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3 Tips for Easier On-the-Go Makeup

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Forever putting on makeup in the car!

Forever putting on makeup in the car!

Babe, first of all, let me point out the obvious. I’m sure you already know this, but I feel like I should say it nevertheless.

By “on the go,” I’m referring to putting on makeup in the car AS A PASSENGER. Or, on public transportation, again, as a passenger. I mean, if you’re driving the BART train, please do not be putting on your makeup. I repeat, if you’re driving the BART train, a car or any other vehicle, do not put on your makeup.

Not a good idea. Stay safe.

As for putting on makeup as a passenger in a car/on a bus/on a train, it happens to me all the time, because I’m always running late! But over the years I’ve figured out ways to sort of maximize my car time.

1. Bring makeup wipes

Some companies sell portable packs or travel packs that are small enough to fit in a purse (baby wipes will also work in a pinch), but since I usually buy my makeup wipes in bulk (yes, I go through that many of them), I just stick a few in a Ziploc and put that in my purse.

El Hub, bless his heart, thinks that he’s a great driver, but he’s actually not (sorry, babe, but it’s true). The car will be swerving and stopping and starting and turning and doing all kinds of stuff. Inevitably, I’ll end up with a smudge here or there.

It’s easy to clean up any messes along the way with makeup wipes. Plus, you can also use them to quickly clean a makeup brush and, at the end of your process, clean your fingertips and hands if you use them to pat down your foundation or concealer (that’s what I do).

Which brings me to tip #2…

2. Don’t even attempt to do mascara or liner in the car

Just wait ’til you get to your destination, and apply there.

When I think of all the potholes on Highway 880, I can’t even deal. I won’t even attempt to put on mascara or liner in the car anymore, because what’s the point? It’s a surefire mess. Plus, chances are that nobody will notice that you aren’t wearing mascara or liner when you arrive wherever you’re going unless they’re looking really, really, really closely…in which case they’re freaks!

Whenever you get where you’re going, just head to the loo and touch up there.

On that note, if you are going to do liner, even at your destination, keep it simple. Resist the urge to bust out the cat liner. It’s just too stressful.

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What Eyeshadow/Eyeliner Do You Wear the Most?

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chanel 88 noir intense

I love you so hard, Chanel 88 Noir Intense!

I was talking on the phone yesterday to a friend who happens to be a Chanel-o-phile like I am, and we both went full-on crazy when got on the topic of Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner in 88 Noir Intense.

OK, it’s just a black twist-up liner — seemingly boring, right? — but babe, IT IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST BLACK EYELINER EVER.

I wear it almost every day and have for months, ever since I figured out that, basically, it’s the sh*t.

I have ventured out, though. I’ve tried different liners over that time because, you know, it’s just black liner, and there are so many black liners out there, but I keep coming back to Noir Intense.

I come to it because it 1) because it stays on my water line, and 2) because it glides like a silky gel liner but doesn’t dry out my water lines like one.

Like a gel liner, it feels super soft and smooth, but, unlike a gel liner, it doesn’t grip my water line with such preternatural force that it dries them out a little.

I know that sounds odd, but I can’t always wear gel liner. Noir Intense is more like a traditional eyeliner pencil, but it glides along like a gel.

It also lasts all day long. It doesn’t do that weird thing that some black eyeliners do where they start out just fine on your water line but begin to break apart and disappear within an hour.

chanel waterproof eyeliner 3

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner in 88 Noir Intense

Oh, and it also doesn’t smudge, either. You know how some black liners are already smudging on your upper and lower lash lines two seconds after you apply them, and before you can say, “Dammit!” they’re already transferring up into your crease?

Noir Intense doesn’t do that.

The Stylo Yeux formula, by the way, is waterproof, but I wouldn’t swim the English Channel wearing one and expect to crawl out of the surf with perfect liner on the other side. I have, however, cried many a tear with my 88 Noir Intense, and it still looks great.

It’s easy to remove as well. I don’t need a special hardcore waterproof eye makeup remover. Makeup removing oil works just fine (I like DHC Deep Cleansing Oil).

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Easy Halloween Look: Luna Punk Princess #GetHalloweenReady #Target #sponsored

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Halloween Luna Punk Princess Look

As a participant in the #GetHalloweenReady with #Target campaign for Mirum Shopper, I received compensation for creating this post. Although it’s sponsored, all opinions are my own. @Target #GetHalloweenReady #Target #sponsored

Man, forget those little plastic Halloween jack-o’-lanterns. When I was a kid, I used pillowcases for trick-or-treating, and I filled them to the brim.

I’d walk around the neighborhood with ’em swung over my shoulder like I was a candy bandit. It was awesome…

Halloween is coming! It’s my favorite holiday, but I really haven’t gone big for a few years.

You know — life, getting older, not as many friends who live close by. I usually still do something at the last-minute, though.

