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Crushing Hard on Chanel Pink Rubber Velvet Nail Colour

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chanel pink rubber

Chanel Pink Rubber

The name of this Chanel nail polish is Pink Rubber

Dirty! I feel like a perv every time I say it. 🙂 Pink Rubber, Pink Rubber, Pink Rubber.

Pink Rubber (say it one more time) is from the Chanel winter collection, and it’s $28, limited edition and really friggin’ cool. I think it’s one of the coolest things Chanel has done in a long time.

So…why is it called Pink Rubber? Well, I think it’s because of the finish. From afar, it looks like a pretty typical matte, but if get up really closely, it looks like I dipped my nails in a vat of melted latex.

Not to take anything away from matte nail polishes, because I like wearing them sometimes, but some of them seem, I dunno…like they’re too basic. Like indoor house paint. Pink Rubber, though, has a slight sheen to it, so it isn’t completely flat.

And just in case you’re wondering, no, it does not feel rubbery.

Um…why did that also sound hella dirty? LOL! Get your mind out of the gutter, Karen. 🙂

I think the color looks like a baby pink in the bottle, but it looks more like a light pastel pinkish coral on my nails (I’m wearing three coats in these pics).

It kinda sorta reminds me of flamingo feathers, and you know how I am about anything related to flamingos. I love them.

chanel pink rubber

Two coats of Chanel Pink Rubber

As for wear time, I think it’s OK but not great. I applied Pink Rubber before doing my pre-Thanksgiving Cinderella chores and actually noticed a few chips the following day, so I removed it and re-applied the fresh mani I’m wearing in these pics. So far, so good after more than 48 hours this time, and I’m not using a base or top coat.

To its credit, the color doesn’t really show chips as readily as darker colors do, though, so that’s good.

Based on how it looks in its bottle, Pink Rubber (dirty!) seems like it would be basic, but the finish makes it much cooler. I’m not even usually into pale pink polishes because most of them bore me to tears (I wear lots of greens and blues), but I love Pink Rubber…

Haha, sorry, that name never gets old.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Essie Gel Couture Labels Only: You Can’t Go Wrong With Secret Shimmer

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essie labels only top pic

Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish in Labels Only ($11.50), my current nail crush

This periwinkle makes me think of this one time when Jen and I were college students, and we were killing some time at a bookstore because we were both singers in her dad’s Saturday rock band.

You know, one of those bands that only played once a week at random functions. I think it was somebody’s sixteenth birthday party.

We were sitting there looking through a magazine… We must have been in our early 20s at the time, and I can’t remember why, but the magazine we were looking through was a wedding magazine.

I remember saying to her, “One day we’re gonna be doing this for real,” and she was like, “Oh, my gawd!” Previous to that, we’d never talked about planing our weddings before. It just never came up.

About my distant future wedding, I distinctly remember saying in that conversation, “I’m gonna have you in a periwinkle dress!”

But things didn’t go down that way. Both she and my BFF Cindy ended up wearing very tasteful dark brown J. Crew dresses to go with our other color, which was Tiffany Blue.

So…periwinkle wasn’t involved in any form or fashion, but I did have periwinkle wedding dreams once upon a time (so random!).

Maybe that’s why I like Essie Labels Only from their Gel Couture line.

essie labels only swatch

Essie Labels Only

The Gel Coutures are GREAAAT. They dry quickly and last a long time, and even among the Gel Couture line, Labels Only lasts longer than some of the other shades do for me. I get a full week’s worth of wear using two layers and the Essie Gel Couture Top Coat (you don’t have to use a base coat with these).

It isn’t just a straight-up periwinkle, either. It has secret pink shimmer, which you can kind of see in the top pic.

You can’t go wrong with secret shimmer, ya know? 🙂

It’s available now for $11.50 at Ulta.

What are you wearing on your nails today?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


The Essie Winter 2016 Collection: Getting Groovy With a Very Special Branch

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essie winter 2016

Essie Winter 2016 and my favorite Misa Jewelry Branch necklace

If I lost this necklace, I would cry a river of sparkly tears.

It was a very special present from El Hub last Valentine’s Day shortly before Connor was born, and the reason it’s so special to me is…

Well, first of all, I like the shape. It’s a branch by Misa Jewelry. I think I’ve talked about them before.

The owner, Misa Hamamoto, is based out of LA, and she’s got this sort of, almost Hawaii-like aesthetic — very beachy, organic and natural, but also elegant.

When I run my fingers over the branch, the surface doesn’t feel perfectly smooth. There are subtle imperfections in it, little bumps and ridges, like in a piece of driftwood. It really speaks to me.

It also reminds me of the last few weeks right before the baby came, that sort of end-of-the-road time when I was over being pregnant but also excited about the coming changes and a little afraid at the same time. I mean, it had just been me, El Hub and Tabs for a long time; we were adding a new branch to our family.

