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Look Book: Save Time With Big Lashes and Bold Lips

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Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Melted StrawberryToo Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Melted Strawberry

When you’re trying to look cute but your hair is crazytown

Big lashes + bold lips = a purr-fect pairing! The combo is one of the fastest ways to get a dramatic makeup look without using a ton of different products.

There are times when “I’ll be done with my makeup in 20 minutes” really has to mean 20 minutes…and not 45, and in order to prevent El Hub from yelling things like, “You said you’d be done in 20 minutes an hour ago!” I’ll pop on the biggest, fluffiest, most dramatic pair of false lashes I can find (I keep a few pairs around because you just never know) and a bold lip color — usually a fiery red, hot pink or colorful coral (basically, if it’s a color that could stop traffic, it’s a contender).

I love doing this look because it’s so much quicker than looks with intense and complicated blending on the lids or dramatic winged liner, and I can play up both my lips and eyes with minimal effort.

Melted Liquified Lipstick in Melted Strawberry is one of several new Melted Lipstick shades available now at Too Faced counters and online for $21 each. Melted Strawberry’s a smooth, lightweight full-coverage creamy red. When I use it, I prep my lips first with a lip balm because these lipsticks can be kind of drying, and then I apply it with a lip brush to get a nice crisp edge.

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A Quick Makeup Tip: For Fiery Red Lips, Set Boundaries

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Makeup Tips for Red Lips

Red lips, like fire, are hard to contain. They’re also hard to resist. Every gal I’ve ever known has wanted to wear red lips at one time or another. Even my staunchly anti-makeup BFF Cindy, who will get in her car and drive 50 miles away from me if I approach her with a lip brush, craves crimson sometimes.

MAC Red Red Red Lipsticks

One trick to controlling the fiery power that is red is containing it within a boundary, like by lining the edges of your lips with lip liner. For a defined, distinct boundary around your red, use a liner shade slightly darker than the red lipstick you plan to apply, then fill your lips with the same liner, except for the middle of your top and bottom lips (to create subtle variations between the color in that middle area and the other parts of your lips for extra dimension).

Now, soften any harsh edges with a lip brush, while keeping that open area in the middle of your lips clear for the next step: your lipstick.
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DIY Makeup Storage Hacks: 3 Ways to Repurpose Your Packaging

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DIY Makeup Storage Hacks: 3 Ways to Repurpose Your Packaging

“I have way too much makeup!” said no woman, EVER.

If your figurative makeup storage cup currently runneth over, take a look at what you have around your apartment/house/condo/igloo/yacht. There’s a good chance you have at least one of the three items below, which you can repurpose for more makeup storage.

1. Shopping bag gets a haircut

DIY Makeup Storage Hacks

Trim the top section from a shopping bag (I like using MAC bags for this), and then you can stash makeup in the bottom part.

One other nice thing about this hack is that you can trim the bags down to whatever height you need. :)

DIY Makeup Storage Hacks
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A Winter Skin Care Tip: This Small Switch to Your Shower Game Could Turn You Into a Big Softie

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When the bathroom floor is cold, and you’re literally freezing your butt off, bring your body moisturizer or body oil with you into the shower.

Stick it on a shelf, and do your shower thing. Then, when you’re done, towel off and moisturize before you even step out of the shower.

Then shake your fist at the horrible hobgoblin who decided not to install central heating in your apartment! :)

7 Heavy-Hitting Hydrators
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A Quick Makeup Tip: Dimensionality Makes for Beautiful Eye Makeup

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Cream shadows are cool. They’re like secret little weapons…

You can make your eye looks more interesting by giving them dimension using cream shadows.

Just apply a cream shadow in a color that’s relevant to your look on your lid, then layer a complementary powder eyeshadow on top.

Clinique’s Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes

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