

Two coats of Chanel Cinema…

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I’m Plum Crazy About Chanel’s Provocation Le Vernis Nail Colour

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Chanel Provocation Swatch

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Provocation ($27), from the Premiere-Avant collection

PlummyWhy so glum, sugar plum?

Is it because you woke up this morning, checked the weather forecast and realized that it was going to be 80 degrees today, and you’re more of an autumnal angel than a summer siren? Bummed because you couldn’t rightly wear your wool sweater, corduroy pants, scarf, knee-high boots and Chanel Provocation nail polish?

Not to worry! Fall will be back soon enough. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over six years of blogging it’s that time flies when you’re having fun. :)

I’ve also learned that when it comes to seasonal nail polish colors, wear whatever you like! — regardless of the season.

Chanel Provocation Nail Polish

That applies to Chanel’s dark creamy plum Provocation and your favorite swimsuit.

If you like ‘em together, why the hell not? You could pair Provocation on your toes with coral fingertips for an unexpected summer surprise.

And so what if the beauty police cite you for wearing a fall color in summer? Just bat your lashes at the trooper and say, “I’m sorry, officer. I didn’t see a sign that said I couldn’t be bold.”

Truth be told, I wasn’t as impressed by Provocation as I was by Starlet or Paparazzzi the first time I saw it in a store.

Then I got it on my nails and, um, WOW! Deep and rich, yet with a hint of brightness that keeps it from looking flat, it’s nothing like those boring, blah plums I see on so many other shelves. Provocation looks downright inspiring.

I think I might love it as much as Starlet (and that’s a lot).

Chanel Provocation Swatch

Two coats of Chanel Provocation

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MAC Is Serving Juicy Colors in Every Sip of Summer With the MAC All About Orange Nail Lacquers

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MAC All About Orange Nail Polish Swatches

With these five nail lacquers, it’s All About Orange. The five nail lacquers from MAC’s All About Orange collection ($16 each)

Juicy orange summer nails — oh, yeah!

Err, let’s make that mostly orange, because technically, one of these five nail polishes from the MAC All About Orange collection is more of a pink, and its name sounds like a karate spirit shout.


Or Ke Ai, which is how MAC spells it here.

I like to say it loud and do karate chops in the air for emphasis…



Two coats of Ke Ai, a soft pink with a Frost finish

So the collection is actually mostly about orange (MAC Mostly About Orange?), but that doesn’t sound as sweet. :)

The five $16 quintessentially summer polishes in the release ripened last week (they’re available now). The collection features four bright, juicy Creamsicle-like nail shades and one shimmery pale pink called.


Chop, chop, chop…

I think they’re a bumper crop save one thing. I wish some of them were a little easier to work with, but then I’m coming off a major Chanel Starlet high…

Starlet is one of the smoothest polishes I’ve worn in a while. By contrast, a few of these All About Orange colors are making me grind my teeth. I can them to look the way I want them to, but it takes some work.

MAC Colour Punch

Three coats of Colour Punch, a yellowish orange with a Cream finish

Super cute Colour Punch is awfully thick and surprisingly streaky. I have to remember to remove most of the polish from the brush before applying, and then paint s l o w l y, watching my strokes.

I think it looks fine with two coats but better with three.

MAC Sweet Pop

Two coats of Sweet Pop, a peach with a Cream finish

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