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DIY Makeup Storage Hacks: 3 Ways to Repurpose Your Packaging

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DIY Makeup Storage Hacks: 3 Ways to Repurpose Your Packaging

“I have way too much makeup!” said no woman, EVER.

If your figurative makeup storage cup currently runneth over, take a look at what you have around your apartment/house/condo/igloo/yacht. There’s a good chance you have at least one of the three items below, which you can repurpose for more makeup storage.

1. Shopping bag gets a haircut

DIY Makeup Storage Hacks

Trim the top section from a shopping bag (I like using MAC bags for this), and then you can stash makeup in the bottom part.

One other nice thing about this hack is that you can trim the bags down to whatever height you need. 🙂

DIY Makeup Storage Hacks
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A Winter Skin Care Tip: This Small Switch to Your Shower Game Could Turn You Into a Big Softie

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When the bathroom floor is cold, and you’re literally freezing your butt off, bring your body moisturizer or body oil with you into the shower.

Stick it on a shelf, and do your shower thing. Then, when you’re done, towel off and moisturize before you even step out of the shower.

Then shake your fist at the horrible hobgoblin who decided not to install central heating in your apartment! 🙂

7 Heavy-Hitting Hydrators
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A Quick Makeup Tip: Dimensionality Makes for Beautiful Eye Makeup

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Cream shadows are cool. They’re like secret little weapons…

You can make your eye looks more interesting by giving them dimension using cream shadows.

Just apply a cream shadow in a color that’s relevant to your look on your lid, then layer a complementary powder eyeshadow on top.

Clinique’s Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes

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For Beautifully Blended Eye Looks, It Takes Two (or More) to Tango

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Here’s a hump day (yes…I actually forgot what day of the week it was and only just now realized it two hours after publishing this post, LOL!) morning makeup tip for easier, more blended eye looks… Use multiple transition colors, instead of just one transition color or none at all.

MAC Soft Brown and Saddle Eye Shadows

Two of my favorite transition colors: MAC Soft Brown (top) and MAC Saddle (bottom)

For instance, for a smoothly blended brown smokey eye, use the darkest shadow color on your lid (MAC Ground Brown), then a slightly lighter color in your crease (MAC Saddle), and a slightly lighter color than that moving up the crease (MAC Soft Brown), so that you have a smooth gradient that goes from darkest to lightest. 🙂

TheBalm smokey eyes

Smokey eye ’til I die! Wearing theBalm’s Balmsai palette

MAC Alluring Aquatic

Wearing the MAC Alluring Aquatic collection

STORM WATCH 2014! And other schtuff…

OK, so, first, the big stuff.

It is storming! I’ve seen two emergency flash-flood alerts on TV so far this morning, and I’m watching a torrent of water in the storm drain on the hill outside. There’s a major storm hitting Northern California right now, and it’s supposed to be a bad one.

Tabs, El Hub and I live on a hill, so we’re hopefully safe from the flooding, for now. There’s also the possibility of our place just sliding down the hill in a mudslide, which makes me kind of nervous…

I think we’ll be fine. Electricity might go out soon though.

I’ve been trying to distract myself by watching makeup videos, and I found a crop of fab one-minute vids on the MAC website called Instant Artistry.

They’re just quick, little blurbs. Each one covers a single topic, like two-tone lips or ombre eyeshadow.

The looks are mostly accessible and not outrageously cray-cray, which makes me think, “Hey! I can do that.”

Assuming the power stays on, and I’m able to actually see what I’m doing, I’m going try the look in the colored eyeliner video today.

I guess if I were to attempt it in the dark…that might also be kind of fun, haha!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


How to Get More Mileage Out of Your False Lashes

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I’ve been riding the false lash train pretty hard lately (eh, I go through phases). I usually do a layer of mascara on my bare lashes before I apply my falsies (instead of after) because it makes cleaning easier and puts less wear and tear on them, and they don’t get as goopy, which means I get to reuse them a couple more times.

Sometimes I do go the other way, though, applying my mascara after my falsies to really marry them together, but I’m not Mariah Carey… I can’t see her reusing drugstore lashes (in my mind she has a new diva set every day), so I’d rather be able to reuse my lashes a few more times instead.

How about you? Do you usually apply mascara before or after false lashes? Or not at all?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. I have a lady date tonight! — and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m meeting my friend Marisol, and we’re gonna go to Sephora, and we’re gonna go to HomeGoods, and we’re gonna get ramen, which is basically a recipe for a really happy evening. 🙂

Hope you’re doing something fun today too on this soon-to-be very rainy day. (There’s a storm brewin’… Didn’t Sarah Connor say that?) Yeah, I don’t even know if I should bother doing my hair. That’s the thing about cutting it shorter. You gotta do “stuff” to it.

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