A few years ago, El Hub and I went to a Halloween party on a WWII aircraft carrier and danced the night away listening to a live band in the old mess hall. The jets were even decorated, and you could sit in them if you wanted to. This adorable old veteran dude helped me into the cockpit and flirted with me a little bit. He must have been about 80.

There was a haunted house in the belly of the ship. You had to navigate down a flight of rickety metal stairs into a dark, cramped hallway to the actual surgical bay of the ship. Now THAT was creepy.

This will be Connor’s very first Halloween. I’m not sure what we’re gonna do yet, but I don’t think there will be any aircraft carriers involved…

Target is doing this thing where they’re featuring a couple of different doable makeup and hair looks. One’s a fairy look and the other’s a devil. I picked the fairy look because it reminded me of a moon child look from nocturn_elle on Instagram. I liked the silver crescent moon and her dark lips, and I thought I’d also be able to do something with my long hair.


It’s almost Halloween! If you haven’t figured out what you’re going to be yet and could use a little inspiration, this is the place to be. Below you’ll see a fun Halloween look that can be created with some of your favorite brands like Simple®, POND’S®, Q-tips®, TRESemmé® and Suave®, all available in the beauty and personal care aisles at Target. #GetHalloweenReady #Target

I needed a few things to complete my look, so I headed to Target for Q-tips®, hairspray and another bottle of makeup remover.


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A Makeup Trick to Travel Lighter

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For the chronic makeup over-packers out there, I feel your pain! Whenever I travel, my natural inclination is to bring everything and the kitchen sink (I blame it on my need to always feel prepared for anything).

But I’m always looking for ways to trim down my makeup bag because, really, am I going to spend 30 minutes in the morning blending three shades of brown into the crease?

Probably not.

I’ve learned that most of the stuff I end up bringing, I actually don’t use, so to stop myself from packing 15 pounds of makeup, now I dump out everything I want to bring on a towel…and then I just remove half of it.

That’s what I did when I packed my makeup to bring to Tahoe.

I realize that compared to die-hard makeup minimalists, I still brought quite a few things, but this is pretty darned streamlined for me, LOL!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


ASK MBB: Workouts and Crock-Pots (and Everything Else)

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Got a question about makeup, relationships, careers, cats or anything else? If you do, ask MBB! I’ll try to help, for what it’s worth. I’m not an expert in anything, but sometimes it just helps to have another opinion. Hopefully someone else reading might have some insight, too.

Here’s a question Kellie asked in the comments a few days ago

“What time of the day do you squeeze in workouts Karen? Still trying to figure that one out for myself! And that soup looks bomb! Would you mind sharing the recipe? 😺”

Hey, Kellie!

I just started working out again regularly after a looong hiatus (my doc didn’t want me doing more anything more strenuous than brisk walking when I got pregnant with Connor), and to be completely honest…getting back in the saddle has been a struggle, but here are a few things that have helped.

1. What time of day do you have the most energy?

For me, it’s mornings. Not right when I roll out of bed, but after I’ve been awake for an hour or two.

I’ve actually tried working out immediately after getting out of bed, and my body straight refuses to do it, LOL!

2. Schedule your workouts on your calendar

Hook or crook, I need to be sweating for one hour at least 3-4 times per week, and for that to happen in the mornings, I have to get up early enough to have breakfast, tend to Connor, and write like a maniac for at two hours (because I also feel better when it comes to writing in the morning) before my workout.

That’s why I schedule my workouts on my calendar, because it’s like etching them in stone, and it forces me to act accordingly and efficiently.

Because if I’m not strict about it, something always seems to come up, and I end up putting off my workout ’til the afternoon, but by then I’m usually exhausted.

3. Join a class of some kind

Seriously, I think it’s the easiest way to commit to an exercise regimen, because then you have a block of time that’s sort of out of your hands, and you can’t push the deadline even if you want to. The class is going to happen with or without you, and I think it’s also much easier to exercise with other people.

If joining a class isn’t an option, try something where you have to follow along with someone else, like in a workout DVD or a Youtube video.

4. Establish a reward system

Let’s get real — if I don’t bribe myself to exercise, I’m just not gonna do it. 🙂 That’s why reward systems work me.

I use a small desk calendar and cute stickers. Whenever I finish a workout, I put a new sticker on the calendar, and after I fill a page with stickers, I can reward myself with a small treat, like a lipstick or earrings.

It’s simple and old-school, but it works for me!

As for your soup question… 🙂 I used this recipe from The Pioneer Woman, but I tweaked it a little by adding a can of drained corn.

It turned out great! — but next time I think I’ll add another can of beans, because I like A LOT of beans in my soup.

OK, Kellie, I hope there was something in there that was helpful.

Does anyone else have any questions for me? I’ll do my best to help.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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