This is one of very few pieces of fine jewelry I own. I don’t own a lot of fancy jewelry because 1) I tend to lose it, and 2) because costume jewelry is so much fun! You can wear crazy gems and pearls the size of your fist — you know, things I would never be able to afford if they were real. Plus, if I lose costume jewelry, I’m not as completely devastated.

Maybe because the branch isn’t perfectly smooth, it looks extra sparkly and beautiful sometimes when the light hits it right. That’s why it reminded me of this golden bottle of Essie Getting Groovy from the six-piece Essie Winter 2016 Collection, which is available now ($9 each).

essie winter 2016 getting groovy

Getting Groovy Polish from Essie Winter 2016, along with a very special necklace

Getting Groovy has teeny, tiny golden glitter bits, and I’m wearing two layers of it in these pics. But you could probably get away with one. It’s very opaque.

I like that the flecks of glitter in it aren’t huge like they are in some glittery gold nail polishes. They’re more refined.

essie winter 2016 swatches

Swatches of the other five Essie Winter 2016 shades from the left: Go With the Flowy, Party on a Platform, Ready to Boa, Satin Sister and Oh Behave

There are also five other shades in the collection, and other than the gold, my faves are grayish white Go With the Flow, which has its own fine micro-glitter flecks, except that its flecks are green, purple and pink.

essie winter 2016 getting groovy

Getting Groovy

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The Falling Tokyo Leaves, Cat Lady #lifegoals and the Essie Fall 2016 Collection

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essie kimono over

Creamy plum Essie Kimono Over ($9, one of six shades in the limited edition Essie fall 2016 collection)

This is going to sound terribly cat lady of me (really, what did you expect?), but how’s this for a plan? — you, me, the Essie fall 2016 collection and Toyko in the fall. We could traipse down Icho Namiki Avenue with our manis and pedis and see how many cute maneki-nekos we can find.

Of course, we’d also have to stuff our pockets with cat treats just in case any real city kitties cross our path…

OK, that may have been the most CCL thing I’ve ever written.

Well…probably not. 🙂

Anyway, Tokyo! In the fall! It was the inspiration for the Essie fall 2016 collection.

I’ve never been to Japan before, but I just googled “tokyo in the fall,” and it looks AMAZING.

Now one of my #lifegoals is to visit Tokyo in the fall to see the autumn leaves changing.

I don’t know much about Tokyo, but I always picture a bustling city (I blame this on watching Lost in Translation a few hundred times… It’s one of my favorite movies.), so I was surprised to find out that Essie was inspired by the colors of Tokyo’s fall foliage.

essie udon know me

Essie Udon Know Me

Essie fall 2016 is a six-piece limited edition collection, available right meow, and the polishes are $9 each.


This has to one of my favorite Essie collections of all time because there are usually one or two colors in their collections that I end up having to baby a little, like by having to use several layers because of how super sheer they are (I prefer full opacity) or by having to remove my polish and practice a few times with one of them that ends up being streakier than the others, but all six of these shades are a breeze to use…

essie maki me happy

Essie Maki Me Happy

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How I Prep for an At-Home Manicure…and Clue #1

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Wearing Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish in Lemon Heaven; iPhone case from

Wearing Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish in Lemon Heaven (and there’s a clue in this pic about…)

So you know that super secret squirrel project I’ve been talking about and working on and hinting at for a while?

Well, this is the first official clue! — and it may or may not have something to do with pineapples…

Stay tuned this week for more hints and clues. I’ve been working very hard on this project for months, and I really think you’ll like it. It all takes place at, where you can sign up, and I hope you do.

Now, let’s talk nails. 🙂

How I Prep for an At-Home Manicure

Hell, yeah, I do my own nails at home, although I do like to make it rain on occasion at the nail salon, because I don’t like to deal with my toes.

You don’t want to deal with my toes; I don’t want to deal with my toes; so sometimes I will go to a nail salon to have somebody else deal with my toes.

But seriously, nails. Come on, do them at home! It’s fun and easy, and here’s my nail-prep-at-home process. This is how I get my paws ready to paint.

1. Shower

I start by taking a shower (or soaking my nails), which moisturizes everything and loosens things up, including whatever nail polish I might be wearing.

It makes my nails soft and supple and less likely to split when I clip/file them.

nail soak

2. Remove any existing nail polish

Right after my shower I remove my old polish using Essie Naturally Clean Purifying Polish Remover ($6 for a 4-oz. bottle), which I love because it werks (even with glitters), and it doesn’t dry out my nails or smell bad (kind of important).

I thoroughly soak a makeup remover pad, then press and hold it on the nail for about 30 seconds before pushing and pulling it down, and the nail polish slides right off.


3. Use nail clippers

Next I clip my nails with these Tweezerman Clippers ($11 for two in a set) because they cut cleanly and never split my nails.

nails tweezerman clippers

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